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(last updated .03-25-2015)

          Despite the frequent notes at this site that there are no lyrics here, many people still waste their time and Internet bandwidth searching for something that is not here, and never will be. Just so vistors don't come up with zero hits when they look for something they have been told over and over again is not here, below is a list of lyrics that have been futiley searched for at this site. There will be no attempt to make this page readable. If you show HTML source, each lyric title is on its own line, but in a browser they run together into one huge sentence. Not every lyric searched for in vain will get listed here. Titles will be added only whenever I feel like doing so. If you reached this page, I sincerely wish you would write me and tell me why you are searching for lyrics here.

As of 06-20-2004, none of these song titles appear in any of the On-Site Discographies installed at this site.

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and so it goes auld lang syne ballad of chanukah ballad of jaime b ballad of the blue berets birmingham sunday bonaparte's retreat bristlecone pine california bloodlines children how do i send thee christmas time's a coming christmas treasury clementine clownin' around college green hornpipe comin through the rye coming through the rye diamonds and rust dickieville grotto did you remember to pray different shoes dumb and dumber (movie title) false hearted lover forgotten carols gather in the mushrooms geordie glasgow lullaby good time charley granny's old arm chair grass is green handsome butcher hatfields and mccoys haunted woods hell among the yearlings here's to you i have a quiet room i'll face nobody's record but mine i'm leaving on a jet plane leaving on a jetlane if i had a hammer julida polka limberger cheese london bridge mama said man on the flying trapeze marching through georgia matty groves mississippi sawyer my love for you is real old folks at home on top of old smokey one man child one tin soldier over the river and through the woods pencil neck geek phantom of the opera (musical title) polly wolly doodle poor old marat pure gold raining in l a rocky road blues salty dog rag sam's waltz send in the clowns she's that hot state of emergency stewball sunny side of the ocean taking a step of faith tea and honey the bloody fields of flanders the herd song the wedding song the woman in your life the woman in your life is you there's a girl i used to know they drove old dixie down time in a bottle tom dooley toy trains tramp tramp tramp way down upon what is a home without love when i'm gone when jonny comes marching home winnipeg christmas world war two you were on my mind