Richard Shindell discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

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Kaplansky, Lucy|Tide, The|1994|Red House|RHR CD 65
        Guinevere|4:17|Shindell, Richard
Shindell, Richard|Sparrows Point|Shanachie|1992|8002
        Are You Happy Now?|
        Courier, The|
        Sparrows Point|
        Kenworth of My Dreams, The|
        On a Sea of Fluer-de-Lis|
        Memory of You|
        You Again|
        Howling at the Trouble|
        By Now|
Shindell, Richard|Blue Divide|1994|Shanachie|8014
        Summer Wind, A Cotton Dress, A|3:55
        Ballad of Mary Magdaline, The|5:03
        Things That I Have Seen, The|3:53
        TV Light|4:13
        Tune for Nowhere, A|4:13
        Blue Divide|4:35
Shindell, Richard|Reunion Hill|1997|Shanachie|8027
        Next Best Western, The|4:35
        I Saw My Youth Today|3:18
        Reunion Hill|4:28
        Beyond the Iron Gate|5:24
        Darkness, Darkness|3:56
        Money for Floods|3:46
        Easy Street|3:58
        Weather, The|3:49
        I'll Be Here in the Morning|4:18
Various|We Are Each Other's Angels|2000|PrimeCD|PCD71
        Next Best Western, The|4:37|Shindell, Richard
Various|Fast Folk - Detours|1991|Fast Folk|FFCD 508
        Memory of You||Shindell, Richard
Various|Fast Folk - Live at the Postcrypt Coffeehouse|1992|Fast Folk|FFCD 509
        Sparrow's Point|5:10|Shindell, Richard
Various|Fast Folk - Live at the Bottom Line 1991|1992|Fast Folk|FFCD 510
        Courier, The|5:00|Shindell, Richard
Various|Fast Folk - 10th Anniversary Live at the Bottom Line - Disc 1|1992|Fast Folk|FFCD 603
        Are You Happy Now?|4:19|Shindell, Richard
Various|Fast Folk - Songs from the Garden State|1992|Fast Folk|FF 607
        Summer Wind, a Cotton Dress, A|3:46|Shindell, Richard
Various|Fast Folk - Live at the Bottom Line - May 1993|1993|Fast Folk|FF702
        May|5:03|Shindell, Richard
Various|Big League Babe~The Christine Lavin Tribute Album, Pt. 1|1997|Prime|PCD 037
        Fly On a Plane|2:38|Shindell, Richard
Various|Postcrypt, The|1995|1-800-CD-PRIME|PCD 011D
        Fishing|5:00|Shindell, Richard
Various|Singer Songwriter - Adventures in Music Sampler|1992|AIM|61
        Are You Happy Now?|3:47|Shindell, Richard
Various|Treestar Revue|1996|BCN|BCN 10142
        Kennworth of My Dreams, The|3:46|Shindell, Richard
Various|When October Goes|1991|Rounder|1143
        Are You Happy Now?|3:43|Shindell, Richard

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