Tanita Tikaram discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

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Tikaram, Tanita|Ancient Heart|1988|Reprise|25839
        Good Tradition|2:49
        Cathedral Song|2:51
        Sighing Innocents|3:31
        I Love You|2:45
        World Outside Your Window|4:52
        For All These Years|4:52
        Twist in My Sobriety|4:50
        Poor Cow|1:56
        He Likes the Sun|5:26
        Valentine Heart|4:04
        Preyed Upon|5:03
Tikaram, Tanita|Sweet Keeper, The|1990|Reprise|26091
        Once and Not Speak|4:44
        Thursday's Child|3:54
        It All Came Back Today|6:00
        We Almost Got It Together|4:01
        Consider the Rain|5:15
        Sunset's Arrived|5:06
        Little Sister Leaving Town|3:57
        I Owe All to You|4:30
        Love Story|3:17
        Harm in Your Hands|6:28
Tikaram, Tanita|Everbody's Angel|1991|Reprise|26486
        Only the Ones We Love|2:53
        Deliver Me|3:58
        This Story in Me|3:14
        To Wish This|4:20
        Mud In Any Water|3:46
        Never Known|2:44
        This Stranger|3:12
        Swear By Me|3:23
        Hot Pork Sandwiches|3:52
        Me in Mind|3:25
        Sometime With Me|2:54
        I Love the Heaven's Solo|2:51
        I'm Going Home|3:42
Tikaram, Tanita|Eleven Kinds of Loneliness|1992|Reprise|26835
        You Make the Whole World Cry|3:37
        I Grant You|2:31
        Heal You|4:26
        To Drink the Rainbow|3:19
        Out on the Town|3:16
        Hot Stones|2:59
        Men & Women|3:08
        Any Reason|3:36
        Love Don't Need No Tyranny|4:59
        Way That I Want You, The|3:44
Various|2 Meter Sessies, Vol. 1|1991|Varagram|VCD 474722
        Little Sister Leaving Town|3:48|Tikaram, Tanita

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