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      This page lists all 2013 Nominees of Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Awards. The categories are in the same order as published in the Nominees source. However, the Nominees in every category are in alphabetical order. If necessary, the original Nominee list as published was sorted. Please write if you have any additions or corrections to anything below.
      "TODAY: Nominee Party! - Congrats to Peoples Choice Nominees & Hall of Fame Inductees!"
      [E-Mail announcement received March 24, 2013]

    WAMI Hall of Fame Class of 2013

  1. power pop band Yipes!
  2. guitarist Daryl Stuermer
  3. singer/songwriter (and former member of Timbuk3) Pat MacDonald


  4. Artist of the Year:
       The Lucas Cates Band
        Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons
       The Delta Routine
       Field Report
        Sammy Llanas
       Trapper Schoepp & The Shades
  5. Album of the Year:
       "Can You Hear Me" - Boxkar
       "Good Folks" - The Lucas Cates Band
       "Old Believers" - Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons
       "Field Report" - Field Report
       "Shaker and the Egg" - Shaker and the Egg
       "Music for Fine Dining" - Something To Do
       "Whiskey Woman" - The WhiskeyBelles
  6. Song of the Year:
       "I've Been Accused" - Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons
       "Switchblade" - The Delta Routine
       "I Am Not Waiting Anymore" - Field Report
       "In Dreams" - Ivy Spokes
       "Anything" - Klassik
       "No Boyfriend" - Nicole Waters
  7. Female Vocalist:
        Nora Collins
        Amy Jo Doty
        Chrissy Dzioba
       Ida Jo
       Nicole Kottke
       Monica Martin
  8. Male Vocalist:
       Marr'Lo Hollowell
       Joseph "Smokey" Holman
        Sammy Llanas
       Chris Porterfield
       Gabriel Sanchez
       Pat Schorr
        Mike Wendland
  9. New Artist of the Year:
       Roxi Copland
       The Goddamns
       Hugh Bob and the Hustle
       Lisa Ridgely & The Fainting Room
  10. Rising Star:
       Bad Habitz (Bad Habit?)
       Boarder Line
       Stephanie Erin Brill
        Nora Collins
       Felix Ramsey
       Myles Wangerin


  11. Alternative:
       Field Report
       Ikarus Down
       Into Arcadia
       Tiny Riots
  12. Americana/Bluegrass:
       Beef Tea
        Copper Box
       Dead Horses
       Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
        Sloppy Joe
        Art Stevenson & High Water
       The WhiskeyBelles
  13. Big Band/Horn Band:
       Big Mouth & The Power Tool Horns
       Extra Crispy Brass Band
       Cold Sweat and the Brew City Horns
       Group of the Altos
       Hip Pocket
       Mama Digdown's Brass Band
       The Uptown Savages
  14. Blues:
       Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo
       Alex Wilson Band
       Altered Five
       Reverend Raven & the Chain Smokin' Altar Boys
       South End Blues Band
       The Jimmys
       The Katz Sass
  15. Celtic/Folk:
       Derek Byrne & Paddygrass
       Folk You
       Macyn Taylor
       The Sandcarvers
       Whiskey of the Damned
  16. Christian/Gospel:
       Danen Kane
       Michelle Posey & Standing Firm
       Saved By Grace
       The Burie Family
  17. Club DJ/Dance:
       DJ Bizzon
       DJ Poizon Ivy
  18. Country:
       Chasin' Mason
       Diamond & Steel
       Grand Union
       Madison County
       Pat Watters Band
       Rebel Grace
  19. Cover Band:
       Half Empty
       Rabid Aardvarks
       Road Trip
       Rooftop Jumpers
       Spoiled Rotten
       Star Six Nine
       The Toys
  20. Hard Rock:
       Beyond Fate
       Dead Modern Villains
       Mad Mad Ones
       Spiral Trance
  21. Jazz:
       Nineteen Thirteen
       4th Street Elevator
       Jamie Breiwick
       Jazz Orgy
       Jerry Grillo
       We Six
  22. Polka:
       Brewhaus Polka Kings
       Brian Brueggen & the Mississippi Valley Dutchmen
       Happy Schnapps Combo
       The Rhythm Playboys
       Steve Meisner
       The Squeezettes
  23. Rap/Hip Hop:
       Jesse Lester
       Fresh Cut Collective
  24. R&B/Soul:
       Al White
       Charles Walker Band
       The Blue Olives
       Tweed Funk
       Weapons of Mass Defunktion
  25. Reggae/World/Ska:
       De La Buena
       R.A.S. Movement
       The Invaders
  26. Rock/Pop:
       Boy Blue
       Dory Drive
       Fever Marlene
       Ian & The Dream
       Sexy Ester
       Something To Do
       Vic and Gab
  27. Singer/Songwriter:
       Annie B.
       Evan Christian
       Mark Croft
       Old Earth
       Pat McCurdy
       Rob Anthony
       Tony Memmel
  28. Tribute:
       5 Card Studs
       52nd Street
       No Quarter
       Project Pink
       Reckless Life
       Stoneship Eden
       The Prince Experience


  29. Bass:
       Donn Trampe
       Eric Madunic
       Andy Mertens
       Jordan Kroeger
       J.P. Cyr
       Mark Noxon
       Matthew Wilson
  30. Drummer:
       Alan Arber
       Bill Sargent
       Joe Miller
       Jon Phillip
       Matt Gieseke
       Mauro Magellan
       Mike Underwood
  31. Guitarist:
       Misha Siegfried
       Perry Weber
       Ryan Rossebo
       Scott Hlavenka
       Scotty Meyer
       Tom Jordan
       Tom Thiel
  32. Keyboard:
       Alex Drossart
       Danny Moore
       Jimmy Voegeli
       Kevin Machan
       Marc Ballini
       Nick Berg
       Tyler Traband
  33. Reeds/Brass:
       Andrew Spadafora
       Charles Walker
       Eric Schoor
       Jeff Maddern
       Kevin Klemme
       Mary Rodgers
       Seth Jorgensen
  34. Strings:
       Blaine McQuinn
       Bob Weigandt
       Ida Jo
       Janet Schiff
       Kimmy Unger
       Peter Thomas


  35. Producer:
       Jack LeTourneau
       Jeff Hamilton
       Marc Golde
       Marty Cheyka
       Tony Anders
       Vinny Millevolte
  36. Recording Studio:
       Renwood Messenger Studios
       Rock Garden Studio
       The Exchange Recording Complex
       Whitehouse Studios

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