Bernice Johnson-Reagon discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

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Reagon, Bernice Johnson~Johnson, Bernice|River of Life / Harmony One|1986|Flying Fish|FF 70411
        Come and Go With Me to That Land|4:37
        We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder|4:22
        Guide My Feet, While I Run This Race|4:19
        Land on the Shore|3:24
        Easy Street|4:57
        River of Life|2:59
        Since I Laid My Burden Down|2:59
        Buses Are A Coming Freedom Song|2:24
        There is More Love Somewhere|2:13
        I Am a Lady|2:22
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|Sweet Honey in the Rock||Flying Fish|70022
        Sweet Honey in the Rock|0:51
        Sun Will Never Go Down, The|2:23
        Dream Variations|3:43
        Let Us All Come Together|4:04
        Joanne Little|3:23
        Jesus is My Only Friend|3:04
        Are There Any Rights I'm Entitled To|6:30
        Going to See My Baby|2:06
        You Make My Day Pretty|4:36
        Hey Man|5:30
        Doing Things Together|5:59
        Traveling Shoes|3:24
        Sweet Honey in the Rock #2|3:02
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|B'lieve I'll Run On ... See What the End's Gonna Be|1978|Redwood|3500
        Seven Principles|2:58
        Woman, A|1:29
        Fannie Lou Hamer|5:17
        My Way|6:07
        They are Falling All Around Me|4:50
        B'lieve I'll Run On ... See What the End's Gonna Be|6:00
        All Praise is Due to Love|3:56
        Sitting On Top of the World|4:05
        Every Woman|6:18
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|Other Side, The||Flying Fish|70366
        Step by Step|2:27
        Moving On|1:43
        Stranger Blues|3:57
        Other Side, The|2:43
        No Images|3:13
        Gift of Love|3:33
        Mae Frances|2:57
        Let Us Go Back to the Old Landmark|5:28
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|Feel Something Drawing Me On||Flying Fish|FF 70375
        We'll Understand it Better Bye and Bye|2:49
        Father I Stretch My Hands to Thee|5:43
        Hush Li'l Baby|2:30
        I've Got the Know|5:28
        When I Die Tomorrow|3:46
        Waters of Babylon~Rivers of Babylon|4:00
        Feel Something Drawing Me On|2:26
        Try Jesus|4:28
        Leaning and Depending On The Lord|4:55
        In the Upper Room|5:38
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|Breaths||Flying Fish|ff701105
        Ella's Song|5:41
        Oughta Be a Women|3:16
        Good News|4:59
        We All ... Everyone of Us|1:11
        More Than a Paycheck|3:52
        How Long?|2:27
        Alla That's All Right, But|2:21
        On Children|2:09
        Listen to the Rhythm|4:44
        I'm Gon' Stand|1:26
        Battle for My Life|2:42
        Study War No More|4:33
        Chile Your Waters Run Red Through Soweto|2:41
        If You Had Lived|3:36
        Azanian Freedom Song|3:30
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|Live at Carnegie Hall||Flying Fish|ff70106
        Run, Run, Mourner Run|5:10
        Wade in the Water|7:40
        Drinking of the Wine|3:45
        Where are the Keys to the Kingdom?|2:28
        Dream Songs of Love|5:27
        Letter to Dr. Martin Luther King|8:05
        Our Side Won|5:20
        Ode to the International Debt|3:17
        Are My Hands Clean?|3:03
        My Lament|3:42
        You Worries Ain't Like Mine|3:58
        Song of the Exiled|2:40
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|All for Freedom|1989|Music for Little People|MLP D-2230
        So Glad I'm Here|2:43
        Down in the Valley Two by Two|1:45
        Little Shekere, The|2:54
        Little Red Caboose, The|2:53
        All For Freedom|1:14
        Everybody Ought to Know|1:33
        Calypso Freedom|4:06
        Ise Oluwa|3:17
        Meeting at the Building|3:23
        Johanna and Rhody|3:15
        Make New Friends|0:46
        Horse and Buggy|1:03
        Alunde and the Story of Ono|8:20
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|In This Land|1992|Earth Beat|42522
        In This Land|4:38
        Patchwork Quilt|5:00
        This is a Mean World|2:15
        When I Die|5:38
        Guide Me Oh Though Great Jehovah|4:22
        Fulani Chant|9:05
        Trying Times|5:33
        Now That the Buffalo Are Gone|2:53
        I Be Your Water|6:05
        Give Your Hands to Struggle|6:30
        See See Rider|5:23
        (Women Should Be) A Priority|4:01
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|Still On the Journey|1993|Earth Beat!|42536
        Ballad of the Broken Word|3:51
        Tribute, A|4:47
        Come by Here|4:33
        Wanting Memories|4:54
        No Mirrors in My Nana's House|3:01
        In the morning When I Rise|4:51
        Long Journey Home|5:20
        I'm Going to Get My Baby Out of Jail|4:49
        Sojourner's Battle Hymn|4:17
        Run On for a Long Time|2:47
        Wodaabe Nights|7:49
Various|Newport Broadside|1964|Vanguard|VCD 77003
        Fighting For My Rights|1:27|Freedom Singers, The~Johnson, Bernice
        I Love Your Dog, I Love My Dog|2:29|Freedom Singers, The~Johnson, Bernice
        Get On Board, Little Children|1:17|Freedom Singers, The~Johnson, Bernice

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