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      This page is a Work in Progress * Index of every recording artist listed by Martin C. Strong in the 7 editions (1st-7th ed., 1994-2004) of "The Great Rock Discography", and the 1996 "The Wee Rock Discography", including every main section and all "(see under...)" cross references.
      Note: Only those artists with a main discography entry in one or more books are numbered below (1,600+ names), while those names with cross reference entries only are not numbered (900+ cross references).

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   * Work in Progress [letters A-B / Wee A-E / and 3 books are completely indexed A-Z: 1st, 2nd, Erd]

      Note: I am a private collector indexing books I own, and not a Library. I cannot respond to questions about information in these books, nor supply photocopies of copyrighted entries in them.
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    Listed/Indexed in publication date order:
  1. ",1st" = #ta - Strong, Martin C. 12/1994 "The Great Rock Discography, 1st ed." {A} - 0-86241-385-0
  2. ",2nd" = #tb - Strong, Martin C. 9/1995 "The Great Rock Discography, 2nd ed." {A} - 0-86241-385-0 - ASIN: B00224EQ34
          Webmaster's Note: I didn't think this was allowed, but the 1st and 2nd editions have identical ISBN numbers!
  3. ",3rd" = #fw - Strong, Martin C. 9/1996 "The Great Rock Discography, 3rd ed." {A} - 0-86241-541-1
  4. ",Wee" = #tf - Strong, Martin C. 11/1996 "The Wee Rock Discography", {A} - 0-86241-621-3
  5. ",4th" = #io - Strong, Martin C. 9/1998 "The Great Rock Discography, 4th ed." {A} - 0-8129-3111-4
  6. ",Gmdi" = #ti - Strong, Martin C. 11/1998 "The Great Metal Discography, 1st ed." {A} - 0-86241-727-9
  7. ",5th" = #tc - Strong, Martin C. 10/2000 "The Great Rock Discography, 5th ed." {A} - 1-84195-079-3
  8. ",Gmdii" = #th - Strong, Martin C. 11/2001 "The Great Metal Discography, 2nd ed." {A} - 1-84195-185-4
  9. ",6th" = #td - Strong, Martin C. 9/2002 "The Great Rock Discography, 6th ed." {A} - 1-84195-311-3
  10. ",7th" = #te - Strong, Martin C. 11/2004 "The Great Rock Discography, 7th ed." {A} - 1-84195-615-5
  11. ",Erd" = #tg - Strong, Martin C. 9/2006 "The Essential Rock Discography" {A} - 1-84195-985-5
Index for "The Great Folk Discography" - Other books by Martin C. Strong

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    " --" = dropped from future editions, or skipped one or more editions
    (see the book: "title") = cross reference to another book by this author, see Other books by Martin C. Strong, i.e. the discography has been moved to a different book.
  1. 'A' ,Gmdi1 ,Gmdii1 ,6th1 ,7th3
  2. Aaliyah ,6th1-2 ,7th4-5
  3. Aaron, Lee ,Gmdi1, Gmdii1-2
  4. Aaronsrod ,Gmdi1 ,Gmdii2
  5. Abattoir ,Gmdii2
  6. Abba ,1st1-2 ,2nd1-2 ,3rd1-2 ,4th1-2 ,5th1-2 ,6th2-3 ,7th5-7
    ABBC (see: Calexico)
  7. ABC ,1st2-3 ,2nd2-3 ,3rd2-3 ,4th2-3 ,5th2-3 ,6th3-4 ,7th7-8
  8. Abhinanda ,Gmdii2
  9. Abrasive Wheels ,Gmdii2
    Abscess (see: Autopsy)
  10. Absu ,Gmdi2 ,Gmdii2-3
    A Camp (see: Cardigans)
  11. A.C. ,Gmdi2 ,Gmdii3
  12. Accept ,Gmdi2-3 ,Gmdii3-4
  13. Accuser ,Gmdi3 ,Gmdii4
  14. AC/DC ,1st3-4 ,2nd3-4 ,3rd3-4 ,Wee1-2 ,4th3-5 ,Gmdi3-5 ,5th3-4 ,Gmdii4-6 ,6th4-6 ,7th8-10 ,Erd1-4
  15. Ace ,1st4 -- ,5th5-6 ,6th6-7
  16. A Certain Ratio ,1st4-5 ,2nd4-5 ,3rd4-5 --
  17. Acheron ,Gmdi5 ,Gmdii6
  18. Acid ,Gmdi5 ,Gmdii6
    Acid Angels (see: Jesus & Mary Chain)
  19. Acid Reign ,Gmdi5 ,Gmdii7
  20. Ackles, David ,6th7 ,7th10-1
  21. Acrimony ,Gmdi5 ,Gmdii7
  22. Acrophet ,Gmdi5-6 ,Gmdii7
  23. Actified ,Gmdii7
  24. Action Pact ,Gmdii7-8
  25. Action Swingers ,Gmdii8
    Active Restraint (see: Mighty Lemon Drops)
  26. Adam Bomb ,Gmdi6 ,Gmdii8
  27. Adam & The Ants ,1st5 ,2nd5 ,3rd5 ,Wee2-3 ,4th5-6 ,5th6-7 ,6th7-8 ,7th11-3 ,Erd4-6
  28. Adams, Bryan ,1st5-6 ,2nd5-6 ,3rd5-6 ,Wee3-4 ,4th6-7 ,Gmdi6-7 ,5th7-8 ,Gmdii8-9 ,6th8-9 ,7th13-5 ,Erd6-8
  29. Adams, Ryan ,6th10 ,7th15-6 ,Erd8-9
  30. Adamson, Barry (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  31. Addict ,Gmdii9-10
  32. Add N to (X) ,5th8 ,6th10 ,7th16
  33. Adicts ,Gmdii10
  34. Adolescents ,Gmdii10-1
  35. Adrenalin O.D. ,Gmdii11
  36. Adverts ,1st6-7 ,2nd6-7 ,3rd6-7 --
    Adverts / TV Smith (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
    Aerial-M (see: Slint)
  37. Aerosmith ,1st7-8 ,2nd7-9 ,3rd7-9 ,Wee4-6 ,4th7-9 ,Gmdi7-10 ,5th9-10 ,Gmdii11-3 ,6th10-2 ,7th17-9 ,Erd9-13
  38. Afghan Whigs ,2nd9 ,3rd9 ,Wee6-7 ,4th9 ,5th10-1 ,Gmdii13-4 ,6th12-3 ,7th19-20
  39. Afi ,Gmdii14 ,7th21 ,Erd13-4
  40. A Flock of Seagulls ,1st8 ,2nd9-10 ,3rd9-10 --
  41. A Foot in Coldwater ,Gmdi10 ,Gmdii14
  42. After Hours ,Gmdi10 ,Gmdii14-5
  43. Aftermath ,Gmdi10 ,Gmdii15
  44. Agathodaimon ,Gmdii15
  45. Agent Orange ,Gmdii15
  46. Agent Steel ,Gmdi10
  47. Agnostic Front ,Gmdi10-1 ,Gmdii15-6
  48. Aguilera ,7th22
  49. A-Ha ,1st8-9 ,2nd10 ,3rd10 -- ,5th11-2 ,6th13-4 ,7th22-4
  50. A House ,2nd10-1 ,3rd10-1 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  51. Air ,5th12 ,6th14-5 ,7th24-5 ,Erd15-6
    Airforce (see: Baker, Ginger)
  52. Airhead ,1st9 ,2nd11 --
    Airrace (see: Bonham)
    Akkerman, Jan (see: Focus)
  53. Alarm, The ,1st9-10 ,2nd11-2 ,3rd11-2 ,Wee7-8 ,4th9-10 ,5th12-3 ,6th15-6 ,7th25-6
    Alaska (see: Marsden, Bernie)
    Albarn, Damon & ... (see: Blur)
    Alcatrazz (see: Bonnet, Graham)
  54. Alexa ,Gmdi11 ,Gmdii16
    Alice Cooper (see: Cooper, Alice)
  55. Alice Donut ,Gmdii16-7
  56. Alice in Chains ,1st10 ,2nd12 ,3rd12 ,Wee8 ,4th10-1 ,Gmdi11 ,5th13-4 ,Gmdii17 ,6th16 ,7th26-7 ,Erd16-7
  57. Alien (US) ,Gmdi11 ,Gmdii17
  58. Alien (Sweden) ,Gmdi11-2 ,Gmdii17-8
  59. Alien Ant Farm ,Gmdii18 ,6th16 ,7th27-8
  60. Alien Sex Fiend ,Gmdii18-9 (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  61. Alkaline Trio ,Gmdii19 ,7th28 ,Erd17-8
  62. Alkatrazz ,Gmdi12 ,Gmdii19
  63. All About Eve ,1st10 ,2nd12-3 ,3rd12 ,4th11 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  64. All-American Rejects, The ,7th28-9 ,Erd18
    Allan, Chad (see: Guess Who)
    Allen, Daevid (see: Gong)
  65. Allin, GG ,Gmdii19-20
  66. Allman Brothers Band, The ,1st10-2 ,2nd13-4 ,3rd12-4 ,Wee8-10 ,4th12-4 ,Gmdi12-4 ,5th14-6 ,Gmdii21-2 ,6th16-8 ,7th29-32 ,Erd18-21
  67. All Out War ,Gmdii23
  68. Almighty ,1st12 ,2nd14-5 ,3rd14 ,Wee10 ,4th14 -- ,Gmdi14 ,Gmdii23
  69. Almond, Marc (see: Soft Cell) ,4th14-6 ,5th16-8 ,6th18-20 ,7th32-5 ,Erd21-5
    Alone Again Or (see: Shamen)
    Alt (see: Crowded House)
    Alter Bridge (see: Creed)
  70. Altered Images ,1st12-3 ,2nd15 ,3rd15 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  71. Alternative TV ,1st13 ,2nd15-6 ,3rd15-6 -- ,Gmdii23-4
  72. Alternative TV / Mark Perry / etc. (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
    Amateur Night in the Big Top (see: Happy Mondays)
    Amboy Dukes (see: Nugent, Ted)
    Ambrose Slade (see: Slade)
  73. Amen ,Gmdi24i
  74. Amen Corner ,1st13-4 --
  75. America ,1st14-5 ,2nd16-7 ,3rd16 ,4th16-7 ,5th18-9 ,6th21-2 ,7th35-7
  76. Americade ,Gmdi14 ,Gmdii25
  77. American Hi-Fi ,6th22 ,7th37
  78. American Music Club ,2nd17 ,3rd16-7 ,Wee11 ,4th17-8 ,5th19-20 ,6th22-3 ,7th37-9
  79. Amon Amarth ,Gmdii25
  80. Amon Duul (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
  81. Amon Duul II ,1st15 ,2nd17-8 ,3rd17 ,4th18-9 ,5th20-1 ,6th23-4 ,7th39-40
  82. Amorphis ,Gmdi14-5 ,Gmdii25
    Amorphous Androgynous (see: Future Sound of London)
  83. Amos, Tori ,1st15-6 ,2nd18 ,3rd18 ,Wee11-2 ,4th19 ,5th21-2 ,6th24-5 ,7th40-2 ,Erd25-7
    Amps (see: Breeders)
  84. Anastacia ,6th25 ,7th42-3
  85. Andersen, Eric ,5th22-3 ,6th25-6 --
    Anderson, Ian (see: Jethro Tull)
    Anderson, Jon (see: Yes)
    Anderson Bruforn Wakeman Howe (see: Yes)
  86. Anderson, Laurie ,1st16 ,2nd18-9 ,3rd18 ,4th19-20 ,5th23 ,6th26-7 ,7th43-4
  87. Anathema ,Gmdi15 ,Gmdii25-6
  88. Ancient ,Gmdii26
  89. ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead ,Gmdii26
  90. Angel ,Gmdi15 ,Gmdii26-7
    Angel City (see: Angels)
  91. Angelic Upstarts ,1st16-7 ,2nd19 ,3rd18-9 -- ,Gmdii27-8 (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  92. Angels ,Gmdi15-6 ,Gmdii28
    Angels & Airwaves (see: Blink-182)
  93. Angel Witch ,Gmdi16 ,Gmdii28-9
  94. Angry Samoans ,Gmdii29
    Animal Logic (see: Clarke, Stanley)
  95. Animals ,1st17-8 ,2nd19-21 ,3rd19-21 ,Wee12-4 ,4th20-2 ,5th23-6 ,6th27-9 ,7th44-7 ,Erd27-30
  96. Animals That Swim ,2nd21 ,3rd21 ,Wee14 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
    Annabella (see: Bow Wow Wow)
  97. Annie Christian ,Gmdii29
  98. Annihilator ,Gmdi16 ,Gmdii29-30
    Another Pretty Face (see: Waterboys)
    Ant, Adam (see: Adam & The Ants)
  99. AnTestor ,Gmdii30
  100. Anthem ,Gmdi16-7 ,Gmdii30
  101. Anthrax ,1st18-9 ,2nd21-2 ,3rd21-2 ,Wee14-5 ,4th22-3 ,Gmdi17-8 ,5th26-7 ,Gmdii30-2 ,6th29-30 ,7th47-9 ,Erd30-2
  102. Anthony & the Johnsons ,Erd32-3
  103. Anti ,Gmdii32
    Anti-Group (see: Clock DVA)
  104. Anti-Nowhere League ,2nd22 -- ,Gmdi18 ,Gmdii32 (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  105. Anti-Pasti ,Gmdii32-3
  106. Anvil ,Gmdi18 ,Gmdii33
  107. Apartment 26 ,Gmdii33-4
    A Perfect Circle (see: Tool)
  108. Apes, Pigs & Spacemen ,Gmdi18 ,Gmdii34
  109. Aphex Twin ,2nd22-3 ,3rd22 ,Wee15 ,4th23-4 ,5th27-8 ,6th30-1 ,7th49-50
  110. Aphrodite's Child (see: Vangelis) ,3rd22 --
  111. Apocalypse ,Gmdi18-9 ,Gmdii34
  112. Apocrypha ,Gmdi19 ,Gmdii34
    Apollo XI (see: Orb)
  113. Apolli 440 ,4th24 ,5th28 ,6th31-2 ,7th50-1
  114. Apple, Fiona ,5th28 ,6th32 ,7th51 ,Erd33
  115. Apples (In Stereo) (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  116. April Wine ,1st19-20 ,2nd23 ,3rd22-3 -- ,Gmdi19-20 ,Gmdii34-5
    A Primary Industry (see: Ultramarine)
  117. Arab Strap ,4th24-5 ,5th28-9 ,6th32-3 ,7th51-3 ,Erd33-5
    Arcade (see: Ratt)
  118. Arcade Fire, the ,Erd35
    Arcadia (see: Duran Duran)
  119. Arch Enemy ,Gmdii35
  120. Archer, Tasmin ,1st20 ,2nd23-4 --
  121. Arctic Monkeys ,Erd35-7
  122. Arcturus ,Gmdii35-6
  123. Argent ,1st20 ,2nd24 ,3rd23-4 ,4th25 -- (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
  124. Armatrading, Joan ,1st20-1 ,2nd24-5 ,3rd24-5 ,4th25-7 ,5th29-30 ,6th33-4 ,7th53-5
  125. Armored Saint ,Gmdi20 ,Gmdii36
    Armoury Show (see: Skids)
    Arms and Legs (see: Jackson, Joe)
  126. Arrested Development ,1st21-2 ,2nd25 ,3rd25 ,4th27 ,5th30-1 ,6th34-5 --
    Art (see: Spooky Tooth)
  127. Art Attacks ,Gmdii36
    Arthur, Neil (see: Blancmange)
  128. Artillery ,Gmdi20 ,Gmdii36
  129. A.S.a.P. ,Gmdi20 ,Gmdii36-7
    Art Objects (see: Blue Aeroplanes)
  130. Art of Noise ,1st22 ,2nd26 ,3rd25-6 ,4th27-8 ,5th31-2 ,6th35-6 --
  131. Ash ,3rd26 ,Wee15 ,4th28-9 ,5th32 ,Gmdii37 ,6th36 ,7th55-6 ,Erd37-8
    Ash, Daniel (see: Love and Rockets)
    Ashcroft, Richard (see: The Verve)
    Ashton,Tony & Jon Lord (see: Deep Purple)
  132. Asia ,1st22-3 ,2nd26-7 ,3rd26 ,Wee16 ,4th29 ,Gmdi20-1 ,5th33 ,Gmdii37-8 ,6th37 ,7th56-7
  133. Asian Dub Foundation ,5th33-4 ,Gmdii38-9 ,6th37-8 ,7th57-8
    Asphalt Ribbons (see: Tindersticks)
    Assembly (see: Yazoo)
  134. Assert ,Gmdii39
  135. Associates ,1st23-4 ,2nd27-8 ,3rd27 ,4th29-30 ,5th34-5 ,6th38-9 ,7th58-60 ,Erd38-40
    Astbury, Ian (see: Cult)
    Astor, Pete (see: Weather Prophets)
  136. Aswad ,1st24 ,2nd28 --
    Asylum Choir (see: Russell, Leon) (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
  137. Atari Teenage Riot ,5th35 ,Gmdii39-40 ,6th39-40 --
  138. Ataris ,Gmdii39 ,7th60
  139. Atheist ,Gmdi21 ,Gmdii40
  140. Athlete ,7th60-1 ,Erd42
  141. Atlanta Rhythm Section ,1st24-5 --
  142. Atomic Rooster ,1st25-6 ,2nd29 ,3rd27-8 ,4th30-1 -- ,Gmdi21 ,Gmdii40-1
  143. Atomkraft ,Gmdii41
  144. Atom Seed ,Gmdii41
  145. Atrophy ,Gmdii42
  146. At the Drive-In ,Gmdii42 ,6th40 ,7th61-2 ,Erd40-2
  147. At the Gates ,Gmdii42-3
  148. A Tribe Called Quest ,2nd29 ,3rd28 ,4th31 --
    Attila (see: Joel, Billy)
  149. A II Z ,Gmdii43
  150. Audience ,3rd28-9 -- (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
    Audioslave (see: Rage Against the Machine)
  151. Auger, Brian ,1st26 ,2nd29-30 ,3rd29 ,4th31-2 --
  152. Au Pairs ,1st26-7 ,2nd30-1 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  153. Auteurs ,1st27 ,2nd31 ,3rd30 ,Wee16 ,4th32-3 ,5th35-6 ,6th40-1 ,7th62-3
  154. Autograph ,Gmdii43
  155. Automatic, The ,Erd42-3
  156. Automatic Man ,Gmdii43
  157. Autopsy ,Gmdii43-4
  158. Avail ,Gmdii44-5
  159. Avalanches ,6th41-2 ,7th64
  160. Avenger ,Gmdii45
  161. Avengers ,Gmdii45
  162. Average White Band ,1st27 ,2nd31-2 ,3rd30-1 ,4th33-4 ,5th36-7 ,6th42 ,7th64-6
  163. Axe ,Gmd45ii
  164. AxeWitch ,Gmdii45-6
    Axiom Funk (see: Laswell, Bill)
  165. Axis ,Gmdii46
  166. Axton, Hoyt ,5th37-8 ,6th43-4 --
  167. Axxis ,Gmdii46
  168. Ayers, Kevin ,1st27-8 ,2nd32 ,3rd31 ,4th34-5 ,5th39-40 ,6th44-5 ,7th66-8
  169. Aztec Camera ,1st28-9 ,2nd32-3 ,3rd31-2 ,Wee16-7 ,4th35-6 ,5th40 ,6th45-6 ,7th68-9 ,Erd43-4
  170. B., Eric & Rakim ,4th37 ,5th41 ,6th47 ,7th71-2
    B, Melanie (see: Spice Girls)
    Baader-Meinhof (see: Auteurs)
    Babble (see: Thompson Twins)
  171. Babe Ruth ,Gmdii47
  172. Babes in Toyland ,1st31 ,2nd34 ,3rd33 ,4th37-8 ,5th41-2 ,Gmdii47-8 ,6th47-8 ,7th72-3
  173. Baby Animals ,Gmdii48
  174. Baby Bird (aka Babybird) ,Wee18 ,4th38 ,5th42 ,6th48-9 ,7th73-4
  175. Baby Chaos ,Gmdii48
  176. Babylon A.D. ,Gmdii48
  177. Babylon Zoo ,Wee18
  178. Babys ,1st31 -- ,3rd33-4 ,4th38-9 -- ,Gmdii48-9
    Baby Shambles (see: Libertines)
  179. Baby Tuckoo ,Gmdii49-50
    Bach, Sebastian (see: Skid Row)
  180. Bachman-Turner Overdrive ,1st31-2 ,2nd34-5 ,3rd34-5 ,Wee19-20 ,4th39-40 ,5th42-3 ,Gmdii50-1 ,6th49-50 ,7th74-6
  181. Back to the Planet ,2nd35 --
  182. Backyard Babies ,Gmdii51
  183. Bad Brains ,4th40-1 ,5th43-4 ,Gmdii51-2 ,6th50-1 ,7th76-7
  184. Bad Company ,1st32-3 ,2nd35-6 ,3rd35 ,Wee20 ,4th41-2 ,5th44-552-3 ,6th51 ,7th77-8 ,Erd45-6
    Badenglish [aka Bad English] (see: Babys)
  185. Badfinger ,1st33 ,2nd36 ,3rd35-6 ,4th42 ,5th45-6 ,6th52 ,7th78-80 ,Erd46-8
  186. Badlands ,1st34 ,2nd36-7 -- ,Gmdii53
  187. Badly Drawn Boy ,6th52-3 ,7th80-1 ,Erd48-9
  188. Bad Religion ,5th46-7 ,Gmdii53-4 ,6th53 ,7th81-2
  189. Badu, Erykah ,6th54 ,7th82
  190. Baez, Joan ,1st34-5 ,2nd37-8 ,3rd36-7 ,4th42-4 ,5th47-8 ,6th54-6 ,7th82-5 ,Erd49-51
    Bailey, Chris (see: Saints)
    Bailey, Philip (see: Earth, Wind & Fire)
    Baird, Dan (see: Georgia Satellites)
  191. Baker, Ginger ,1st35-6 ,2nd38-9 ,3rd348 ,Wee20-1 ,4th44-5 ,5th49-50 ,6th56-7 ,7th85-7
  192. Bakerloo ,Gmdii54
  193. Balaam and the Angel ,Gmdii54
    Ball, Dave (see: Soft Cell)
    Ball, Ed (see: Television Personalities)
  194. Bal-Sagoth ,Gmdii54-5
  195. Bambaataa, Afrika ,5th50 ,6th57-8 ,7th87-8
  196. Banco de Gaia ,2nd39 ,3rd38-9 --
  197. Band, The ,1st36-7 ,2nd39-40 ,3rd39 ,Wee21-2 ,4th45-6 ,5th50-2 ,6th58-9 ,7th88-90 ,Erd52-4
    Band Aid (see: Boomtown Rats: Bob Geldof)
  198. Band of Susans ,Gmdii55
  199. Bang ,Gmdi55i
  200. Bangalore Choir ,Gmdii55
    Bangalter, Thomas (see: Daft Punk)
  201. Bangles ,1st37 ,2nd40-1 ,3rd39-40 -- ,5th52 ,6th59-60 ,7th90-92
  202. Bang Tango ,Gmdii55-6
  203. Bangtwister ,Gmdii56
  204. Banished ,Gmdii56
    Banks, Tony / Bankstatement (see: Genesis)
  205. Barclay James Harvest ,1st37-8 ,2nd41-2 ,3rd40-1 ,4th46-8 ,5th53-4 ,6th60-1 ,7th92-4
  206. Barenaked Ladies ,5th54 ,6th61-2 ,7th94-5
  207. Bar-Kays ,6th62-3 --
  208. Barkmarket ,Gmdii56
    Barlow, Lou (see: Dinosaur Jr.)
    Barmy Army (see: Clail, Gary)
  209. Barnes, Jimmy ,Gmdii56-7
  210. Baron Rojo ,Gmdii57-8
  211. Barren Cross ,Gmdii58
  212. Barrett, Syd ,1st38-9 ,2nd42 ,3rd41 ,Wee22-3 ,4th48 ,5th54-5 ,6th63 ,7th95-6 ,Erd54-5
  213. Basement Jaxx ,5th55 ,6th63-4 ,7th96-7 ,Erd55-6
    Bash & Pop (see: Replacements)
    Bass-O-Matic (see: Orbit, William)
  214. Bastard ,Gmdii58
    Bastro (see: Squirrel Bait)
  215. Bathory ,Gmdii58-9
  216. Baton Rouge ,Gmdii59
  217. Battleaxe ,Gmdii59
  218. Bauhaus ,1st39 ,2nd42-3 ,3rd41-3 ,Wee23-5 ,4th48-50 ,5th55-7 ,Gmdii59-60 ,6th64-6 ,7th97-100
    Bay (see: Arab Strap)
  219. Bay City Rollers ,5th57-8 ,6th66-7 --
    BBM (see: Bruce, Jack)
  220. Beach Boys ,1st39-42 ,2nd43-5 ,3rd43-6 ,Wee25-8 ,4th50-4 ,5th58-62 ,6th67-70 ,7th100-5 ,Erd56-62
  221. Beastie Boys ,1st42 ,2nd45-6 ,3rd46 ,Wee28-9 ,4th54-5 ,5th62-3 ,Gmdii60-1 ,6th70-2 ,7th105-7 ,Erd63-6
  222. Beat ,1st43 ,2nd46 ,3rd46-7 -- ,5th63-4 ,6th72 --
  223. Beatles ,1st43-5 ,2nd46-9 ,3rd47-9 ,Wee29-32 ,4th55-8 ,5th64-7 ,6th72-6 ,7th108-12 ,Erd66-72
    Beatnigs (see: Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy)
    Beats International (see: Cook, Norman)
  224. Beau Brummels ,2nd49 ,3rd49-50 -- (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
  225. Beautiful South ,1st45 ,2nd49-50 ,3rd50 ,4th58-9 ,5th67-8 ,6th76-7 ,7th112-4
  226. Beaver & Krause (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
    Be-Bop Deluxe (see: Nelson, Bill)
  227. Beck ,2nd50 ,3rd50 ,Wee32 ,4th59-60 ,5th68-9 ,6th77-8 ,7th114-6 ,Erd72-4
  228. Beck, Jeff ,1st45-6 ,2nd50-1 ,3rd51-2 ,Wee32-3 ,4th60-1 ,5th69-70 ,Gmdii61-2 ,6th78-9 ,7th116-8 ,Erd74-6
    Becker, Walter (see: Steely Dan)
    Beckham, Victoria (see: Spice Girls)
    Beckies (see: Left Banke)
  229. Bedlam ,Gmdii63
  230. Beefeater ,Gmdii63
    Beefeaters (see: Byrds)
  231. Bee Gees ,1st46-8 -- ,3rd52-4 -- ,5th70-3 ,6th79-82 ,7th118-22 ,Erd76-9
  232. Bees, The ,Erd79-80
    B.E.F. (see: Heaven 17)
    Beirut Slump (see: Lydia Lunch)
  233. Bell, Chris (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
    Bell, Maggie (see: Stone the Crows)
  234. Belle and Sebastian ,5th73 ,6th82-3 ,7th122-3 ,Erd80-1
  235. Belly ,1st48-9 ,2nd51 ,3rd54 ,Wee33-4 ,4th61 ,5th73 ,6th83 ,7th123-4
  236. Beloved ,1st49 ,2nd51 ,3rd54 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  237. Benatar, Pat ,1st49-50 ,2nd52 ,3rd54-5 ,4th61-2 ,5th74-5 ,Gmdii63-4 ,6th83-4 ,7th124-6
  238. Benediction ,Gmdii64
  239. Bennet ,Gmdii64-5
    Bennett, Brian (see: Shadows)
  240. Bennett, Cliff ,1st50-1 --
  241. Benson, George ,1st51-2 ,2nd52-4 ,3rd55-6 -- ,6th84-6 ,7th126-8
  242. Bentley Rhythm Ace ,4th62-3 ,5th75 ,6th86 --
    Ben Tramer (see: Arab Strap)
  243. Berry, Chuck ,1st52-4 ,2nd54-6 ,3rd56-8 ,4th63-5 ,5th75-7 ,6th87-9 ,7th128-31 ,Erd81-4
  244. Beta Band, The ,5th77-8 ,6th89 ,7th131-32 ,Erd84-5
    Bettencourt, Nuno (see: Extreme)
    Better Days (see: Butterfield, Paul)
  245. Better Than Ezra ,5th78 -- ,Gmdii65
  246. Bettie Serveert (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
    Betts, Richard/Dickie (see: Allman Brothers Band)
    Bevan, Bev (see: Electric Light Orchestra)
  247. Bevis Frond (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  248. Beyond ,Gmdii65
  249. B-52's, The ,1st54-5 ,2nd56-7 ,3rd58-9 ,Wee34-5 ,4th65-6 ,5th78-9 ,6th89-90 ,7th132-3 ,Erd85-6
  250. Bhundu Boys ,1st55 --
    Biafra, Jello (see: Dead Kennedys)
  251. Bible ,2nd57 --
    Bid (see: Monochrome Set)
  252. Bif Naked ,Gmdii65
  253. Big Audio Dynamite ,1st55-6 ,2nd57-8 ,3rd59-60 ,Wee35 ,4th66-7 ,5th79-80 ,6th91 ,7th1334
  254. Big Black ,1st56 ,2nd58 ,3rd60 -- ,5th80-1 ,Gmdii66-7 ,6th91-2 ,7th134-5
  255. Big Bopper ,1st56-7 ,2nd58-9 ,3rd60 --
  256. Big Brother & The Holding Company (see: Joplin, Janis) ,1st57 ,2nd59 ,3rd60-1 ,Wee35-67 ,4th67 ,5th81 ,6th92-3 ,7th136
  257. Big Chief ,Gmdii67
  258. Big Country ,1st57-8 ,2nd59-60 ,3rd61-2 ,Wee36-7 ,4th67-8 ,5th81-2 ,6th93-4 ,7th136-8 ,Erd86-9
  259. Big Dish ,1st58 ,2nd60 --
  260. Big Head Todd & The Monsters ,5th82-3 --
  261. Big Star (see: Box Tops) ,Erd89
  262. Bikini Kill ,Gmdii67 (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  263. Biohazard ,2nd60 ,3rd62 -- ,Gmdii67-8
  264. Biosphere (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
  265. Birdland ,1st58 ,2nd60-1 ,3rd62 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  266. Birtha ,Gmdii68
  267. Birthday Party ,1st58-9 ,2nd61 ,3rd62-3 ,Wee37 -- (see: Cave, Nick 4th)
  268. Bis ,Wee37-8 (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  269. Bitch (Switzerland) ,Gmdii68
  270. Bitch (US) ,Gmdii
  271. Bitches Sin ,Gmdii68
  272. Bivouac ,Gmdii69
    Bizzy Bone (see: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
    BJH (see: Barclay James Harvest)
  273. Bjork (see: Sugarcubes 1st-2nd) ,3rd63-4 ,Wee38-9 ,4th68-70 ,5th83 ,6th94-6 ,7th139-42 ,Erd89-94
  274. Black ,1st59-60 ,2nd61-2 ,3rd64 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
    Black, Frank (see: Pixies)
    Black, Pauline (see: Selecter)
    Black Box Recorder (see: Auteurs)
  275. Black Crowes, The ,1st60 ,2nd62 ,3rd64-5 ,Wee39 ,4th70-1 ,5th85-6 ,Gmdii6970 ,6th96-7 ,7th142-4 ,Erd94-6
  276. Black Eyed Peas ,7th144
  277. Blackeyed Susan ,Gmdii70
  278. Black Flag ,1st60 ,2nd62-3 ,3rd65 ,4th71-2 ,5th86 ,Gmdii70-1 ,6th97-8 ,7th144-5
  279. Blackfoot ,1st61 ,2nd63-4 ,3rd65-6 -- ,Gmdii71-2
  280. Blackfoot Sue ,Gmdii72
  281. Black Grape ,3rd66 ,Wee39-41 ,4th72 -- (see: Happy Mondays) (see the book: "The Great Metal Discography" [NOT in ,Gmdi or ,Gmdii!])
    Backjack (see: Bolton, Michael)
    Blackmore's Rainbow (see: Deep Purple)
  282. Black 'N Blue ,Gmdii72
  283. Black Oak Arkansas ,1st61-2 ,2nd64 ,3rd66-8 -- ,Gmdii72-3
  284. Black Randy & The Metro Squad ,Gmdii73-4
  285. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ,7th145-6 ,Erd96-7
  286. Black Rose (UK) [NOT Cher's backing band] ,Gmdii74
    Black Rose (US) (see: Cher)
  287. Black Sabbath ,1st62-3 ,2nd64-5 ,3rd68-9 ,Wee41-2 ,4th72-5 ,5th87-8 ,Gmdii74-6 ,6th98-100 ,7th146-9 ,Erd97-100
  288. Black Train Jack ,Gmdii76
  289. Black Uhuru ,1st6365-6 ,2nd65-6 ,3rd69-70 ,4th75-6 --
  290. Black Widow ,1st63 ,2nd66 ,3rd70 -- ,Gmdii76
  291. Blancmange ,1st63-4 ,2nd66-7 ,3rd70 --
  292. Blasters (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  293. Blige, Mary J. ,6th100-1 ,7th149-50
  294. Blind Faith (see: Clapton, Eric) ,1st64 ,2nd67 ,3rd70 ,Wee42 ,4th76 ,5th88 ,6th101 ,7th150
  295. Blind Ilusion ,Gmdii76
  296. Blind Melon ,1st64 ,2nd67 ,3rd70-1 ,Wee42 ,4th76-7 ,5th88-9 ,Gmdii76-7 ,6th101 ,7th150-1
  297. Blink-182 ,5th89 ,Gmdii77 ,6th101-2 ,7th151-2 ,Erd100-1
  298. Blitz ,Gmdii77-8
  299. Bloc Party ,Erd101-2
  300. Blodwyn Pig ,1st64 ,2nd67 ,3rd71 -- (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
  301. Blondie ,1st64-5 ,2nd67-8 ,3rd71-2 ,Wee42-4 ,4th77-8 ,5th89-91 ,6th102-4 ,7th152-5 ,Erd102-5
  302. Blood ,Gmdii78
  303. Bloodgood ,Gmdii78
  304. Bloodhound Gang ,5th91 ,Gmdii78-9 ,6th104 ,7th155
  305. Bloodrock ,Gmdii
  306. Blood, Sweat & Tears ,1st65-6 ,2nd69 ,3rd72-3 -- ,5th91-2 ,6th104-5 ,7th155-7
    Bloomfield, Mike (see: Electric Flag)
    b.l.o.w. (see: Little Angels)
  307. Blow Monkeys ,1st66-7 ,2nd69-70 ,3rd73-4 --
  308. Blow, Kurtis ,5th93 ,6th105-6 --
  309. Blue Aeroplanes ,1st67-8 ,2nd70-1 ,3rd74 --
    Blue Angel (see: Lauper, Cyndi)
    Bluebelles (see: LaBelle)
  310. Bluebells ,1st68 ,2nd71 -- (Great Folk Index")
  311. Blue Cheer ,1st68 ,2nd71-2 ,3rd74-5 -- ,Gmdii79-80
  312. Blue Murder ,Gmdii80
  313. Blue Nile, The ,1st68-9 ,2nd72 ,3rd75 ,Wee44 ,4th78-9 ,5th93 ,6th106 ,7th157-8 ,Erd106
  314. Blue Oyster Cult ,1st69 ,2nd72-3 ,3rd75-6 ,Wee44-5 ,4th79-80 ,5th93-5 ,Gmdii80-1 ,6th106-7 ,7th158-60
    Blue Ridge Rangers, The (see: Creedence Clearwater Revival)
    Bluesbreakers (see: Mayall, John)
  315. Blues Magoos (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
    Bluesology (see: John, Elton)
  316. Blues Project ,1st69-70 ,2nd73 ,3rd76 -- ,5th95 ,6th108 --
  317. Blues Traveler ,3rd76-7 ,Wee45 ,4th80 ,5th95-6 ,6th108-9 --
  318. Bluetip ,Gmdii
  319. Bluetones ,3rd77 ,Wee45 ,4th80 ,5th96 ,6th109 ,7th160-1
    Blue Velvets (see: Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  320. Blunt, James ,Erd106-7
  321. Blur ,1st70 ,2nd73-4 ,3rd77 ,Wee45-6 ,4th80-1 ,5th96-7 ,6th109-11 ,7th161-3 ,Erd107-11
  322. BMX Bandits ,2nd74 ,3rd77-8 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  323. Boards of Canada ,6th111 ,7th163-4 ,Erd111-
    Body Count (see: Ice-T)
  324. Bolan, Marc ,1st70-2 ,2nd74-7 ,3rd78-81 ,Wee46-50 ,4th81-4 ,5th97-100 ,6th111-4 ,7th164-6 ,Erd1124
  325. Bolin, Tommy ,Gmdii81-2
  326. Bollock Brothers ,Gmdii82
  327. Bolt Thrower ,Gmdii82-3
  328. Bolton, Michael ,1st72-3 ,2nd77-8 ,3rd81-2 --
  329. Bond, Graham ,1st73-4 ,2nd78-9 ,3rd82 -- ,5th100-1 ,6th114-5 ,7th166-7
  330. Bongwater (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  331. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ,6th115-6 ,7th168-9
  332. Bonham ,1st74 ,2nd79 -- ,Gmdi49
  333. Bon Jovi ,1st74 ,2nd79-80 ,3rd82-3 ,Wee50-1 ,4th84-5 ,5th101-3 ,6th116-8 ,7th169-72 ,Erd114-7
  334. Bonnet, Graham ,Gmdi51-2
    Bonnie "Prince" Billy (see: Oldham, Will)
  335. Bonzo Dog (Doo-Dah) Band ,1st74-5 ,2nd80-1 ,3rd83-4 --
  336. Bonzo Dog Band ,5th103-4 ,6th118 --
    Boogie Down Productions (see: KRS-ONE)
  337. Booker T. & The M.G.'s ,1st75-6 ,2nd81-2 ,3rd84-5 ,4th85-7 ,5th104-5 ,6th118-20 ,7th172-4
  338. Boomtown Rats ,1st76-7 ,2nd82-3 ,3rd85-6 ,Wee51-2 ,4th87-8 ,5th105-6 ,6th120-1 ,7th174-6 ,Erd117-9
    Boon Experience, Clint (see: Inspiral Carpets)
  339. Boo Radleys ,1st7783 ,2nd83 ,3rd86 ,Wee52 ,4th88 ,5th106-7 ,6th121-2 ,7th176-7
    Booth, Tim / Booth and the Bad Angel (see: James)
  340. Bootsy's Rubber Band ,3rd86-7 ,4th88-9 ,5th107-8 ,6th122-3 --
  341. Boston ,1st77-8 ,2nd83 ,3rd87 ,Wee52-3 ,4th89-90 ,5th108 ,6th123 ,7th177-8
  342. Bowie, David ,1st78-80 ,2nd83-7 ,3rd87-91 ,Wee53-7 ,4th90-4 ,5th108-12 ,6th123-7 ,7th178-83 ,Erd119-25
  343. Bow Wow Wow ,1st80 ,2nd87 ,3rd91 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  344. Bowling for Soup ,7th183-4
    Boxcar Racer (see: Blink-182)
    Box of Frogs (see: Yardbirds)
  345. Box Tops ,1st81 ,2nd88-9 ,3rd91-2 ,4th94-5 ,5th112-3 ,6th127-8 ,7th184-6
  346. Boy George (see: Culture Club 1st, 2nd) ,3rd92-3 -- ,5th113-5 ,6th128-30 ,7th186-8
    Boy Hardressers (see: Teenage Fan Club)
  347. Boy Kill Boy ,Erd125
    Boys Next Door (see: Birthday Party 1st-3rd) (see: Cave, Nick 4th)
  348. Bragg, Billy ,1st82 ,2nd89 ,3rd94 ,Wee57-8 ,4th95-6 ,5th1156 ,6th130-1 ,7th188-91 ,Erd126-8
    Brainbox (see: Focus)
    Brain Donor (see: Cope, Julian)
    Bramlett, Delaney & Bonnie (see: Delaney & Bonnie)
  349. Brand New Heavies ,5th116-7 ,6th131-2 --
    Brandon's 10:51, Kirk(see: Spear of Destiny)
  350. Bran Van 3000 ,5th117 --
  351. Bravery, The ,Erd128-9
  352. Bread ,5th117-8 ,6th132-3 ,7th191-2
    Breakbeat Era (see: Size, Roni)
  353. Breeders (see: Belly) ,2nd89-90 ,3rd94-5 ,Wee58 ,4th97 ,5th118-9 ,6th133-4 ,7th193 ,Erd128-9
  354. Brel, Jacques ,5th119-20 ,6th134-5 ,7th193-5
  355. Brickell, Edie & The New Bohemians ,1st82-390 ,2nd90 ,3rd95 ,4th97
  356. Brickell, Edie ,5th120 ,6th135 ,7th195-6
    Bridges (see: A-Ha)
  357. Bright Eyes ,Erd129
  358. Brinsley Schwarz ,1st83 ,2nd90-1 ,3rd95 -- ,5th120-1 ,6th135-6 ,7th196-7
    British Lions (see: Mott the Hoople)
  359. British Sea Power ,7th197 ,Erd130-1
    Brock, Dave (see: Hawkwind)
  360. Bronski Beat ,1st83-4 ,2nd91 ,3rd96 --
    Brooker, Gary (see: Procol Harum)
  361. Brooks, Elkie ,1st84-5 ,2nd91-2 ,3rd96-7 --
  362. Brooks, Garth ,6th136-7 --
  363. Brooks, Meredith ,4th97-98 ,5th121 --
  364. Broughton Band, Edgar ,1st85 ,2nd92-3 ,3rd97-8 -- (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
  365. Brown, Arthur ,1st85-6 ,2nd93-4 ,3rd98 ,4th98 -- (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
    Brown, Errol (see: Hot Chocolate)
  366. Brown, Ian (see: Stone Roses) ,7th198 ,Erd131-2
  367. Brown, James ,1st86-90 ,2nd94-8 ,3rd98-102 ,4th98-103 ,5th121-6 ,6th137-42 ,7th198-204 ,Erd132-8
    Brown, Michael (see: Left Banke)
  368. Brown, Pete ,1st90 ,2nd98 ,3rd103 --
  369. Browne, Jackson ,1st90-1 ,2nd98-9 ,3rd103-4 ,Wee58-9 ,4th103-4 ,5th126-7 ,6th142-3 ,7th204-6 ,Erd138-40
  370. Bruce, Jack ,1st91-2 ,2nd99-100 ,3rd104 ,Wee59-60 ,4th104-5 ,5th127-8 ,6th143-4 ,7th206-7
    Bryson, Peobo & Roberta Flack (see: Flack, Roberta)
    BS 2000 (see: Beastie Boys)
    B.T.O. (see: Bachman-Turner Overdrive)
    Bubonique (see: Microdisney 1st) (see: Fatima Mansions 2nd)
    Buckingham, Lindsey / Buckingham-Nicks (see: Fleetwood Mac)
  371. Buckley, Jeff ,5th129 ,6th145 ,7th209-10 ,Erd140-2
  372. Buckley, Tim ,1st92 ,2nd100 ,3rd104-5 ,4th105-6 ,5th128-9 ,6th144-5 ,7th208-9 ,Erd142-4
    Budd, Harold (see: Cocteau Twins 1st)
    Budd, Harold, Elizabeth Frazer, Robin Guthrie, Simon Raymonde (see: Cocteau Twins 2nd-3rd)
  373. Budgie ,1st92-3 ,2nd100-1 ,3rd105 -- ,Gmdii94-5
    Buena Vista Social Club (see: Cooder, Ry)
  374. Buffalo Springfield ,1st93 ,2nd101 ,3rd105-6 ,Wee60-1 ,4th106-7 ,5th129-30 ,6th145-6 ,7th210-1 ,Erd144-5
  375. Buffalo Tom ,1st93 ,2nd101 ,3rd106 ,Wee61 ,4th107 ,5th130 ,6th146 ,7th211-2
  376. Buggles ,1st93-4 --
  377. Bullet for My Valentine ,Erd145
    Bunch, The (see: Fairport Convention)
    Bunton, Emma (see: Spice Girls)
    Burdon, Eric (see: Animals)
    Burgess, Mark (see: Chameleons)
    Burgess, Tim (see: Charlatans)
  378. Burke, Solomon ,7th212-4
    Burnel, J.J. (see: Stranglers)
  379. Burning Spear ,4th107-8 ,5th131-2 ,6th147-8 ,7th214-6
    Burns, Jake & The Wheel (see: Stiff Little Fingers)
    Burrito Brothers (see: Flying Burrito Brothers)
  380. Bush ,3rd106 ,Wee61 ,4th108 ,5th132 ,6th148 ,7th216-7 ,Erd145-6
  381. Bush, Kate ,1st94 ,2nd101-2 ,3rd106-7 ,Wee61-2 ,4th108-9 ,5th132-3 ,6th148-9 ,7th217-8 ,Erd146-8
  382. Busta Rhymes ,5th133-4 ,6th149-50 ,7th218-20 ,Erd148-50
  383. Butler, Bernard ,5th134 ,6th150 ,7th220
  384. Butterfield Blues Band, Paul ,1st94-5 ,2nd102-3 ,3rd107-8 ,4th110-1 ,5th134-5 ,6th150-1 ,7th220-2
  385. Butthole Surfers ,1st95-6 ,2nd103-4 ,3rd108 ,Wee62-3 ,4th111 ,5th135-6 ,6th151-2 ,7th222-3
  386. Buzzcocks ,1st96-7 ,2nd104-5 ,3rd108-10 ,Wee63-4 ,4th111-3 ,5th136-7 ,6th152-4 ,7th223-6 ,Erd150-3
  387. Byrds, The ,1st97-9 ,2nd105-7 ,3rd110-2 ,Wee64-7 ,4th113-6 ,5th137-40 ,6th154-6 ,7th226-9 ,Erd153-8
    Byrne, David (see: Talking Heads)
    Byron, David (see: Uriah Heep 1st-4th)
    Bystanders (see: Man)
  388. Cabaret Voltaire ,1st101-2 ,2nd108-9 ,3rd113-4 ,Erd159-61
    Cactus (see: Vanilla Fudge)
  389. Cale, J.J. ,1st102-3 ,2nd109-10 ,3rd114-5
  390. Cale, John ,1st103 ,2nd1101 ,3rd115-6 ,Erd161-3
  391. Calexico ,Erd163-4
    California, Randy (see: Spirit)
    Calvert, Robert (see: Hawkwind)
  392. Camel ,1st103-4 ,2nd111 ,3rd116
    Campbell-Lyons, Patrick (see: Nirvana (UK))
  393. Camper Van Beethoven ,2nd111-2 ,3rd116-7
  394. Can ,1st104-5 ,2nd112-3 ,3rd117-8 ,Wee68-9 ,Erd164-7
    Canadian Squires (see: Band, The)
  395. Candlebox ,2nd113 ,3rd118 ,Wee69
  396. Canned Heat ,1st105-6 ,2nd113-4 ,3rd118-9 ,Wee69-70 ,Erd167-9
    Cantrell, Jerry (see: Alice in Chains)
    Capaldi, Jim (see: Traffic)
    Captain America (see: Vaselines)
  397. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band ,1st106-7 ,2nd114-5 ,3rd119120 ,Wee70-2 ,Erd169-73
    Captains of Industry (see: Wreckless Eric)
  398. Caravan ,1st107-8 ,2nd115-6 ,3rd120-1
  399. Cardigans ,Wee72-3
    Carlisle, Belinda (see: Go-Go's)
  400. Carmel ,1st108 ,2nd116-7
  401. Cars, The ,1st108-9 ,2nd117 ,3rd121 ,Erd173-4
  402. Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine ,1st109 ,2nd117-8 ,3rd121-2 ,Wee73-
  403. Cash Johnny ,2nd118-22 ,3rd122-7 ,Erd174-81
  404. Cassidy, Eva ,6th176-7 ,7th259-60
  405. Cast ,3rd127 ,Wee74
    Catch, The (see: Eurythmics)
  406. Catherine Wheel ,1st109-10 ,2nd122 ,3rd127
    Cavaliere, Felix (see: Rascals)
  407. Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds ,1st110 ,2nd122 ,3rd127-9 ,Wee74 ,Erd181-4
    Cee-Lo (see: Gnarls Barkley)
    Celebration (see: Beach Boys)
    C.C.S. (see: Korner, Alexis)
  408. Chambers Brothers ,1st110-1 ,2nd122-4 ,3rd129
  409. Chameleons ,1st111 ,2nd124-5 ,3rd129-30
  410. Chapin, Harry ,3rd130-1 ,4th132 ,5th164-5 ,6th180-1 ,7th265-6
    Chapman, Roger (see: Family)
  411. Chapman, Tracy ,1st111 ,2nd125 ,3rd131 ,Wee76 ,4th133 ,5th165 ,6th181 ,7th266-7 ,Erd184-5
  412. Chapterhouse ,1st111-2 ,2nd125 ,3rd131
  413. Charlatans, The ,1st112 ,2nd125 ,3rd131-2 ,Wee76 ,Erd185-7
  414. Charles, Ray ,1st112-5 ,2nd125-9 ,3rd132-5 ,Erd187-92
    Cheap and Nasty (see: Hanoi Rocks)
  415. Cheap Trick ,1st115-6 ,2nd129-30 ,3rd135-6 ,Erd192-
  416. Chemical Brothers, The ,3rd136 ,Wee76-7 ,Erd195-6
  417. Cher ,1st116-8 ,2nd130-2 ,3rd136-8 ,Erd196-201
  418. Cherry, Neneh ,1st118 ,2nd132-3 ,3rd138-9
    Cherry Bombz (see: Hanoi Rocks)
  419. Chic ,1st119 ,2nd133 ,3rd139
  420. Chicago ,1st119-21 ,2nd133-5 ,3rd139-41 ,Wee77-8
  421. Chicken Shack ,1st121 ,2nd135 ,3rd141
  422. Chieftains ,3rd142-3 --
  423. Chiffons ,1st121-2
  424. Childs, Toni ,2nd135-6
    Chilton, Alex (see: Box Tops)
  425. China Crisis ,1st122 ,2nd136 ,3rd143
  426. Christians ,1st122-3 ,2nd136-7 ,3rd143
  427. Chumbawamba ,3rd144 ,Wee78-9
  428. Church ,1st123-4 ,2nd137-8 ,3rd144-5
    Ciccone Youth (see: Sonic Youth)
  429. Cinderella ,1st124 ,2nd138-9 ,3rd145-6
    Cinerama (see: Wedding Present, The)
    City, The (see: King, Carole)
  430. Clail, Gary ,1st124 ,2nd139
  431. Clannad ,1st125 ,2nd139-40 ,3rd146 ,Wee79-80 ,4th139-40 --
  432. Clapton, Eric ,1st125-7 ,2nd140-2 ,3rd146-8 ,Wee80-2 ,Erd201-6
  433. Clark Five, Dave ,1st128-9 ,2nd143-4 ,3rd150-1
    Clark, Gary (see: Danny Wilson)
  434. Clark, Gene (see: Byrds) ,5th183-4 ,6th200-1 ,7th294-6
  435. Clark, Guy ,5th184-5 ,6th201-2 --
    Clarke, Allan (see: Hollies)
  436. Clarke, John Cooper ,1st127 ,2nd142 ,3rd148-9
  437. Clarke, Stanley ,1st128 ,2nd142-3 ,3rd149-50
    Clarke, Vince & Paul Quinn (see: Yazoo)
  438. Clash, The ,1st130-1 ,2nd144-6 ,3rd151-2 ,Wee82-4 ,Erd206-9
  439. Classix Nouveaux ,1st131
    Clayton, Adam & Larry Mullen (see: U2)
  440. Cliff, Jimmy ,1st131-2 ,2nd146-7 ,3rd152-3 ,Erd210-2
  441. Climax Blues Band ,1st132-3 ,2nd147-8 ,3rd153-4
    Clinton, George (see: Parliament) ,2nd148-50 ,3rd154-6 ,Erd212-7
  442. Clock DVA ,1st133 ,2nd150-1
    Cluster and Eno (see: Eno)
    Coal Porters (see: Long Ryders)
  443. Cobham, Billy ,1st134 ,2nd151 ,3rd156-7
  444. Cochran, Eddie ,1st134-5 ,2nd151-3 ,3rd157-8 ,Erd217-8
  445. Cockburn, Bruce ,5th194-6 ,6th211-2 --
  446. Cocker, Joe ,1st135-7 ,2nd153-4 ,3rd158-60 ,Wee84-6 ,Erd218-21
  447. Cockney Rebel ,1st137-8 ,2nd154-5 ,3rd160-1
  448. Cockney Rejects ,1st138 ,2nd155-6
  449. Cocteau Twins ,1st138-9 ,2nd156 ,3rd161 ,Wee86 ,Erd221-3
  450. Cohen, Leonard ,1st139 ,2nd156-7 ,3rd161-2 ,Wee86-7 ,4th153-4 ,5th199-200 ,6th216-7 ,7th313-5 ,Erd223-6
  451. Cohn, Marc ,1st139 ,2nd157 ,3rd162
  452. Coldplay ,Erd226-7
  453. Cole, Lloyd ,1st140 ,2nd157-8 ,3rd162-3 ,Wee87-8
  454. Collective Soul ,3rd163 ,Wee88
  455. Collins, Albert ,2nd158-9 ,3rd163-4
    Collins Band, Allen (see: Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  456. Collins, Edwyn (see: Orange Juice) ,3rd164-5 ,Wee88-9 ,Erd228-31
  457. Collins, Judy ,1st140-1 ,2nd159-60 ,3rd165-6 -- ,5th202-4 ,6th220-2 ,7th320-2
    Collins, Phil (see: Genesis)
    Collins, William "Bootsy" (see: Bootsy's Rubber Band)
  458. Colosseum ,1st141 ,2nd160 ,3rd166
  459. Colour Box ,1st142
    Colour Field (see: Fun Boy Three) (see: Hall, Terry)
    Commander Venus (see: Bright Eyes)
  460. Commodores ,1st142-3
  461. Communards ,1st132 ,2nd160-1 ,3rd166-7
  462. Comsat Angels ,1st143-4 ,2nd161 ,3rd167-8
  463. Concrete Blonde ,1st144 ,2nd161-2
  464. Connells ,Wee89
    Contraband (see: Schenker, Michael)
  465. Cooder, Ry ,1st144-5 ,2nd162-3 ,3rd168 ,Wee89-90 ,4th158-9 ,5th205-6 ,6th223-4 ,7th324-6 ,Erd231-3
  466. Cook, Norman ,7th326-8 ,Erd233-6
  467. Cooke, Sam ,1st145-6 ,2nd163-4 ,3rd16870
  468. Coolio ,3rd170
  469. Cooper, Alice ,1st146-7 ,2nd164-5 ,3rd170-1 ,Wee91-2 ,Erd236-9
  470. Cooper Temple Clause, The ,Erd239-40
  471. Cope, Julian ,1st147-8 ,2nd165-7 ,3rd171-3 ,Wee92-4 ,Erd240-2
    Copeland, Stewart (see: Police)
  472. Coral, The ,Erd242-3
  473. Corea, Chick ,3rd173-4 --
    Cornwall, Hugh (see: Stranglers)
  474. Costello, Elvis ,1st148-50 ,2nd167-9 ,3rd174-6 ,Wee94-6 ,Erd243-9
    Cougar, John (see: Mellencamp, John Cougar)
  475. Count Five ,3rd176
  476. Counting Crows ,2nd169 ,Wee96 ,Erd230-1
    Country Joe and the Fish (see: McDonald, Country Joe)
    Cousins, Dave (see: Strawbs)
    Coverdale Page (see: Whitesnake)
  477. Cowboy Junkies ,1st150 ,2nd169 ,Wee97
  478. Coxon, Graham ,Erd251
  479. Coyne, Kevin ,1st150-1 ,2nd169-70
  480. Cracker ,2nd170-1 ,Wee97
  481. Cramps, The ,1st151-2 ,2nd171 ,Wee97-8 ,Erd251-3
  482. Cranberries ,2nd171-2 ,Wee98-9
  483. Cranes ,2nd172
  484. Crash Test Dummies ,2nd172 ,Wee99
  485. Crass ,1st152 ,2nd172-3
  486. Craven, Beverley ,1st152 ,2nd173
  487. Crawford, Randy ,1st152-3 ,2nd173-4
  488. Cray, Robert ,1st153-4 ,2nd174 ,Wee99-100
  489. Crazy Horse ,1st154 ,2nd174-5
    Crazy World of Arthur Brown (see: Brown, Arthur)
  490. Cream ,1st154-5 ,2nd175 ,Wee100 ,Erd253-5
  491. Creation ,2nd176 ,Wee100-1
    Creatures, The (see: Siouxsie & The Banshees)
  492. Credit to the Nation ,2nd176
  493. Creed ,Erd255-6
  494. Creedence Clearwater Revival ,1st155-6 ,2nd176-7 ,3rd183-4 ,Wee101-2 ,4th172-3 ,5th224-6 ,6th243-4 ,7th354-6 ,Erd256-9
  495. Crickets ,1st156-7 ,2nd177-9
  496. Crispy Ambulance ,2nd179
    Criss, Peter (see: Kiss)
  497. Croce, Jim ,1st157-8 ,2nd179-80 ,3rd185-6 -- ,5th226-7 ,6th244-5 ,7th356-7
  498. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young) ,1st158-60 ,2nd180-2 ,3rd186-8 ,Wee103-5 ,4th173-6 ,5th227-30245-8 ,7th357-61 ,Erd259-64
    Cross (see: Queen)
  499. Cross, Christopher ,1st160 ,2nd182
  500. Crow, Sheryl ,2nd182-3 ,Wee105 ,Erd264-5
  501. Crowded House ,1st160-1 ,2nd183 ,Wee106-7 ,Erd265-9
    Crunt (see: Babes in Toyland)
  502. Crusaders ,1st161-2 ,2nd183-5
  503. Crystals ,1st162-3 ,2nd185-6
  504. Cud ,1st163 ,2nd186
  505. Cult, The ,1st163-4 ,2nd186-7 ,Wee107-8 ,Erd269-71
  506. Culture Club ,1st164-5 ,2nd187-8
    Cummings, Burton (see: Guess Who)
    Cupol (see: Wire)
  507. Cure ,1st165-6 ,2nd188-9 ,Wee108-10 ,Erd271-4
  508. Curve ,1st166 ,2nd189
  509. Curved Air ,1st166-7 ,2nd189-90
  510. Cutting Crew ,1st167
  511. Cypress Hill ,1st167 ,2nd190 ,Wee110 ,Erd274-6
    Czukay, Holger (see: Can)
    Dada (see: Brooks, Elkie)
    D, Chuck (see: Public Enemy)
    D-12 (see: Eminem)
  512. D.A.F. ,1st169 ,2nd191
  513. Daft Punk ,7th375 ,Erd277-8
    Daintees (see: Stephenson, Martin)
  514. Dale, Dick ,7th375-7
    Dali's Car (see: Bauhaus)
    Daltrey, Roger (see: Who, The)
    Damageplan (see: Pantera)
  515. Damned, The ,1st169-70 ,2nd191-2 ,Wee111-2 ,Erd278-80
    Damn Yankees (see: Nugent, Ted)
    Damon & Naomi (see: Galaxie 500)
  516. Dandy Warhols, The ,Erd280-1
    Danger Mouse (see: Gnarls Barkley)
  517. Daniels, Charlie ,1st170-1 ,2nd192-3
    Danny & Dusty (see: Green on Red)
  518. Danny & The Juniors ,1st171
  519. Danny Wilson ,1st171-2 ,2nd193-4
  520. Danse Society ,1st172 ,2nd194
  521. Danzig ,2nd194-5
  522. D'Arby, Terence Trent ,1st172 ,2nd195
  523. Darkness, The ,Erd281-2
  524. Darling Buds ,1st173 ,2nd195
  525. Dashboard Confessional ,Erd282-3
  526. Datsuns, The ,Erd283
    Davies, Dave (see: Kinks)
    Davies, Ray (see: Kinks)
    Davis, Martha (see: Motels)
  527. Davis, Miles ,1st173-5 ,2nd195-9 ,3rd201-5 ,4th187-9 ,5th242-5 ,6th262-5 ,7th383-6
  528. Davis Group, The Spencer ,1st175-6 ,2nd199-200 ,Wee112-3 ,Erd283-5
    Deacon, Brian (see: Queen)
  529. Deacon Blue ,1st176 ,2nd200 ,Wee113-4
  530. Dead Can Dance ,Wee114
  531. Dead Kennedys ,1st177 ,2nd200-1 ,Wee114-5 ,Erd286-7
  532. Dead or Alive ,1st177-8 ,2nd201-2
  533. Dead 60s, The ,Erd287-8
    Dean, Paul (see: Loverboy)
  534. Death Cab for Cutie ,Erd288-9
    Death Cult (see: Cult)
  535. DeBurgh, Chris ,1st178-9 ,2nd202-3
    Deebank, Maurice (see: Felt)
  536. Deep Forest ,2nd203
  537. Deep Purple ,1st179-82 ,2nd203-6 ,Wee115-9 ,Erd289-92
    Deep Wound (see: Dinosaur Jr.)
  538. Definition of Sound ,1st182 ,2nd206
  539. Def Leppard ,1st182 ,2nd206-7 ,Wee119-20 ,Erd292-4
  540. Deftones ,Erd2945
  541. Dekker, Desmond ,1st182-3 ,2nd207-8
  542. Del Amitri ,1st183-4 ,2nd208 ,Wee120
  543. Delaney & Bonnie ,1st184-5 ,2nd2089
  544. De La Soul ,1st185 ,2nd209-10 ,Erd285-6
  545. Delays ,Erd295-6
    Delgado, Gabi (see: D.A.F.)
  546. Delgados, The ,Erd296-7
    Denim (see: Felt)
  547. Denny, Sandy ,1st185-6 ,2nd210 ,3rd215 ,4th198-9 ,5th258-9 ,6th278-9 ,7th403-5
  548. Denver, John ,5th259-61 ,6th279-81 --
  549. Depeche Mode ,1st186 ,2nd210-1 ,Wee120-1 ,Erd297-300
    Derek & The Dominoes (see: Clapton, Eric)
  550. Derringer, Rick ,1st186-7 ,2nd211-2
    Desaparecidos (see: Bright Eyes)
    Desert Rose Band (see: Byrds)
    Detroit (see: Ryder, Mitch)
    Detroit, Marcell (see: Shakespear's Sister)
    Detroit Wheels, The (see: Ryder, Mitch)
  551. Deus ,2nd212
    Deutsche Amerikanische Freundschaft (see: D.A.F.)
    Deviants (see: Pink Fairies)
    DeVille, Willy (see: Mink de Ville)
  552. Devo ,1st187-8 ,2nd213 ,Wee122 ,Erd300-1
    Devoto, Howard (see: Magazine)
  553. Dexy's Midnight Runners ,1st188-9 ,2nd213-4 ,Wee122-3 ,Erd302-4
    DeYoung, Dennis (see: Styx)
  554. Diamond, Neil ,1st189-91 ,2nd214-6 ,Erd304-8
  555. Diamond Head ,1st191 ,2nd216
  556. Dickinson, Bruce (see: Iron Maiden) ,2nd216-7 ,Wee123
  557. Dictators ,1st191 ,2nd217
  558. Diddley, Bo ,1st191-2 ,2nd217-8
    Difford & Tilbrook (see: Squeeze)
  559. DiFranco, Ani ,5th269-70 ,6th290-1 ,7th418-20
    Diga Rhythm Band (see: Grateful Dead)
    Diggle, Steve (see: Buzzcocks)
    Dillard & Clark (see: Byrds)
    Dim Stars (see: Hell, Richard)
    DiMucci, Dion (see: Dion)
  560. Dinosaur Jr. ,1st193 ,2nd218-9 ,Wee124 ,Erd308-10
  561. Dio ,1st193-4 ,2nd219 ,Wee124-5
  562. Dion ,1st194-5 ,2nd220-1
  563. Dire Straits ,1st195-6 ,2nd221-3 ,Wee125-7 ,Erd310-3
    Dirty Pretty Things (see: Libertines)
  564. Discharge ,1st196-7 ,2nd223
    Disco 2000 (see: KLF)
  565. Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy ,1st197 ,2nd223=-4
  566. Distillers, The ,Erd313
  567. Disturbed ,Erd313-4
  568. Divine Comedy, The ,Wee127 ,Erd314-5
  569. Dixon, Willie ,2nd224
  570. DMX ,Erd315-7
    DNA (see: Derringer, Rick)
  571. Dodgy ,2nd224-5 ,Wee127-
    Doe, John (see: X)
  572. Dog D'Mour ,2nd225
  573. Dog Eat Dog ,Wee128
  574. Dogs D'Amour ,1st197-8
  575. Dixon, Willie ,3rd228-9 ,4th209-10 ,5th277 ,6th297-8 ,7th429-31
  576. Dokken ,1st198 ,2nd225-6
  577. Dolby, Thomas ,1st198-9 ,2nd226
    Dolenz, Micky (see: Monkees, The)
    Dolphin Brothers (see: Japan)
    Dome (see: Wire)
  578. Domino, Fats ,1st199-200 ,2nd2268 ,Erd317-20
  579. Donegan, Lonnie ,2nd228-30 ,3rd233-4 -- ,5th282-4 ,6th303-5 ,7th436-9 ,Erd320-2
  580. Donovan ,1st201-2 ,2nd230-2 ,3rd234-6 ,Wee128-30 ,4th211-3 ,5th284-5 ,6th305-7 ,7th439-41 ,Erd322-5
  581. Doobie Brothers ,1st202-3 ,2nd232-3 ,Wee130-1 ,Erd325-7
    Door and the Window (see: Alternative TV)
  582. Doors ,1st203-4 ,2nd233-5 ,Wee131-3 ,Erd327-9
    Dorothy (see: Raincoats)
    Dorset, Ray (see: Mungo Jerry)
  583. Doves ,Erd329-30
    Dr. Dre (see: N.W.A.)
  584. Dr. Feelgood ,1st205-6 ,2nd236-7
  585. Dr. Hook ,1st206-7
  586. Dr. John ,1st208-9 ,2nd238-9
    Dr. Robert (see: Blow Monkeys)
    Drain (see: Butthole Surfers)
  587. Drake, Nick ,1st204 ,2nd235 ,3rd239-40 ,Wee134 ,4th216-7 ,5th289 ,6th310-1446-7 ,7th446-7 ,Erd330-2
  588. Dreadzone ,Wee134
    Dream (see: Extreme)
  589. Dream Syndicate ,1st204-5 ,2nd235-6
  590. Drifters ,1st207-8 ,2nd237-8
  591. Drowning Pool ,Erd332-3
  592. Drugstore ,Wee134
    Drummond, Bill (see: KLF)
  593. Dubstar ,Wee134-5
    Dudley, Anne & Jaz Coleman (see: Art of Noise)
    Duet Emmo (see: Wire)
    Dukes of Stratosfear (see: XTC)
    Dummies (see: Slade)
    Dunbar, Slu (see: Sly & Robbie)
    Dunnery, Francis (see: It Bites)
  594. Duran Duran ,1st209-10 ,2nd240-1 ,Wee135-6 ,Erd333-5
  595. Durutti Column ,1st210-11 ,2nd241
  596. Dury, Ian ,1st211-2 ,2nd241-3 ,Wee136-8 ,Erd335-7
    Dust Brothers (see: Chemical Brothers, The)
  597. Dylan, Bob ,1st212-4 ,2nd243-7 ,3rd248-51 ,Wee138-42 ,4th224-8 ,5th297-300 ,6th319-22 ,7th460-5 ,Erd337-43
  598. Eagles, The ,1st217 ,2nd248-9 ,Wee143-4 ,Erd344-7
    Eagles of Death Metal (see: Queens of the Stone Age)
  599. Earle, Steve ,1st217-8 ,2nd249-50 ,Wee144-5
  600. Earth, Wind & Fire ,1st218-9 ,2nd250-1 ,Erd347-9
    Easton, Elliott (see: Cars)
    Eastsidaz (see: Snoop Dogg)
  601. Easybeats ,1st219-20 ,2nd251-2
    Eat Static (see: Ozric Tentacles)
    Eazy-E (see: N.W.A.)
  602. Echo and The Bunnymen ,1st220-1 ,2nd252-4 ,Wee145-7 ,Erd350-2
  603. Echbelly ,2nd254-5 ,Wee
  604. Eddie & The Hot Rods ,1st221 ,2nd255
  605. Eddy, Duane ,1st221-3 ,2nd255-7
    Edge, The (see: U2)
    Edge, Graeme (see: Moody Blues)
  606. Editors ,Erd352-3
  607. Edmunds, Dave ,1st223-4 ,2nd257-8
  608. Eels ,Erd353-4
    Eggman (see: Boo Radleys)
    8 Eyed Spy (see: Lydia Lunch)
  609. 808 State ,1st224 ,2nd258-9 ,Wee147-8
    Eitzel, Mark (see: American Music Club)
  610. Elastica ,2nd259 ,Wee148
  611. Elbow ,Erd354-5
    Electrafixion (see: Echo and The Bunnymen)
  612. Electric Flag ,1st224-5 ,2nd259-60
  613. Electric Light Orchestra ,1st225-7 ,2nd260-1 ,Wee148-50 ,Erd355-8
  614. Electric Prunes ,1st227 ,2nd261-2
  615. Electric Six ,Erd358-9
    Electronic (see: New Order)
    Eleven (see: Danny Wilson)
    Elf / (Electric Elves) (see: Dio)
    Elliott, Cass (see: Mamas & The Papas)
  616. Elliott, Missy ,Erd359-60
    E.L.O. (see: Electric Light Orchestra)
  617. Ely, Joe ,1st227-8 ,2nd262
  618. Embrace ,Erd360
  619. Emerson, Lake & Palmer ,1st228-9 ,2nd262-4 ,Wee150-2 ,Erd361-
  620. EMF ,1st229 ,2nd264 ,Wee152
  621. Eminem ,Erd364-7
    Engel, Scott (see: Walker, Scott)
  622. Enigma ,1st229 ,2nd264
  623. Eno, Brian ,1st229-31 ,2nd264-6 ,Wee152-4 ,Erd367-9
    Entwistle, John (see: Who, The)
  624. Enuff Z'Nuff ,1st231 ,2nd266
  625. Enya ,1st231-2 ,2nd266 ,3rd269 ,Wee154 ,4th245-6 ,5th321-2 ,6th347-8 ,7th503-4
    Epic Soundtracks (see: Swell Maps)
    Equals (see: Grant, Eddy)
  626. Erasure ,1st232 ,2nd266-7
    Erickson, Roky (see: 13th Floor Elevators)
  627. Etheridge, Melissa ,2nd267 ,Wee154-5
    Eugenius (see: Vaselines)
  628. Europe ,1st232-3 ,2nd268
  629. Eurythmics ,1st233-4 ,2nd268-71 ,Wee155-7 ,Erd369-72
  630. Evanescence ,Erd373
    Everest The Hard Way (see: Fire Engines)
  631. Everclear ,Erd3734
    Everlast (see: House of Pain)
  632. Everly Brothers ,1st234-7 ,2nd271-3 ,Erd374-8
    Ever Ready Call (see: Byrds)
  633. Everything But The Girl ,1st237-8 ,2nd273-4 ,Wee157-8
  634. Exploited ,1st238-9 ,2nd274-5
    Explorers (see: Roxy Music)
  635. Extreme ,1st239 ,2nd275 ,Wee158-9 ,Gmdii190
  636. Fabulous Thunderbirds ,1st241 ,2nd276, 3rd280 ,4th256
    Faces (see: Small Faces)
    Fagen, Donald (see: Steely Dan)
    Fairfield Parlour (see: Kaleidoscope (UK))
  637. Fairground Attraction ,1st241 ,2nd276-7
  638. Fairport Convention ,1st241-3 ,2nd277-8 ,3rd280-2 ,4th256-8 ,5th332-4 ,6th360-1 ,7th521-3 ,Erd379-83
    Fairweather-Low, Andy (see: Amen Corner)
  639. Faithfull, Marianne ,1st243-4 ,2nd278-9 ,Erd384-6
  640. Faithless ,Erd387-8
  641. Faith No More ,1st244 ,2nd279-80 ,Erd383-4
  642. Fall, The ,1st244-5 ,2nd280-2 ,Erd38894
  643. Fall Out Boy ,Erd394-5
    Faltskog, Agnetha (see: Abba)
  644. Family ,1st246-7 ,2nd282-3
  645. Family Cat ,2nd283
  646. Farlowe, Chris ,1st247-8 ,2nd283-4
  647. Farm ,1st248 ,2nd284-5
    Farner, Mark (see: Grand Funk Railroad)
    Farrar, Jay (see: Son Volt)
    Farrell, Perry (see: Jane's Addiction)
    Farren, Mick (see: Pink Fairies)
  648. Fashion ,1st248-9 ,2nd285
  649. Faster Pussycat ,1st249 ,2nd285
    Fatboy Slim (see: Cook, Norman)
    Fatima Mansions (see: Microdisney) ,2nd286
  650. Fat Lady Sings ,2nd285-6
  651. Faust ,2nd286-7
  652. Feeder ,Erd395-6
  653. Feeling, The ,Erd396-7
    Felder, Wilton (see: Crusaders)
  654. Felt ,1st249-50 ,2nd287
    Ferguson, Jay (see: Jo Jo Gunne)
    Ferry, Bryan (see: Roxy Music)
    FFWD (see: Orb)
  655. Fields of the Nephilim ,1st250 ,2nd288
  656. 50 Cent ,Erd397-8
  657. Fine Young Cannibals ,1st250-1 ,2nd288
    Fingerprintz (see: Silencers)
  658. Fini Tribe ,2nd288-9
    Fink Brothers (see: Madness)
    Finn, Neil/Tim (see: Crowded House)
    Finn, Tim (see: Split Enz)
  659. Fire Engines ,1st251 ,2nd289
  660. Firefall ,1st251 ,2nd289-90
    Firehose (see: Minutemen)
    Firm (see: Led Zeppelin)
  661. Fish ,1st251-2 ,2nd290
  662. Fishbone ,2nd290
  663. Fixx ,1st252 ,2nd291
  664. Flack, Roberta ,1st252-3
    Flag of Convenience / F.O.C. (see: Buzzcocks)
  665. Flamin' Groovies ,1st253-4 ,2nd291-2
  666. Flaming Lips, The ,2nd292 ,Erd398-401
    Flash and the Pan (see: Easybeats)
    Flatlanders (see: Ely, Joe)
  667. Fleetwood Mac ,1st254-7 ,2nd292-5 ,Erd401-6
    Flo & Eddie (see: Turtles)
  668. Flowered Up ,1st257 ,2nd295
    Flowers (see: Icehouse)
    Fluoride, Klaus (see: Dead Kennedys)
  669. Flying Burrito Brothers ,1st257-8 ,2nd295-6
  670. FM ,1st258 ,2nd296-7
  671. Focus ,1st258-9 ,2nd297-8
  672. Fogelberg, Dan ,1st259-60 ,2nd298-9
    Fogerty, John (see: Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  673. Foghat ,1st260-1 ,2nd299-300
    Folk Implosion (see: Sebadoh)
  674. Foo Fighters ,Erd406-7
    For Carnation, The (see: Slint)
  675. Forcefield II Focus)
  676. Ford, Lita ,1st261 ,2nd300
  677. Fordham, Julia ,1st261 ,2nd300
  678. Foreigner ,1st261-2 ,2nd300-1 ,Erd407-9
    Forster, Robert (see: Go-Betweens)
    Fotheringay (see: Fairport Convention)
  679. 4 Non Blondes ,1st262 ,2nd301
  680. Four Seasons ,1st262-4
  681. Four Tops ,1st264-6 ,2nd301-3
  682. Foxx, John ,1st266-7 ,2nd303-4
    Frame, Roddy (see: Aztec Camera)
  683. Frampton, Peter ,1st267 ,2nd304
  684. Frank & Walters ,1st267 ,2nd304-5
  685. Frankie Goes to Hollywood ,1st267-8 ,2nd305 ,Erd409-10
  686. Franklin, Aretha ,1st268-70 ,2nd305-9 ,Erd411-6
    Frantic Elevators (see: Simply Red)
  687. Franz Ferdinand ,Erd416-8
    Freak Power (see: Cook, Norman)
  688. Free ,1st270-1 ,2nd309-10 ,Erd418-9
    Free at Last (see: Korner, Alexis)
    Freeheat (see: Jesus & Mary Chain)
    Frehley, Ace (see: Kiss)
    Freur (see: Underworld)
  689. Frey, Glenn Eagles, The) ,1st271
    Frida (see: Abba)
    Friends Again (see: Love and Money)
    Fripp, Robert (see: King Crimson) (see: Eno)
    Froese, Edgar (see: Tangerine Dream)
  690. Front 242 ,2nd310
  691. Fugazi ,Erd419-20 ,2nd310-1
  692. Fugs ,1st271-2 ,2nd311-2 ,3rd312-3 ,4th285 --
  693. Fun Boy Three (see: Hall, Terry) ,1st272-3
  694. Fun-Da-Mental ,2nd312
  695. Funeral for a Friend ,Erd420-1
    Funkadelic (see: Clinton, George)
  696. Futureheads, The ,Erd421-2
  697. Future Sound of London ,2nd312 ,7th175-6
  698. Gabriel, Peter ,1st275 ,2nd313-4 ,Erd423-6
    Gadgets (see: The The)
    Gahan, Dave (see: Depeche Mode)
  699. Galaxie 500 ,2nd314
  700. Gallagher, Rory ,1st275-6 ,2nd314-5 ,Erd426-7
  701. Galliano ,2nd315
  702. Game, The ,Erd428
    Gamma (see: Montrose)
  703. Gang of Four ,1st276-7 ,2nd315-6 ,Erd428-30
  704. Garbage ,3rd317 ,4th291 ,5th371-2 ,6th402-3 ,7th586-7 ,Erd430-2
    Garcia, Jerry (see: Grateful Dead)
  705. Garfunkel, Art ,3rd742-3 ,4th746 ,5th880 ,6th940 ,7th1366
    Garvey (see: Motors)
  706. Gaye, Marvin ,1st277-9 ,2nd316-8 ,Erd432-6
  707. Geils Band, J. ,1st279 ,2nd318-9
    Geldof, Bob (see: Boomtown Rats
  708. Gene ,2nd319
  709. Gene Loved Jezebel ,1st280 ,2nd319-20
  710. Generation X (see: Idol, Billy) ,1st280 ,2nd320
  711. Genesis ,1st280-3 ,2nd320-3 ,Erd436-9
    Genius/GZA (see: Wu-Tang Clan)
  712. Gentle Giant ,1st283-4 ,2nd323-4
    George, Lowell (see: Little Feat)
  713. Georgia Satellites ,1st284 ,2nd324 ,3rd325 ,4th299-300 ,Gmdi121-2 ,Gmdii221
  714. Gerry & The Pacemakers ,1st284-5 ,2nd324-5
    G-Force (see: Moore, Gary)
    Ghostface (see: Wu-Tang Clan)
    Gibb, Barry (see: Bee Gees)
    Gibb, Robin (see: Bee Gees)
    Gibbons, Beth &Rustin Man (see: Portishead)
  715. Gigolo Aunts ,2nd325
    Giles, Giles & Fripp (see: King Crimson)
    Gilbert & Lewis (see: Wire)
    Giles, giles & Fripp (see: King Crimson)
    Gill, Andy (see: Gang of Four)
    Gillian (see: Deep Purple)
    Gilmour, David (see: Pink Floyd)
  716. Gin Blossoms ,2nd325-6
    Ginn, Greg (see: Black Flag)
  717. Girls at Our Best ,1st285 ,2nd326
  718. Girlschool ,1st285-6 ,2nd326
    Glass Onion (see: Travis)
  719. Glitter, Gary ,1st286-7 ,2nd326-7
    Glove, The (see: Siouxsie & The Banshees)
    Glover. Roger (see: Deep Purple)
  720. Gnarls Barkley ,Erd439-40
  721. Go-Betweens ,1st287-8 ,2nd327-8 ,Erd440-3
  722. Godfathers ,1st288 ,2nd329
    Godley & Creme (see: 10cc)
  723. Godsmack ,Erd443
  724. Go-Go's, The ,1st28-9 ,2nd329-30
  725. Gold, Andrew ,1st289-90
  726. Golden Earring ,1st290-1 ,2nd330-1
  727. Goldfrapp ,Erd443-4
    Golliwogs (see: Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  728. Gomez ,Erd444-5
    Gone (see: Black Flag)
  729. Gong ,1st291-2 ,2nd331-2
  730. Gonzalez, Jose ,Erd445-6
  731. Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie ,1st292 ,2nd332
  732. Good Charlotte ,Erd447-8
    Good Missionaries (see: Alternative TV)
    Goodwyn, Miles (see: April Wine)
  733. Goo Goo Dolls, The ,Erd446-7
    Gordon, Robert (see: Wray, Link)
    Gore, Martin L. (see: Depeche Mode)
    Gorillaz (see: Blur)
    Gorl, Robert (see: D.A.F.)
    Gorrie, Alan (see: Average White Band)
    Gouldman, Graham (see: 10cc)
  734. Go West ,1st292
    Graduate (see: Tears for Fears)
  735. Grandaddy ,Erd448-9
  736. Grand Funk Railroad ,1st293 ,2nd332-3
  737. Grandmaster Flash ,1st293-4 ,2nd333-4 ,Erd449-51
    Grandpaboy (see: Replacements)
  738. Grant, Eddy ,1st294-5 ,2nd334-5
  739. Grant Lee Buffalo ,2nd335-6
    Grasshopper & The Golden Crickets (see: Mercury Rev)
  740. Grateful Dead ,1st295-8 ,2nd336-9 ,Erd451-6
  741. Gray, David ,Erd456
  742. Great White ,1st298 ,2nd339
  743. Green, Al ,1st298-9 ,2nd339-41 ,Erd457-60
  744. Green Day ,2nd341 ,Erd460-2
    Greenfield, Dave & J.J. Burnel (see: Stranglers)
  745. Green on Red ,1st300-1 ,2nd341-2
  746. Green, Peter ,1st299-300 ,2nd341
    Green River (see: Pearl Jam)
  747. Greenslade ,1st301 ,2nd342
    Greenwood, Jonny (see: Radiohead)
    Gregory, Glenn & Claudia Brucken (see: Heaven 17)
  748. Grid ,2nd342-3
  749. Griffith, Nanci ,2nd343-4 ,3rd345-6 -- ,5th404-5 ,6th436-7 ,7th634-6
    Grim Reapers (see: Cheap Trick)
    Grin (see: Lofgren, Nils)
    Grogan, Clare (see: Altered Images)
    Grohl, Dave (see: Foo Fighters)
  750. Groundhogs ,1st301-2 ,2nd344-5
    G.T.R. (see: Hackett, Steve)
  751. Guess Who ,1st302-3 ,2nd345-6 ,3rd347-8 ,4th322-3 ,5th406-8439-40 --
    Gulliver (see: Hall, Daryl)
  752. Gun ,1st303 ,2nd346
  753. Gun Club ,1st304 ,2nd246-7
  754. Guns N' Roses (aka Guns'N'Roses) ,1st304-5 ,2nd347-9 ,Erd462-5
  755. Guthrie, Arlo ,1st305 ,2nd349 ,3rd351 ,4th325-6 ,5th410-1 ,6th442-3 ,7th642-3
    Guthrie, Robin (see: Cocteau Twins
  756. Guthrie, Woody ,5th409-10 ,6th441-2 ,7th640-1
  757. Guy, Buddy ,2nd349-50
  758. Hackett, Steve ,1st307 ,2nd351
    Hadley, Tony (see: Spandau Ballet)
    Hafry's Whisky Sour (see: Easybeats)
  759. Hagar, Sammy ,1st307-8 ,2nd351-2
    Haig, Paul (see: Josef K)
    Haircut 100 (see: Heyward, Nick)
  760. Haley, Bill ,1st308-10 ,2nd352-4 ,Erd466-8
  761. Half Man Half Biscuit ,1st310 ,2nd354-5
    Half Nelson (see: Sparks)
  762. Hall, Daryl & John Oates ,1st310-12 ,2nd356-7 ,Erd468-71
  763. Hall, Terry (see: Colour Field) ,2nd355-6 ,5th436-7
    Halliday, Toni (see: Curve)
    Ham, Pete (see: Badfinger)
    Hammill, Peter (see: Van Der Graaf Generator)
  764. Hancock, Herbie ,1st312-3 ,2nd357-9 ,3rd359-60 ,4th335-6 ,5th419-21 ,6th449-50 ,7th652-5
  765. Hanoi Rocks ,1st313-4 ,2nd359
  766. Happy Mondays ,1st314 ,2nd359-60 ,Erd471-4
  767. Hard-Fi ,Erd474
  768. Hardin, Tim ,2nd360 ,3rd361-2337-8 ,5th422-3 ,6th452-3 ,7th659-60
    Hardline (see: Journey)
    Harley, Steve (see: Cockney Rebel)
    Harmony Rockets (see: Mercury Rev)
  769. Harper, Ben ,Erd474-6
    Harper, Charlie (see: UK Subs)
  770. Harper, Roy ,1st314-5 ,2nd3612 ,Erd476-8
  771. Harris, Emmylou ,1st315-6 ,2nd362-3 ,3rd363-4 ,4th340-2 ,5th427-9457-8 ,7th666-9 ,Erd478-81
  772. Harrison, George ,1st316-7 ,2nd363-4 ,Erd481-3
    Harrison, Jerry (see: Talking Heads)
    Harry Crews (see: Lydia Lunch)
    Harry, Deborah/Debby (see: Blondie)
    Hart, Grant (see: Husker Du)
    Hart, Mickey Grateful Dead)
    Hart, Tim (see: Steeleye Span)
  773. Harvey, Alex ,1st317-8 ,2nd364-5 ,Erd483-5 (Great Folk Index")
  774. Harvey, PJ (Polly Jean) ,2nd365 ,Erd485-8
    Haslam, Annie (see: Renaissance)
    Hassel, Jon & Brian Eno (see: Eno)
    Hassels (see: Joel, Billy)
    Hater (see: Soundgarden)
    Hatfield, Bobby (see: Righteous Brothers)
  775. Hatfield Three, Juliana ,2nd367
  776. Havens, Richie ,2nd367-8 ,3rd368-9 ,4th246-7 ,5th433-4463-4 ,7th675-7
  777. Hawkwind ,1st318-21 ,2nd368-71 ,Erd488-92
  778. Hawthorne Heights ,Erd492
    Hay, Barry (see: Golden Earring)
    Hay, Colin James (see: Men at Work)
    Haycock, Pete (see: Climax Blues Band)
  779. Hayes, Isaac ,1st321-2 ,2nd371-2
    Hayward, Justin (see: Moody Blues)
    Head, Jowe (see: Swell Maps)
  780. Healey, Jeff ,1st322 ,2nd372-3
  781. Heart ,1st323 ,2nd373-4
  782. Heartbreakers ,1st324 ,2nd374
  783. Heaven 17 ,1st324-5 ,2nd374-5
  784. Hell, Richard (& The Void-Oids) ,1st325-6 ,2nd375-6
    Hellions (see: Mason, Dave)
  785. Helloween ,1st326 ,2nd376
  786. Helmet ,2nd376
  787. Hendricks, Jimi ,1st326-8 ,Erd4925
  788. Hendricks Experience, Jimi ,2nd376-80
  789. Henley, Don (see: Eagles, The) ,1st328
    Hensley, Ken (see: Uriah Heep)
  790. Herd ,1st328-9
    Heron, Mike (see: Incredible String Band)
    Hersh, Kirsten (see: Throwing Muses)
    He Said (see: Wire)
    Hex (see: Church)
  791. Heyward, Nick ,1st329
  792. Hiatt, John ,2nd380
    Hi-Fi (see: Matthews, Ian)
  793. High ,1st329-30 ,2nd380-1
    High Numbers (see: Who, The)
  794. Hillage, Steve ,1st330 ,2nd381
  795. Hillman, Chris (see: Byrds)
    Hillsborough Crew Heaven 17)
  796. H.I.M. (aka H.E.R.) ,Erd496-7
    Hindu Love Gods (see: R.E.M.)
  797. Hipsway ,1st330 ,2nd381-2
    Hiseman, Jon (see: Colosseum)
    Hitchcock, Robin (see: Soft Boys)
  798. Hives, The ,Erd497-8
    Hoffs, Susanna (see: Bangles)
  799. Hole ,2nd382-3 ,Erd4989
  800. Hollies ,1st331-2 ,2nd383-5 ,Erd499-502
  801. Holly, Buddy ,1st332-4 ,2nd385-6 ,Erd502-3
    Honeydrippers (see: Led Zeppelin)
  802. Hoobastank ,Erd503-4
    Hook (see: Leaves)
  803. Hooker, John Lee ,1st334-6 ,2nd386-9 ,Erd504-8
    Hooper, Stix (see: Crusaders)
  804. Hope of the States ,Erd508-9
    Hope, Peter & Richard H. Kirk (see: Cabaret Voltaire)
  805. Hornsby, Bruce ,1st336 ,2nd389-90
  806. Horslips ,1st336-7 ,2nd390
  807. Hot Chocolate ,1st337-8
  808. Hot Hot Heat ,Erd509
  809. Hothouse Flowers ,1st338 ,2nd390-1
    Hotlegs (see: 10cc)
  810. Hot Tuna ,1st338-9 ,2nd391
    Hourglass (see: Allman Brothers Band)
  811. Housemartins ,1st339 ,2nd391-2
  812. House of Love ,1st339-40 ,2nd392
  813. House of Pain ,1st340 ,2nd392-3
  814. Houston, Whitney ,1st340
    Howard, Roland S. & Lydia Lunch (see: Birthday Party)
    Howe, Steve (see: Yes)
  815. Howlin' Wolf ,1st341 ,2nd393-4
    Huang Chung (see: Wang Chung)
  816. Hue and Cry ,1st342 ,2nd394-5
    Hull, Alan (see: Lindisfarne)
    Human Beans (see: Edmunds, Dave)
  817. Human League, The ,1st342-3 ,2nd395 ,Erd510-2
    Humanoid (see: Future Sound of London)
  818. Humble Pie ,1st3434 ,2nd396 ,Erd512-4
  819. Hunter, Ian ,1st344 ,2nd396-7
    Hunter, Robert (see: Grateful Dead)
  820. Husker Du ,1st344-5 ,2nd397-8 ,Erd514-6
    Hutchence, Michael (see: Inxs)
  821. Ian, Janis ,1st347 ,2nd399- ,3rd401 ,4th381-2 ,5th469-70 ,6th497-8 ,7th721-2
  822. Ice Cube ,1st347 ,2nd399-400 ,Erd517-8
  823. Icehouse ,1st347-8 ,2nd400
  824. Ice-T ,1st348 ,2nd400-1 ,Erd518-20
  825. Icicle Works ,1st348-9 ,2nd401-2
  826. Idlewild ,Erd520-1
  827. Idol, Billy ,1st349-50 ,2nd402-3 ,Erd521-3
    Iggy & the Stooges (see: Pop, Iggy)
    Iha, James (see: Smashing Pumpkins)
    Illsley, John (see: Dire Straits)
    I Luv Wight (see: Kaleidoscope (UK))
    Imposter (see: Costello, Elvis)
  828. Impressions ,1st350-1 ,2nd403-4
    In-Betweens, The (aka The In-Be-Tweens) (see: Slade)
    Incredible E.G. O'Reilly (see: D'Arby, Terence Trent)
  829. Incredible String Band, The ,1st351-2 ,2nd405-6 ,3rd406-8 ,4th385-6 ,5th473-4 ,6th502-3 ,7th729-31 ,Erd523-5
  830. Incubus ,Erd525-6
  831. Indigo Girls ,2nd406 ,3rd408 ,4th386-7 ,5th474-5503-4 ,7th731-2
    Infectious Grooves (see: Suicidal Tendencies)
  832. Inspiral Carpets ,1st352-3 ,2nd406-7
  833. International Submarine Band (see: Parsons, Gram) ,3rd617 ,4th613 ,5th731 ,6th786-7 ,7th1148
  834. Interpol ,Erd526
  835. Inxs ,1st353-4 ,2nd407-8 ,Erd526-9
    Iommi, Tony (see: Black Sabbath)
  836. I.Q. ,2nd408
  837. Iron Butterfly ,1st354 ,2nd408-9
    Ironhorse (see: Bachman-Turner Overdrive)
  838. Iron Maiden ,1st355-6 ,2nd409-10 ,Erd529-33
  839. Isaak, Chris ,1st356 ,2nd410
    Islam, Yusuf (see: Stevens, Cat)
  840. Isley Brothers, The ,1st356-8 ,2nd410-3 ,Erd533-6
  841. It Bites ,1st358 ,2nd413
  842. It's a Beautiful Day ,1st358-9 ,2nd413
    Iveys (see: Badfinger)
  843. JA Rule ,Erd537-8
    J, David (see: Love and Rockets)
    Jack Frost (see: Church)
    Jack Officers (see: Butthole Surfers)
  844. Jackson, Janet ,1st361
  845. Jackson, Joe ,1st361-2 ,2nd414-5 ,Erd53840
  846. Jackson, Michael (& The Jacksons) ,1st362-5 ,2nd415-8 ,Erd540-6
    Jackson, Ray (see: Lindisfarne)
    Jacobites (see: Swell Maps)
    Jagger, Mick (see: Rolling Stones)
  847. Jam, The ,1st365-6 ,2nd418 ,Erd546-9
  848. James ,1st366 ,2nd418-20 ,Erd549-51
  849. James, Elmore ,2nd4520-1
  850. James, Etta ,2nd421-3
    James, Wendy (see: Transvision Vamp)
  851. James Gang ,1st366-7 ,2nd423
    Jamie Wednesday (see: Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine)
  852. Jamiroquai ,1st367 ,2nd423-4 ,Erd551-3
  853. Jane's Addiction ,1st367 ,2nd424 ,Erd553-4
    Jansch, Bert (see: Pentangle)
  854. Japan ,1st367-9 ,2nd424-6 ,Erd554-7
  855. Jarre, Jean-Michel ,1st369 ,2nd426
  856. Jason and The Scorchers ,1st369-70 ,2nd426-7
  857. Jay-Z ,Erd557-9
    Jazz Crusaders (see: Crusaders)
    Jefferson Airhead (see: Airhead)
  858. Jefferson Airplane ,1st370-2 ,2nd427-9 ,3rd429-31 ,Erd559-63
  859. Jefferson, Blind Lemon ,2nd427
  860. Jellyfish ,1st372 ,2nd429
  861. Jesus & Mary Chain ,1st372-3 ,2nd429-30 ,Erd563-6
  862. Jesus Jones ,1st373 ,2nd430-1
  863. Jesus Lizard ,2nd431
    Jesus Loves You (see: Culture Club)
  864. Jet (Australia) ,Erd566
    Jet (UK) (see: John's Children)
  865. Jethro Tull ,1st373-5 ,2nd431-3 ,Erd566-70
  866. Jett, Joan ,1st375 ,2nd433
  867. Jimmy Eat World ,Erd570-1
    Jobson, Richard (see: Skids)
  868. Joel, Billy ,1st375-7 ,2nd433-5 ,Erd571-4
    Johansen, David (see: New York Dolls)
  869. John, Elton ,1st377-9 ,2nd435-8 ,Erd574-80
  870. Johnny & The Hurricanes ,1st379-80
    Johnny & The Self Abusers (see: Simple Minds)
  871. John's Children ,1st380 ,2nd438
    Johnson, Holly (see: Frankie Goes to Hollywood)
  872. Johnson, Jack ,Erd580-1
  873. Johnson, Linton Kwesi ,1st380-1 ,2nd438-9
    Johnson, Matt (see: The The)
  874. Johnson, Robert ,2nd439 -- ,5th514-5 ,6th549-50 ,7th801-3
  875. Jo Jo Gunne ,1st381 ,2nd439
    Jon & Vangelis (see: Vangelis)
    Jones, David (aka Davie Jones) (see: Bowie, David)
  876. Jones, Grace ,1st381-2 ,2nd439-40
  877. Jones, Howard ,1st382-3 ,2nd440-1
    Jones, Mick (see: Foreigner)
  878. Jones, Rickie Lee ,1st383 ,2nd441
  879. Joplin, Janis ,1st383 ,2nd441-2 ,Erd581-2
  880. Josef K ,1st383-4 ,2nd442
  881. Journey ,1st384-5 ,2nd442-3 ,Er582-4d
  882. Joy Division ,1st385 ,2nd443-4 ,Erd584-5
  883. Judas Priest ,1st386 ,2nd444-5 ,Erd585-7
    Judge Happiness (see: Mock Turtles)
    Juicy Lucy (see: Misunderstood)
    Justified Ancients of Mumu (see: KLF)
  884. Kaiser Chiefs ,Erd588
  885. Kaleidoscope (US) ,1st389 ,2nd446
  886. Kaleidoscope (UK) ,1st389-90 ,2nd446-7
  887. Kane Gang ,1st390 ,2nd447
  888. Kansas ,1st390 ,2nd447-8
    Kanter, Paul & Grace Slick (see: Jefferson Airplane)
    Kapt. Kopter & The Fabulous Twirly Birds (see: Spirit)
    Kara's Flowers (see: Maroon 5)
    Karn, Mick (see: Japan)
  889. Kasabian ,Erd588-9
    Kaukonen, Jorma (see: Hot Tuna)
    Kay, John (see: Steppenwolf)
    KBC Band (see: Hot Tuna)
  890. Keane ,Erd589
    Kent, Klark (aka Stewart Copeland (see: Police)
    K.G.B. (see: Electric Flag)
    Khan (see: Hillage, Steve)
    Khan, Chaka (see: Rufus)
  891. Kidd, Johnny / (& The Pirates) ,1st391-2 ,2nd448-9
  892. Kihn, Greg ,1st392 ,2nd449
    Kilbey, Steve (see: Church)
    Kilburn & The High Roads (see: Dury, Ian)
  893. Killers ,Erd589-90
  894. Killing Joke ,1st392-3 ,2nd450 ,Erd590-2
  895. King ,1st393
  896. King, Albert ,2nd450-1
  897. King, B.B. ,1st393-5 ,2nd451-4 ,Erd592-7
  898. King, Ben E. ,1st395-6 ,2nd454-5
  899. King, Carole ,1st396-7 ,2nd455-7 ,Erd597-600
  900. King, Freddie ,2nd457-8
    King, Mark (see: Level 42)
    King, Paul (see: King)
    King Biscuit Time (see: Beta Band, The)
  901. King Crimson ,1st397-89 ,2nd458-9 ,Erd600-3
    Kingdom Come (UK) (see: Brown, Arthur)
  902. Kingdom Come (US) ,1st398 ,2nd459
    Kingfish (see: Grateful Dead)
  903. Kingmaker ,1st398-9 ,2nd459-60
  904. Kingsmen ,1st399 ,2nd460
  905. Kings of Leon ,Erd603
  906. Kings X ,1st399 ,2nd460
  907. Kinks, The ,1st399-402 ,2nd460-3 ,Erd603-9
    Kippington Lodge (see: Brinsley Schwarz)
    Kirk, Richard H. (see: Cabaret Voltaire)
  908. Kiss ,1st402-3 ,2nd463-5 ,Erd609-13
  909. Kitchens of Distinction ,1st403 ,2nd466
  910. KLF (Kopyright Liberation Front) ,1st403-4 ,2nd466
  911. Knack ,1st404 ,2nd467
    Knight, Terry & The Pack (see: Grand Funk Railroad)
    Knopfler, Mark (see: Dire Straits)
  912. Kooks, The ,Erd613-4
    Koppes,Peter (see: Church)
  913. Korn ,Erd614-5
  914. Korner, Alexis ,1st405-6 ,2nd467-8
    Kossoff, Paul (see: Free)
  915. Kottke, Leo ,4th453 ,5th544-5 ,6th585-6 --
  916. Kraftwerk ,1st406-7 ,2nd468-9 ,Erd615-7
    Kramer, Wayne (see: MC5)
  917. Kravitz,Lenny ,1st407 ,2nd469 ,Erd617-8
    Kristina, Sonja (see: Curved Air)
  918. Krokus ,1st407 ,2nd470
  919. KRS-ONE (Knowledge Rules Supreme Over Nearly Everyone) ,6th589-90
    Kukl (see: Sugarcubes)
    Kupferrberg, Tuli (see: Fugs)
    Kyuss (see: Queens of the Stone Age)
  920. LaBelle ,1st409-10 ,2nd471-2
    LaFlamme, David (see: It's a Beautiful Day)
  921. L.A. Guns ,1st401 ,2nd472
    Lake, Greg (see: Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
  922. Lambchop ,Erd619-20
    Lamm, Robert (see: Chicago)
  923. Landscape ,1st410
    Landis, Jerry (see: Simon & Garfunkel)
  924. Lane, Ronnie ,1st410-1
    Lanegan, Mark (see: Screaming Trees)
  925. Lang, k.d. ,1st411 ,2nd472-3
    Langley, Gerard & Ian Kearney (see: Blue Aeroplanes)
    Lard (see: Dead Kennedys)
  926. LA's, The ,1st411 ,2nd473 ,Erd620-1
  927. Laswell, Bill (see: Material) ,6th598-9
  928. Lauper, Cindi ,1st412 ,2nd473-4
    Law (see: Rodgers, Paul)
    Lazycame (see: Jesus & Mary Chain)
  929. Leadbelly ,2nd474 ,5th557-9 ,6th599-601 ,7th866-8
    Lead Into Gold (see: Ministry)
    League of Gentlemen, The (see: King Crimson)
    Leary, Paul (see: Butthole Surfers)
  930. Leaves ,1st412-3 ,2nd474
  931. Led Zeppelin ,1st413-4 ,2nd474-7 ,Erd621-7
    Lee, Alvin (see: Ten Years After)
    Lee, Arthur (see: Love)
    Lee, Geddy (see: Rush)
    Lees, John (see: Barclay James Harvest)
  932. Left Banke ,1st414-5 ,2nd477-8
  933. Leftfield ,2nd478 ,Erd627-8
  934. Lemonheads, The ,1st415 ,2nd478-9 ,Erd628-30
    Len Bright Combo (see: Wreckless Eric)
  935. Lennon, John ,1st415-7 ,2nd479-80 ,Erd630-2
  936. Lennon, Julian ,1st417 ,2nd480-1
    Lennox, Annie (see: Eurythmics)
    Leonard, Deke (see: Man)
  937. Level 42 ,1st417-8 ,2nd481-2
  938. Levellers ,1st418 ,2nd482
    Levon & the Hawks (see: Band, The)
  939. Lewis, Huey & The News ,1st418-9 ,2nd482-3
  940. Lewis, Jerry Lee ,1st419-22 ,2nd483-5 ,Erd632-6
  941. Libertines, The ,Erd636-8
    Liebzeit, Jaki (see: Can)
  942. Lightfoot, Gordon ,1st422-3 ,2nd486-7
  943. Lighting Seeds ,1st423 ,2nd487
  944. Limp Bizkit ,Erd638-9
  945. Lindisfarne ,1st423-4 ,2nd487-8
    Lindley, David (see: Kaleidoscope (US))
    Lindsay, Mark (see: Revere, Paul)
    Lindup, Mike (see: Level 42)
  946. Linkin Park ,Erd639-40
  947. Little Angels ,1st424-5 ,2nd488-9
  948. Little Feat ,1st425 ,2nd489-90 ,Erd640-2
  949. Little Richard ,1st426-7 ,2nd490-2 ,Erd642-5
  950. Little River Band ,1st427-8
  951. Little Steven ,1st428 ,2nd492
    Little Village (see: Lowe, Nick)
  952. Live ,2nd492
    Livgren, Kerry (see: Kansas)
  953. Living Colour ,1st428-9 ,2nd492-3
  954. LL CoolJ ,Erd645-6
    Lloyd-Langton, Huw (see: Hawkwind)
    Lloyd, Richard (see: Television)
  955. Lobos, Los ,1st429 ,2nd493 ,3rd493-4 ,4th476-7 ,5th582 ,6th624-5 ,7th900-2
    Lodge, John (see: Moody Blues)
  956. Lofgren, Nils ,1st430 ,2nd493-4 ,3rd494-5 ,4thio477-8 ,5th582-4 ,6th625-6 ,7th902-4 ,Wee275-6
    Loft (see: Weather Prophets)
  957. Loggins & Messina ,1st430-1 ,2nd494-6 ,3rd495-6
    Lone Justice (see: McKee, Maria)
  958. Lone Star ,1st431-2 ,2nd496
    Loney, Ray (see: Flamin' Groovies)
  959. Long-View ,Erd647
  960. Long Ryders ,1st432 ,2nd496
  961. Loop ,2nd496-7
    Loose Fur (see: Wilco)
    Lord, Jon (see: Deep Purple)
  962. Loop ,1st432
  963. Lostprophets ,Erd647-8
  964. Love ,1st432-3 ,2nd497 ,Erd648-51
    Love, Courney (see: Hole)
    Love, Mike / Celebration (see: Beach Boys)
  965. Love and Money ,1st433-4 ,2nd497-8
  966. Love and Rockets ,1st434-5 ,2nd498-9
  967. Love / Hate ,1st435 ,2nd499
  968. Loverboy ,1st435 ,2nd499-500
    Love Sculpture (see: Edmunds, Dave)
    Love Spit Love (see: Psychedelic Furs)
    Love Street (see: Cabaret Voltaire)
  969. Lovin' Spoonful ,1st435-6 ,2nd500-1
  970. Low ,Erd651-2
  971. Lowe, Nick ,1st436-7 ,2nd501
    LRB (see: Little River Band)
  972. L7 ,1st437 ,2nd501-2
    Lucky Pierre (see: Arab Strap)
  973. Ludacris ,Erd652-3
    Lukather, Steve (see: Toto)
  974. Lurkers ,1st437-8
    Luna (see: Galaxie 500)
  975. Lunch, Lydia ,2nd502-3 ,Gmdii323-4
  976. Lurkers ,2nd503
  977. Lush ,1st438 ,2nd503
    Luxuria (see: Magazine)
    Lydon, John (see: Public Image Ltd.)
  978. Lymon, Frankie & The Teenagers ,1st438-9
    Lynne, Jeff (see: Electric Light Orchestra)
    Lynott, Phil (see: Thin Lizzy)
  979. Lynyrd Skynyrd ,1st439-40 ,2nd503-4 ,Erd653-7
      McAuley-Schenker Group (see: Schenker, Michael)
      McBrain, Nicko (see: Iron Maiden)
      McCafferty, Dan (see: Nazareth)
  980.   McCartney, Paul ,1st462-4 ,2nd529-31 ,Erd695-9
      McCluskey Brothers (see: Bluebells)
  981. MacColl, Kirsty ,1st443 ,2nd505
      McComb, David & Adam Peters (see: Triffids)
      McCoys (see: Derringer, Rick)
  982.   McCulloch, Ian (see: Echo and The Bunnymen) ,1st464
  983.   McDonald, Country Joe (& the Fish) ,1st464-6 ,2nd531-2
  984.   McDonald, Michael ,1st466 ,2nd532-3
      McEntire, John (see: Tortoise)
    MacGowan, Shane & The Popes (see: Pogues) ,2nd505-6
      McGuinn, Roger (see: Byrds)
      McKagan, Duff (see: Guns N' Roses)
    MacKay, Andy (see: Roxy Music)
  985.   McKee, Maria ,1st466-7 ,2nd534
    MacKenzie, Billy (see: Associates)
  986.   McLaren, Malcolm ,1st4678 ,2nd534-5
  987.   McLaughlin, John / Mahavishnu Orchestra ,1st468-9 ,2nd535-6
  988.   McLean, Don ,1st469 ,2nd536-7
      McLennan, G.W. (see: Go-Betweens)
      McManus, Declan (see: Costello, Elvis)
      McNabb, Ian (see: Icicle Works)
      McPhatter, Clyde & The Drifters (see: Drifters)
      McPhee, Tony (see: Groundhogs)
      McVie, Christine (see: Fleetwood Mac)
  989. Madder Rose ,2nd506
  990. Madness ,1st443-4 ,2nd506-7 ,Erd658-60
  991. Madonna ,1st444-5 ,2nd507-8 ,Erd661-5
    Mad Season (see: Alice in Chains)
  992. Magazine ,1st445-6 ,2nd508-9
    Magic Dick & Jay Geils (see: Geils Band, J.)
    Magick (see: Bond, Graham)
  993. Magic Numbers, The ,Erd665
  994. Magnapop ,2nd509
  995. Magnum ,1st446-7 ,2nd509-10
    Mahavishnu Orchestra (see: McLaughlin, John)
    Main (see: Loop)
    Makaveli (see: 2Pac)
    Malkmus, Stephen (see: Pavement)
    Mallinder, Stephen (see: Cabaret Voltaire)
  996. Mamas & The Papas ,1st447-8 ,2nd510-1 ,Erd665-7
  997. Man ,1st448-9 ,2nd511-2
  998. Manfred Mann ,1st449-51 ,2nd512-4 ,Erd670-3
    Manfred Mann's Earth Band (see: )
  999. Manic Street Preachers ,1st451 ,2nd514-5 ,Erd667-70
  1000. Mann, Aimee ,2nd515
    Mannish Boys (see: Bowie, David)
  1001. Manson, Marilyn ,Erd673-5
    Manzanera, Phil / 801 (see: Roxy Music)
    Marc & The Mambas (see: Almond, Marc)
    Marcus Hook Roll Band (see: Easybeats)
  1002. Marillion ,1st452 ,2nd515-6 ,Erd675-7
    Mark Four (see: Creation)
  1003. Marley, Bob ,1st452-4 ,2nd516-9 ,Erd678-82
  1004. Maroon 5 ,Erd682-3
    Marriott, Steve (see: Humble Pie)
    Mars Volta, The (see: At the Drive-In)
  1005. Marsden, Bernie ,Gmdi202
    Marsden, Gerry (see: Gerry & The Pacemakers)
  1006. Marshall Tucker Band ,1st454-5 ,2nd519-20
  1007. Martha & The Vandellas ,1st455-6 ,2nd520-1
  1008. Martyn, John ,1st456-7 ,2nd521-2 ,Erd683-6
    Marvin, Hank (see: Shadows)
  1009. Marx, Richard ,1st457 ,2nd522-3
    Mascis, J. (see: Dinosaur Jr.)
  1010. Mason, Dave ,1st458 ,2nd523-4
    Mason, Nick (see: Pink Floyd)
  1011. Massive Attack ,2nd524 ,Erd686-7
  1012. Masters of Reality ,2nd524
    Matching Hole [1st458,2nd524] (see: Wyatt, Robert) [cross reference misspelled, "Mole" is correct]
    Matching Mole [Erd687] (see: Wyatt, Robert)
  1013. Material ,2nd524-5
  1014. Matthews, Ian ,1st458-60 ,2nd525-6
  1015. Maximo Park ,Erd687
    Max Q (see: Inxs)
    May, Brian (see: Queen)
    May, Phil & The Fallen Angels (see: Pretty Things)
  1016. Mayall, John ,1st460-1 ,2nd526-8 ,7th290-2 ,Erd688-91
  1017. Mayfield, Curtis ,1st461-2 ,2nd528-9 ,Erd691-5
  1018. Mazzy Star ,2nd529
  1019. MC5 (Motor City Five) ,1st466 ,2nd533-4
    Mc Ren (see: N.W.A.)
    MC Tunes (see: 808 State)
  1020. Meat Loaf ,1st470-1 ,2nd537-9 ,Erd699-702
  1021. Meat Puppets ,2nd539
    Medley, Bill (see: Righteous Brothers)
  1022. Mega City Four ,1st471 ,2nd539-40
  1023. Megadeth ,1st471-2 ,2nd5409 ,Erd702-4
    Meier, Dieter (see: Yello)
    Mel, Melle (see: Grandmaster Flash)
  1024. Melanie (Safka) ,1st472-3 ,2nd540-2
  1025. Mellencamp, John Cougar ,1st473-4 ,2nd542-3 ,Erd704-7
  1026. Members ,1st474 ,2nd543
  1027. Men at Work ,1st474 ,2nd543
  1028. Mental As Anything ,1st474-5
  1029. Men They Couldn't Hang ,1st475 ,2nd5343-4
    Mercury, Freddie (see: Queen)
  1030. Mercury Rev ,2nd544 ,Erd707-9
  1031. Metallica ,1st475-6 ,2nd544-5 ,Erd709-11
    Meters (see: Neville Brothers)
    Method Man (see: Wu-Tang Clan)
    MG's (aka M.G.'s) (see: Booker T. & The M.G.'s)
  1032. Michael, George ,1st476-7 ,2nd545-6
  1033. Microdisney ,1st477-8 ,2nd546
    Middleton, Malcolm (see: Arab Strap)
    Midnight Flyers (see: Stone the Crows)
  1034. Midnight Oil ,1st478 ,2nd546-7
  1035. Mighty Lemon Drops ,1st478-9 ,2nd547
    Mighty Wah!, The (see: Wah!)
    Mike & The Mechanics (see:
  1036. Miles, John ,1st479
  1037. Miller, Frankie ,1st479-80 ,2nd547-8
  1038. Miller, Steve ,1st480-1 ,2nd548-9 ,3rd547-9 ,4th537-8 ,5th645-7 ,6th692-3 ,7th1001-3
  1039. Milltown Brothers ,1st481 ,2nd549
  1040. Mindwarp, Zodiac & The Love Reaction ,1st481-2 ,2nd549
  1041. Ministry ,1st482 ,2nd550
  1042. Mink de Ville ,1st482-3 ,2nd550-1
    Minor Threat (see: Fugazi)
  1043. Minutemen ,2nd551
  1044. Miracles (Smokey Robinson & The) ,1st483-4 ,2nd551-3
    Misfits (see: Danzig)
  1045. Mission ,1st484-5 ,2nd553-4
  1046. Misunderstood ,1st485 ,2nd554
  1047. Mitchell, Joni ,1st485-6 ,2nd554-5 ,Erd711-4
  1048. Moby (Richard Melville Hall) ,Erd714-6
  1049. Moby Grape ,1st486-7 ,2nd555-6
  1050. Mock Turtles ,1st487 ,2nd556
    Modern Lovers, The (see: Richman, Jonathan)
  1051. Modest Mouse ,Erd716-7
    Moerlen's Gong, Pierre (see: Gong)
  1052. Mogwai ,Erd718-9
  1053. Molly Hatchet ,1st487-8 ,2nd556-7
  1054. Monkees, The ,1st488-8 ,2nd557-8 ,Erd719-22
    Monks of Doom (see: Camper Van Beethoven)
  1055. Monochrome Set ,2nd558-9
    Montage (see: Left Banke)
  1056. Montrose ,1st489 ,2nd559
  1057. Moody Blues ,1st489-91 ,2nd559-61 ,Erd722-4
    Moon, Keith (see: Who, The)
    Moorcock, Michael (see: Hawkwind)
  1058. Moore, Gary ,1st491-3 ,2nd561-2
  1059. Moose ,2nd562-3
  1060. Morissette, Alanis ,Erd724-5
    Morrison, Jim (see: Doors)
  1061. Morrison, Van ,1st493-4 ,2nd563-5 ,Erd725-31
  1062. Morrissey ,1st494-5 ,2nd565-7 ,Erd732-4
  1063. Motels ,1st495 ,2nd567-8
    Mother Love Bone (see: Pearl Jam)
  1064. Mother's Finest ,2nd568
    Mothers of Invention (see: Zappa, Frank)
  1065. Motley Crue ,1st495-6 ,2nd568-9 ,Erd734-6
  1066. Motorhead ,1st496-7 ,2nd569-71 ,Erd736-9
  1067. Motors ,1st497 ,2nd571
  1068. Mott the Hoople ,1st497-8 ,2nd571-2 ,Erd739-41
    Mould, Bob (see: Husker Du)
  1069. Mountain ,1st498-9 ,2nd572-3
  1070. Move, The ,1st499 ,2nd573-5 ,Erd741-3
    Moving Sidewalks (see: ZZ Top)
  1071. Moyet, Alison ,1st500-1 ,2nd575
  1072. Mr. Big ,1st501 ,2nd575
    Mr. Bungle (see: Faith No More)
    M.S.G. (see: Schenker Group, Michael)
  1073. Mudhoney ,1st501-2 ,2nd575-6 ,Erd743-8
  1074. Mudvayne ,Erd744-5
    Muggs (see: Cypress Hill)
  1075. Mungo Jerry ,1st502-3 ,2nd576-7
    Murderdolls (see: Slipknot)
    Murphy, Peter (see: Bauhaus)
    Murray, Pauline & Invisible Girls (see: Penetration)
  1076. Muse ,Erd745-6
  1077. Music, The ,Erd746
  1078. My Bloody Valentine ,1st503 ,2nd577 ,Erd746-7
  1079. My Chemical Romance ,Erd747-8
  1080. Myles, Alannah ,1st503 ,2nd577
  1081. Mystery Jets ,Erd748
    Nailbomb (see: Sepultura)
  1082. Napalm Death ,1st505 ,2nd578
  1083. Nas ,Erd749-50
    Nash, Graham (see: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young))
    Navarro, Dave (see: Jane's Addiction)
  1084. Nazareth ,1st505-6 ,2nd578-9
    Nazz, The (see: Rundgren, Todd)
  1085. N'Dour, Youssou ,2nd580
    Nearly God (see: Tricky)
  1086. Ned's Atomic Dustbin ,1st506 ,2nd580
  1087. Neil, Fred ,5th683 ,6th734-5 ,7th1066-7
  1088. Neil, Vince ,2nd580
  1089. Nelson, Bill ,1st506-8 ,2nd580-2
  1090. N.E.R.D. ,Erd750-1
  1091. Neville Brothers ,1st508-9 ,2nd582-4
    New Church (see: Korner, Alexis)
  1092. New Fast Automatic Daffodils ,2nd584
  1093. New Found Glory ,Erd751
    Newman, Colin (see: Wire)
  1094. Newman, Randy ,1st509-10 ,2nd584-5
  1095. New Model Army ,1st510-1 ,2nd585
  1096. New Order ,1st511-2 ,2nd585-7 ,Erd751-4
    New Power Generation (see: Prince)
  1097. New Riders of the Purple Sage ,1st512 ,2nd587
  1098. New York Dolls ,1st512-3 ,2nd587-8 ,Erd754-6
  1099. Nice ,1st513-4 ,2nd588
  1100. Nickelback ,Erd756-7
    Nicks, Stevie (see: Fleetwood Mac)
  1101. Nico ,1st514 ,2nd588-9 ,Erd757-8
    Nightmares in Wax (see: Dead or Alive)
  1102. Night Ranger (Nightranger) ,1st514-5 ,2nd589-90
  1103. Nilsson ,1st515-6 ,2nd590-1 ,Erd758-60
  1104. Nine Inch Nails ,1st516 ,2nd591 ,Erd760-1
  1105. 999 ,2nd591
    Nips, The / Nipple Erectors (see: Pogues)
  1106. Nirvana (UK) ,1st516-7 ,2nd591-2
  1107. Nirvana (US) ,1st517 ,2nd592-4 ,Erd761-4
  1108. No Doubt ,Erd764-6
  1109. Northside ,1st517 ,2nd594
  1110. Notorious B.I.G., The ,Erd766-7
    Notting Hillbillies, The (see: Dire Straits)
    Nova Mob (see: Husker Du)
  1111. Nugent, Ted ,1st517-8 ,2nd594-5
  1112. Numan, Gary ,1st518-20 ,2nd595-8 ,Erd767-70
    Nutty Boys (see: Madness)
  1113. N.W.A. (Niggaz With Attitude) ,2nd598 ,Erd770-2
  1114. Nyman, Michael ,2nd598-9
  1115. Nyro, Laura ,1st520 ,2nd599 ,3rd598 ,4th587-8 ,5th706-7 ,6th759-60 ,7th1104-5
    Oakey, Phil & Giorgio Moroder (see: Human League)
  1116. Oasis ,2nd600 ,Erd773-6
    Oblivion Express (see: Auger, Brian)
    Ocasek, Ric (see: Cars)
  1117. Ocean Colour Scene ,Erd776-8
  1118. Ochs, Phil ,1st423 ,2nd6002 ,3rd599/601 ,4th591-2 ,5th710-1763-4 ,7th1111-2
  1119. O'Connor, Hazel ,1st523-4 ,2nd602
  1120. O'Connor, Sinead ,1st524 ,2nd602-3
  1121. Offspring, The ,2nd603 ,Erd778-9
  1122. Oldfield, Mike ,1st524-5 ,2nd603-4 ,Erd779-82
  1123. Oldham, Will ,6th768 ,Erd782-4
    Ol' Dirty Bastard (see: Wu-Tang Clan)
    OMD (see: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark)
  1124. One Dove ,2nd604
    One, The (see: Only Ones)
  1125. Only Ones ,1st525-6 ,2nd604-5
    Open Road (see: Donovan)
    Operation Ivy (see: Rancid)
  1126. Orange Juice (see: Collins, Edwyn) ,1st526-7 ,2nd605-6
  1127. Orb, The ,1st527 ,2nd606 ,Erd784-6
  1128. Orbison, Roy ,1st527-9 ,2nd606-10 ,Erd786-9
  1129. Orbit, William ,6th773-6
  1130. Orbital ,2nd610 ,6th774-5 ,Erd789-91
  1131. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark ,1st529-30 ,2nd610-1
  1132. Ordinary Boys, The ,Erd791-2
    Organisation (see: Kraftwerk)
    Orr, Benjamin (see: Cars)
  1133. Orson ,Erd792
  1134. Orton, Beth ,Erd792-3
  1135. Osbourne, Ozzy ,1st530-1 ,2nd611-2 ,Erd793-5
    Oskar, Lee (see: War)
    Other Two (see: New Order)
  1136. Outkast ,Erd795-7
    O'Williams, Wendy (see: Plasmatics)
  1137. Ozark Mountain Daredevils ,1st531
  1138. Ozric Tentacles ,2nd612
    Pack (see: Spear of Destiny)
    Page, Jimmy / Page & Plant (see: Led Zeppelin)
    Paice, Ashton & Lord (see: Deep Purple)
    Paintbox (see: Easybeats)
    Palace Music (see: Oldham, Will)
  1139. Pale Saints ,1st533 ,2nd613
  1140. Palmer, Robert ,1st533-4 ,2nd613-4 ,Erd798-800
  1141. Panic! at the Disco ,Erd800-1
  1142. Pantera ,2nd614-5 ,Erd801-2
    Papa M (see: Slint)
  1143. Papa Roach ,Erd802-3
    Paramounts (see: Procol Harum)
  1144. Parker, Graham ,1st534-5 ,2nd615-6
  1145. Parks, Van Dyke ,1st535 ,2nd616
  1146. Parliament / Funkadelic / George Clinton (see: Clinton, George) ,1st535-7
  1147. Parsons Project, Alan ,1st537-8 ,2nd616-7
  1148. Parsons, Gram ,1st538 ,2nd617 ,Erd803-5
    Partridge, Andy (see: XTC)
    Passengers (see: U2)
  1149. Pastels ,1st538-9 ,2nd617-8
  1150. Pavement ,2nd618 ,Erd805-7
  1151. Pavlov's Dog ,1st539 ,2nd618
  1152. Pearl Jam ,1st539 ,2nd618-9 ,Erd807-10
    Pedal Point (see: Focus)
    Pelican City (see: Gnarls Barkley)
  1153. Penetration ,1st540 ,2nd619
  1154. Penguin Cafe Orchestra ,2nd619-20
  1155. Pentangle ,1st540-2 ,2nd620-2 ,3rd620-2 ,4th615-7 ,5th733-5 ,6th790-2 ,7th1153-6
  1156. Pere Ubu ,1st542-3 ,2nd622-3 ,Erd810-3
    Perfect Circle, A (see: Tool)
  1157. Perkins, Carl ,1st543-4 ,2nd623-4
    Perry, Mark (see: Alternative TV)
    Perry, Steve (see: Journey)
    Peters, Mike (see: Alarm)
  1158. Pet Shop Boys ,1st544-5 ,2nd624-5 ,Erd813-5
  1159. Petty, Tom ,1st545-6 ,2nd625-6 ,Erd816-8
    P-Funk All Stars (see: Clinton, George)
  1160. Phair, Liz ,2nd626
    Phanton, Rocker & Slick (see: Stray Cats)
    Phillips, John (see: Mamas & The Papas)
  1161. Photos ,1st546
  1162. Pickett, Wilson ,1st546-8 ,2nd626-8 ,Erd818-21
    Pierce, Jeffrey Lee (see: Gun Club)
    Pierre Etoile (see: Galaxie 500)
  1163. Pigbag ,1st548 ,2nd628
    PIL (see: Public Image Ltd.)
    Pinder, Michael (see: Moody Blues)
  1164. Pink Fairies ,1st548-9 ,2nd628-9
  1165. Pink Floyd ,1st549-50 ,2nd629-31 ,Erd821-5
    Piper (see: Squire, Billy)
    Pirates (see: Kidd, Johnny)
  1166. Pixies ,1st550-1 ,2nd631 ,Erd825-9
    Pizzaman (see: Cook, Norman)
  1167. PJ Harvey ,1st551
  1168. Placebo ,Erd829-30
    Plainsong (see: Matthews, Ian)
    Plant, Robert (see: Led Zeppelin)
  1169. Plasmatics ,1st551 ,2nd631-2
    Plastic Ono Band (see: Lennon, John)
    P.M. (aka PM) (see: Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
  1170. PM Dawn ,1st551-2 ,2nd632
  1171. Poco ,1st552-3 ,2nd632-3
  1172. P.O.D. (Payable On Death) ,Erd830-1
    Poet & The Roots (see: Johnson, Linton Kwesi)
  1173. Pogues ,1st553-4 ,2nd633-5 ,Erd831-5
    Poindexter, Buster (see: New York Dolls)
  1174. Poison ,1st554 ,2nd635
  1175. Police ,1st554-5 ,2nd635-7 ,Erd835-7
  1176. Polyphonic Spree, The ,Erd837-8
  1177. Pop, Iggy ,1st555-6 ,2nd637-9 ,Erd838-41
  1178. Pop Group ,1st556-7 ,2nd639
  1179. Pop Will Eat Itself ,1st557 ,2nd639-40
    Porno for Pyros (see: Jane's Addiction)
  1180. Portishead ,2nd640 ,Erd841-2
    Portraits (see: Fixx)
    Postal Service, The (see: Death Cab for Cutie)
    Power Station (see: Duran Duran)
  1181. Prefab Sprout ,1st558 ,2nd640-1
  1182. Presley, Elvis ,1st558-63 ,2nd641-6 ,Erd842-51
    Presley, Reg (see: Troggs)
  1183. Preston, Billy ,1st564-5 ,2nd646-8
  1184. Pretenders ,1st565 ,2nd648 ,Erd851-3
  1185. Pretty Things ,1st565-6 ,2nd648-50 ,Erd853-6
  1186. Primal Scream ,1st566-7 ,2nd650 ,Erd856-8
  1187. Primitives ,1st567 ,2nd650-1
  1188. Primus ,2nd651
  1189. Prince ,1st567-9 ,2nd651-2 ,Erd858-64
  1190. Prine, John ,5th775-6 ,6th834-5 ,7th1218-9
    Prior, Maddy (see: Steeleye Span)
    Probot (see: Foo Fighters)
  1191. Proclaimers ,1st569 ,2nd653
  1192. Procol Harum ,1st569-70 ,2nd653-4 ,Erd864-6
  1193. Prodigy, The ,2nd654-5 ,Erd866-8
    Professionals (see: Sex Pistols)
  1194. Prong ,2nd655
  1195. Propaganda ,1st570-1 ,2nd655
    Prophet, Chuck (see: Green on Red)
  1196. Psychedelic Furs ,1st571 ,2nd655-6
  1197. Public Enemy ,1st571-2 ,2nd656-8 ,Erd868-70
  1198. Public Image Ltd. ,1st572 ,2nd658 ,Erd870-2
  1199. Puddle of Mudd ,Erd872
  1200. Puff Daddy ,Erd872-3
  1201. Pulp ,2nd658-9 ,Erd874-6
    Pursey, Jimmy (see: Sham 69)
    Pyramid (see: Matthews, Ian)
    Q-Tips (see: Young, Paul)
  1202. Quarterflash ,1st575 ,2nd660
  1203. Quatro, Suzi ,1st575 ,2nd660-1
  1204. Queen ,1st575-8 ,2nd661-4 ,Erd876-83
  1205. Queens of the Stone Age ,Erd883-5
  1206. Queensryche ,1st578 ,2nd664-4
  1207. ? & The Mysterians ,2nd665
  1208. Quicksilver Messenger Service ,1st578-9 ,2nd665-6
  1209. Quiet Riot ,1st579 ,2nd666
    Quiet Sun (see: Roxy Music)
  1210. Quireboys ,1st579 ,2nd666
    Raconteurs (see: White Stripes)
  1211. Radiohead ,1st581 ,2nd667 ,Erd886-9
    Radio Heart (see: Numan, Gary)
    Radio Stars (see: John's Children)
    Raekwon (see: Wu-Tang Clan)
  1212. Rafferty, Gerry ,1st581-2 ,2nd667-8 ,Erd889-90
  1213. Rage Against the Machine ,1st582 ,2nd668 ,Erd891-2
    Raiders (see: Revere, Paul)
  1214. Railway Children ,1st582 ,2nd668
    Rainbow (see: Deep Purple) ,Erd892-4
  1215. Raincoats ,2nd668-9
  1216. Rain Parade ,1st582 ,2nd669
    Rain Tree Crow (see: Japan)
  1217. Redpath, Jean - 3:66-8
  1218. Raitt, Bonnie ,1st582-3 ,2nd669-70 ,Erd894-6
    Raj Quartet (see: Monochrome Set)
  1219. Rakes, The ,Erd896-7
  1220. Rammstein ,Erd897-9
  1221. Ramones ,1st583-4 ,2nd670-2 ,Erd898-901
    Ranaldo, Lee (see: Sonic Youth)
  1222. Rancid ,Erd901-2
    Rapeman (see: Big Black)
    Raphaels (see: Big Country)
  1223. Rapture, The ,Erd902-
  1224. Rascals ,1st584-5 ,2nd672-3
  1225. Rasmus, The ,Erd902-3
  1226. Ratt ,1st585 ,2nd673 ,Gmdi276
    Raven, Paul (see: Glitter, Gary)
    Ray Men (see: Wray, Link)
  1227. Razorlight ,Erd903-4
  1228. Rea, Chris ,1st585-7 ,2nd673-4
    Reader, Eddi (see: Fairground Attraction)
    Rebellion (see: Bennett, Cliff)
    Rebels (see: Eddy, Duane)
    Rebennack, Mac (see: Dr. John)
  1229. Redding, Otis ,1st587-8 ,2nd675-6 ,Erd906-8
  1230. Red Hot Chili Peppers ,1st588 ,2nd676-7 ,Erd904-6
    Red Noise (see: Nelson, Bill)
  1231. Redskins ,1st588-9 ,2nd677
  1232. Reed Network, Dan ,1st589 ,2nd677
  1233. Reed, Lou ,1st589-90 ,2nd677-8 ,Erd908-11
    Reegs (see: Chameleons)
    Reeves, Martha (see: Martha & The Vandellas)
  1234. Reid, Terry ,2nd679
    Rejects (see: Cockney Rejects)
    Relaxed Muscle (see: Pulp)
  1235. R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) ,1st590-1 ,2nd679-80 ,Erd911-6
  1236. Renaissance ,1st591-2 ,2nd680-1
    Renbourn, John (see: Pentangle)
  1237. REO Speedwagon ,1st592-3 ,2nd68-2
  1238. Replacements, The ,1st593 ,2nd682 ,Erd916-7
    Reprazent (see: Size, Roni)
  1239. Residents ,2nd682-3
    Rev, Martin (see: Suicide)
    Revenge (see: New Order)
  1240. Revere, Paul & The Raiders ,1st593-4 ,2nd683-4
    Revillos (see: Rezillos)
    Revolting Cocks (see: Ministry)
  1241. Rezillos ,1st594-5 ,2nd684-5
    Rhys, Gruff (see: Super Furry Animals)
    Rhythm Devils (see: Grateful Dead)
  1242. Rice, Damien ,Erd9178
  1243. Richard, Cliff ,1st595-9
    Richards, Keith (see: Rolling Stones)
  1244. Richie, Lionel ,1st599
    Richardson, Jape (see: Big Bopper)
  1245. Rich Kids ,1st599 ,2nd685
  1246. Richman, Jonathan ,1st599-60 ,2nd685-6 ,Erd918-20
  1247. Ride ,1st600 ,2nd686
    Riff Raff (see: Bragg, Billy)
  1248. Righteous Brothers ,1st600-2
    Rigor Motis (see: Who, The)
    Rimbaud, Penny (see: Crass)
  1249. Riperton, Minnie ,1st602
  1250. Ritchie, Brian (see: Violent Femmes) ,3rd772-3 ,4th892 --
  1251. Roachford ,2nd686-7
  1252. Robertson, Robbie (see: Band, The) ,2nd687 ,3rd690 ,4th693-4
    Robinson, Chris (see: Black Crowes)
    Robinson, Rich (see: Black Crowes)
  1253. Robinson, Smokey ,1st602-3 ,2nd687-8
  1254. Robinson, Tom ,1st603-4 ,2nd688-9
    Rocket from the Tombs (see: Pere Ubu)
    Rockets (see: Crazy Horse)
    Rockpile (see: Edmunds, Dave)
    Rodgers, Nile (see: Chic)
  1255. Rodgers, Paul ,1st604 ,2nd689
    Rodriguez-Lopez, Omar A. (see: At the Drive-In)
  1256. Rolling Stones ,1st604-7 ,2nd689-94 ,Erd920-8
  1257. Rollins, Henry ,1st607-8 ,2nd694
  1258. Ronettes ,1st608-9 ,2nd694
  1259. Ronsin, Mick ,1st609 ,2nd695
  1260. Ronstadt, Linda ,1st609-10 ,2nd696-7
    Roosters (see: Impressions)
  1261. Rose, Tim ,2nd697
  1262. Ross, Diana ,1st610-3
    Rossi, Francis & Bernard Frost (see: Status Quo)
    Rossington-Collins Band (see: Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  1263. Roth, David Lee ,1st613 ,2nd697-8
    Rowland, Kevin (see: Dexy's Midnight Runners)
  1264. Roxy Music ,1st613-5 ,2nd698-700 ,Erd928-32
  1265. Royksopp ,Erd932-3
    RTZ (see: Boston)
    Rubicon (see: Fields of the Nephilim)
  1266. Rufus ,1st615-6 ,2nd700-1
  1267. Runaways ,1st616-7 ,2nd701-2
  1268. Rundgren, Todd ,1st617-8 ,2nd702-3 ,Erd935-8
  1269. Run DMC (aka Run-D.M.C.) ,1st618-9 ,2nd703-4 ,Erd933-5
  1270. Runrig ,1st619 ,2nd704-5 ,3rd707-8 ,4th711-2 -- (Great Folk Index")
    Runt (see: Rundgren, Todd)
  1271. Rush ,1st619-20 ,2nd705 ,Erd938-40
  1272. Russell, Leon ,1st620-1 ,2nd705-7
    Rutherford, Mike (see: Genesis)
  1273. Ruts ,1st621-2 ,2nd707
  1274. Ryder, Mitch ,1st622 ,2nd707-8
    Rza (see: Wu-Tang Clan)
  1275. Sabres of Paradise ,2nd709
  1276. Sade ,1st625
    Sage, Greg (see: Wipers)
    Sahb Without Alex (see: Harvey, Alex)
  1277. Sainte-Marie, Buffy ,1st625-6 ,2nd709-10 ,3rd712-3 ,4th716-7 ,5th840-1 ,6th901-2 --
  1278. Saint Etienne ,1st626 ,2nd710-1
  1279. Saints ,1st626-7 ,2nd711
    Sakamoto, Ryuichi (see: Yellow Magic Orchestra)
  1280. Saliva ,Erd941
    Salty Peppers (see: Earth, Wind & Fire)
    Sambora, Richie (see: Bon Jovi)
    Sample, Joe (see: Crusaders)
  1281. Samson ,1st627 ,2nd712
    Sanders, Ed (see: Fugs)
  1282. Santana ,1st627-9 ,2nd712-4 ,Erd941-5
    Satan's Rats (see: Photos)
  1283. Satriani, Joe ,1st629 ,2nd714
  1284. Savoy Brown ,1st629-30 ,2nd714-5
  1285. Saw Doctors ,2nd715-6
    Sawyer, Ray (see: Dr. Hook)
  1286. Saxon ,1st630-1 ,2nd716
    Saxon, Sky (see: Seeds)
  1287. Scaggs, Boz ,1st631-2 ,2nd716-7 ,3rd719-20 -- ,5th847-8 ,6th909-10 --
  1288. Schenker Group, Michael ,1st632 ,2nd717-8
    Schmidt, Irwin (see: Can)
    Schneider, Fred (see: B-52's)
    Schon, Neil & Joe Hammer (see: Journey)
  1289. Scissor Sisters ,Erd945
  1290. Scorpions ,1st632-3 ,2nd718-9
    Scott, Andy (see: Sweet)
    Scott, Mike (see: Waterboys)
  1291. Scott-Heron, Gil ,1st633-4 ,2nd719 ,Erd945-7
    Scratch Acid (see: Jesus Lizard)
  1292. Screaming Blue Messiahs ,1st634 ,2nd719-20
  1293. Screaming Trees ,2nd720 ,Erd947-9
  1294. Scritti Politti ,1st634-5 ,2nd720-1 ,Erd949-50
    Sea Horses (see: Stone Roses)
  1295. Seal ,1st635 ,2nd721
  1296. Seals & Crofts ,1st635
  1297. Searchers ,1st635-6 ,2nd721-2
    Seastones (see: Grateful Dead)
  1298. Sebadoh ,2nd722-3
  1299. Secret Affair ,1st636-7 ,2nd723
    Sector 27 (see: Robinson, Tom)
  1300. Seeds ,1st637 ,2nd723-4
  1301. Seether ,Erd951
  1302. Segar, Bob ,1st638-9 ,2nd724-5 ,Erd951-3
  1303. Selecter ,1st639 ,2nd725
    Senate (see: Spear of Destiny)
    Sensational Alex Harvey Band (see: Harvey, Alex)
  1304. Senseless Things ,1st639 ,2nd725-6
  1305. Senser ,2nd726
    Sentridoh (see: Sebadoh)
  1306. Sepultura ,1st639-40 ,2nd726 ,Erd953-5
    Sergeant, Will (see: Echo and The Bunnymen)
    Setzer, Brian (see: Stray Cats)
    17 (see: Alarm)
  1307. Sex Pistols ,1st640-1 ,2nd726-9 ,Erd9559
  1308. Shadows, The ,1st641-3 ,2nd729-31 ,Erd959-62
  1309. Shadows of Knight ,1st644 ,2nd731-2
  1310. Shakespear's Sister ,1st644 ,2nd732
  1311. Shamen ,1st644-5 ,2nd732-3
  1312. Sham 69 ,1st645-6 ,2nd733-4
    Shanghai (see: Bennett, Cliff)
  1313. Shannon, Del ,1st646-7 ,2nd734-5
  1314. Sharkey, Feargal (see: Undertones, The) ,1st647
    Sharpe & Numan (see: Numan, Gary)
    Shaw, Tommy (see: Styx)
  1315. Shed Seven ,2nd735
  1316. Sheep on Drugs ,2nd735-6
    Shelley, Pete (see: Buzzcocks)
    Shields, Kevin (see: My Bloody Valentine)
  1317. Shirelles ,1st647-8
  1318. Shocked, Michelle ,1st648-9 ,2nd736 ,3rd738 ,4th741 ,5th874 ,6th934-5 --
    Shorrock, Glenn (see: Little River Band)
    Sid Presley Experience (see: Godfathers)
    Sierra (see: Flying Burrito Brothers)
  1319. Sigue Sigue Sputnik ,1st649 ,2nd736
  1320. Sigur Ros ,Erd962-3
  1321. Silencers ,2nd736-7
  1322. Silverfish ,2nd737
    Simmonds, Patrick (see: Doobie Brothers)
    Simmons, Gene (see: Kiss)
  1323. Simon, Carly ,1st649-50 ,2nd737-8
  1324. Simon & Garfunkel ,1st650-3 ,2nd738-41 ,3rd740-3 ,4th743-6 ,5th877-80 ,6th937-940 ,7th1361-6 ,Erd963-9
  1325. Simon, Paul (see: Simon & Garfunkel) ,3rd742 ,4th745-6 ,5th879-80 ,6th939-40 ,7th1364-6
  1326. Simple Minds ,1st653-4 ,2nd741-2 ,Erd970-2
  1327. Simply Red ,1st654 ,2nd742-3
    Sinclair's Caravan of Dreams, Richard (see: Caravan)
  1328. Siouxsie & The Banshees ,1st654-5 ,2nd743-5 ,Erd972-5
    Siren (see: Coyne, Kevin)
  1329. Sisters of Mercy, The ,1st656 ,2nd745 ,Erd975-6
  1330. Size, Roni ,6th949-50
  1331. Skid Row ,1st656 ,2nd746
  1332. Skids ,1st656-7 ,2nd746
  1333. Skin ,2nd747
  1334. Sky ,1st657-8
  1335. Slade ,1st658-9 ,2nd747-8 ,Erd977-9
    Slash's Snakepuit (see: Guns N' Roses)
  1336. Slaughter ,1st659-60 ,2nd748-9
  1337. Slayer ,1st660 ,2nd749-50
  1338. Sledge, Percy ,1st660-1
  1339. Sleeper ,2nd750
    Slick, Grace (see: Jefferson Airplane)
  1340. Slim Harpo ,2nd750
  1341. Slint ,Erd979-81
  1342. Slipknot ,Erd981-2
  1343. Slits ,1st661 ,2nd750-1 ,Erd982-4
  1344. Slowdive ,2nd751
  1345. Sly & Robbie ,1st661-2 ,2nd751-2
  1346. Sly & The Family Stone ,1st662-3 ,2nd752-3 ,Erd984-7
  1347. Small Faces ,1st663-4 ,2nd753-4 ,Erd987-90
  1348. S*M*A*S*H ,2nd754-5
  1349. Smashing Pumpkins ,1st664 ,2nd755 ,Erd991-33
  1350. Smith, Elliott ,Erd993-5
  1351. Smith, Patti ,1st664-5 ,2nd755 ,Erd994-6
    Smith, T.V. (see: Adverts)
  1352. Smithereens ,1st665 ,2nd755-6
  1353. Smiths, The ,1st665-6 ,2nd756-7 ,Erd996-9
    Smith's Explorers, T.V. (see: Adverts)
    Snape (see: Korner, Alexis)
  1354. Snoop Dogg ,Erd999-1001
  1355. Snoop Doggy Dogg ,2nd757
  1356. Snow Patrol ,Erd1001-2
    Society (see: Danse Society)
  1357. Soft Boys ,1st666-7 ,2nd757-8
  1358. Soft Cell (see: Almond, Marc) ,1st667-8 ,2nd758-9
  1359. Soft Machine ,1st668-9 ,2nd759-60
    Somerville, Jimmy (see: Communards)
  1360. Son Volt ,Erd1002-3
    Sonic Boom (see: Spacemen 3)
  1361. Sonic Youth ,1st669-70 ,2nd760-1 ,Erd1003-6
    Sonny & Cher (see: Cher)
  1362. Soul Asylum ,1st670 ,2nd761
  1363. Soundgarden ,1st670-1 ,2nd7612 ,Erd1006-7
  1364. Soup Dragons ,1st671 ,2nd762
    Southern Death Cult (see: Cult)
  1365. Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes ,1st671-2
    Space (see: KLF)
  1366. Spacemen 3 ,1st672-3 ,2nd763 ,Erd1007-9
  1367. Spandau Ballet ,1st673 ,2nd763-4
  1368. Sparks ,1st673-4 ,2nd764-5 ,Erd1009-12
    Sparrow (see: Steppenwolf)
    Sparta (see: At the Drive-In)
  1369. Spear of Destiny ,1st674-5 ,2nd765-6
  1370. Specials ,1st675-6 ,2nd766-7 ,Erd1012-5
    Spector, Ronnie (see: Ronettes)
    Spectres (see: Status Quo)
    Spectrum (see: Spacemen 3)
    Spence, Alexander (see: Moby Grape)
    Spice (see: Uriah Heep)
  1371. Spice Girls ,6th980-1
    Spiders, The (see: Cooper, Alice)
  1372. Spin Doctors ,1st676 ,2nd767
  1373. Spirit ,1st676-7 ,2nd767-8 ,Erd1015-7
    Spiritualized (see: Spacemen 3) ,Erd1017-8
  1374. Split Enz (see: Crowded House) ,1st677-8 ,2nd768-9
  1375. Spooky Tooth ,1st678-9 ,2nd769-70
  1376. Springfield, Rick ,1st679-80
  1377. Springsteen, Bruce ,1st680-1 ,2nd770-2 ,Erd1018-23
  1378. Squeeze ,1st681-2 ,2nd772-3 ,Erd1023-6
  1379. Squire, Billy ,1st682 ,2nd773-4
    Squire, Chris (see: Yes)
    Squire, John (see: Stone Roses)
  1380. Squirrel Bait ,5th924-5
  1381. Squirrel Nut Zippers ,5th925-6
  1382. Staind ,Erd1026
  1383. Standells ,2nd774
  1384. Stands, The ,Erd1027
    Stanley, Paul (see: Kiss)
    Stanshall, Vivian (see: Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band) (see: Bonzo Dog Band)
  1385. Staple Singers ,1st682-3
  1386. Starr, Ringo ,1st683-4 ,2nd774-5 ,Erd1027-9
  1387. Starsailor ,Erd1029-30
    Starship (see: Jefferson Airplane / Starship)
    State of Play (see: Curve)
  1388. Static-X ,Erd1030
  1389. Status Quo ,1st684-6 ,2nd775-7 ,Erd1030-5
    Stealer's Wheel (see: Rafferty, Gerry)
  1390. Steeleye Span ,1st686-7 ,2nd777-9 ,3rd780-1 ,4th787-9 ,5th930-1 ,6th994-5 ,7th1446-8
  1391. Steel Pulse ,1st687-8 ,2nd779
  1392. Steely Dan ,1st688-9 ,2nd779-80 ,Erd1035-9
    Stefani, Gwen (see: No Doubt)
  1393. Steinman, Jim ,1st689 ,2nd780-1
  1394. Stephenson, Martin & The Daintees ,1st689-90 ,2nd781
  1395. Steppenwolf ,1st690-1 ,2nd781-2
  1396. Stereolab ,2nd782-3 ,Erd1039-41
  1397. Stereo MC's ,1st691 ,2nd783
  1398. Stereophonics ,Erd1041-3
    St. Etienne (see: Saint Etienne)
  1399. Stevens, Cat ,1st691-2 ,2nd783-4 ,Erd1043-5
  1400. Stewart, Al ,1st692-3 ,2nd784-5
    Stewart, Dave (see: Eurythmics)
    Stewart, Eric (see: 10cc)
  1401. Stewart, Rod ,1st693-5 ,2nd785-8 ,Erd1045-50
  1402. Stiff Little Fingers ,1st695 ,2nd788-9
  1403. Stigers, Curtis ,1st695-6
    Stills, Stephen / Manassas (see: Crosby, Stills & Nash))
  1404. Stiltskin ,2nd789
  1405. Sting (see also: Police) ,1st696 ,2nd789-90 ,Erd1051-3
  1406. Stone, Joss ,Erd1053-4
    Stone Poneys (see: Ronstadt, Linda)
  1407. Stone Roses ,1st696-7 ,2nd790-1 ,Erd1054-7
    Stone Sly (see: Sly & The Family Stone)
    Stone Sour (see: Slipknot)
  1408. Stone Temple Pilots ,1st697 ,2nd791 ,Erd1057-8
  1409. Stone the Crows ,1st697 ,2nd791
    Stooges (see: Pop, Iggy)
    Stories (see: Left Banke)
    Storm (see: Journey)
    Stormtroopers of Death (see: Anthrax)
    Strange Cruise (see: Visage)
  1410. Strangelove ,2nd791-3
  1411. Stranglers, The ,1st697-9 ,2nd793-4 ,Erd1058-61
  1412. Strawberry Alarm Clock ,2nd794
  1413. Strawbs ,1st699-700 ,2nd794-5
  1414. Stray Cats ,1st700 ,2nd795-6
    Street Band (see: Young, Paul)
  1415. Streets, The ,Erd1061-3
    Streetwalkers (see: Family)
    Stride, Pete & John Plain (see: Lurkers)
  1416. Strokes, The ,Erd1063-5
    Strummer, Joe (see: Clash)
  1417. Stump ,1st700-1 ,2nd796
  1418. Style Council (see: Weller, Paul) ,1st701-2
    Styrene, Poly (see: X-Ray Spex)
  1419. Styx ,1st702 ,2nd796-7
    Sub Sub (see: Doves)
  1420. Subways, The ,Erd1065
    Sudden, Kikki (see: Swell Maps)
  1421. Suede ,1st702-3 ,2nd797-9 ,Erd1065-7
    Sugar (see: Husker Du) ,2nd799
  1422. Sugarcubes, The (see: Bjork) ,1st703 ,2nd799-800
    Suggs (see: Madness)
  1423. Suicidal Tendencies ,1st703-4 ,2nd800
  1424. Suicide ,1st704 ,2nd800-1 ,Erd1067-8
  1425. Sum 41 ,Erd1068-9
    Summers, Andy (see: Police)
  1426. Sundays ,1st704-5 ,2nd801-
  1427. Super Furry Animals ,Erd1069-71
  1428. Supergrass ,Erd1071-2
  1429. Supertramp ,1st705 ,2nd801-2 ,Erd1072-4
  1430. Supremes ,1st705-7 ,2nd802-4
    Surkamp, David (see: Pavlov's Dog)
  1431. Survivor ,1st707-8 ,2nd804-5
  1432. Sweet ,1st708-9 ,2nd805-6 ,Erd1074-6
    Sweet Exorcist (see: Cabaret Voltaire)
  1433. Swell Maps ,1st709-10 ,2nd806-7
  1434. Swervedriver ,2nd807-8
    Swindells, Steve (see: Hawkwind)
  1435. Swing Out Sister ,1st710-1
    Sylvian, David (see: Japan)
  1436. System of a Down ,Erd1076
    System 7 (see: Hillage, Steve)
    Tackhead (see: Clail, Gary)
  1437. Taking Back Sunday ,Erd1077
  1438. Talking Heads ,1st713-4 ,2nd809-11 ,Erd1077-81
    Talk Show (see: Stone Temple Pilots)
  1439. Talk Talk ,1st714-5 ,2nd811-2
  1440. Tangerine Dream ,1st715-6 ,2nd812-3 ,Erd1081-5
  1441. Taproot ,Erd1085
    Taste (see: Gallagher, Rory)
  1442. Taylor, James ,1st716-7 ,2nd813-4 ,Erd1085-8
    Taylor, John (see: Duran Duran)
    Taylor, Roger (see: Queen)
    Team Sleep (see: Deftones)
  1443. Teardrop Explodes, The (see: Cope, Julian) ,1st717
    Tears, The (see: Suede)
  1444. Tears for Fears ,1st717-8 ,2nd815 ,Erd1088-9
  1445. Teenage Fanclub (Teenage Fan Club) ,1st718 ,2nd815-6 ,Erd1090-1
    Teenage Filmstars (see: Television Personalities)
    Teenage Jesus (see: Lydia Lunch)
    Teenagers (see: Lymon, Frankie)
  1446. Television ,1st718-9 ,2nd816 ,Erd1092-4
  1447. Television Personalities ,1st719-20 ,2nd816-8
    Tempest (see: Colosseum)
    Temple of the Dog (see: Soundgarden)
  1448. Temptations ,1st720-2 ,2nd81820 ,Erd1094-8
  1449. 10cc ,1st722-4 ,2nd820-2
  1450. Ten Pole Tudor ,1st724 ,2nd822
  1451. 10,000 Maniacs ,1st714-5 ,2nd822-3
  1452. Ten Years After ,1st725-6 ,2nd823-4
    Terraplane (see: Thunder)
  1453. Terrorvision ,2nd824
  1454. Tesla ,1st726 ,2nd824
  1455. Testament ,1st726 ,2nd824-5
  1456. Texas ,1st726-7 ,2nd825
  1457. That Petrol Emotion (see: Undertones, The) ,1st727 ,2nd825
    Theatre of Hate (see: Spear of Destiny)
  1458. Them ,1st728-9 ,2nd826 ,Erd1100-1
  1459. Then Jerico ,1st729 ,2nd826-7
  1460. Therapy? ,1st729 ,2nd827
  1461. These Animal Men ,2nd827
  1462. The The ,1st727-8 ,2nd827-8 ,Erd1098-1100
  1463. They Might Be Giants ,1st729-30 ,2nd828
  1464. Thin Lizzy ,1st730-1 ,2nd828-30 ,Erd1101-4
  1465. Thirteen Senses ,Erd1104-5
  1466. 13th Floor Elevators ,1st731-2 ,2nd830-1
  1467. .38 Special ,1st732-3 ,2nd831
    31st February (see: Allman Brothers Band)
  1468. This Mortal Coil ,2nd831-2
    Thomas, David (see: Pere Ubu)
    Thomas, Ray (see: Moody Blues)
  1469. Thompson, Richard ,1st733 ,2nd832-3 ,3rd832-3 ,4th844-6 ,5th988-9 ,6th1057-8 ,7th1540-3 ,Erd1105-7
  1470. Thompson Twins ,1st733-4 ,2nd833-4
    Thorn, Tracy (see: Everything But The Girl)
  1471. Thorogood, George & The Destroyers ,1st734-5 ,2nd834
  1472. Thousand Year Stare ,2nd834
    3 (see: Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
  1473. Three Dog Night ,1st735-6
  1474. 3 Doors Down ,Erd1107-8
  1475. Thrice ,Erd1108
  1476. Thrills, The ,Erd1108-9
  1477. Throbbing Gristle ,1st736 ,2nd835
  1478. Throwing Muses ,1st7346 ,2nd835-6
  1479. Thunder ,1st737 ,2nd836
    Thunders, Johnny (see: Heartbreakers)
    Thunderthumbs & Toten Senham (see: Level 42)
  1480. Thursday ,Erd1109-10
    Tiger Lily (see: Ultravox)
  1481. Tikaram, Tanita ,1st737 ,2nd836-7 ,3rd836 ,4th849-50 ,5th993-4 --
    Tilbrook,, Glenn (see: Squeeze)
    Til Tuesday (see: Mann, Aimee)
    Timelords (see: KLF)
    Times (see: Television Personalities)
    Tin Machine (see: Bowie, David)
  1482. Tindersticks ,2nd837 ,Erd1110-2
  1483. Toad the Wet Sprocket ,2nd837
    Toe Fat (see: Bennett, Cliff)
    Tom & Jerry (see: Simon & Garfunkel)
  1484. Tomorrow ,2nd837-8
    Tom Tom Club (see: Talking Heads)
    To My Surprise (see: Slipknot)
    Tones on Tail (see: Love and Rockets)
  1485. Tool ,Erd1112-3
  1486. Tornados ,1st738
  1487. Tortoise ,Erd1113-4
  1488. Toto ,1st738-9 ,2nd838-9
    Touch (see: D'Arby, Terence Trent)
    Tourists (see: Eurythmics)
    Townsend, Peter (see: Who, The)
  1489. Toyah ,1st739 ,2nd839
  1490. T'Pau ,1st740 ,2nd839-40
  1491. Traffic ,1st740-1 ,2nd840 ,Erd1114-6
    Traffic Jam Status Quo)
  1492. Train ,Erd1116
  1493. Trans-Global Underground ,2nd841
  1494. Transvision Vamp ,1st741 ,2nd841-2
  1495. Traveling Wilburys, The ,1st741-2 ,2nd842
  1496. Travis ,Erd1117-8
    T.Rex (see: Bolan, Marc)
  1497. Tricky ,Erd1118-9
  1498. Triffids ,1st742 ,2nd842-3
  1499. Triumph ,1st742-3 ,2nd843
  1500. Troggs ,1st743-4 ,2nd843-4
  1501. Trower, Robin ,1st744 ,2nd844-5
  1502. Tubes ,1st744-5 ,2nd845-6
    Tubeway Army (see: Numan, Gary)
  1503. Tunsall, KT (Kate) ,Erd1119-20
  1504. Turin Brakes ,Erd1120-21
    Turner, Nik (Inner City Unit) (see: Hawkwind)
  1505. Turner, Ike & Tina Turner ,1st745-8 ,2nd846-9 ,Erd1121-6
  1506. Turtles ,1st748-9 ,2nd849-50
    Twink (see: Pink Fairies)
  1507. Twisted Sister ,1st749 ,2nd850
    Two Men, A Drum Machine & a Trumpet (see: Fine Young Cannibals)
  1508. 2Pac ,Erd1126-8
  1509. Tygers of Pan Tang ,1st749-50 ,2nd850-1
    Tyrannosaurus Rex Bolan, Marc)
  1510. Tzuke, Judie ,1st750 ,2nd851
  1511. UB 40 (aka UB40) ,1st753-4 ,2nd852-3 ,Erd1129-31
  1512. UFO ,1st754 ,2nd853-4
    Ugly Casanova (see: Modest Mouse)
  1513. Ugly Kid Joe ,1st754-5 ,2nd854
  1514. UK Subs ,1st755 ,2nd854-5
  1515. Ultimate Spinach ,2nd855
  1516. Ultramarine ,2nd855-6 ,2nd855-6
  1517. Ultravox ,1st755-7 ,2nd856-7 ,Erd1132-4
  1518. Uncle Tupelo ,Erd1134-5
  1519. Undertones, The ,1st757 ,2nd857--8 ,Erd1135-8
  1520. Underworld ,2nd858 ,Erd1138-40
  1521. U.N.K.L.E. ,Erd1140
  1522. Urban Dance Squad ,2nd858
    Ure, Midge (see: Ultravox)
  1523. Urge Overkill ,2nd858-9
  1524. Uriah Heep ,1st757-8 ,2nd859-60
  1525. Used, The ,Erd1140-1
    Utopia (see: Rundgren, Todd)
  1526. U2 ,1st758-9 ,2nd860-2 ,Erd1141-5
  1527. Vai, Steve ,1st761 ,2nd863
  1528. Valens, Richie ,1st761 ,2nd863
    Valentinos, The (see: Womack, Bobby)
    Valli, Frankie (see: Four Seasons)
  1529. Van Der Graaf Generator ,1st761-2 ,2nd863-5 ,3rd863-5 ,Wee503-4 ,4th880-2 ,5th1025-7 ,6th1096-8 ,7th1600-2 ,Erd1146-8
  1530. Vangelis ,1st762-3 ,2nd865-6 ,3rd865-6 ,Wee505-6 ,4th882-3 ,5th1027-9 ,6th1098-1100 ,7th1602-5
  1531. Van Halen ,1st763-4 ,2nd866 ,Erd1148-50
  1532. Vanilla Fudge ,1st764 ,2nd866-7
    Van Leer, Thijs (see: Focus)
  1533. Van Zandt, Townes ,5th1031-2 ,6th1102-3 ,7th1608-10
  1534. Vaselines ,2nd867
  1535. Vaughan, Stevie Ray ,1st764-5 ,2nd867-8
    Vega, Alan (see: Suicide)
  1536. Vega, Suzanne ,1st765 ,2nd868 ,Erd1150-2
    Vegas (see: Eurythmics) (see: Hall, Terry)
    Velvet Revolver (see: Guns N' Roses)
  1537. Velvet Underground ,1st765-6 ,2nd868-70 ,Erd1152-4
  1538. Ventures, The ,1st766-8
    Verlaine, Tom (see: Television)
  1539. Veruca Salt ,2nd870
  1540. Verve, The ,2nd870-1 ,Erd1154-6
    Victor (see: Rush)
  1541. Vincent, Gene ,1st768-9 ,2nd871-2 ,Erd1156-8
    Vinegar Joe (see: Brooks, Elkie)
  1542. Vines, The ,Erd1158-9
  1543. Violent Femmes ,2nd872-3 ,3rd772-3 ,4th892 --
    Violet Indiana (see: Cocteau Twins)
    V.I.P.'s (see: Spooky Tooth)
  1544. Virgin Prunes ,2nd873
  1545. Visage ,1st769-70 ,2nd873-4
  1546. Vixen ,1st770 ,2nd874
  1547. Voice of the Beehive ,1st770 ,2nd874-5
    Volman, Mark & Howard Kaylan (see: Turtles)
  1548. Wah! ,1st772 ,2nd876
    Wailers (see: Marley, Bob)
  1549. Wainwright III, Loudon ,1st772-3 ,2nd876-7 ,3rd875-6 ,4th893 ,5th1038 ,6th1110-1 ,7th1621-2
  1550. Wainwright, Rufus ,Erd1160
    Waite, John (see: Babys)
  1551. Waits, Tom ,1st773-4 ,2nd877-9 ,Erd1160-3
  1552. Wakeman, Rick ,1st774-5 ,2nd879-80 ,Erd1164-7
  1553. Walker, Junior & the All-Stars ,1st775-6
  1554. Walker, Scott & the Walker Brothers ,1st776-7 ,2nd880-2 ,Erd1167-70
  1555. Wall of Voodoo ,1st777-8 ,2nd882
  1556. Walsh, Joe ,1st778 ,2nd882-3
    Walsh, Steve (see: Kansas)
    Wanderers (see: Sham 69)
  1557. Wang Chung ,1st778-9 ,2nd883
  1558. War ,1st779-80883
    Wareham, Dean (see: Galaxie 500)
  1559. Warrant ,1st780 ,2nd884-5
  1560. Was (Not Was) ,1st780-1 ,2nd885
  1561. W.A.S.P. ,1st781 ,2nd-6885
  1562. Waterboys, The ,1st781-2 ,2nd886-7 ,Erd1170-2
  1563. Waters, Muddy ,1st782-3 ,2nd887-9 ,Erd1172-5
  1564. Waters, Roger ,1st783-4 ,2nd889-90 ,Erd1175-6
    Watson, Jeff (see: Nightranger)
    Watt, Ben (see: Everything But The Girl)
    Watts, Charlie (see: Rolling Stones)
    Wax (see: Gold, Andrew)
    Waybill, Fee (see: Tubes)
  1565. Weather Prophets ,1st784 ,2nd890
  1566. Weather Report ,1st784-6 ,2nd890-2
    Webb's Chicken Shack, Stan (see: Chicken Shack)
  1567. Wedding Present, The ,1st786 ,2nd892-3 ,Erd1176-9
  1568. Weezer ,Erd1179
    Weiland, Scott (see: Stone Temple Pilots)
    Weir, Bob (see: Grateful Dead)
    Weller, Paul (see: Style Council) ,2nd893 ,Erd1179-84
  1569. West, Kanye ,Erd1184-6
    West, Leslie (see: Mountain)
    Westerberg, Paul (see: Replacements)
  1570. Wet Wet Wet ,1st786-7 ,2nd894
  1571. We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It ,1st787 ,2nd894
    Wham (see: Michael, George)
    White, Alan (see: Yes)
    White, Maurice (see: Earth, Wind & Fire)
  1572. White Lion ,1st787-8 ,2nd894-5
  1573. Whitesnake ,1st788-9 ,2nd895-6 ,Erd1190-3
  1574. White Stripes ,Erd1186-9
  1575. White Zombie ,2nd896 ,Erd1189-90
    Whitford / St. Holmes (see: Aerosmith)
  1576. Who, The ,1st789-91 ,2nd896-99 ,7th523-6 ,Erd1193-99
  1577. Wilco ,Erd1199-1201
    Wild & Wondering (see: Pop Will Eat Itself)
    Wildbunch (see: Electric Six)
  1578. Wildhearts ,2nd899
    Wildlife (see: FM)
  1579. Williams, Hank ,2nd899-901
  1580. Williams, Lucinda ,5th1067 ,6th1142 ,7th16667-8
    Williams, Pharrell (see: N.E.R.D.)
  1581. Williams, Robbie ,Erd1201-3
    Williamson, Robin (see: Incredible String Band)
  1582. Williamson, Sonny Boy ,1st791-2 ,2nd901-2
    Willson-Piper, Marty (see: Church)
    Wilson, Ann (see: Heart)
    Wilson, Brian (see: Beach Boys)
    Wilson, Carl (see: Beach Boys)
    Wilson, Danny (see: Danny Wilson)
    Wilson, Dennis (see: Beach Boys)
    Wilson, Hank (see: Russell, Leon)
  1583. Wilson, Jackie ,1st792-4 ,2nd902-4
    Win (see: Fire Engines)
  1584. Winger ,1st794 ,2nd904
    Wings (see: McCartney, Paul)
  1585. Winter, Edgar ,1st794-5 ,2nd904-5
  1586. Winter, Johnny ,1st795-6 ,2nd905-6
  1587. Winwood, Steve ,1st796 ,2nd906-7 ,Erd1203-5
  1588. Wipers ,2nd907
  1589. Wire ,1st796-8 ,2nd907-8 ,Erd1205-7
  1590. Wishbone Ash ,1st798 ,2nd908-9
    Witness (see: Hipsway)
    Wizzard (see: Move)
  1591. Wobble, Jah ,2nd909-
    Wolf, Peter (see: Geils Band, J.)
  1592. Wolfsbane ,1st799 ,2nd910
  1593. Womack, Bobby ,1st799-800 ,2nd910-2 ,Erd1207-10
  1594. Wonder, Stevie ,1st800-2 ,2nd912-5 ,Erd1210-5
  1595. Wonder Stuff ,1st802 ,2nd915
    Wood, Ron (see: Rolling Stones)
    Wood, Roy (see: Move)
  1596. Woodentops ,1st802-3 ,2nd916
  1597. World Party ,1st803 ,2nd916
  1598. Wray, Link ,1st803-4 ,2nd916-7
  1599. Wreckless Eric ,1st804 ,2nd917-8
    Wright, Gary (see: Spooky Tooth)
    Wright, Richard (see: Pink Floyd)
  1600. Wu-Tang Clan ,Erd1215-9
  1601. Wyatt, Robert ,1st805 ,2nd918-9 ,Erd1219-22
    Wylie, Pete (see: Wah!)
    Wyman, Bill (see: Rolling Stones)
    Wynn, Steve (see: Dream Syndicate)
  1602. X ,1st807 ,2nd920
    Xon (see: Cabaret Voltaire)
  1603. X-Ray Spex ,1st807 ,2nd920-1
  1604. XTC ,1st807-8 ,2nd921-2 ,Erd1223-6
  1605. Y & T (Yesterday & Today) ,1st810 ,2nd923
    Y Kant Tori Read (see: Amos, Tori)
  1606. Yardbirds, The ,1st810-1 ,2nd923-4 ,3rd921-2 ,4th934-5 ,5th1092-3 ,6th1169-70 ,7th1707-8 ,Erd1227-8
  1607. Yazoo ,1st811 ,2nd924
  1608. Yeah Yeah Yeahs ,Erd1228-9
    Years (see: Chameleons)
  1609. Yello ,1st811-2 ,2nd925
  1610. Yellow Magic Orchestra ,1st812-3 ,2nd925-6
  1611. Yes ,1st813-5 ,2nd926-8 ,Erd1229-32
    YMO (see: Yellow Magic Orchestra)
  1612. Young, Neil ,1st815-6 ,2nd928-31 ,3rd925-8 ,4th938-41 ,5th1097-1100 ,6th1173-6 ,7th1713-7 ,Erd1232-8
  1613. Young, Paul ,1st816-7 ,2nd931-2
    Young Rascals (see: Rascals)
    Zander, Robin (see: Cheap Trick)
  1614. Zappa, Frank ,1st819-21 ,2nd933-6 ,Erd1239-45
    Zawinul, Joe (see: Weather Report)
    Z Combo, Rick (see: Derringer, Rick)
  1615. Zero 7 ,Erd1245-6
  1616. Zevon, Warren ,1st821-2 ,2nd936
    Zodiac Motel (see: Birdland)
  1617. Zombies ,1st822 ,2nd936-7 ,Erd1246-7
    Zoo (see: Fleetwood Mac)
  1618. Zutons, The ,Erd1247-8
    Zwan (see: Smashing Pumpkins)
  1619. ZZ Top ,1st822-3 ,2nd937-9 ,Erd1248-50
          Band names starting with a number have duplicate entries here. All such band names are listed above alphabetically and in the books as if they were spelled out, e.g. for "8" see "Eight"
    10cc 10cc)
    10 Pole Tudor (see: Ten Pole Tudor)
    10 Years After (see: Ten Years After)
    11 (see: Eleven)
    13 Senses (see: Thirteen Senses)
    13th Floor Elevators (see: 13th Floor Elevators)
    17 (see: Alarm)
    10,000 Maniacs (see: 10,000 Maniacs)
    2 Men, A Drum Machine & A Trumpet (see: Fine Young Cannibals)
    2Pac (see: 2Pac)
    3 (see: Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
    3 Doors Down (see: 3 Doors Down)
    31st February (see: 31st February)
    38 Special (see: .38 Special)
    4 Non Blondes (see: 4 Non Blondes)
    4 Seasons (see: Four Seasons)
    4 Tops (see: Four Tops)
    50 Cent (see: 50 Cent)
    8 Eyed Spy (see: Lydia Lunch)
    808 State (see: 808 State)
    9 Inch Nails (see: Nine Inch Nails)
    999 (see: 999)

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