Muzsikas discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

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Muzsikas~Sebestyen, Marta|Prisoner's Song, The||Hannibal|HNCD 1341
        Rabnota~Prisoner's Song|4:12
        Eddig Vendeg~Unwelcome Guest, The|3:49
        Azt Gondoltam, Eso Esik~I Thought it was Raining|4:02
        Hidegen Fujnak A Szelek~Cold Winds are Blowing|3:10
        Bujdosodal~Outlaw's Song|5:06
        Repulj Madar, Repulj~Fly Bird, Fly|3:32
        Regen Vollt, Soka Lesz~It was Long Ago|4:06
        Szerelem, Szerelem~Love, Love|4:32
        En Scak Azt Csodalom~I Am Only Wondering|4:47
        Elment A Madarka~Bird Has Flown, The|4:15
Muzsikas~Sebestyen, Marta|Blues for Transylvania||Hannibal|HNCD 1350
        Old Song from Somogy|3:25
        Legenyes from Kalotaszeg|3:25
        My Lord, My Lord|3:45
        Outlaw Song|4:50
        Dawn Song from Bodonkut|5:12
        On My Way to Kolozsvar Town|2:44
        Cimbalmos from Bonchida|4:56
        Old Wedding Song|4:51
        Time is Autumn, The|7:50
Muzsikas~Sebestyen, Marta|Marta Sebestyen|1987|Hannibal|HNCD 1330
        Vetettem Violat~I Planted a Volet|3:52
        Szeress Egyet, S Legyen Szep~Love Just One|4:17
        Harom Arva~Three Orphans|4:52
        Fujnaka Fellegek~Dark Winds Come|1:25
        Hajnali Nota~Morning Song|6:00
        Egy Par Tanc Mezosegrol~Mezoseg Dance|6:13
        Szeki M Agyar A Misie~Misi's Szek Dance|4:28
        Fuvom Azenekem~I Sing My Song|2:11
        Feher Galamb Szallt a Hazra~White Dove has Come, A|5:13
Muzsikas~Sebestyen, Marta|Maramaros - Lost Jewish Music of Transylvania, The|1993|Hannibal|HNCD 1373
        Kohsid Wedding Dances|4:32
        Rooster Is Crowing, The|3:06
        Dance from Maramaros|3:36
        Lamenting Song|1:59
        Ane Maamin|2:56
        I Have Just Come from Gyula|3:03
        Farewell to Shabbat|3:12
        Jewish Dandce from Szaszregan|3:07
        Hat A Jid A Wejbele|1:59
        Jewish Csardas Series from Szek|3:59
        Khosid Dance|1:38
        Greeting of the Bride, The|3:47
        Haneros Halelu|3:11
        Farewell to the Guests|0:39
Muzsikas~Sebestyen, Marta|Ketto - Hungarian Folk Music|1995|Munich Records|MRCD 175
        Ket Szal Punkosdrozsa|3:00
        Hej Dunarol Fuj a Szel|3:05
        Hat Szeki Tanc|7:23
        Felre Gatya Pendely|5:46
        Telen Nagy a Ho|3:38
Various|Instruments|1993|Hannibal|HNCD 8302
        Hat Ein Jid Ein Wejbele|1:58|Muzsikas~Sebestyen, Marta

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