Sweet Honey in the Rock discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

The 'extra' section is taken from additional information which I have received.

If you know of any other CDs available from this artist, please E-Mail the information to me at   wrp103@psu.edu

Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|Sweet Honey in the Rock||Flying Fish|70022
        Sweet Honey in the Rock|0:51
        Sun Will Never Go Down, The|2:23
        Dream Variations|3:43
        Let Us All Come Together|4:04
        Joanne Little|3:23
        Jesus is My Only Friend|3:04
        Are There Any Rights I'm Entitled To|6:30
        Going to See My Baby|2:06
        You Make My Day Pretty|4:36
        Hey Man|5:30
        Doing Things Together|5:59
        Traveling Shoes|3:24
        Sweet Honey in the Rock #2|3:02
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|B'lieve I'll Run On ... See What the End's Gonna Be|1978|Redwood|3500
        Seven Principles|2:58
        Woman, A|1:29
        Fannie Lou Hamer|5:17
        My Way|6:07
        They are Falling All Around Me|4:50
        B'lieve I'll Run On ... See What the End's Gonna Be|6:00
        All Praise is Due to Love|3:56
        Sitting On Top of the World|4:05
        Every Woman|6:18
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|Other Side, The||Flying Fish|70366
        Step by Step|2:27
        Moving On|1:43
        Stranger Blues|3:57
        Other Side, The|2:43
        No Images|3:13
        Gift of Love|3:33
        Mae Frances|2:57
        Let Us Go Back to the Old Landmark|5:28
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|Feel Something Drawing Me On||Flying Fish|FF 70375
        We'll Understand it Better Bye and Bye|2:49
        Father I Stretch My Hands to Thee|5:43
        Hush Li'l Baby|2:30
        I've Got the Know|5:28
        When I Die Tomorrow|3:46
        Waters of Babylon~Rivers of Babylon|4:00
        Feel Something Drawing Me On|2:26
        Try Jesus|4:28
        Leaning and Depending On The Lord|4:55
        In the Upper Room|5:38
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|Breaths||Flying Fish|ff701105
        Ella's Song|5:41
        Oughta Be a Women|3:16
        Good News|4:59
        We All ... Everyone of Us|1:11
        More Than a Paycheck|3:52
        How Long?|2:27
        Alla That's All Right, But|2:21
        On Children|2:09
        Listen to the Rhythm|4:44
        I'm Gon' Stand|1:26
        Battle for My Life|2:42
        Study War No More|4:33
        Chile Your Waters Run Red Through Soweto|2:41
        If You Had Lived|3:36
        Azanian Freedom Song|3:30
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|Live at Carnegie Hall||Flying Fish|ff70106
        Run, Run, Mourner Run|5:10
        Wade in the Water|7:40
        Drinking of the Wine|3:45
        Where are the Keys to the Kingdom?|2:28
        Dream Songs of Love|5:27
        Letter to Dr. Martin Luther King|8:05
        Our Side Won|5:20
        Ode to the International Debt|3:17
        Are My Hands Clean?|3:03
        My Lament|3:42
        You Worries Ain't Like Mine|3:58
        Song of the Exiled|2:40
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|All for Freedom|1989|Music for Little People|MLP D-2230
        So Glad I'm Here|2:43
        Down in the Valley Two by Two|1:45
        Little Shekere, The|2:54
        Little Red Caboose, The|2:53
        All For Freedom|1:14
        Everybody Ought to Know|1:33
        Calypso Freedom|4:06
        Ise Oluwa|3:17
        Meeting at the Building|3:23
        Johanna and Rhody|3:15
        Make New Friends|0:46
        Horse and Buggy|1:03
        Alunde and the Story of Ono|8:20
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|In This Land|1992|Earth Beat|42522
        In This Land|4:38
        Patchwork Quilt|5:00
        This is a Mean World|2:15
        When I Die|5:38
        Guide Me Oh Though Great Jehovah|4:22
        Fulani Chant|9:05
        Trying Times|5:33
        Now That the Buffalo Are Gone|2:53
        I Be Your Water|6:05
        Give Your Hands to Struggle|6:30
        See See Rider|5:23
        (Women Should Be) A Priority|4:01
Sweet Honey in the Rock|We Who Believe in Freedom|1993|Earth Beat|EB D2909
        In This Land|
        Come By Here|
        Ise Oluwa|
        Ella's Song|
Sweet Honey in the Rock~Johnson, Bernice|Still On the Journey|1993|Earth Beat!|42536
        Ballad of the Broken Word|3:51
        Tribute, A|4:47
        Come by Here|4:33
        Wanting Memories|4:54
        No Mirrors in My Nana's House|3:01
        In the morning When I Rise|4:51
        Long Journey Home|5:20
        I'm Going to Get My Baby Out of Jail|4:49
        Sojourner's Battle Hymn|4:17
        Run On for a Long Time|2:47
        Wodaabe Nights|7:49
Sweet Honey in the Rock|I Got Shoes|1994|Music for Little People|42534
        I Got Shoes|2:57
        African Numbers 20 - English|1:08
        Tama Tama Tamali|3:29
        Little David Play on Your Harp|3:53
        African Numbers 12 - Japanese|0:45
        Freedom Now|1:45
        Run Molly Run|3:19
        Young and Positive|4:17
        African Numbers 8 - Swahili|0:36
        Freedom Train|4:15
        African Numbers 16 - Spanish|1:02
        Down the Road I Be Going|3:16
        Look! Look! the Sun Woke Up!|1:33
        Spirit Lullaby|3:12
Sweet Honey in the Rock|Selections, Disc 1|1997|Flying Fish~Rounder|FF 667
        Ella's Song|5:27
        Wade in the Water|7:06
        On Children|1:55
        Joan Little|3:18
        Sitting on Top of the World|4:02
        More than a Paycheck|3:53
        Crying for Feedom in South Africa|3:29
        They Are All Falling Around Me|4:48
        Mae Frances|2:59
        I'm Gon' Stand!!!|1:26
        Feel Something Drawing Me On|2:10
        In the Upper Room|5:41
        Seven Principles|2:59
Sweet Honey in the Rock|Selections, Disc 2|1997|Flying Fish~Rounder|FF 668
        Ought Be a Woman|3:14
        Fannie Lou Hamer|4:29
        Run Mourner Run|3:54
        As Long as I Have Breath in My Body|4:47
        No Images|3:15
        Gift of Love, The|3:33
        My Way|6:03
        State of Emergency|3:30
        Cape Fear River Chant|2:50
        Rivers of Babylon|4:01
        Stranger Blues|3:54
        Oh Death|6:26
Various|Rainbow Sign|1992|Rounder|8025
        Denko|4:32|Sweet Honey in the Rock
Various|Folkways: A Vision Shared||CBS|ck44034
        Sylvie|2:06|Sweet Honey in the Rock
        Gray Goose|2:11|Sweet Honey in the Rock
        This Land is Your Land|3:45|Seeger, Pete~Sweet Honey in the Rock~Doc Watson
Various|Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival~Turn of the Decade|1991|Red House|RHR CD 36
        Crying for Freedom|3:38|Sweet Honey in the Rock
Various|Time and Love: The Music of Laura Nyro|1997|Astor Place|TCD-4007
        And When I Die|2:54|Sweet Honey in the Rock
Various|Where Have All the Flowers Gone - The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol. 1|1998|Appleseed|1024
        Step by Step|1:53|Sweet Honey in the Rock
Various|Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Vol. 6) - Disc 2|1997|Cooking Vinyl|GRILL CD 10
        Breaths|3:52|Sweet Honey in the Rock
Various|Peace is the World Smiling|1989|Music for Little People|MLP D2104
        On Children||Sweet Honey in the Rock

=============== Extra Information ===============

I just recently found out about two albums I don't have (yet):

Sacred Ground
Selections (2-Set)

The second is mostly a re-release, but it has two previously unreleased
tracks.  I hope to get them in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. :^)


Bernice Johnson-Reagon is the founder and leader of Sweet Honey in
the Rock.  She began singing in church, and later sang as part of
the freedom movement of the '60s.  She has one solo album out, which
seems to have been put together before she organized Sweet Honey in the
Rock.  She also appears as part of "The Freedom Singers" in several
compilations.  See her separate discography for more details.

Bernice has a 4 volume series called "Wade in the Water" which is about
African American Spirituals.  Some Sweet Honey in the Rock appears on
those, but I don't have them (yet), so I don't have the details.

There is also a 2 CD set titled: "Freedom Is a Constant Struggle",
subtitled "Songs of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement", which
includes Sweet Honey, Bernice Johnson Reagon, and others.

Bernice's daughter, Toshi helped in the production and arrangement of many
of the Sweet Honey in the Rock albums.  She has an album as well:

Reagon, Toshi|Justice|1990|Flying Fish|FF 70526
        Walking In Your Footsteps|4:42
        How Long|4:05
        Nature Tells|3:58
        Yonder Come Day|2:25
        Jesus Walks|5:32
        We've Got a Right To Choose|3:57
        Foolish Attitues|5:00

Toshi has some other albums out which I don't have:

    The Rejected Stone

Ysaye Barnwell - the bass singer for Sweet Honey has an album out:

        Singing...African American Trad'n

This is a 6 cassette set with intructional booklet teaching "rhythms,
harmonies, and vocal techniques, and stylistic subtleties".

The Ladyslipper catalog says: "Recommended by Alice Walker,
Ronnie Gilbert, Pete Seeger, and Ladyslipper!"

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