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FolkLib Index - Index for "The Faces of Rackensack"
      by Stone County 4-H Council

(last updated .02-14-2017)

#qj - Stone County 4-H Council. "The Faces of Rackensack", Mountain View, AR: Stone County Leader, Inc.,
    1972, 86 p. (unnumbered), (2nd printing 10/1972), no ISBN, LC or UPC, ASIN: B0037T63O8 {A}
    Rackensack Folklore Society / Our Story [Archive] -- [original chapter organized in Mountain View, Arkansas in 1963]

      This page is an Index of every Arkansas musical artist profiled in this book. Except for 2 pages for Jimmy Driftwood, all other entries consist of a single page with a photo and a short biography. In order to index this book with unnumbered pages, I wrote page numbers in pencil starting with the first page (title page). The caption by each photo is listed below. Sometimes it included instruments and city of residence, and sometimes just the name.

Folk Music of Mountain View, Arkansas (home page)
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[not a musician] = profiled for a reason other than being a musician

Page(s) Artist/Group Name
1 Title page
2 Copyright page
3 Preface
4-84 Profiles/Biographies
85-86 Other 1972 Supporters of Friday Night Musicals
[photo only, presumably all non-musicians]
12 Lonnie Louis Avey
39 Margie Batten & daughters
80 Bobby L. Blair, singer-musician, Mountain View
73 Robert Earl Blair, fiddle player, St. James
33 Robert Wesley Blair, musician, Mountain View
37 Glen & Imogene Branscum, singers, Onia
45 Larry Brewer
36 Laudis Herman Brewer, singer, Mountain View
77 Jimmy Horace Bullard, singer-guitarist, Onia
62 Herman Chitwood, dancer, Mountain View
10 Percy Copeland & Family
52 Mr. & Mrs. Noel Copp
65 Kenneth Ivan Crymes, wash tub bass, Mountain View
46 Harlie J. Dampf
4-5 Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Driftwood
32 Olen & Rita Findley
54 William G. Ford, dancer, St. James
40 Coleman Gammill, guitarist, Onia
19 Guymon Gammill, guitarist, Onia
51 Ollie Eva Gilbert, singer, Mountain View
55 Roland Alfred Gillihan, singer, Mountain View
71 Kenneth Gosser, guitarist, Mountain View
14 Walter Dayton Gosser, banjo player, Mountain View
8 Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Gosser
43 Elliot Hancock
83 Bob Hayes, singer-guitarist
79 Mike Hill, mandolin player, Mountain View
66 Roger Dean Hinesley, guitarist, Mountain View
69 Hubert Hinkle, banjo player, Mountain View
35 James Glen Hinkle, banjo player, Mountain View
70 Floyd Maurice Holland, banjo player, Mountain View
9 Charles & Gladys Johnson
59 Otis & Dicie Johnson
78 Theda Johnson
48 Waco & Lucy Johnson
17 Buddy & Bobbie Lancaster
67 Mr. & Mrs. John D. Lancaster, dancers, Mountain View
31 Lonnie Adam Lee, harmonica, Fox
6 Mr. & Mrs. (Vannie) C.M. Leech
[Vannie not a musician, Secretary of Rackensack]
30 Cecil A. McCasland, dancer, Mountain View
26 Ambros McDaniel & nephews
44 Lynn (& Larry) McSpadden
27 Martha Lucretia Mealer, singer, Mountain View
29 Forest & Vergie Mitchell, dancers, Mountain View
58 Seth Newton Mize, fiddle player, Mountain View
82 Elmer & Athlea Moody
72 Kermit C. Moody, fiddle player, Mountain View
41 Roger Moody & Family
76 Fate Morrison, fiddle player, Fox
84 Glenn Morrison & Family
75 Janice Lee & Kathy Morrison
47 Marvin Morrison
81 Milford Morrison, musician, Fox
38 Richard Morrison, fiddle player, Fox
13 William Perry "Willie" Morrison
24 Phyllis Whitfield Motes, singer, musician, Mountain View
28 James Henry Oden, guitarist, Mountain View
23 Adrian Parks, mandolin player, Mountain View
22 Caroline Rainbolt
74 Charles Clyde Richardson, fiddle player, Mountain View
16 Billy J. Rosa, dancer, Mountain View
61 Bookmiller Shannon, banjo player, Timbo
15 James Jefferson Sherrill, square dance caller, Marcella
60 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Simmons
68 Marion Horance Smith
50 Mr. & Mrs. Dave Stewart
34 Pete Storey, dancer, Mountain View
18 Ed Sutterfield, harmonica player, Mountain View
64 William Audie Sutton, dancer, Mountain View
53 Herbert Rex Taylor
63 Kermit Taylor, dancer, Mountain View
57 Freeman Thomas
42 Eatheal Balentine Treat
49 Howard Wade, singer, Mountain View
56 Felix Wallace, dancer, Mountain View
11 Leslie Walls, guitarist, Mountain View
25 Martha Katherine White, singer-musician, Mountain View
7 James Melvin Wrinkle, guitarist-singer, Mountain View
20 Lee Roy Wrinkle, guitarist-singer, Mountain View
21 Bob Gene Younger, guitarist, St. James
Other Supporters of Friday Night Musicals
[photo only, presumably all non-musicians]
86 Mr. & Mrs. Herman Allcorn
85 Carbin Barnes
86 Opal Brewer
86 Frances Bullard
85 Mr. & Mrs. Ray Burns
85 George Forster
86 Allie Gammill
86 Viola George
85 Rev. Raymond Hawkins
86 Son Houston
86 Tollie Leonard
85 Jessie Long
85 John McDaniel
85 Mrs. Bookmiller Shannon
86 Imogene Taylor
86 Marie Taylor

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