Cheryl Wheeler discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

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O'Connell, Maura|Stories|1995|Hannibal|HNCD 1389
        Poetic Jutice|3:52|Wheeler, Cheryl
Wheeler, Cheryl|Cheryl Wheeler|1986|North Star|W0001
        Gimme the Right Sign|3:14
        Invisible Lady|4:33
        Lethal Detective|4:00
        Behind the Barn|3:51
        Paradise in Troubled Waters|4:07
        Your Radio's Up Too Loud|3:36
        Game of Love|3:04
        Quarter Moon|4:20
        Same Old Game|3:20
Wheeler, Cheryl|Half a Book|1991|North Star|WS0005
        Emotional Response|3:39
        I Don't Have the Time|2:36
        I Don't Reach You Any More|3:19
        Tell Him Goodbye|5:30
        In Your Heart|4:01
        Half a Book|2:59
        I See Your Eyes|4:44
        Thinkin' Of Leavin'|4:01
        Summer Fly|3:53
Wheeler, Cheryl|Circles & Arrows|1991|Capitol|CDP 7 92063
Wheeler, Cheryl|Circles & Arrows|1991,1995|Rounder|11671 1162
        I Know This Town|3:24
        Hard Line to Draw|3:25
        Estate Sale|3:39
        Don't Wanna|3:41
        Northern Girl|3:44
        Soon As I Find My Voice|3:29
        Miss You More Than I'm Mad|2:40
        Moonlight and Roses|3:20
        When You're Gone|2:40
Wheeler, Cheryl|Driving Home|1993|Philo~Rounder|PH 1152
        Driving Home|4:49
        Silver Lining|3:38
        Music In My Room|3:47
        Frequently Wrong But Never In Doubt|3:57
        Don't Forget the Guns|3:39
        Act of Nature|3:19
        75 Septembers|4:04|Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
        Bad Connection|3:45
        When Fall Comes to New England|3:13
        Orbiting Jupiter|4:31
Wheeler, Cheryl|Almost (single)|1994|Rounder|CD PR 1019
Wheeler, Cheryl|Silver Lining (single)|1994|Rounder|CD PR 1024
        Silver Lining|3:38
Wheeler, Cheryl|75 Septembers (single)|1994|Rounder|CD PR 1029
        75 Septembers|4:04
Wheeler, Cheryl|Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar|1995|Rounder|1192
        Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar|2:58
        Does the Future Look Black|4:07
        School Girls|3:43
        Rivers, The|3:38
        Further & Further Away|4:53
        Is It Peace Or Is It Prosaic?|3:23
        Howl at the Moon|3:25
        Storm, The|3:26
        So Far to Fall|3:56
        Makes Good Sense to Me|2:00
        Time Taketh Away|3:36
        One Love|4:37
Wheeler, Cheryl|Does the Future Look Black (Promo single)|1995|Rounder|PR 1046
        Does the Future Look Black|4:07
Wheeler, Cheryl|Sylvia Hotel|1999|Rounder|1212
        His Hometown|4:04
        But the Days and Nights Are Long|3:23
        If It Were Up to Me|3:08
        Right Way to Do the Wrong Thing|3:44
        All the Live Long Day|3:47
        Sylvia Hotel|3:20
        Rainy Road Into Atlanta|3:56
        Lighting Up the Mighty Mississippi|2:58
        Who Am I Foolin'?|3:50
Wheeler, Cheryl|If It Were Up to Me (Single)|1999|Rounder|PR 1128P
        If It Were Up to Me|3:08
Various|Man's Best Friend - The Singer/Songwriter Collection|1996|Sterling Pond|MB 001
        Howl at the Moon|3:25|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Shelter (Disc 2)|1994|Putumayo|90248 0115
        Orbiting Jupiter|4:31|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Silverwolf Homeless Project, The|1995|Silverwolf|SWCD-1002
        Invisible Lady|4:34|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Ten Great Years at Kerrville Folk Festival, Vol 2 Disc 4|1989~1995|Silverwolf|1002-4
        Arrow|3:25|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Women of Kerrville, The|1996|Silverwolf|SWKCD 1004
        Seventy-Five Septembers|4:09|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Kerrville Folk Festival - 1995 Highlights|1996|Silverwolf|SWKCD 1005
        Howl at the Moon|3:31|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Folk Live from Mountain Stage|1997|Blue Plate|BPM 310
        Driving Home|3:18|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival '88 Live||Alcazar|alc105
        Half a Book|2:53|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival, Vol. 2||Alcazar|113
        I Know This Town|3:22|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival~Turn of the Decade|1991|Red House|RHR CD 36
        Arrow|3:48|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Country Roots Music Sampler, A (promo)|1995|Rounder|PR 1043
        Does the Future Look Black|4:07|Wheeler, Cheryl
        Further & Further Away|4:53|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Fish Out of Water|2000|WMNF|FOW-001
        His Hometown|3:55|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Frontier of Country, The (promo)|1995|Philo/Rounder|PR 1045
        So Far to Fall|3:56|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Frontier of Country, The Volume 13 [promo]|11999|Rounder|PR 1139
        His Hometown|4:04|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Live at the World Cafe Volume 9|1999|World Cafe|WC9909L
        If It Were Up to Me|2:38|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Big League Babe~The Christine Lavin Tribute Album, Pt. 1|1997|Prime|PCD 037
        Christine Lavin Could Do It (Intro)|2:26|Wheeler, Cheryl
        Christine Lavin Could Do It|3:09|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|All-Ears Review Vol. 3~Singing Out - Songwriters for the 90's|1988|ROM|21003
        Rainin'|2:41|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Follow That Road (Disc 1)|1994|Philo|PH 1165
        Home|4:19|Fingerett, Sally~Wheeler, Cheryl~Edwards, Jonathan
Various|Laugh Tracks Volume 1|1996|Shanachie|8022
        Potato|2:13|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Legacy II, A Collection of Singer Songwriters|1992|High Street|10314
        Arrow|4:19|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|New Music Made in New England|Rounder|2001|YM1
        When Fall Came to New England|3:16|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|On A Winter's Night|1990|Philo|PH 1167
        Quarter Moon|4:15|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Philo So Far - the 20th Anniversary Folk Sampler|1993|Philo|PH 1161
        75 Septembers|4:04|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Rounder at Newport|Rounder|2001|NP1
        His Hometown|4:04|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Stop H andgun Violence|2000|Rounder|11661-9052
        If It Were Up to Me|3:08|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Touring Troubadours|1999|Rounder|TS-1
        If It Were Up to Me|3:11|Wheeler, Cheryl
        When Fall Comes to New England|3:16|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|When October Goes|1991|Rounder|1143
        When Fall Comes to New England|3:05|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Where Love Goes|1995||
        Almost|3:24|Wheeler, Cheryl
Various|Big Times in a Small Town - The Vineyard Tapes|1993|Philo|PH 1155
        Further and Further Away|3:48|Wheeler, Cheryl

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