Lucinda Williams discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

The 'extra' section is taken from additional information which I have received.

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Williams, Lucinda|Ramblin'|1991|Smithsonian/Folkways|CD SF 40042
        Ramblin' On My Mind|2:30
        Me and My Chauffeur|3:12
        Motherless Children|3:31
        Malted Milk Blues|2:29
        Jug Band Music|2:22
        Stop Breakin' Down|3:20
        Drop Down Daddy|3:23
        Little Darling Pal of Mine|2:59
        Make Me Down a Pallet On Your Floor|3:50
        Jambalaya (On the Bayou)|3:05
        Great Speckled Bird|2:55
        You're Gonna Need That Pure Religion|3:07
        Satisfied Mind|4:06
Williams, Lucinda|Happy Woman Blues||Smithsonian/Folkways|CD SF 40003
        I Lost It|2:52
        Happy Woman Blues|3:08
        King of Hearts|4:02
        Rolling Along|2:46
        One Night Stand|2:53
        Howlin' at Midniht|3:49
        Hard Road|2:29
        Louisiana Man|2:23
        Sharp Cutting Wings~Song for a Poet|3:26
Williams, Lucinda|Lucinda Williams||Rough Trade|47cd
        I Just Wanted to See You So Bad|2:25
        Night's Too Long, The|4:15
        Big Red Sun Blues|3:27
        Like a Rose|2:37
        Changed the Locks|3:39
        Passionate Kisses|2:35
        Am I To Blue|2:55
        Crescent City|3:01
        Side of the Road|3:27
        Price to Pay|2:46
        I Asked for Water (He Gave Me Gasoline)|3:43
Williams, Lucinda|Passionate Kisses||Rough Trade|66cd
        Passionate Kisses|2:40
        Nothing in Rambling|3:12
        Goin' Back Home|3:12
        Side of the Road|3:57
Williams, Lucinda|Sweet Old World|1992|Chameleon|61351
        Six Blocks Away|
        Something About What Happens When We Talk|
        He Never Got Enough Love|
        Sweet Old World|
        Little Angel, Little Brother|
        Lines Around Your Eyes|
        Sidewalks of the City|
        Memphis Pearl|
        Hot Blood|
        Which Will|
Williams, Lucinda|Car Wheels on a Gravel Road|1998|Mercury|314 558 338
        Right in Time|4:35
        Car Wheels on a Gravel Road|4:44
        Koll 2 Be 4-Gotten|4:42
        Drunken Angel|3:20
        Concrete and Barbed Wire|3:08
        Lake Charles|5:27
        Can't Let Go|3:28
        I Lost It|3:31
        Metal Firecracker|3:30
        Still I Long for Your Kiss|4:09
Various|Sweet Relief|1993|Chaos|OK 57134
        Main Road|3:09|Williams, Lucinda
Various|Broadcasts, Vol 7 (KGSR Radio Austin) Disc 2|2000|KGSR|
        Car Wheels on a Gravel Road|4:36|Williams, Lucinda
Various|Return of the Grievous Angel|1999|ALM|AMSD-80024
        Return of the Grievous Angel|4:19|Williams, Lucinda~Crosby, David
Various|In Their Own Words, Vol. 1|1994|Razor & Tie|RT 2813
        Positively 4th Street|5:02|Williams, Lucinda
Various|Singer-Songwriters of the '80s|1995|Rhino|R2 71844/A 25263
        Passionate Kisses||Williams, Lucinda
Various|Born to Choose|1993|Ryko|RCD 10256
        Pancakes||Williams, Lucinda

=============== Extra Information ===============

According to

Lucinda did a track on A Town South Of Bakersfield - Vol 2. It was
'Dark Side Of Life'. This is available on CD. A single CD containing
Vol 1 and Vol 2 was issued in 1988 by Restless Records. #7 72575-2.

Additionally, she sings duets with the following:

Jimmie Dale Gilmore on 'Reunion' on the album 'Spinning Around The Sun'

Tom Prasada-Rao on 'Behind Door Number Three'. I only heard this track
once on the radio, so don't know if I got the title right or the name
of the artist.

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