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1911 Casavant Freres Organ, Opus 469 Consoles
First Congregational Church, Oshkosh, WI

(last updated .03-22-2017)

Casavant Freres, Opus 469 (1911 Console)     Casavant Freres, Opus 469 (1911 and 1959 Consoles)     Casavant Freres, Opus 469 (1986 Console)    
1911 Console              1911 and 1959 Consoles              1986 Console
photographer unknown        photographer unknown        © 1996, Thompson Studio

The above photographs were scanned on a Lexmark X73 at 25%
1911 Console scanned at 100%     1911 and 1959 Consoles scanned at 100%     1986 Console scanned at 100%

Rebuild Specifications as of 4-11-1985

      The photograph on the left above shows the original console built and installed by Casavant Freres in 1911. It was attached to the organ case as shown in the center photograph.

      The center photograph shows the original 1911 console and the 1959 console that replaced it. After the 1911 console was removed, two rows of pews were installed for the Chancel Choir between the organ case and the console. Although it is unknown who built the 1959 console, it was installed by ?? at the same time as they converted the organ from "Tubular-Pneumatic" to "Electro-Pneumatic". It is also unknown what happened to these two consoles after they were removed.

      Shortly after Easter, on 4-23-1985, the organ was dismantled and shipped to St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada to be completely renovated by Casavant Freres. The organ, including a new console built by Casavant Freres, the third one, was re-installed just before Easter 1986. Paul Manz performed on 12-06-1987 at the fourth and final re-dedication concert. The full story of the renovation of the organ can be found on pages 256-260 in the published Church history: "Independent of Mind, Open of Heart: 150 Years of Ministry - 1849-1999". Only Chapter 1 (pages 1-24) of the book is on-line. Contact the First Congregational Church for information about purchasing this book.

      Research is in progress to find out whether or not the current organ is exactly as described in the Rebuild Specifications as of 4-11-1985 before it was shipped to Canada for renovation.

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