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    - Index for "The Great Rock Discography"
      by Martin C. Strong

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      This page is a Work in Progress * Index of every recording artist listed by Martin C. Strong in the 7 editions (1st-7th ed., 1994-2004) of "The Great Rock Discography", and the 1996 "The Wee Rock Discography", including every main section and all "(see under...)" cross references.
      Note: Only those artists with a main discography entry in one or more books are numbered below (1,600+ names), while those names with cross reference entries only are not numbered (900+ cross references).

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   * Work in Progress [letters A-B / Wee A-E / and 3 books are completely indexed A-Z: 1st, 2nd, Erd]

      Note: I am a private collector indexing books I own, and not a Library. I cannot respond to questions about information in these books, nor supply photocopies of copyrighted entries in them.
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    Listed/Indexed in publication date order:
  1. ",1st" = #ta - Strong, Martin C. 12/1994 "The Great Rock Discography, 1st ed." {A} - 0-86241-385-0
  2. ",2nd" = #tb - Strong, Martin C. 9/1995 "The Great Rock Discography, 2nd ed." {A} - 0-86241-385-0 - ASIN: B00224EQ34
          Webmaster's Note: I didn't think this was allowed, but the 1st and 2nd editions have identical ISBN numbers!
  3. ",3rd" = #fw - Strong, Martin C. 9/1996 "The Great Rock Discography, 3rd ed." {A} - 0-86241-541-1
  4. ",Wee" = #tf - Strong, Martin C. 11/1996 "The Wee Rock Discography", {A} - 0-86241-621-3
  5. ",4th" = #io - Strong, Martin C. 9/1998 "The Great Rock Discography, 4th ed." {A} - 0-8129-3111-4
  6. ",Gmdi" = #ti - Strong, Martin C. 11/1998 "The Great Metal Discography, 1st ed." {A} - 0-86241-727-9
  7. ",5th" = #tc - Strong, Martin C. 10/2000 "The Great Rock Discography, 5th ed." {A} - 1-84195-079-3
  8. ",Gmdii" = #th - Strong, Martin C. 11/2001 "The Great Metal Discography, 2nd ed." {A} - 1-84195-185-4
  9. ",6th" = #td - Strong, Martin C. 9/2002 "The Great Rock Discography, 6th ed." {A} - 1-84195-311-3
  10. ",7th" = #te - Strong, Martin C. 11/2004 "The Great Rock Discography, 7th ed." {A} - 1-84195-615-5
  11. ",Erd" = #tg - Strong, Martin C. 9/2006 "The Essential Rock Discography" {A} - 1-84195-985-5
Index for "The Great Folk Discography" - Other books by Martin C. Strong

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    " --" = dropped from future editions, or skipped one or more editions
    (see the book: "title") = cross reference to another book by this author, see Other books by Martin C. Strong, i.e. the discography has been moved to a different book.
  1. 'A' ,Gmdi1 ,Gmdii1 ,6th1 ,7th3
  2. Aaliyah (Dana Haughton) ,6th1-2 ,7th4-5
  3. Aaron, Lee ,Gmdi1, Gmdii1-2
  4. Aaronsrod ,Gmdi1 ,Gmdii2
  5. Abattoir ,Gmdii2
  6. Abba ,1st1-2 ,2nd1-2 ,3rd1-2 ,4th1-2 ,5th1-2 ,6th2-3 ,7th5-7
    ABBC (see: Calexico)
  7. ABC ,1st2-3 ,2nd2-3 ,3rd2-3 ,4th2-3 ,5th2-3 ,6th3-4 ,7th7-8
  8. Abhinanda ,Gmdii2
  9. Abrasive Wheels ,Gmdii2
    Abscess (see: Autopsy)
  10. Absu ,Gmdi2 ,Gmdii2-3
    A Camp (see: Cardigans)
  11. A.C. ,Gmdi2 ,Gmdii3
  12. Accept ,Gmdi2-3 ,Gmdii3-4
  13. Accuser ,Gmdi3 ,Gmdii4
  14. AC/DC ,1st3-4 ,2nd3-4 ,3rd3-4 ,Wee1-2 ,4th3-5 ,Gmdi3-5 ,5th3-4 ,Gmdii4-6 ,6th4-6 ,7th8-10 ,Erd1-4
  15. Ace ,1st4 -- ,5th5-6 ,6th6-7
  16. A Certain Ratio ,1st4-5 ,2nd4-5 ,3rd4-5 --
  17. Acheron ,Gmdi5 ,Gmdii6
  18. Acid ,Gmdi5 ,Gmdii6
    Acid Angels (see: Jesus & Mary Chain)
  19. Acid Reign ,Gmdi5 ,Gmdii7
  20. Ackles, David ,6th7 ,7th10-1
  21. Acrimony ,Gmdi5 ,Gmdii7
  22. Acrophet ,Gmdi5-6 ,Gmdii7
  23. Actified ,Gmdii7
  24. Action Pact ,Gmdii7-8
  25. Action Swingers ,Gmdii8
    Active Restraint (see: Mighty Lemon Drops)
  26. Adam Bomb ,Gmdi6 ,Gmdii8
  27. Adam & The Ants ,1st5 ,2nd5 ,3rd5 ,Wee2-3 ,4th5-6 ,5th6-7 ,6th7-8 ,7th11-3 ,Erd4-6
  28. Adams, Bryan ,1st5-6 ,2nd5-6 ,3rd5-6 ,Wee3-4 ,4th6-7 ,Gmdi6-7 ,5th7-8 ,Gmdii8-9 ,6th8-9 ,7th13-5 ,Erd6-8
  29. Adams, Ryan ,6th10 ,7th15-6 ,Erd8-9
  30. Adamson, Barry (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  31. Addict ,Gmdii9-10
  32. Add N to (X) ,5th8 ,6th10 ,7th16
  33. Adicts ,Gmdii10
  34. Adolescents ,Gmdii10-1
  35. Adrenalin O.D. ,Gmdii11
  36. Adverts ,1st6-7 ,2nd6-7 ,3rd6-7 --
    Adverts / TV Smith (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
    Aerial-M (see: Slint)
  37. Aerosmith ,1st7-8 ,2nd7-9 ,3rd7-9 ,Wee4-6 ,4th7-9 ,Gmdi7-10 ,5th9-10 ,Gmdii11-3 ,6th10-2 ,7th17-9 ,Erd9-13
  38. Afghan Whigs ,2nd9 ,3rd9 ,Wee6-7 ,4th9 ,5th10-1 ,Gmdii13-4 ,6th12-3 ,7th19-20
  39. Afi ,Gmdii14 ,7th21 ,Erd13-4
  40. A Flock of Seagulls ,1st8 ,2nd9-10 ,3rd9-10 --
  41. A Foot in Coldwater ,Gmdi10 ,Gmdii14
  42. After Hours ,Gmdi10 ,Gmdii14-5
  43. Aftermath ,Gmdi10 ,Gmdii15
  44. Agathodaimon ,Gmdii15
  45. Agent Orange ,Gmdii15
  46. Agent Steel ,Gmdi10
  47. Agnostic Front ,Gmdi10-1 ,Gmdii15-6
  48. Aguilera ,7th22
  49. A-Ha ,1st8-9 ,2nd10 ,3rd10 -- ,5th11-2 ,6th13-4 ,7th22-4
  50. A House ,2nd10-1 ,3rd10-1 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  51. Air ,5th12 ,6th14-5 ,7th24-5 ,Erd15-6
    Airforce (see: Baker, Ginger)
  52. Airhead ,1st9 ,2nd11 --
    Airrace (see: Bonham)
    Akkerman, Jan (see: Focus)
  53. Alarm, The ,1st9-10 ,2nd11-2 ,3rd11-2 ,Wee7-8 ,4th9-10 ,5th12-3 ,6th15-6 ,7th25-6
    Alaska (see: Marsden, Bernie)
    Albarn, Damon & ... (see: Blur)
    Alcatrazz (see: Bonnet, Graham)
  54. Alexa ,Gmdi11 ,Gmdii16
    Alice Cooper (see: Cooper, Alice)
  55. Alice Donut ,Gmdii16-7
  56. Alice in Chains ,1st10 ,2nd12 ,3rd12 ,Wee8 ,4th10-1 ,Gmdi11 ,5th13-4 ,Gmdii17 ,6th16 ,7th26-7 ,Erd16-7
  57. Alien (US) ,Gmdi11 ,Gmdii17
  58. Alien (Sweden) ,Gmdi11-2 ,Gmdii17-8
  59. Alien Ant Farm ,Gmdii18 ,6th16 ,7th27-8
  60. Alien Sex Fiend ,Gmdii18-9 (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  61. Alkaline Trio ,Gmdii19 ,7th28 ,Erd17-8
  62. Alkatrazz ,Gmdi12 ,Gmdii19
  63. All About Eve ,1st10 ,2nd12-3 ,3rd12 ,4th11 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  64. All-American Rejects, The ,7th28-9 ,Erd18
    Allan, Chad (see: Guess Who)
    Allen, Daevid (see: Gong)
  65. Allin, GG ,Gmdii19-20
  66. Allman Brothers Band, The ,1st10-2 ,2nd13-4 ,3rd12-4 ,Wee8-10 ,4th12-4 ,Gmdi12-4 ,5th14-6 ,Gmdii21-2 ,6th16-8 ,7th29-32 ,Erd18-21
  67. All Out War ,Gmdii23
  68. Almighty ,1st12 ,2nd14-5 ,3rd14 ,Wee10 ,4th14 -- ,Gmdi14 ,Gmdii23
  69. Almond, Marc (see: Soft Cell) ,4th14-6 ,5th16-8 ,6th18-20 ,7th32-5 ,Erd21-5
    Alone Again Or (see: Shamen)
    Alt (see: Crowded House)
    Alter Bridge (see: Creed)
  70. Altered Images ,1st12-3 ,2nd15 ,3rd15 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  71. Alternative TV ,1st13 ,2nd15-6 ,3rd15-6 -- ,Gmdii23-4
  72. Alternative TV / Mark Perry / etc. (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
    Amateur Night in the Big Top (see: Happy Mondays)
    Amboy Dukes (see: Nugent, Ted)
    Ambrose Slade (see: Slade)
  73. Amen ,Gmdi24i
  74. Amen Corner ,1st13-4 --
  75. America ,1st14-5 ,2nd16-7 ,3rd16 ,4th16-7 ,5th18-9 ,6th21-2 ,7th35-7
  76. Americade ,Gmdi14 ,Gmdii25
  77. American Hi-Fi ,6th22 ,7th37
  78. American Music Club ,2nd17 ,3rd16-7 ,Wee11 ,4th17-8 ,5th19-20 ,6th22-3 ,7th37-9
  79. Amon Amarth ,Gmdii25
  80. Amon Duul (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
  81. Amon Duul II ,1st15 ,2nd17-8 ,3rd17 ,4th18-9 ,5th20-1 ,6th23-4 ,7th39-40
  82. Amorphis ,Gmdi14-5 ,Gmdii25
    Amorphous Androgynous (see: Future Sound of London)
  83. Amos, Tori ,1st15-6 ,2nd18 ,3rd18 ,Wee11-2 ,4th19 ,5th21-2 ,6th24-5 ,7th40-2 ,Erd25-7
    Amps (see: Breeders)
  84. Anastacia ,6th25 ,7th42-3
  85. Andersen, Eric ,5th22-3 ,6th25-6 --
    Anderson, Ian (see: Jethro Tull)
    Anderson, Jon (see: Yes)
    Anderson Bruforn Wakeman Howe (see: Yes)
  86. Anderson, Laurie ,1st16 ,2nd18-9 ,3rd18 ,4th19-20 ,5th23 ,6th26-7 ,7th43-4
  87. Anathema ,Gmdi15 ,Gmdii25-6
  88. Ancient ,Gmdii26
  89. ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead ,Gmdii26
  90. Angel ,Gmdi15 ,Gmdii26-7
    Angel City (see: Angels)
  91. Angelic Upstarts ,1st16-7 ,2nd19 ,3rd18-9 -- ,Gmdii27-8 (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  92. Angels ,Gmdi15-6 ,Gmdii28
    Angels & Airwaves (see: Blink-182)
  93. Angel Witch ,Gmdi16 ,Gmdii28-9
  94. Angry Samoans ,Gmdii29
    Animal Logic (see: Clarke, Stanley)
  95. Animals, The ,1st17-8 ,2nd19-21 ,3rd19-21 ,Wee12-4 ,4th20-2 ,5th23-6 ,6th27-9 ,7th44-7 ,Erd27-30
  96. Animals That Swim ,2nd21 ,3rd21 ,Wee14 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
    Annabella (see: Bow Wow Wow)
  97. Annie Christian ,Gmdii29
  98. Annihilator ,Gmdi16 ,Gmdii29-30
    Another Pretty Face (see: Waterboys)
    Ant, Adam (see: Adam & The Ants)
  99. AnTestor ,Gmdii30
  100. Anthem ,Gmdi16-7 ,Gmdii30
  101. Anthrax ,1st18-9 ,2nd21-2 ,3rd21-2 ,Wee14-5 ,4th22-3 ,Gmdi17-8 ,5th26-7 ,Gmdii30-2 ,6th29-30 ,7th47-9 ,Erd30-2
  102. Anthony & the Johnsons ,Erd32-3
  103. Anti ,Gmdii32
    Anti-Group (see: Clock DVA)
  104. Anti-Nowhere League ,2nd22 -- ,Gmdi18 ,Gmdii32 (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  105. Anti-Pasti ,Gmdii32-3
  106. Anvil ,Gmdi18 ,Gmdii33
  107. Apartment 26 ,Gmdii33-4
    A Perfect Circle (see: Tool)
  108. Apes, Pigs & Spacemen ,Gmdi18 ,Gmdii34
  109. Aphex Twin ,2nd22-3 ,3rd22 ,Wee15 ,4th23-4 ,5th27-8 ,6th30-1 ,7th49-50
  110. Aphrodite's Child (see: Vangelis) ,3rd22 --
  111. Apocalypse ,Gmdi18-9 ,Gmdii34
  112. Apocrypha ,Gmdi19 ,Gmdii34
    Apollo XI (see: Orb)
  113. Apolli 440 ,4th24 ,5th28 ,6th31-2 ,7th50-1
  114. Apple, Fiona ,5th28 ,6th32 ,7th51 ,Erd33
  115. Apples (In Stereo) (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  116. April Wine ,1st19-20 ,2nd23 ,3rd22-3 -- ,Gmdi19-20 ,Gmdii34-5
    A Primary Industry (see: Ultramarine)
  117. Arab Strap ,4th24-5 ,5th28-9 ,6th32-3 ,7th51-3 ,Erd33-5
    Arcade (see: Ratt)
  118. Arcade Fire, the ,Erd35
    Arcadia (see: Duran Duran)
  119. Arch Enemy ,Gmdii35
  120. Archer, Tasmin ,1st20 ,2nd23-4 --
  121. Arctic Monkeys ,Erd35-7
  122. Arcturus ,Gmdii35-6
  123. Argent ,1st20 ,2nd24 ,3rd23-4 ,4th25 -- (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
  124. Armatrading, Joan ,1st20-1 ,2nd24-5 ,3rd24-5 ,4th25-7 ,5th29-30 ,6th33-4 ,7th53-5
  125. Armored Saint ,Gmdi20 ,Gmdii36
    Armoury Show (see: Skids)
    Arms and Legs (see: Jackson, Joe)
  126. Arrested Development ,1st21-2 ,2nd25 ,3rd25 ,4th27 ,5th30-1 ,6th34-5 --
    Art (see: Spooky Tooth)
  127. Art Attacks ,Gmdii36
    Arthur, Neil (see: Blancmange)
  128. Artillery ,Gmdi20 ,Gmdii36
  129. A.S.a.P. ,Gmdi20 ,Gmdii36-7
    Art Objects (see: Blue Aeroplanes)
  130. Art of Noise ,1st22 ,2nd26 ,3rd25-6 ,4th27-8 ,5th31-2 ,6th35-6 --
  131. Ash ,3rd26 ,Wee15 ,4th28-9 ,5th32 ,Gmdii37 ,6th36 ,7th55-6 ,Erd37-8
    Ash, Daniel (see: Love and Rockets)
    Ashcroft, Richard (see: The Verve)
    Ashton,Tony & Jon Lord (see: Deep Purple)
  132. Asia ,1st22-3 ,2nd26-7 ,3rd26 ,Wee16 ,4th29 ,Gmdi20-1 ,5th33 ,Gmdii37-8 ,6th37 ,7th56-7
  133. Asian Dub Foundation ,5th33-4 ,Gmdii38-9 ,6th37-8 ,7th57-8
    Asphalt Ribbons (see: Tindersticks)
    Assembly (see: Yazoo)
  134. Assert ,Gmdii39
  135. Associates ,1st23-4 ,2nd27-8 ,3rd27 ,4th29-30 ,5th34-5 ,6th38-9 ,7th58-60 ,Erd38-40
    Astbury, Ian (see: Cult)
    Astor, Pete (see: Weather Prophets)
  136. Aswad ,1st24 ,2nd28 --
    Asylum Choir (see: Russell, Leon) (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
  137. Atari Teenage Riot ,5th35 ,Gmdii39-40 ,6th39-40 --
  138. Ataris ,Gmdii39 ,7th60
  139. Atheist ,Gmdi21 ,Gmdii40
  140. Athlete ,7th60-1 ,Erd42
  141. Atlanta Rhythm Section ,1st24-5 --
  142. Atomic Rooster ,1st25-6 ,2nd29 ,3rd27-8 ,4th30-1 -- ,Gmdi21 ,Gmdii40-1
  143. Atomkraft ,Gmdii41
  144. Atom Seed ,Gmdii41
  145. Atrophy ,Gmdii42
  146. At the Drive-In ,Gmdii42 ,6th40 ,7th61-2 ,Erd40-2
  147. At the Gates ,Gmdii42-3
  148. A Tribe Called Quest ,2nd29 ,3rd28 ,4th31 --
    Attila (see: Joel, Billy)
  149. A II Z ,Gmdii43
  150. Audience ,3rd28-9 -- (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
    Audioslave (see: Rage Against the Machine)
  151. Auger, Brian ,1st26 ,2nd29-30 ,3rd29 ,4th31-2 --
  152. Au Pairs ,1st26-7 ,2nd30-1 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  153. Auteurs ,1st27 ,2nd31 ,3rd30 ,Wee16 ,4th32-3 ,5th35-6 ,6th40-1 ,7th62-3
  154. Autograph ,Gmdii43
  155. Automatic, The ,Erd42-3
  156. Automatic Man ,Gmdii43
  157. Autopsy ,Gmdii43-4
  158. Avail ,Gmdii44-5
  159. Avalanches ,6th41-2 ,7th64
  160. Avenger ,Gmdii45
  161. Avengers ,Gmdii45
  162. Average White Band ,1st27 ,2nd31-2 ,3rd30-1 ,4th33-4 ,5th36-7 ,6th42 ,7th64-6
  163. Axe ,Gmd45ii
  164. AxeWitch ,Gmdii45-6
    Axiom Funk (see: Laswell, Bill)
  165. Axis ,Gmdii46
  166. Axton, Hoyt ,5th37-8 ,6th43-4 --
  167. Axxis ,Gmdii46
  168. Ayers, Kevin ,1st27-8 ,2nd32 ,3rd31 ,4th34-5 ,5th39-40 ,6th44-5 ,7th66-8
  169. Aztec Camera ,1st28-9 ,2nd32-3 ,3rd31-2 ,Wee16-7 ,4th35-6 ,5th40 ,6th45-6 ,7th68-9 ,Erd43-4
  170. B., Eric & Rakim ,4th37 ,5th41 ,6th47 ,7th71-2
    B, Melanie (see: Spice Girls)
    Baader-Meinhof (see: Auteurs)
    Babble (see: Thompson Twins)
  171. Babe Ruth ,Gmdii47
  172. Babes in Toyland ,1st31 ,2nd34 ,3rd33 ,4th37-8 ,5th41-2 ,Gmdii47-8 ,6th47-8 ,7th72-3
  173. Baby Animals ,Gmdii48
  174. Baby Bird (aka Babybird) ,Wee18 ,4th38 ,5th42 ,6th48-9 ,7th73-4
  175. Baby Chaos ,Gmdii48
  176. Babylon A.D. ,Gmdii48
  177. Babylon Zoo ,Wee18
  178. Babys ,1st31 -- ,3rd33-4 ,4th38-9 -- ,Gmdii48-9
    Baby Shambles (see: Libertines)
  179. Baby Tuckoo ,Gmdii49-50
    Bach, Sebastian (see: Skid Row)
  180. Bachman-Turner Overdrive ,1st31-2 ,2nd34-5 ,3rd34-5 ,Wee19-20 ,4th39-40 ,5th42-3 ,Gmdii50-1 ,6th49-50 ,7th74-6
  181. Back to the Planet ,2nd35 --
  182. Backyard Babies ,Gmdii51
  183. Bad Brains ,4th40-1 ,5th43-4 ,Gmdii51-2 ,6th50-1 ,7th76-7
  184. Bad Company ,1st32-3 ,2nd35-6 ,3rd35 ,Wee20 ,4th41-2 ,5th44-552-3 ,6th51 ,7th77-8 ,Erd45-6
    Badenglish [aka Bad English] (see: Babys)
  185. Badfinger ,1st33 ,2nd36 ,3rd35-6 ,4th42 ,5th45-6 ,6th52 ,7th78-80 ,Erd46-8
  186. Badlands ,1st34 ,2nd36-7 -- ,Gmdii53
  187. Badly Drawn Boy ,6th52-3 ,7th80-1 ,Erd48-9
  188. Bad Religion ,5th46-7 ,Gmdii53-4 ,6th53 ,7th81-2
  189. Badu, Erykah ,6th54 ,7th82
  190. Baez, Joan ,1st34-5 ,2nd37-8 ,3rd36-7 ,4th42-4 ,5th47-8 ,6th54-6 ,7th82-5 ,Erd49-51
    Bailey, Chris (see: Saints)
    Bailey, Philip (see: Earth, Wind & Fire)
    Baird, Dan (see: Georgia Satellites)
  191. Baker, Ginger ,1st35-6 ,2nd38-9 ,3rd348 ,Wee20-1 ,4th44-5 ,5th49-50 ,6th56-7 ,7th85-7
  192. Bakerloo ,Gmdii54
  193. Balaam and the Angel ,Gmdii54
    Ball, Dave (see: Soft Cell)
    Ball, Ed (see: Television Personalities)
  194. Bal-Sagoth ,Gmdii54-5
  195. Bambaataa, Afrika ,5th50 ,6th57-8 ,7th87-8
  196. Banco de Gaia ,2nd39 ,3rd38-9 --
  197. Band, The ,1st36-7 ,2nd39-40 ,3rd39 ,Wee21-2 ,4th45-6 ,5th50-2 ,6th58-9 ,7th88-90 ,Erd52-4
    Band Aid (see: Boomtown Rats: Bob Geldof)
  198. Band of Susans ,Gmdii55
  199. Bang ,Gmdi55i
  200. Bangalore Choir ,Gmdii55
    Bangalter, Thomas (see: Daft Punk)
  201. Bangles ,1st37 ,2nd40-1 ,3rd39-40 -- ,5th52 ,6th59-60 ,7th90-92
  202. Bang Tango ,Gmdii55-6
  203. Bangtwister ,Gmdii56
  204. Banished ,Gmdii56
    Banks, Tony / Bankstatement (see: Genesis)
  205. Barclay James Harvest ,1st37-8 ,2nd41-2 ,3rd40-1 ,4th46-8 ,5th53-4 ,6th60-1 ,7th92-4
  206. Barenaked Ladies ,5th54 ,6th61-2 ,7th94-5
  207. Bar-Kays ,6th62-3 --
  208. Barkmarket ,Gmdii56
    Barlow, Lou (see: Dinosaur Jr.)
    Barmy Army (see: Clail, Gary)
  209. Barnes, Jimmy ,Gmdii56-7
  210. Baron Rojo ,Gmdii57-8
  211. Barren Cross ,Gmdii58
  212. Barrett, Syd ,1st38-9 ,2nd42 ,3rd41 ,Wee22-3 ,4th48 ,5th54-5 ,6th63 ,7th95-6 ,Erd54-5
  213. Basement Jaxx ,5th55 ,6th63-4 ,7th96-7 ,Erd55-6
    Bash & Pop (see: Replacements)
    Bass-O-Matic (see: Orbit, William)
  214. Bastard ,Gmdii58
    Bastro (see: Squirrel Bait)
  215. Bathory ,Gmdii58-9
  216. Baton Rouge ,Gmdii59
  217. Battleaxe ,Gmdii59
  218. Bauhaus ,1st39 ,2nd42-3 ,3rd41-3 ,Wee23-5 ,4th48-50 ,5th55-7 ,Gmdii59-60 ,6th64-6 ,7th97-100
    Bay (see: Arab Strap)
  219. Bay City Rollers ,5th57-8 ,6th66-7 --
    BBM (see: Bruce, Jack)
  220. Beach Boys ,1st39-42 ,2nd43-5 ,3rd43-6 ,Wee25-8 ,4th50-4 ,5th58-62 ,6th67-70 ,7th100-5 ,Erd56-62
  221. Beastie Boys ,1st42 ,2nd45-6 ,3rd46 ,Wee28-9 ,4th54-5 ,5th62-3 ,Gmdii60-1 ,6th70-2 ,7th105-7 ,Erd63-6
  222. Beat ,1st43 ,2nd46 ,3rd46-7 -- ,5th63-4 ,6th72 --
  223. Beatles ,1st43-5 ,2nd46-9 ,3rd47-9 ,Wee29-32 ,4th55-8 ,5th64-7 ,6th72-6 ,7th108-12 ,Erd66-72
    Beatnigs (see: Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy)
    Beats International (see: Cook, Norman)
  224. Beau Brummels ,2nd49 ,3rd49-50 -- (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
  225. Beautiful South ,1st45 ,2nd49-50 ,3rd50 ,4th58-9 ,5th67-8 ,6th76-7 ,7th112-4
  226. Beaver & Krause (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
    Be-Bop Deluxe (see: Nelson, Bill)
  227. Beck ,2nd50 ,3rd50 ,Wee32 ,4th59-60 ,5th68-9 ,6th77-8 ,7th114-6 ,Erd72-4
  228. Beck, Jeff ,1st45-6 ,2nd50-1 ,3rd51-2 ,Wee32-3 ,4th60-1 ,5th69-70 ,Gmdii61-2 ,6th78-9 ,7th116-8 ,Erd74-6
    Becker, Walter (see: Steely Dan)
    Beckham, Victoria (see: Spice Girls)
    Beckies (see: Left Banke)
  229. Bedlam ,Gmdii63
  230. Beefeater ,Gmdii63
    Beefeaters (see: Byrds)
  231. Bee Gees ,1st46-8 -- ,3rd52-4 -- ,5th70-3 ,6th79-82 ,7th118-22 ,Erd76-9
  232. Bees, The ,Erd79-80
    B.E.F. (see: Heaven 17)
    Beirut Slump (see: Lydia Lunch)
  233. Bell, Chris (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
    Bell, Maggie (see: Stone the Crows)
  234. Belle and Sebastian ,5th73 ,6th82-3 ,7th122-3 ,Erd80-1
  235. Belly ,1st48-9 ,2nd51 ,3rd54 ,Wee33-4 ,4th61 ,5th73 ,6th83 ,7th123-4
  236. Beloved ,1st49 ,2nd51 ,3rd54 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  237. Benatar, Pat ,1st49-50 ,2nd52 ,3rd54-5 ,4th61-2 ,5th74-5 ,Gmdii63-4 ,6th83-4 ,7th124-6
  238. Benediction ,Gmdii64
  239. Bennet ,Gmdii64-5
    Bennett, Brian (see: Shadows)
  240. Bennett, Cliff ,1st50-1 --
  241. Benson, George ,1st51-2 ,2nd52-4 ,3rd55-6 -- ,6th84-6 ,7th126-8
  242. Bentley Rhythm Ace ,4th62-3 ,5th75 ,6th86 --
    Ben Tramer (see: Arab Strap)
  243. Berry, Chuck ,1st52-4 ,2nd54-6 ,3rd56-8 ,4th63-5 ,5th75-7 ,6th87-9 ,7th128-31 ,Erd81-4
  244. Beta Band, The ,5th77-8 ,6th89 ,7th131-32 ,Erd84-5
    Bettencourt, Nuno (see: Extreme)
    Better Days (see: Butterfield, Paul)
  245. Better Than Ezra ,5th78 -- ,Gmdii65
  246. Bettie Serveert (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
    Betts, Richard/Dickie (see: Allman Brothers Band)
    Bevan, Bev (see: Electric Light Orchestra)
  247. Bevis Frond (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  248. Beyond ,Gmdii65
  249. B-52's, The ,1st54-5 ,2nd56-7 ,3rd58-9 ,Wee34-5 ,4th65-6 ,5th78-9 ,6th89-90 ,7th132-3 ,Erd85-6
  250. Bhundu Boys ,1st55 --
    Biafra, Jello (see: Dead Kennedys)
  251. Bible ,2nd57 --
    Bid (see: Monochrome Set)
  252. Bif Naked ,Gmdii65
  253. Big Audio Dynamite ,1st55-6 ,2nd57-8 ,3rd59-60 ,Wee35 ,4th66-7 ,5th79-80 ,6th91 ,7th1334
  254. Big Black ,1st56 ,2nd58 ,3rd60 -- ,5th80-1 ,Gmdii66-7 ,6th91-2 ,7th134-5
  255. Big Bopper ,1st56-7 ,2nd58-9 ,3rd60 --
  256. Big Brother & The Holding Company (see: Joplin, Janis) ,1st57 ,2nd59 ,3rd60-1 ,Wee35-67 ,4th67 ,5th81 ,6th92-3 ,7th136
  257. Big Chief ,Gmdii67
  258. Big Country ,1st57-8 ,2nd59-60 ,3rd61-2 ,Wee36-7 ,4th67-8 ,5th81-2 ,6th93-4 ,7th136-8 ,Erd86-9
  259. Big Dish ,1st58 ,2nd60 --
  260. Big Head Todd & The Monsters ,5th82-3 --
  261. Big Star (see: Box Tops) ,Erd89
  262. Bikini Kill ,Gmdii67 (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  263. Biohazard ,2nd60 ,3rd62 -- ,Gmdii67-8
  264. Biosphere (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
  265. Birdland ,1st58 ,2nd60-1 ,3rd62 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  266. Birtha ,Gmdii68
  267. Birthday Party ,1st58-9 ,2nd61 ,3rd62-3 ,Wee37 -- (see: Cave, Nick 4th)
  268. Bis ,Wee37-8 (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  269. Bitch (Switzerland) ,Gmdii68
  270. Bitch (US) ,Gmdii
  271. Bitches Sin ,Gmdii68
  272. Bivouac ,Gmdii69
    Bizzy Bone (see: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
    BJH (see: Barclay James Harvest)
  273. Bjork (see: Sugarcubes 1st-2nd) ,3rd63-4 ,Wee38-9 ,4th68-70 ,5th83 ,6th94-6 ,7th139-42 ,Erd89-94
  274. Black ,1st59-60 ,2nd61-2 ,3rd64 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
    Black, Frank (see: Pixies)
    Black, Pauline (see: Selecter)
    Black Box Recorder (see: Auteurs)
  275. Black Crowes, The ,1st60 ,2nd62 ,3rd64-5 ,Wee39 ,4th70-1 ,5th85-6 ,Gmdii6970 ,6th96-7 ,7th142-4 ,Erd94-6
  276. Black Eyed Peas ,7th144
  277. Blackeyed Susan ,Gmdii70
  278. Black Flag ,1st60 ,2nd62-3 ,3rd65 ,4th71-2 ,5th86 ,Gmdii70-1 ,6th97-8 ,7th144-5
  279. Blackfoot ,1st61 ,2nd63-4 ,3rd65-6 -- ,Gmdii71-2
  280. Blackfoot Sue ,Gmdii72
  281. Black Grape ,3rd66 ,Wee39-41 ,4th72 -- (see: Happy Mondays) (see the book: "The Great Metal Discography" [NOT in ,Gmdi or ,Gmdii!])
    Backjack (see: Bolton, Michael)
    Blackmore's Rainbow (see: Deep Purple)
  282. Black 'N Blue ,Gmdii72
  283. Black Oak Arkansas ,1st61-2 ,2nd64 ,3rd66-8 -- ,Gmdii72-3
  284. Black Randy & The Metro Squad ,Gmdii73-4
  285. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ,7th145-6 ,Erd96-7
  286. Black Rose (UK) [NOT Cher's backing band] ,Gmdii74
    Black Rose (US) (see: Cher)
  287. Black Sabbath ,1st62-3 ,2nd64-5 ,3rd68-9 ,Wee41-2 ,4th72-5 ,5th87-8 ,Gmdii74-6 ,6th98-100 ,7th146-9 ,Erd97-100
  288. Black Train Jack ,Gmdii76
  289. Black Uhuru ,1st6365-6 ,2nd65-6 ,3rd69-70 ,4th75-6 --
  290. Black Widow ,1st63 ,2nd66 ,3rd70 -- ,Gmdii76
  291. Blancmange ,1st63-4 ,2nd66-7 ,3rd70 --
  292. Blasters (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  293. Blige, Mary J. ,6th100-1 ,7th149-50
  294. Blind Faith (see: Clapton, Eric) ,1st64 ,2nd67 ,3rd70 ,Wee42 ,4th76 ,5th88 ,6th101 ,7th150
  295. Blind Ilusion ,Gmdii76
  296. Blind Melon ,1st64 ,2nd67 ,3rd70-1 ,Wee42 ,4th76-7 ,5th88-9 ,Gmdii76-7 ,6th101 ,7th150-1
  297. Blink-182 ,5th89 ,Gmdii77 ,6th101-2 ,7th151-2 ,Erd100-1
  298. Blitz ,Gmdii77-8
  299. Bloc Party ,Erd101-2
  300. Blodwyn Pig ,1st64 ,2nd67 ,3rd71 -- (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
  301. Blondie ,1st64-5 ,2nd67-8 ,3rd71-2 ,Wee42-4 ,4th77-8 ,5th89-91 ,6th102-4 ,7th152-5 ,Erd102-5
  302. Blood ,Gmdii78
  303. Bloodgood ,Gmdii78
  304. Bloodhound Gang ,5th91 ,Gmdii78-9 ,6th104 ,7th155
  305. Bloodrock ,Gmdii
  306. Blood, Sweat & Tears ,1st65-6 ,2nd69 ,3rd72-3 -- ,5th91-2 ,6th104-5 ,7th155-7
    Bloomfield, Mike (see: Electric Flag)
    b.l.o.w. (see: Little Angels)
  307. Blow Monkeys ,1st66-7 ,2nd69-70 ,3rd73-4 --
  308. Blow, Kurtis ,5th93 ,6th105-6 --
  309. Blue Aeroplanes ,1st67-8 ,2nd70-1 ,3rd74 --
    Blue Angel (see: Lauper, Cyndi)
    Bluebelles (see: LaBelle)
  310. Bluebells ,1st68 ,2nd71 -- (Great Folk Index")
  311. Blue Cheer ,1st68 ,2nd71-2 ,3rd74-5 -- ,Gmdii79-80
  312. Blue Murder ,Gmdii80
  313. Blue Nile, The ,1st68-9 ,2nd72 ,3rd75 ,Wee44 ,4th78-9 ,5th93 ,6th106 ,7th157-8 ,Erd106
  314. Blue Oyster Cult ,1st69 ,2nd72-3 ,3rd75-6 ,Wee44-5 ,4th79-80 ,5th93-5 ,Gmdii80-1 ,6th106-7 ,7th158-60
    Blue Ridge Rangers, The (see: Creedence Clearwater Revival)
    Bluesbreakers (see: Mayall, John)
  315. Blues Magoos (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
    Bluesology (see: John, Elton)
  316. Blues Project ,1st69-70 ,2nd73 ,3rd76 -- ,5th95 ,6th108 --
  317. Blues Traveler ,3rd76-7 ,Wee45 ,4th80 ,5th95-6 ,6th108-9 --
  318. Bluetip ,Gmdii
  319. Bluetones ,3rd77 ,Wee45 ,4th80 ,5th96 ,6th109 ,7th160-1
    Blue Velvets (see: Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  320. Blunt, James ,Erd106-7
  321. Blur ,1st70 ,2nd73-4 ,3rd77 ,Wee45-6 ,4th80-1 ,5th96-7 ,6th109-11 ,7th161-3 ,Erd107-11
  322. BMX Bandits ,2nd74 ,3rd77-8 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  323. Boards of Canada ,6th111 ,7th163-4 ,Erd111-
    Body Count (see: Ice-T)
  324. Bolan, Marc ,1st70-2 ,2nd74-7 ,3rd78-81 ,Wee46-50 ,4th81-4 ,5th97-100 ,6th111-4 ,7th164-6 ,Erd1124
  325. Bolin, Tommy ,Gmdii81-2
  326. Bollock Brothers ,Gmdii82
  327. Bolt Thrower ,Gmdii82-3
  328. Bolton, Michael ,1st72-3 ,2nd77-8 ,3rd81-2 --
  329. Bond, Graham ,1st73-4 ,2nd78-9 ,3rd82 -- ,5th100-1 ,6th114-5 ,7th166-7
  330. Bongwater (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  331. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ,6th115-6 ,7th168-9
  332. Bonham ,1st74 ,2nd79 -- ,Gmdi49
  333. Bon Jovi ,1st74 ,2nd79-80 ,3rd82-3 ,Wee50-1 ,4th84-5 ,5th101-3 ,6th116-8 ,7th169-72 ,Erd114-7
  334. Bonnet, Graham ,Gmdi51-2
    Bonnie "Prince" Billy (see: Oldham, Will)
  335. Bonzo Dog (Doo-Dah) Band ,1st74-5 ,2nd80-1 ,3rd83-4 --
  336. Bonzo Dog Band ,5th103-4 ,6th118 --
    Boogie Down Productions (see: KRS-ONE)
  337. Booker T. & The M.G.'s ,1st75-6 ,2nd81-2 ,3rd84-5 ,4th85-7 ,5th104-5 ,6th118-20 ,7th172-4
  338. Boomtown Rats ,1st76-7 ,2nd82-3 ,3rd85-6 ,Wee51-2 ,4th87-8 ,5th105-6 ,6th120-1 ,7th174-6 ,Erd117-9
    Boon Experience, Clint (see: Inspiral Carpets)
  339. Boo Radleys ,1st7783 ,2nd83 ,3rd86 ,Wee52 ,4th88 ,5th106-7 ,6th121-2 ,7th176-7
    Booth, Tim / Booth and the Bad Angel (see: James)
  340. Bootsy's Rubber Band ,3rd86-7 ,4th88-9 ,5th107-8 ,6th122-3 --
  341. Boston ,1st77-8 ,2nd83 ,3rd87 ,Wee52-3 ,4th89-90 ,5th108 ,6th123 ,7th177-8
  342. Bowie, David ,1st78-80 ,2nd83-7 ,3rd87-91 ,Wee53-7 ,4th90-4 ,5th108-12 ,6th123-7 ,7th178-83 ,Erd119-25
  343. Bow Wow Wow ,1st80 ,2nd87 ,3rd91 -- (see the book: "The Great Alternative & Indie Discography")
  344. Bowling for Soup ,7th183-4
    Boxcar Racer (see: Blink-182)
    Box of Frogs (see: Yardbirds)
  345. Box Tops ,1st81 ,2nd88-9 ,3rd91-2 ,4th94-5 ,5th112-3 ,6th127-8 ,7th184-6
  346. Boy George (see: Culture Club 1st, 2nd) ,3rd92-3 -- ,5th113-5 ,6th128-30 ,7th186-8
    Boy Hardressers (see: Teenage Fan Club)
  347. Boy Kill Boy ,Erd125
    Boys Next Door (see: Birthday Party 1st-3rd) (see: Cave, Nick 4th)
  348. Bragg, Billy ,1st82 ,2nd89 ,3rd94 ,Wee57-8 ,4th95-6 ,5th1156 ,6th130-1 ,7th188-91 ,Erd126-8
    Brainbox (see: Focus)
    Brain Donor (see: Cope, Julian)
    Bramlett, Delaney & Bonnie (see: Delaney & Bonnie)
  349. Brand New Heavies ,5th116-7 ,6th131-2 --
    Brandon's 10:51, Kirk(see: Spear of Destiny)
  350. Bran Van 3000 ,5th117 --
  351. Bravery, The ,Erd128-9
  352. Bread ,5th117-8 ,6th132-3 ,7th191-2
    Breakbeat Era (see: Size, Roni)
  353. Breeders (see: Belly) ,2nd89-90 ,3rd94-5 ,Wee58 ,4th97 ,5th118-9 ,6th133-4 ,7th193 ,Erd128-9
  354. Brel, Jacques ,5th119-20 ,6th134-5 ,7th193-5
  355. Brickell, Edie & The New Bohemians ,1st82-390 ,2nd90 ,3rd95 ,4th97
  356. Brickell, Edie ,5th120 ,6th135 ,7th195-6
    Bridges (see: A-Ha)
  357. Bright Eyes ,Erd129
  358. Brinsley Schwarz ,1st83 ,2nd90-1 ,3rd95 -- ,5th120-1 ,6th135-6 ,7th196-7
    British Lions (see: Mott the Hoople)
  359. British Sea Power ,7th197 ,Erd130-1
    Brock, Dave (see: Hawkwind)
  360. Bronski Beat ,1st83-4 ,2nd91 ,3rd96 --
    Brooker, Gary (see: Procol Harum)
  361. Brooks, Elkie ,1st84-5 ,2nd91-2 ,3rd96-7 --
  362. Brooks, Garth ,6th136-7 --
  363. Brooks, Meredith ,4th97-98 ,5th121 --
  364. Broughton Band, Edgar ,1st85 ,2nd92-3 ,3rd97-8 -- (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
  365. Brown, Arthur ,1st85-6 ,2nd93-4 ,3rd98 ,4th98 -- (see the book: "The Great Psychedelic Discography")
    Brown, Errol (see: Hot Chocolate)
  366. Brown, Ian (see: Stone Roses) ,7th198 ,Erd131-2
  367. Brown, James ,1st86-90 ,2nd94-8 ,3rd98-102 ,4th98-103 ,5th121-6 ,6th137-42 ,7th198-204 ,Erd132-8
    Brown, Michael (see: Left Banke)
  368. Brown, Pete ,1st90 ,2nd98 ,3rd103 --
  369. Browne, Jackson ,1st90-1 ,2nd98-9 ,3rd103-4 ,Wee58-9 ,4th103-4 ,5th126-7 ,6th142-3 ,7th204-6 ,Erd138-40
  370. Bruce, Jack ,1st91-2 ,2nd99-100 ,3rd104 ,Wee59-60 ,4th104-5 ,5th127-8 ,6th143-4 ,7th206-7
    Bryson, Peobo & Roberta Flack (see: Flack, Roberta)
    BS 2000 (see: Beastie Boys)
    B.T.O. (see: Bachman-Turner Overdrive)
    Bubonique (see: Microdisney 1st) (see: Fatima Mansions 2nd)
    Buckingham, Lindsey / Buckingham-Nicks (see: Fleetwood Mac)
  371. Buckley, Jeff ,5th129 ,6th145 ,7th209-10 ,Erd140-2
  372. Buckley, Tim ,1st92 ,2nd100 ,3rd104-5 ,4th105-6 ,5th128-9 ,6th144-5 ,7th208-9 ,Erd142-4
    Budd, Harold (see: Cocteau Twins 1st)
    Budd, Harold, Elizabeth Frazer, Robin Guthrie, Simon Raymonde (see: Cocteau Twins 2nd-3rd)
  373. Budgie ,1st92-3 ,2nd100-1 ,3rd105 -- ,Gmdii94-5
    Buena Vista Social Club (see: Cooder, Ry)
  374. Buffalo Springfield ,1st93 ,2nd101 ,3rd105-6 ,Wee60-1 ,4th106-7 ,5th129-30 ,6th145-6 ,7th210-1 ,Erd144-5
  375. Buffalo Tom ,1st93 ,2nd101 ,3rd106 ,Wee61 ,4th107 ,5th130 ,6th146 ,7th211-2
  376. Buggles ,1st93-4 --
  377. Bullet for My Valentine ,Erd145
    Bunch, The (see: Fairport Convention)
    Bunton, Emma (see: Spice Girls)
    Burdon, Eric (see: Animals)
    Burgess, Mark (see: Chameleons)
    Burgess, Tim (see: Charlatans)
  378. Burke, Solomon ,7th212-4
    Burnel, J.J. (see: Stranglers)
  379. Burning Spear ,4th107-8 ,5th131-2 ,6th147-8 ,7th214-6
    Burns, Jake & The Wheel (see: Stiff Little Fingers)
    Burrito Brothers (see: The Flying Burrito Brothers)
  380. Bush ,3rd106 ,Wee61 ,4th108 ,5th132 ,6th148 ,7th216-7 ,Erd145-6
  381. Bush, Kate ,1st94 ,2nd101-2 ,3rd106-7 ,Wee61-2 ,4th108-9 ,5th132-3 ,6th148-9 ,7th217-8 ,Erd146-8
  382. Busta Rhymes ,5th133-4 ,6th149-50 ,7th218-20 ,Erd148-50
  383. Butler, Bernard ,5th134 ,6th150 ,7th220
  384. Butterfield Blues Band, Paul ,1st94-5 ,2nd102-3 ,3rd107-8 ,4th110-1 ,5th134-5 ,6th150-1 ,7th220-2
  385. Butthole Surfers ,1st95-6 ,2nd103-4 ,3rd108 ,Wee62-3 ,4th111 ,5th135-6 ,6th151-2 ,7th222-3
  386. Buzzcocks ,1st96-7 ,2nd104-5 ,3rd108-10 ,Wee63-4 ,4th111-3 ,5th136-7 ,6th152-4 ,7th223-6 ,Erd150-3
  387. Byrds, The ,1st97-9 ,2nd105-7 ,3rd110-2 ,Wee64-7 ,4th113-6 ,5th137-40 ,6th154-6 ,7th226-9 ,Erd153-8
    Byrne, David (see: Talking Heads)
    Byron, David (see: Uriah Heep 1st-4th)
    Bystanders (see: Man)
  388. Cabaret Voltaire ,1st101-2 ,2nd108-9 ,3rd113-4 ,Erd159-61
    Cactus (see: Vanilla Fudge)
  389. Cale, J.J. ,1st102-3 ,2nd109-10 ,3rd114-5
  390. Cale, John ,1st103 ,2nd1101 ,3rd115-6 ,Erd161-3
  391. Calexico ,Erd163-4
    California, Randy (see: Spirit)
    Calvert, Robert (see: Hawkwind)
  392. Camel ,1st103-4 ,2nd111 ,3rd116
    Campbell-Lyons, Patrick (see: Nirvana (UK))
  393. Camper Van Beethoven ,2nd111-2 ,3rd116-7
  394. Can ,1st104-5 ,2nd112-3 ,3rd117-8 ,Wee68-9 ,Erd164-7
    Canadian Squires (see: Band, The)
  395. Candlebox ,2nd113 ,3rd118 ,Wee69
  396. Canned Heat ,1st105-6 ,2nd113-4 ,3rd118-9 ,Wee69-70 ,Erd167-9
    Cantrell, Jerry (see: Alice in Chains)
    Capaldi, Jim (see: Traffic)
    Captain America (see: Vaselines)
  397. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band ,1st106-7 ,2nd114-5 ,3rd119120 ,Wee70-2 ,Erd169-73
    Captains of Industry (see: Wreckless Eric)
  398. Caravan ,1st107-8 ,2nd115-6 ,3rd120-1
  399. Cardigans ,Wee72-3
    Carlisle, Belinda (see: Go-Go's)
  400. Carmel ,1st108 ,2nd116-7
  401. Cars, The ,1st108-9 ,2nd117 ,3rd121 ,Erd173-4
  402. Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine ,1st109 ,2nd117-8 ,3rd121-2 ,Wee73-
  403. Cash Johnny ,2nd118-22 ,3rd122-7 ,Erd174-81
  404. Cassidy, Eva ,6th176-7 ,7th259-60
  405. Cast ,3rd127 ,Wee74
    Catch, The (see: Eurythmics)
  406. Catherine Wheel ,1st109-10 ,2nd122 ,3rd127
    Cavaliere, Felix (see: Rascals)
  407. Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds ,1st110 ,2nd122 ,3rd127-9 ,Wee74 ,Erd181-4
    Cee-Lo (see: Gnarls Barkley)
    Celebration (see: Beach Boys)
    C.C.S. (see: Korner, Alexis)
  408. Chambers Brothers ,1st110-1 ,2nd122-4 ,3rd129
  409. Chameleons ,1st111 ,2nd124-5 ,3rd129-30
  410. Chapin, Harry ,3rd130-1 ,4th132 ,5th164-5 ,6th180-1 ,7th265-6
    Chapman, Roger (see: Family)
  411. Chapman, Tracy ,1st111 ,2nd125 ,3rd131 ,Wee76 ,4th133 ,5th165 ,6th181 ,7th266-7 ,Erd184-5
  412. Chapterhouse ,1st111-2 ,2nd125 ,3rd131
  413. Charlatans, The ,1st112 ,2nd125 ,3rd131-2 ,Wee76 ,Erd185-7
  414. Charles, Ray ,1st112-5 ,2nd125-9 ,3rd132-5 ,Erd187-92
    Cheap and Nasty (see: Hanoi Rocks)
  415. Cheap Trick ,1st115-6 ,2nd129-30 ,3rd135-6 ,Erd192-
  416. Chemical Brothers, The ,3rd136 ,Wee76-7 ,Erd195-6
  417. Cher ,1st116-8 ,2nd130-2 ,3rd136-8 ,Erd196-201
  418. Cherry, Neneh ,1st118 ,2nd132-3 ,3rd138-9
    Cherry Bombz (see: Hanoi Rocks)
  419. Chic ,1st119 ,2nd133 ,3rd139
  420. Chicago ,1st119-21 ,2nd133-5 ,3rd139-41 ,Wee77-8
  421. Chicken Shack ,1st121 ,2nd135 ,3rd141
  422. Chieftains ,3rd142-3 --
  423. Chiffons ,1st121-2
  424. Childs, Toni ,2nd135-6
    Chilton, Alex (see: Box Tops)
  425. China Crisis ,1st122 ,2nd136 ,3rd143
  426. Christians ,1st122-3 ,2nd136-7 ,3rd143
  427. Chumbawamba ,3rd144 ,Wee78-9
  428. Church ,1st123-4 ,2nd137-8 ,3rd144-5
    Ciccone Youth (see: Sonic Youth)
  429. Cinderella ,1st124 ,2nd138-9 ,3rd145-6
    Cinerama (see: Wedding Present, The)
    City, The (see: King, Carole)
  430. Clail, Gary ,1st124 ,2nd139
  431. Clannad ,1st125 ,2nd139-40 ,3rd146 ,Wee79-80 ,4th139-40 --
  432. Clapton, Eric ,1st125-7 ,2nd140-2 ,3rd146-8 ,Wee80-2 ,Erd201-6
  433. Clark Five, Dave ,1st128-9 ,2nd143-4 ,3rd150-1
    Clark, Gary (see: Danny Wilson)
  434. Clark, Gene (see: Byrds) ,5th183-4 ,6th200-1 ,7th294-6
  435. Clark, Guy ,5th184-5 ,6th201-2 --
    Clarke, Allan (see: Hollies)
  436. Clarke, John Cooper ,1st127 ,2nd142 ,3rd148-9
  437. Clarke, Stanley ,1st128 ,2nd142-3 ,3rd149-50
    Clarke, Vince & Paul Quinn (see: Yazoo)
  438. Clash, The ,1st130-1 ,2nd144-6 ,3rd151-2 ,Wee82-4 ,Erd206-9
  439. Classix Nouveaux ,1st131
    Clayton, Adam & Larry Mullen (see: U2)
  440. Cliff, Jimmy ,1st131-2 ,2nd146-7 ,3rd152-3 ,Erd210-2
  441. Climax Blues Band ,1st132-3 ,2nd147-8 ,3rd153-4
    Clinton, George (see: Parliament) ,2nd148-50 ,3rd154-6 ,Erd212-7
  442. Clock DVA ,1st133 ,2nd150-1
    Cluster and Eno (see: Eno)
    Coal Porters (see: Long Ryders)
  443. Cobham, Billy ,1st134 ,2nd151 ,3rd156-7
  444. Cochran, Eddie ,1st134-5 ,2nd151-3 ,3rd157-8 ,Erd217-8
  445. Cockburn, Bruce ,5th194-6 ,6th211-2 --
  446. Cocker, Joe ,1st135-7 ,2nd153-4 ,3rd158-60 ,Wee84-6 ,Erd218-21
  447. Cockney Rebel ,1st137-8 ,2nd154-5 ,3rd160-1
  448. Cockney Rejects ,1st138 ,2nd155-6
  449. Cocteau Twins ,1st138-9 ,2nd156 ,3rd161 ,Wee86 ,Erd221-3
  450. Cohen, Leonard ,1st139 ,2nd156-7 ,3rd161-2 ,Wee86-7 ,4th153-4 ,5th199-200 ,6th216-7 ,7th313-5 ,Erd223-6
  451. Cohn, Marc ,1st139 ,2nd157 ,3rd162
  452. Coldplay ,Erd226-7
  453. Cole, Lloyd ,1st140 ,2nd157-8 ,3rd162-3 ,Wee87-8
  454. Collective Soul ,3rd163 ,Wee88
  455. Collins, Albert ,2nd158-9 ,3rd163-4
    Collins Band, Allen (see: Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  456. Collins, Edwyn (see: Orange Juice) ,3rd164-5 ,Wee88-9 ,Erd228-31
  457. Collins, Judy ,1st140-1 ,2nd159-60 ,3rd165-6 -- ,5th202-4 ,6th220-2 ,7th320-2
    Collins, Phil (see: Genesis)
    Collins, William "Bootsy" (see: Bootsy's Rubber Band)
  458. Colosseum ,1st141 ,2nd160 ,3rd166
  459. Colour Box ,1st142
    Colour Field (see: Fun Boy Three) (see: Hall, Terry)
    Commander Venus (see: Bright Eyes)
  460. Commodores ,1st142-3
  461. Communards ,1st132 ,2nd160-1 ,3rd166-7
  462. Comsat Angels ,1st143-4 ,2nd161 ,3rd167-8
  463. Concrete Blonde ,1st144 ,2nd161-2
  464. Connells ,Wee89
    Contraband (see: Schenker, Michael)
  465. Cooder, Ry ,1st144-5 ,2nd162-3 ,3rd168 ,Wee89-90 ,4th158-9 ,5th205-6 ,6th223-4 ,7th324-6 ,Erd231-3
  466. Cook, Norman ,7th326-8 ,Erd233-6
  467. Cooke, Sam ,1st145-6 ,2nd163-4 ,3rd16870
  468. Coolio ,3rd170
  469. Cooper, Alice ,1st146-7 ,2nd164-5 ,3rd170-1 ,Wee91-2 ,Erd236-9
  470. Cooper Temple Clause, The ,Erd239-40
  471. Cope, Julian ,1st147-8 ,2nd165-7 ,3rd171-3 ,Wee92-4 ,Erd240-2
    Copeland, Stewart (see: Police)
  472. Coral, The ,Erd242-3
  473. Corea, Chick ,3rd173-4 --
    Cornwall, Hugh (see: Stranglers)
  474. Costello, Elvis ,1st148-50 ,2nd167-9 ,3rd174-6 ,Wee94-6 ,Erd243-9
    Cougar, John (see: Mellencamp, John Cougar)
  475. Count Five ,3rd176
  476. Counting Crows ,2nd169 ,Wee96 ,Erd230-1
    Country Joe and the Fish (see: McDonald, Country Joe)
    Cousins, Dave (see: Strawbs)
    Coverdale Page (see: Whitesnake)
  477. Cowboy Junkies ,1st150 ,2nd169 ,Wee97
  478. Coxon, Graham ,Erd251
  479. Coyne, Kevin ,1st150-1 ,2nd169-70
  480. Cracker ,2nd170-1 ,Wee97
  481. Cramps, The ,1st151-2 ,2nd171 ,Wee97-8 ,Erd251-3
  482. Cranberries ,2nd171-2 ,Wee98-9
  483. Cranes ,2nd172
  484. Crash Test Dummies ,2nd172 ,Wee99
  485. Crass ,1st152 ,2nd172-3
  486. Craven, Beverley ,1st152 ,2nd173
  487. Crawford, Randy ,1st152-3 ,2nd173-4
  488. Cray, Robert ,1st153-4 ,2nd174 ,Wee99-100
  489. Crazy Horse ,1st154 ,2nd174-5
    Crazy World of Arthur Brown (see: Brown, Arthur)
  490. Cream ,1st154-5 ,2nd175 ,Wee100 ,Erd253-5
  491. Creation ,2nd176 ,Wee100-1
    Creatures, The (see: Siouxsie & The Banshees)
  492. Credit to the Nation ,2nd176
  493. Creed ,Erd255-6
  494. Creedence Clearwater Revival ,1st155-6 ,2nd176-7 ,3rd183-4 ,Wee101-2 ,4th172-3 ,5th224-6 ,6th243-4 ,7th354-6 ,Erd256-9
  495. Crickets ,1st156-7 ,2nd177-9
  496. Crispy Ambulance ,2nd179
    Criss, Peter (see: Kiss)
  497. Croce, Jim ,1st157-8 ,2nd179-80 ,3rd185-6 -- ,5th226-7 ,6th244-5 ,7th356-7
  498. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young) ,1st158-60 ,2nd180-2 ,3rd186-8 ,Wee103-5 ,4th173-6 ,5th227-30245-8 ,7th357-61 ,Erd259-64
    Cross (see: Queen)
  499. Cross, Christopher ,1st160 ,2nd182
  500. Crow, Sheryl ,2nd182-3 ,Wee105 ,Erd264-5
  501. Crowded House ,1st160-1 ,2nd183 ,Wee106-7 ,Erd265-9
    Crunt (see: Babes in Toyland)
  502. Crusaders ,1st161-2 ,2nd183-5
  503. Crystals ,1st162-3 ,2nd185-6
  504. Cud ,1st163 ,2nd186
  505. Cult, The ,1st163-4 ,2nd186-7 ,Wee107-8 ,Erd269-71
  506. Culture Club ,1st164-5 ,2nd187-8
    Cummings, Burton (see: Guess Who)
    Cupol (see: Wire)
  507. Cure ,1st165-6 ,2nd188-9 ,Wee108-10 ,Erd271-4
  508. Curve ,1st166 ,2nd189
  509. Curved Air ,1st166-7 ,2nd189-90
  510. Cutting Crew ,1st167
  511. Cypress Hill ,1st167 ,2nd190 ,Wee110 ,Erd274-6
    Czukay, Holger (see: Can)
    Dada (see: Brooks, Elkie)
    D, Chuck (see: Public Enemy)
    D-12 (see: Eminem)
  512. D.A.F. ,1st169 ,2nd191
  513. Daft Punk ,7th375 ,Erd277-8
    Daintees (see: Stephenson, Martin)
  514. Dale, Dick ,7th375-7
    Dali's Car (see: Bauhaus)
    Daltrey, Roger (see: Who, The)
    Damageplan (see: Pantera)
  515. Damned, The ,1st169-70 ,2nd191-2 ,Wee111-2 ,Erd278-80
    Damn Yankees (see: Nugent, Ted)
    Damon & Naomi (see: Galaxie 500)
  516. Dandy Warhols, The ,Erd280-1
    Danger Mouse (see: Gnarls Barkley)
  517. Daniels, Charlie ,1st170-1 ,2nd192-3
    Danny & Dusty (see: Green on Red)
  518. Danny & The Juniors ,1st171
  519. Danny Wilson ,1st171-2 ,2nd193-4
  520. Danse Society ,1st172 ,2nd194
  521. Danzig ,2nd194-5
  522. D'Arby, Terence Trent ,1st172 ,2nd195
  523. Darkness, The ,Erd281-2
  524. Darling Buds ,1st173 ,2nd195
  525. Dashboard Confessional ,Erd282-3
  526. Datsuns, The ,Erd283
    Davies, Dave (see: Kinks)
    Davies, Ray (see: Kinks)
    Davis, Martha (see: Motels)
  527. Davis, Miles ,1st173-5 ,2nd195-9 ,3rd201-5 ,4th187-9 ,5th242-5 ,6th262-5 ,7th383-6
  528. Davis Group, The Spencer ,1st175-6 ,2nd199-200 ,Wee112-3 ,Erd283-5
    Deacon, Brian (see: Queen)
  529. Deacon Blue ,1st176 ,2nd200 ,Wee113-4
  530. Dead Can Dance ,Wee114
  531. Dead Kennedys ,1st177 ,2nd200-1 ,Wee114-5 ,Erd286-7
  532. Dead or Alive ,1st177-8 ,2nd201-2
  533. Dead 60s, The ,Erd287-8
    Dean, Paul (see: Loverboy)
  534. Death Cab for Cutie ,Erd288-9
    Death Cult (see: Cult)
  535. DeBurgh, Chris ,1st178-9 ,2nd202-3
    Deebank, Maurice (see: Felt)
  536. Deep Forest ,2nd203
  537. Deep Purple ,1st179-82 ,2nd203-6 ,Wee115-9 ,Erd289-92
    Deep Wound (see: Dinosaur Jr.)
  538. Definition of Sound ,1st182 ,2nd206
  539. Def Leppard ,1st182 ,2nd206-7 ,Wee119-20 ,Erd292-4
  540. Deftones ,Erd2945
  541. Dekker, Desmond ,1st182-3 ,2nd207-8
  542. Del Amitri ,1st183-4 ,2nd208 ,Wee120
  543. Delaney & Bonnie ,1st184-5 ,2nd2089
  544. De La Soul ,1st185 ,2nd209-10 ,Erd285-6
  545. Delays ,Erd295-6
    Delgado, Gabi (see: D.A.F.)
  546. Delgados, The ,Erd296-7
    Denim (see: Felt)
  547. Denny, Sandy ,1st185-6 ,2nd210 ,3rd215 ,4th198-9 ,5th258-9 ,6th278-9 ,7th403-5
  548. Denver, John ,5th259-61 ,6th279-81 --
  549. Depeche Mode ,1st186 ,2nd210-1 ,Wee120-1 ,Erd297-300
    Derek & The Dominoes (see: Clapton, Eric)
  550. Derringer, Rick ,1st186-7 ,2nd211-2
    Desaparecidos (see: Bright Eyes)
    Desert Rose Band (see: Byrds)
    Detroit (see: Ryder, Mitch)
    Detroit, Marcell (see: Shakespear's Sister)
    Detroit Wheels, The (see: Ryder, Mitch)
  551. Deus ,2nd212
    Deutsche Amerikanische Freundschaft (see: D.A.F.)
    Deviants (see: Pink Fairies)
    DeVille, Willy (see: Mink de Ville)
  552. Devo ,1st187-8 ,2nd213 ,Wee122 ,Erd300-1
    Devoto, Howard (see: Magazine)
  553. Dexy's Midnight Runners ,1st188-9 ,2nd213-4 ,Wee122-3 ,Erd302-4
    DeYoung, Dennis (see: Styx)
  554. Diamond, Neil ,1st189-91 ,2nd214-6 ,Erd304-8
  555. Diamond Head ,1st191 ,2nd216
  556. Dickinson, Bruce (see: Iron Maiden) ,2nd216-7 ,Wee123
  557. Dictators ,1st191 ,2nd217
  558. Diddley, Bo ,1st191-2 ,2nd217-8
    Difford & Tilbrook (see: Squeeze)
  559. DiFranco, Ani ,5th269-70 ,6th290-1 ,7th418-20
    Diga Rhythm Band (see: Grateful Dead)
    Diggle, Steve (see: Buzzcocks)
    Dillard & Clark (see: Byrds)
    Dim Stars (see: Hell, Richard)
    DiMucci, Dion (see: Dion)
  560. Dinosaur Jr. ,1st193 ,2nd218-9 ,Wee124 ,Erd308-10
  561. Dio ,1st193-4 ,2nd219 ,Wee124-5
  562. Dion ,1st194-5 ,2nd220-1
  563. Dire Straits ,1st195-6 ,2nd221-3 ,Wee125-7 ,Erd310-3
    Dirty Pretty Things (see: Libertines)
  564. Discharge ,1st196-7 ,2nd223
    Disco 2000 (see: KLF)
  565. Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy ,1st197 ,2nd223=-4
  566. Distillers, The ,Erd313
  567. Disturbed ,Erd313-4
  568. Divine Comedy, The ,Wee127 ,Erd314-5
  569. Dixon, Willie ,2nd224
  570. DMX ,Erd315-7
    DNA (see: Derringer, Rick)
  571. Dodgy ,2nd224-5 ,Wee127-
    Doe, John (see: X)
  572. Dog D'Mour ,2nd225
  573. Dog Eat Dog ,Wee128
  574. Dogs D'Amour ,1st197-8
  575. Dixon, Willie ,3rd228-9 ,4th209-10 ,5th277 ,6th297-8 ,7th429-31
  576. Dokken ,1st198 ,2nd225-6
  577. Dolby, Thomas ,1st198-9 ,2nd226
    Dolenz, Micky (see: Monkees, The)
    Dolphin Brothers (see: Japan)
    Dome (see: Wire)
  578. Domino, Fats ,1st199-200 ,2nd2268 ,Erd317-20
  579. Donegan, Lonnie ,2nd228-30 ,3rd233-4 -- ,5th282-4 ,6th303-5 ,7th436-9 ,Erd320-2
  580. Donovan ,1st201-2 ,2nd230-2 ,3rd234-6 ,Wee128-30 ,4th211-3 ,5th284-5 ,6th305-7 ,7th439-41 ,Erd322-5
  581. Doobie Brothers ,1st202-3 ,2nd232-3 ,Wee130-1 ,Erd325-7
    Door and the Window (see: Alternative TV)
  582. Doors, The ,1st203-4 ,2nd233-5 ,Wee131-3 ,Erd327-9
    Dorothy (see: Raincoats)
    Dorset, Ray (see: Mungo Jerry)
  583. Doves ,Erd329-30
    Dr. Dre (see: N.W.A.)
  584. Dr. Feelgood ,1st205-6 ,2nd236-7
  585. Dr. Hook ,1st206-7
  586. Dr. John ,1st208-9 ,2nd238-9
    Dr. Robert (see: Blow Monkeys)
    Drain (see: Butthole Surfers)
  587. Drake, Nick ,1st204 ,2nd235 ,3rd239-40 ,Wee134 ,4th216-7 ,5th289 ,6th310-1446-7 ,7th446-7 ,Erd330-2
  588. Dreadzone ,Wee134
    Dream (see: Extreme)
  589. Dream Syndicate ,1st204-5 ,2nd235-6
  590. Drifters ,1st207-8 ,2nd237-8
  591. Drowning Pool ,Erd332-3
  592. Drugstore ,Wee134
    Drummond, Bill (see: KLF)
  593. Dubstar ,Wee134-5
    Dudley, Anne & Jaz Coleman (see: Art of Noise)
    Duet Emmo (see: Wire)
    Dukes of Stratosfear (see: XTC)
    Dummies (see: Slade)
    Dunbar, Slu (see: Sly & Robbie)
    Dunnery, Francis (see: It Bites)
  594. Duran Duran ,1st209-10 ,2nd240-1 ,Wee135-6 ,Erd333-5
  595. Durutti Column ,1st210-11 ,2nd241
  596. Dury, Ian ,1st211-2 ,2nd241-3 ,Wee136-8 ,Erd335-7
    Dust Brothers (see: Chemical Brothers, The)
  597. Dylan, Bob ,1st212-4 ,2nd243-7 ,3rd248-51 ,Wee138-42 ,4th224-8 ,5th297-300 ,6th319-22 ,7th460-5 ,Erd337-43
  598. Eagles, The ,1st217 ,2nd248-9 ,Wee143-4 ,Erd344-7
    Eagles of Death Metal (see: Queens of the Stone Age)
  599. Earle, Steve ,1st217-8 ,2nd249-50 ,Wee144-5
  600. Earth, Wind & Fire ,1st218-9 ,2nd250-1 ,Erd347-9
    Easton, Elliott (see: Cars)
    Eastsidaz (see: Snoop Dogg)
  601. Easybeats ,1st219-20 ,2nd251-2
    Eat Static (see: Ozric Tentacles)
    Eazy-E (see: N.W.A.)
  602. Echo and The Bunnymen ,1st220-1 ,2nd252-4 ,Wee145-7 ,Erd350-2
  603. Echbelly ,2nd254-5 ,Wee
  604. Eddie & The Hot Rods ,1st221 ,2nd255
  605. Eddy, Duane ,1st221-3 ,2nd255-7
    Edge, The (see: U2)
    Edge, Graeme (see: Moody Blues)
  606. Editors ,Erd352-3
  607. Edmunds, Dave ,1st223-4 ,2nd257-8
  608. Eels ,Erd353-4
    Eggman (see: Boo Radleys)
    8 Eyed Spy (see: Lydia Lunch)
  609. 808 State ,1st224 ,2nd258-9 ,Wee147-8
    Eitzel, Mark (see: American Music Club)
  610. Elastica ,2nd259 ,Wee148
  611. Elbow ,Erd354-5
    Electrafixion (see: Echo and The Bunnymen)
  612. Electric Flag ,1st224-5 ,2nd259-60
  613. Electric Light Orchestra ,1st225-7 ,2nd260-1 ,Wee148-50 ,Erd355-8
  614. Electric Prunes ,1st227 ,2nd261-2
  615. Electric Six ,Erd358-9
    Electronic (see: New Order)
    Eleven (see: Danny Wilson)
    Elf / (Electric Elves) (see: Dio)
    Elliott, Cass (see: Mamas & The Papas)
  616. Elliott, Missy ,Erd359-60
    E.L.O. (see: Electric Light Orchestra)
  617. Ely, Joe ,1st227-8 ,2nd262
  618. Embrace ,Erd360
  619. Emerson, Lake & Palmer ,1st228-9 ,2nd262-4 ,Wee150-2 ,Erd361-
  620. EMF ,1st229 ,2nd264 ,Wee152
  621. Eminem ,Erd364-7
    Engel, Scott (see: Walker, Scott)
  622. Enigma ,1st229 ,2nd264
  623. Eno, Brian ,1st229-31 ,2nd264-6 ,Wee152-4 ,Erd367-9
    Entwistle, John (see: Who, The)
  624. Enuff Z'Nuff ,1st231 ,2nd266
  625. Enya ,1st231-2 ,2nd266 ,3rd269 ,Wee154 ,4th245-6 ,5th321-2 ,6th347-8 ,7th503-4
    Epic Soundtracks (see: Swell Maps)
    Equals (see: Grant, Eddy)
  626. Erasure ,1st232 ,2nd266-7
    Erickson, Roky (see: 13th Floor Elevators)
  627. Etheridge, Melissa ,2nd267 ,Wee154-5
    Eugenius (see: Vaselines)
  628. Europe ,1st232-3 ,2nd268
  629. Eurythmics ,1st233-4 ,2nd268-71 ,Wee155-7 ,Erd369-72
  630. Evanescence ,Erd373
    Everest The Hard Way (see: Fire Engines)
  631. Everclear ,Erd3734
    Everlast (see: House of Pain)
  632. Everly Brothers ,1st234-7 ,2nd271-3 ,Erd374-8
    Ever Ready Call (see: Byrds)
  633. Everything But The Girl ,1st237-8 ,2nd273-4 ,Wee157-8
  634. Exploited ,1st238-9 ,2nd274-5
    Explorers (see: Roxy Music)
  635. Extreme ,1st239 ,2nd275 ,Wee158-9 ,Gmdii190
  636. Fabulous Thunderbirds ,1st241 ,2nd276, 3rd280 ,4th256
    Faces (see: Small Faces)
    Fagen, Donald (see: Steely Dan)
    Fairfield Parlour (see: Kaleidoscope (UK))
  637. Fairground Attraction ,1st241 ,2nd276-7
  638. Fairport Convention ,1st241-3 ,2nd277-8 ,3rd280-2 ,4th256-8 ,5th332-4 ,6th360-1 ,7th521-3 ,Erd379-83
    Fairweather-Low, Andy (see: Amen Corner)
  639. Faithfull, Marianne ,1st243-4 ,2nd278-9 ,Erd384-6
  640. Faithless ,Erd387-8
  641. Faith No More ,1st244 ,2nd279-80 ,Erd383-4
  642. Fall, The ,1st244-5 ,2nd280-2 ,Erd38894
  643. Fall Out Boy ,Erd394-5
    Faltskog, Agnetha (see: Abba)
  644. Family ,1st246-7 ,2nd282-3
  645. Family Cat ,2nd283
  646. Farlowe, Chris ,1st247-8 ,2nd283-4
  647. Farm ,1st248 ,2nd284-5
    Farner, Mark (see: Grand Funk Railroad)
    Farrar, Jay (see: Son Volt)
    Farrell, Perry (see: Jane's Addiction)
    Farren, Mick (see: Pink Fairies)
  648. Fashion ,1st248-9 ,2nd285
  649. Faster Pussycat ,1st249 ,2nd285
    Fatboy Slim (see: Cook, Norman)
    Fatima Mansions (see: Microdisney) ,2nd286
  650. Fat Lady Sings ,2nd285-6
  651. Faust ,2nd286-7
  652. Feeder ,Erd395-6
  653. Feeling, The ,Erd396-7
    Felder, Wilton (see: Crusaders)
  654. Felt ,1st249-50 ,2nd287
    Ferguson, Jay (see: Jo Jo Gunne)
    Ferry, Bryan (see: Roxy Music)
    FFWD (see: Orb)
  655. Fields of the Nephilim ,1st250 ,2nd288
  656. 50 Cent ,Erd397-8
  657. Fine Young Cannibals ,1st250-1 ,2nd288
    Fingerprintz (see: Silencers)
  658. Fini Tribe ,2nd288-9
    Fink Brothers (see: Madness)
    Finn, Neil/Tim (see: Crowded House)
    Finn, Tim (see: Split Enz)
  659. Fire Engines ,1st251 ,2nd289
  660. Firefall ,1st251 ,2nd289-90
    Firehose (see: Minutemen)
    Firm (see: Led Zeppelin)
  661. Fish ,1st251-2 ,2nd290
  662. Fishbone ,2nd290
  663. Fixx ,1st252 ,2nd291
  664. Flack, Roberta ,1st252-3
    Flag of Convenience / F.O.C. (see: Buzzcocks)
  665. Flamin' Groovies ,1st253-4 ,2nd291-2
  666. Flaming Lips, The ,2nd292 ,Erd398-401
    Flash and the Pan (see: Easybeats)
    Flatlanders (see: Ely, Joe)
  667. Fleetwood Mac ,1st254-7 ,2nd292-5 ,Erd401-6
    Flo & Eddie (see: Turtles)
  668. Flowered Up ,1st257 ,2nd295
    Flowers (see: Icehouse)
    Fluoride, Klaus (see: Dead Kennedys)
  669. Flying Burrito Brothers, The ,1st257-8 ,2nd295-6
  670. FM ,1st258 ,2nd296-7
  671. Focus ,1st258-9 ,2nd297-8
  672. Fogelberg, Dan ,1st259-60 ,2nd298-9
    Fogerty, John (see: Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  673. Foghat ,1st260-1 ,2nd299-300
    Folk Implosion (see: Sebadoh)
  674. Foo Fighters ,Erd406-7
    For Carnation, The (see: Slint)
  675. Forcefield II Focus)
  676. Ford, Lita ,1st261 ,2nd300
  677. Fordham, Julia ,1st261 ,2nd300
  678. Foreigner ,1st261-2 ,2nd300-1 ,Erd407-9
    Forster, Robert (see: Go-Betweens)
    Fotheringay (see: Fairport Convention)
  679. 4 Non Blondes ,1st262 ,2nd301
  680. Four Seasons, The ,1st262-4
  681. Four Tops, The ,1st264-6 ,2nd301-3
  682. Foxx, John ,1st266-7 ,2nd303-4
    Frame, Roddy (see: Aztec Camera)
  683. Frampton, Peter ,1st267 ,2nd304
  684. Frank & Walters ,1st267 ,2nd304-5
  685. Frankie Goes to Hollywood ,1st267-8 ,2nd305 ,Erd409-10
  686. Franklin, Aretha ,1st268-70 ,2nd305-9 ,Erd411-6
    Frantic Elevators (see: Simply Red)
  687. Franz Ferdinand ,Erd416-8
    Freak Power (see: Cook, Norman)
  688. Free ,1st270-1 ,2nd309-10 ,Erd418-9
    Free at Last (see: Korner, Alexis)
    Freeheat (see: Jesus & Mary Chain)
    Frehley, Ace (see: Kiss)
    Freur (see: Underworld)
  689. Frey, Glenn Eagles, The) ,1st271
    Frida (see: Abba)
    Friends Again (see: Love and Money)
    Fripp, Robert (see: King Crimson) (see: Eno)
    Froese, Edgar (see: Tangerine Dream)
  690. Front 242 ,2nd310
  691. Fugazi ,Erd419-20 ,2nd310-1
  692. Fugs ,1st271-2 ,2nd311-2 ,3rd312-3 ,4th285 --
  693. Fun Boy Three (see: Hall, Terry) ,1st272-3
  694. Fun-Da-Mental ,2nd312
  695. Funeral for a Friend ,Erd420-1
    Funkadelic (see: Clinton, George)
  696. Futureheads, The ,Erd421-2
  697. Future Sound of London ,2nd312 ,7th175-6
  698. Gabriel, Peter ,1st275 ,2nd313-4 ,Erd423-6
    Gadgets (see: The The)
    Gahan, Dave (see: Depeche Mode)
  699. Galaxie 500 ,2nd314
  700. Gallagher, Rory ,1st275-6 ,2nd314-5 ,Erd426-7
  701. Galliano ,2nd315
  702. Game, The ,Erd428
    Gamma (see: Montrose)
  703. Gang of Four ,1st276-7 ,2nd315-6 ,Erd428-30
  704. Garbage ,3rd317 ,4th291 ,5th371-2 ,6th402-3 ,7th586-7 ,Erd430-2
    Garcia, Jerry (see: Grateful Dead)
  705. Garfunkel, Art ,3rd742-3 ,4th746 ,5th880 ,6th940 ,7th1366
    Garvey (see: Motors)
  706. Gaye, Marvin ,1st277-9 ,2nd316-8 ,Erd432-6
  707. Geils Band, J. ,1st279 ,2nd318-9
    Geldof, Bob (see: Boomtown Rats
  708. Gene ,2nd319
  709. Gene Loved Jezebel ,1st280 ,2nd319-20
  710. Generation X (see: Idol, Billy) ,1st280 ,2nd320
  711. Genesis ,1st280-3 ,2nd320-3 ,Erd436-9
    Genius/GZA (see: Wu-Tang Clan)
  712. Gentle Giant ,1st283-4 ,2nd323-4
    George, Lowell (see: Little Feat)
  713. Georgia Satellites ,1st284 ,2nd324 ,3rd325 ,4th299-300 ,Gmdi121-2 ,Gmdii221
  714. Gerry & The Pacemakers ,1st284-5 ,2nd324-5
    G-Force (see: Moore, Gary)
    Ghostface (see: Wu-Tang Clan)
    Gibb, Barry (see: Bee Gees)
    Gibb, Robin (see: Bee Gees)
    Gibbons, Beth &Rustin Man (see: Portishead)
  715. Gigolo Aunts ,2nd325
    Giles, Giles & Fripp (see: King Crimson)
    Gilbert & Lewis (see: Wire)
    Giles, giles & Fripp (see: King Crimson)
    Gill, Andy (see: Gang of Four)
    Gillian (see: Deep Purple)
    Gilmour, David (see: Pink Floyd)
  716. Gin Blossoms ,2nd325-6
    Ginn, Greg (see: Black Flag)
  717. Girls at Our Best ,1st285 ,2nd326
  718. Girlschool ,1st285-6 ,2nd326
    Glass Onion (see: Travis)
  719. Glitter, Gary ,1st286-7 ,2nd326-7
    Glove, The (see: Siouxsie & The Banshees)
    Glover. Roger (see: Deep Purple)
  720. Gnarls Barkley ,Erd439-40
  721. Go-Betweens ,1st287-8 ,2nd327-8 ,Erd440-3
  722. Godfathers ,1st288 ,2nd329
    Godley & Creme (see: 10cc)
  723. Godsmack ,Erd443
  724. Go-Go's, The ,1st28-9 ,2nd329-30
  725. Gold, Andrew ,1st289-90
  726. Golden Earring ,1st290-1 ,2nd330-1
  727. Goldfrapp ,Erd443-4
    Golliwogs (see: Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  728. Gomez ,Erd444-5
    Gone (see: Black Flag)
  729. Gong ,1st291-2 ,2nd331-2
  730. Gonzalez, Jose ,Erd445-6
  731. Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie ,1st292 ,2nd332
  732. Good Charlotte ,Erd447-8
    Good Missionaries (see: Alternative TV)
    Goodwyn, Miles (see: April Wine)
  733. Goo Goo Dolls, The ,Erd446-7
    Gordon, Robert (see: Wray, Link)
    Gore, Martin L. (see: Depeche Mode)
    Gorillaz (see: Blur)
    Gorl, Robert (see: D.A.F.)
    Gorrie, Alan (see: Average White Band)
    Gouldman, Graham (see: 10cc)
  734. Go West ,1st292
    Graduate (see: Tears for Fears)
  735. Grandaddy ,Erd448-9
  736. Grand Funk Railroad ,1st293 ,2nd332-3
  737. Grandmaster Flash ,1st293-4 ,2nd333-4 ,Erd449-51
    Grandpaboy (see: Replacements)
  738. Grant, Eddy ,1st294-5 ,2nd334-5
  739. Grant Lee Buffalo ,2nd335-6
    Grasshopper & The Golden Crickets (see: Mercury Rev)
  740. Grateful Dead ,1st295-8 ,2nd336-9 ,Erd451-6
  741. Gray, David ,Erd456
  742. Great White ,1st298 ,2nd339
  743. Green, Al ,1st298-9 ,2nd339-41 ,Erd457-60
  744. Green Day ,2nd341 ,Erd460-2
    Greenfield, Dave & J.J. Burnel (see: Stranglers)
  745. Green on Red ,1st300-1 ,2nd341-2
  746. Green, Peter ,1st299-300 ,2nd341
    Green River (see: Pearl Jam)
  747. Greenslade ,1st301 ,2nd342
    Greenwood, Jonny (see: Radiohead)
    Gregory, Glenn & Claudia Brucken (see: Heaven 17)
  748. Grid ,2nd342-3
  749. Griffith, Nanci ,2nd343-4 ,3rd345-6 -- ,5th404-5 ,6th436-7 ,7th634-6
    Grim Reapers (see: Cheap Trick)
    Grin (see: Lofgren, Nils)
    Grogan, Clare (see: Altered Images)
    Grohl, Dave (see: Foo Fighters)
  750. Groundhogs ,1st301-2 ,2nd344-5
    G.T.R. (see: Hackett, Steve)
  751. Guess Who ,1st302-3 ,2nd345-6 ,3rd347-8 ,4th322-3 ,5th406-8439-40 --
    Gulliver (see: Hall, Daryl)
  752. Gun ,1st303 ,2nd346
  753. Gun Club ,1st304 ,2nd246-7
  754. Guns N' Roses (aka Guns'N'Roses) ,1st304-5 ,2nd347-9 ,Erd462-5
  755. Guthrie, Arlo ,1st305 ,2nd349 ,3rd351 ,4th325-6 ,5th410-1 ,6th442-3 ,7th642-3
    Guthrie, Robin (see: Cocteau Twins
  756. Guthrie, Woody ,5th409-10 ,6th441-2 ,7th640-1
  757. Guy, Buddy ,2nd349-50
  758. Hackett, Steve ,1st307 ,2nd351
    Hadley, Tony (see: Spandau Ballet)
    Hafry's Whisky Sour (see: Easybeats)
  759. Hagar, Sammy ,1st307-8 ,2nd351-2
    Haig, Paul (see: Josef K)
    Haircut 100 (see: Heyward, Nick)
  760. Haley, Bill ,1st308-10 ,2nd352-4 ,Erd466-8
  761. Half Man Half Biscuit ,1st310 ,2nd354-5
    Half Nelson (see: Sparks)
  762. Hall, Daryl & John Oates ,1st310-12 ,2nd356-7 ,Erd468-71
  763. Hall, Terry (see: Colour Field) ,2nd355-6 ,5th436-7
    Halliday, Toni (see: Curve)
    Ham, Pete (see: Badfinger)
    Hammill, Peter (see: Van Der Graaf Generator)
  764. Hancock, Herbie ,1st312-3 ,2nd357-9 ,3rd359-60 ,4th335-6 ,5th419-21 ,6th449-50 ,7th652-5
  765. Hanoi Rocks ,1st313-4 ,2nd359
  766. Happy Mondays ,1st314 ,2nd359-60 ,Erd471-4
  767. Hard-Fi ,Erd474
  768. Hardin, Tim ,2nd360 ,3rd361-2337-8 ,5th422-3 ,6th452-3 ,7th659-60
    Hardline (see: Journey)
    Harley, Steve (see: Cockney Rebel)
    Harmony Rockets (see: Mercury Rev)
  769. Harper, Ben ,Erd474-6
    Harper, Charlie (see: UK Subs)
  770. Harper, Roy ,1st314-5 ,2nd3612 ,Erd476-8
  771. Harris, Emmylou ,1st315-6 ,2nd362-3 ,3rd363-4 ,4th340-2 ,5th427-9457-8 ,7th666-9 ,Erd478-81
  772. Harrison, George ,1st316-7 ,2nd363-4 ,Erd481-3
    Harrison, Jerry (see: Talking Heads)
    Harry Crews (see: Lydia Lunch)
    Harry, Deborah/Debby (see: Blondie)
    Hart, Grant (see: Husker Du)
    Hart, Mickey Grateful Dead)
    Hart, Tim (see: Steeleye Span)
  773. Harvey, Alex ,1st317-8 ,2nd364-5 ,Erd483-5 (Great Folk Index")
  774. Harvey, PJ (Polly Jean) ,2nd365 ,Erd485-8
    Haslam, Annie (see: Renaissance)
    Hassel, Jon & Brian Eno (see: Eno)
    Hassels (see: Joel, Billy)
    Hater (see: Soundgarden)
    Hatfield, Bobby (see: Righteous Brothers)
  775. Hatfield Three, Juliana ,2nd367
  776. Havens, Richie ,2nd367-8 ,3rd368-9 ,4th246-7 ,5th433-4463-4 ,7th675-7
  777. Hawkwind ,1st318-21 ,2nd368-71 ,Erd488-92
  778. Hawthorne Heights ,Erd492
    Hay, Barry (see: Golden Earring)
    Hay, Colin James (see: Men at Work)
    Haycock, Pete (see: Climax Blues Band)
  779. Hayes, Isaac ,1st321-2 ,2nd371-2
    Hayward, Justin (see: Moody Blues)
    Head, Jowe (see: Swell Maps)
  780. Healey, Jeff ,1st322 ,2nd372-3
  781. Heart ,1st323 ,2nd373-4
  782. Heartbreakers ,1st324 ,2nd374
  783. Heaven 17 ,1st324-5 ,2nd374-5
  784. Hell, Richard (& The Void-Oids) ,1st325-6 ,2nd375-6
    Hellions (see: Mason, Dave)
  785. Helloween ,1st326 ,2nd376
  786. Helmet ,2nd376
  787. Hendricks, Jimi ,1st326-8 ,Erd4925
  788. Hendrix Experience, The Jimi ,2nd376-80
  789. Henley, Don (see: Eagles, The) ,1st328
    Hensley, Ken (see: Uriah Heep)
  790. Herd, The ,1st328-9
    Heron, Mike (see: Incredible String Band)
    Hersh, Kirsten (see: Throwing Muses)
    He Said (see: Wire)
    Hex (see: Church)
  791. Heyward, Nick ,1st329
  792. Hiatt, John ,2nd380
    Hi-Fi (see: Matthews, Ian)
  793. High ,1st329-30 ,2nd380-1
    High Numbers (see: Who, The)
  794. Hillage, Steve ,1st330 ,2nd381
  795. Hillman, Chris (see: Byrds)
    Hillsborough Crew Heaven 17)
  796. H.I.M. (aka H.E.R.) ,Erd496-7
    Hindu Love Gods (see: R.E.M.)
  797. Hipsway ,1st330 ,2nd381-2
    Hiseman, Jon (see: Colosseum)
    Hitchcock, Robin (see: Soft Boys)
  798. Hives, The ,Erd497-8
    Hoffs, Susanna (see: Bangles)
  799. Hole ,2nd382-3 ,Erd4989
  800. Hollies, The ,1st331-2 ,2nd383-5 ,Erd499-502
  801. Holly, Buddy ,1st332-4 ,2nd385-6 ,Erd502-3
    Honeydrippers (see: Led Zeppelin)
  802. Hoobastank ,Erd503-4
    Hook (see: Leaves)
  803. Hooker, John Lee ,1st334-6 ,2nd386-9 ,Erd504-8
    Hooper, Stix (see: Crusaders)
  804. Hope of the States ,Erd508-9
    Hope, Peter & Richard H. Kirk (see: Cabaret Voltaire)
  805. Hornsby, Bruce ,1st336 ,2nd389-90
  806. Horslips ,1st336-7 ,2nd390
  807. Hot Chocolate ,1st337-8
  808. Hot Hot Heat ,Erd509
  809. Hothouse Flowers ,1st338 ,2nd390-1
    Hotlegs (see: 10cc)
  810. Hot Tuna ,1st338-9 ,2nd391
    Hourglass (see: Allman Brothers Band)
  811. Housemartins ,1st339 ,2nd391-2
  812. House of Love ,1st339-40 ,2nd392
  813. House of Pain ,1st340 ,2nd392-3
  814. Houston, Whitney ,1st340
    Howard, Roland S. & Lydia Lunch (see: Birthday Party)
    Howe, Steve (see: Yes)
  815. Howlin' Wolf ,1st341 ,2nd393-4
    Huang Chung (see: Wang Chung)
  816. Hue and Cry ,1st342 ,2nd394-5
    Hull, Alan (see: Lindisfarne)
    Human Beans (see: Edmunds, Dave)
  817. Human League, The ,1st342-3 ,2nd395 ,Erd510-2
    Humanoid (see: Future Sound of London)
  818. Humble Pie ,1st3434 ,2nd396 ,Erd512-4
  819. Hunter, Ian ,1st344 ,2nd396-7
    Hunter, Robert (see: Grateful Dead)
  820. Husker Du ,1st344-5 ,2nd397-8 ,Erd514-6
    Hutchence, Michael (see: Inxs)
  821. Ian, Janis ,1st347 ,2nd399- ,3rd401 ,4th381-2 ,5th469-70 ,6th497-8 ,7th721-2
  822. Ice Cube ,1st347 ,2nd399-400 ,Erd517-8
  823. Icehouse ,1st347-8 ,2nd400
  824. Ice-T ,1st348 ,2nd400-1 ,Erd518-20
  825. Icicle Works ,1st348-9 ,2nd401-2
  826. Idlewild ,Erd520-1
  827. Idol, Billy ,1st349-50 ,2nd402-3 ,Erd521-3
    Iggy & the Stooges (see: Pop, Iggy)
    Iha, James (see: Smashing Pumpkins)
    Illsley, John (see: Dire Straits)
    I Luv Wight (see: Kaleidoscope (UK))
    Imposter (see: Costello, Elvis)
  828. Impressions, The ,1st350-1 ,2nd403-4
    In-Betweens, The (aka The In-Be-Tweens) (see: Slade)
    Incredible E.G. O'Reilly (see: D'Arby, Terence Trent)
  829. Incredible String Band, The ,1st351-2 ,2nd405-6 ,3rd406-8 ,4th385-6 ,5th473-4 ,6th502-3 ,7th729-31 ,Erd523-5
  830. Incubus ,Erd525-6
  831. Indigo Girls ,2nd406 ,3rd408 ,4th386-7 ,5th474-5503-4 ,7th731-2
    Infectious Grooves (see: Suicidal Tendencies)
  832. Inspiral Carpets ,1st352-3 ,2nd406-7
  833. International Submarine Band (see: Parsons, Gram) ,3rd617 ,4th613 ,5th731 ,6th786-7 ,7th1148
  834. Interpol ,Erd526
  835. Inxs ,1st353-4 ,2nd407-8 ,Erd526-9
    Iommi, Tony (see: Black Sabbath)
  836. I.Q. ,2nd408
  837. Iron Butterfly ,1st354 ,2nd408-9
    Ironhorse (see: Bachman-Turner Overdrive)
  838. Iron Maiden ,1st355-6 ,2nd409-10 ,Erd529-33
  839. Isaak, Chris ,1st356 ,2nd410
    Islam, Yusuf (see: Stevens, Cat)
  840. Isley Brothers, The ,1st356-8 ,2nd410-3 ,Erd533-6
  841. It Bites ,1st358 ,2nd413
  842. It's a Beautiful Day ,1st358-9 ,2nd413
    Iveys (see: Badfinger)
  843. JA Rule ,Erd537-8
    J, David (see: Love and Rockets)
    Jack Frost (see: Church)
    Jack Officers (see: Butthole Surfers)
  844. Jackson, Janet ,1st361
  845. Jackson, Joe ,1st361-2 ,2nd414-5 ,Erd53840
  846. Jackson, Michael (& The Jacksons) ,1st362-5 ,2nd415-8 ,Erd540-6
    Jackson, Ray (see: Lindisfarne)
    Jacobites (see: Swell Maps)
    Jagger, Mick (see: The Rolling Stones)
  847. Jam, The ,1st365-6 ,2nd418 ,Erd546-9
  848. James ,1st366 ,2nd418-20 ,Erd549-51
  849. James, Elmore ,2nd4520-1
  850. James, Etta ,2nd421-3
    James, Wendy (see: Transvision Vamp)
  851. James Gang ,1st366-7 ,2nd423
    Jamie Wednesday (see: Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine)
  852. Jamiroquai ,1st367 ,2nd423-4 ,Erd551-3
  853. Jane's Addiction ,1st367 ,2nd424 ,Erd553-4
    Jansch, Bert (see: Pentangle)
  854. Japan ,1st367-9 ,2nd424-6 ,Erd554-7
  855. Jarre, Jean-Michel ,1st369 ,2nd426
  856. Jason and The Scorchers ,1st369-70 ,2nd426-7
  857. Jay-Z ,Erd557-9
    Jazz Crusaders (see: Crusaders)
    Jefferson Airhead (see: Airhead)
  858. Jefferson Airplane ,1st370-2 ,2nd427-9 ,3rd429-31 ,Erd559-63
  859. Jefferson, Blind Lemon ,2nd427
  860. Jellyfish ,1st372 ,2nd429
  861. Jesus & Mary Chain ,1st372-3 ,2nd429-30 ,Erd563-6
  862. Jesus Jones ,1st373 ,2nd430-1
  863. Jesus Lizard ,2nd431
    Jesus Loves You (see: Culture Club)
  864. Jet (Australia) ,Erd566
    Jet (UK) (see: John's Children)
  865. Jethro Tull ,1st373-5 ,2nd431-3 ,Erd566-70
  866. Jett, Joan ,1st375 ,2nd433
  867. Jimmy Eat World ,Erd570-1
    Jobson, Richard (see: Skids)
  868. Joel, Billy ,1st375-7 ,2nd433-5 ,Erd571-4
    Johansen, David (see: New York Dolls)
  869. John, Elton ,1st377-9 ,2nd435-8 ,Erd574-80
  870. Johnny & The Hurricanes ,1st379-80
    Johnny & The Self Abusers (see: Simple Minds)
  871. John's Children ,1st380 ,2nd438
    Johnson, Holly (see: Frankie Goes to Hollywood)
  872. Johnson, Jack ,Erd580-1
  873. Johnson, Linton Kwesi ,1st380-1 ,2nd438-9
    Johnson, Matt (see: The The)
  874. Johnson, Robert ,2nd439 -- ,5th514-5 ,6th549-50 ,7th801-3
  875. Jo Jo Gunne ,1st381 ,2nd439
    Jon & Vangelis (see: Vangelis)
    Jones, David (aka Davie Jones) (see: Bowie, David)
  876. Jones, Grace ,1st381-2 ,2nd439-40
  877. Jones, Howard ,1st382-3 ,2nd440-1
    Jones, Mick (see: Foreigner)
  878. Jones, Rickie Lee ,1st383 ,2nd441
  879. Joplin, Janis ,1st383 ,2nd441-2 ,Erd581-2 - (see also: Big Brother & The Holding Company)
  880. Josef K ,1st383-4 ,2nd442
  881. Journey ,1st384-5 ,2nd442-3 ,Er582-4d
  882. Joy Division ,1st385 ,2nd443-4 ,Erd584-5
  883. Judas Priest ,1st386 ,2nd444-5 ,Erd585-7
    Judge Happiness (see: Mock Turtles)
    Juicy Lucy (see: Misunderstood)
    Justified Ancients of Mumu (see: KLF)
  884. Kaiser Chiefs ,Erd588
  885. Kaleidoscope (US) ,1st389 ,2nd446
  886. Kaleidoscope (UK) ,1st389-90 ,2nd446-7
  887. Kane Gang ,1st390 ,2nd447
  888. Kansas ,1st390 ,2nd447-8
    Kanter, Paul & Grace Slick (see: Jefferson Airplane)
    Kapt. Kopter & The Fabulous Twirly Birds (see: Spirit)
    Kara's Flowers (see: Maroon 5)
    Karn, Mick (see: Japan)
  889. Kasabian ,Erd588-9
    Kaukonen, Jorma (see: Hot Tuna)
    Kay, John (see: Steppenwolf)
    KBC Band (see: Hot Tuna)
  890. Keane ,Erd589
    Kent, Klark (aka Stewart Copeland (see: Police)
    K.G.B. (see: Electric Flag)
    Khan (see: Hillage, Steve)
    Khan, Chaka (see: Rufus)
  891. Kidd, Johnny / (& The Pirates) ,1st391-2 ,2nd448-9
  892. Kihn, Greg ,1st392 ,2nd449
    Kilbey, Steve (see: Church)
    Kilburn & The High Roads (see: Dury, Ian)
  893. Killers ,Erd589-90
  894. Killing Joke ,1st392-3 ,2nd450 ,Erd590-2
  895. King ,1st393
  896. King, Albert ,2nd450-1
  897. King, B.B. ,1st393-5 ,2nd451-4 ,Erd592-7
  898. King, Ben E. ,1st395-6 ,2nd454-5
  899. King, Carole ,1st396-7 ,2nd455-7 ,Erd597-600
  900. King, Freddie ,2nd457-8
    King, Mark (see: Level 42)
    King, Paul (see: King)
    King Biscuit Time (see: Beta Band, The)
  901. King Crimson ,1st397-89 ,2nd458-9 ,Erd600-3
    Kingdom Come (UK) (see: Brown, Arthur)
  902. Kingdom Come (US) ,1st398 ,2nd459
    Kingfish (see: Grateful Dead)
  903. Kingmaker ,1st398-9 ,2nd459-60
  904. Kingsmen ,1st399 ,2nd460
  905. Kings of Leon ,Erd603
  906. Kings X ,1st399 ,2nd460
  907. Kinks, The ,1st399-402 ,2nd460-3 ,Erd603-9
    Kippington Lodge (see: Brinsley Schwarz)
    Kirk, Richard H. (see: Cabaret Voltaire)
  908. Kiss ,1st402-3 ,2nd463-5 ,Erd609-13
  909. Kitchens of Distinction ,1st403 ,2nd466
  910. KLF (Kopyright Liberation Front) ,1st403-4 ,2nd466
  911. Knack ,1st404 ,2nd467
    Knight, Terry & The Pack (see: Grand Funk Railroad)
    Knopfler, Mark (see: Dire Straits)
  912. Kooks, The ,Erd613-4
    Koppes,Peter (see: Church)
  913. Korn ,Erd614-5
  914. Korner, Alexis ,1st405-6 ,2nd467-8
    Kossoff, Paul (see: Free)
  915. Kottke, Leo ,4th453 ,5th544-5 ,6th585-6 --
  916. Kraftwerk ,1st406-7 ,2nd468-9 ,Erd615-7
    Kramer, Wayne (see: MC5)
  917. Kravitz,Lenny ,1st407 ,2nd469 ,Erd617-8
    Kristina, Sonja (see: Curved Air)
  918. Krokus ,1st407 ,2nd470
  919. KRS-ONE (Knowledge Rules Supreme Over Nearly Everyone) ,6th589-90
    Kukl (see: Sugarcubes)
    Kupferrberg, Tuli (see: Fugs)
    Kyuss (see: Queens of the Stone Age)
  920. LaBelle ,1st409-10 ,2nd471-2
    LaFlamme, David (see: It's a Beautiful Day)
  921. L.A. Guns ,1st401 ,2nd472
    Lake, Greg (see: Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
  922. Lambchop ,Erd619-20
    Lamm, Robert (see: Chicago)
  923. Landscape ,1st410
    Landis, Jerry (see: Simon & Garfunkel)
  924. Lane, Ronnie ,1st410-1
    Lanegan, Mark (see: Screaming Trees)
  925. Lang, k.d. ,1st411 ,2nd472-3
    Langley, Gerard & Ian Kearney (see: Blue Aeroplanes)
    Lard (see: Dead Kennedys)
  926. LA's, The ,1st411 ,2nd473 ,Erd620-1
  927. Laswell, Bill (see: Material) ,6th598-9
  928. Lauper, Cindi ,1st412 ,2nd473-4
    Law (see: Rodgers, Paul)
    Lazycame (see: Jesus & Mary Chain)
  929. Leadbelly ,2nd474 ,5th557-9 ,6th599-601 ,7th866-8
    Lead Into Gold (see: Ministry)
    League of Gentlemen, The (see: King Crimson)
    Leary, Paul (see: Butthole Surfers)
  930. Leaves ,1st412-3 ,2nd474
  931. Led Zeppelin ,1st413-4 ,2nd474-7 ,Erd621-7
    Lee, Alvin (see: Ten Years After)
    Lee, Arthur (see: Love)
    Lee, Geddy (see: Rush)
    Lees, John (see: Barclay James Harvest)
  932. Left Banke ,1st414-5 ,2nd477-8
  933. Leftfield ,2nd478 ,Erd627-8
  934. Lemonheads, The ,1st415 ,2nd478-9 ,Erd628-30
    Len Bright Combo (see: Wreckless Eric)
  935. Lennon, John ,1st415-7 ,2nd479-80 ,Erd630-2
  936. Lennon, Julian ,1st417 ,2nd480-1
    Lennox, Annie (see: Eurythmics)
    Leonard, Deke (see: Man)
  937. Level 42 ,1st417-8 ,2nd481-2
  938. Levellers ,1st418 ,2nd482
    Levon & the Hawks (see: Band, The)
  939. Lewis, Huey & The News ,1st418-9 ,2nd482-3
  940. Lewis, Jerry Lee ,1st419-22 ,2nd483-5 ,Erd632-6
  941. Libertines, The ,Erd636-8
    Liebzeit, Jaki (see: Can)
  942. Lightfoot, Gordon ,1st422-3 ,2nd486-7
  943. Lighting Seeds ,1st423 ,2nd487
  944. Limp Bizkit ,Erd638-9
  945. Lindisfarne ,1st423-4 ,2nd487-8
    Lindley, David (see: Kaleidoscope (US))
    Lindsay, Mark (see: Revere, Paul)
    Lindup, Mike (see: Level 42)
  946. Linkin Park ,Erd639-40
  947. Little Angels ,1st424-5 ,2nd488-9
  948. Little Feat ,1st425 ,2nd489-90 ,Erd640-2
  949. Little Richard ,1st426-7 ,2nd490-2 ,Erd642-5
  950. Little River Band ,1st427-8
  951. Little Steven ,1st428 ,2nd492
    Little Village (see: Lowe, Nick)
  952. Live ,2nd492
    Livgren, Kerry (see: Kansas)
  953. Living Colour ,1st428-9 ,2nd492-3
  954. LL CoolJ ,Erd645-6
    Lloyd-Langton, Huw (see: Hawkwind)
    Lloyd, Richard (see: Television)
  955. Lobos, Los ,1st429 ,2nd493 ,3rd493-4 ,4th476-7 ,5th582 ,6th624-5 ,7th900-2
    Lodge, John (see: Moody Blues)
  956. Lofgren, Nils ,1st430 ,2nd493-4 ,3rd494-5 ,4thio477-8 ,5th582-4 ,6th625-6 ,7th902-4 ,Wee275-6
    Loft (see: Weather Prophets)
  957. Loggins & Messina ,1st430-1 ,2nd494-6 ,3rd495-6
    Lone Justice (see: McKee, Maria)
  958. Lone Star ,1st431-2 ,2nd496
    Loney, Ray (see: Flamin' Groovies)
  959. Long-View ,Erd647
  960. Long Ryders ,1st432 ,2nd496
  961. Loop ,2nd496-7
    Loose Fur (see: Wilco)
    Lord, Jon (see: Deep Purple)
  962. Loop ,1st432
  963. Lostprophets ,Erd647-8
  964. Love ,1st432-3 ,2nd497 ,Erd648-51
    Love, Courney (see: Hole)
    Love, Mike / Celebration (see: Beach Boys)
  965. Love and Money ,1st433-4 ,2nd497-8
  966. Love and Rockets ,1st434-5 ,2nd498-9
  967. Love / Hate ,1st435 ,2nd499
  968. Loverboy ,1st435 ,2nd499-500
    Love Sculpture (see: Edmunds, Dave)
    Love Spit Love (see: Psychedelic Furs)
    Love Street (see: Cabaret Voltaire)
  969. Lovin' Spoonful ,1st435-6 ,2nd500-1
  970. Low ,Erd651-2
  971. Lowe, Nick ,1st436-7 ,2nd501
    LRB (see: Little River Band)
  972. L7 ,1st437 ,2nd501-2
    Lucky Pierre (see: Arab Strap)
  973. Ludacris ,Erd652-3
    Lukather, Steve (see: Toto)
  974. Lurkers ,1st437-8
    Luna (see: Galaxie 500)
  975. Lunch, Lydia ,2nd502-3 ,Gmdii323-4
  976. Lurkers ,2nd503
  977. Lush ,1st438 ,2nd503
    Luxuria (see: Magazine)
    Lydon, John (see: Public Image Ltd.)
  978. Lymon, Frankie & The Teenagers ,1st438-9
    Lynne, Jeff (see: Electric Light Orchestra)
    Lynott, Phil (see: Thin Lizzy)
  979. Lynyrd Skynyrd ,1st439-40 ,2nd503-4 ,Erd653-7
      McAuley-Schenker Group (see: Schenker, Michael)
      McBrain, Nicko (see: Iron Maiden)
      McCafferty, Dan (see: Nazareth)
  980.   McCartney, Paul ,1st462-4 ,2nd529-31 ,Erd695-9
      McCluskey Brothers (see: Bluebells)
  981. MacColl, Kirsty ,1st443 ,2nd505
      McComb, David & Adam Peters (see: Triffids)
      McCoys (see: Derringer, Rick)
  982.   McCulloch, Ian (see: Echo and The Bunnymen) ,1st464
  983.   McDonald, Country Joe (& the Fish) ,1st464-6 ,2nd531-2
  984.   McDonald, Michael ,1st466 ,2nd532-3
      McEntire, John (see: Tortoise)
    MacGowan, Shane & The Popes (see: Pogues) ,2nd505-6
      McGuinn, Roger (see: Byrds)
      McKagan, Duff (see: Guns N' Roses)
    MacKay, Andy (see: Roxy Music)
  985.   McKee, Maria ,1st466-7 ,2nd534
    MacKenzie, Billy (see: Associates)
  986.   McLaren, Malcolm ,1st4678 ,2nd534-5
  987.   McLaughlin, John / Mahavishnu Orchestra ,1st468-9 ,2nd535-6
  988.   McLean, Don ,1st469 ,2nd536-7
      McLennan, G.W. (see: Go-Betweens)
      McManus, Declan (see: Costello, Elvis)
      McNabb, Ian (see: Icicle Works)
      McPhatter, Clyde & The Drifters (see: Drifters)
      McPhee, Tony (see: Groundhogs)
      McVie, Christine (see: Fleetwood Mac)
  989. Madder Rose ,2nd506
  990. Madness ,1st443-4 ,2nd506-7 ,Erd658-60
  991. Madonna ,1st444-5 ,2nd507-8 ,Erd661-5
    Mad Season (see: Alice in Chains)
  992. Magazine ,1st445-6 ,2nd508-9
    Magic Dick & Jay Geils (see: Geils Band, J.)
    Magick (see: Bond, Graham)
  993. Magic Numbers, The ,Erd665
  994. Magnapop ,2nd509
  995. Magnum ,1st446-7 ,2nd509-10
    Mahavishnu Orchestra (see: McLaughlin, John)
    Main (see: Loop)
    Makaveli (see: 2Pac)
    Malkmus, Stephen (see: Pavement)
    Mallinder, Stephen (see: Cabaret Voltaire)
  996. Mamas & The Papas ,1st447-8 ,2nd510-1 ,Erd665-7
  997. Man ,1st448-9 ,2nd511-2
  998. Manfred Mann ,1st449-51 ,2nd512-4 ,Erd670-3
    Manfred Mann's Earth Band (see: )
  999. Manic Street Preachers ,1st451 ,2nd514-5 ,Erd667-70
  1000. Mann, Aimee ,2nd515
    Mannish Boys (see: Bowie, David)
  1001. Manson, Marilyn ,Erd673-5
    Manzanera, Phil / 801 (see: Roxy Music)
    Marc & The Mambas (see: Almond, Marc)
    Marcus Hook Roll Band (see: Easybeats)
  1002. Marillion ,1st452 ,2nd515-6 ,Erd675-7
    Mark Four (see: Creation)
  1003. Marley, Bob ,1st452-4 ,2nd516-9 ,Erd678-82
  1004. Maroon 5 ,Erd682-3
    Marriott, Steve (see: Humble Pie)
    Mars Volta, The (see: At the Drive-In)
  1005. Marsden, Bernie ,Gmdi202
    Marsden, Gerry (see: Gerry & The Pacemakers)
  1006. Marshall Tucker Band ,1st454-5 ,2nd519-20
  1007. Martha & The Vandellas ,1st455-6 ,2nd520-1
  1008. Martyn, John ,1st456-7 ,2nd521-2 ,Erd683-6
    Marvin, Hank (see: Shadows)
  1009. Marx, Richard ,1st457 ,2nd522-3
    Mascis, J. (see: Dinosaur Jr.)
  1010. Mason, Dave ,1st458 ,2nd523-4
    Mason, Nick (see: Pink Floyd)
  1011. Massive Attack ,2nd524 ,Erd686-7
  1012. Masters of Reality ,2nd524
    Matching Hole [1st458,2nd524] (see: Wyatt, Robert) [cross reference misspelled, "Mole" is correct]
    Matching Mole [Erd687] (see: Wyatt, Robert)
  1013. Material ,2nd524-5
  1014. Matthews, Ian ,1st458-60 ,2nd525-6
  1015. Maximo Park ,Erd687
    Max Q (see: Inxs)
    May, Brian (see: Queen)
    May, Phil & The Fallen Angels (see: Pretty Things)
  1016. Mayall, John ,1st460-1 ,2nd526-8 ,7th290-2 ,Erd688-91
  1017. Mayfield, Curtis ,1st461-2 ,2nd528-9 ,Erd691-5
  1018. Mazzy Star ,2nd529
  1019. MC5 (Motor City Five) ,1st466 ,2nd533-4
    Mc Ren (see: N.W.A.)
    MC Tunes (see: 808 State)
  1020. Meat Loaf ,1st470-1 ,2nd537-9 ,Erd699-702
  1021. Meat Puppets ,2nd539
    Medley, Bill (see: Righteous Brothers)
  1022. Mega City Four ,1st471 ,2nd539-40
  1023. Megadeth ,1st471-2 ,2nd5409 ,Erd702-4
    Meier, Dieter (see: Yello)
    Mel, Melle (see: Grandmaster Flash)
  1024. Melanie (Safka) ,1st472-3 ,2nd540-2
  1025. Mellencamp, John Cougar ,1st473-4 ,2nd542-3 ,Erd704-7
  1026. Members ,1st474 ,2nd543
  1027. Men at Work ,1st474 ,2nd543
  1028. Mental As Anything ,1st474-5
  1029. Men They Couldn't Hang ,1st475 ,2nd5343-4
    Mercury, Freddie (see: Queen)
  1030. Mercury Rev ,2nd544 ,Erd707-9
  1031. Metallica ,1st475-6 ,2nd544-5 ,Erd709-11
    Meters (see: Neville Brothers)
    Method Man (see: Wu-Tang Clan)
    MG's (aka M.G.'s) (see: Booker T. & The M.G.'s)
  1032. Michael, George ,1st476-7 ,2nd545-6
  1033. Microdisney ,1st477-8 ,2nd546
    Middleton, Malcolm (see: Arab Strap)
    Midnight Flyers (see: Stone the Crows)
  1034. Midnight Oil ,1st478 ,2nd546-7
  1035. Mighty Lemon Drops ,1st478-9 ,2nd547
    Mighty Wah!, The (see: Wah!)
    Mike & The Mechanics (see:
  1036. Miles, John ,1st479
  1037. Miller, Frankie ,1st479-80 ,2nd547-8
  1038. Miller, Steve ,1st480-1 ,2nd548-9 ,3rd547-9 ,4th537-8 ,5th645-7 ,6th692-3 ,7th1001-3
  1039. Milltown Brothers ,1st481 ,2nd549
  1040. Mindwarp, Zodiac & The Love Reaction ,1st481-2 ,2nd549
  1041. Ministry ,1st482 ,2nd550
  1042. Mink de Ville ,1st482-3 ,2nd550-1
    Minor Threat (see: Fugazi)
  1043. Minutemen ,2nd551
  1044. Miracles (Smokey Robinson & The) ,1st483-4 ,2nd551-3
    Misfits (see: Danzig)
  1045. Mission ,1st484-5 ,2nd553-4
  1046. Misunderstood ,1st485 ,2nd554
  1047. Mitchell, Joni ,1st485-6 ,2nd554-5 ,Erd711-4
  1048. Moby (Richard Melville Hall) ,Erd714-6
  1049. Moby Grape ,1st486-7 ,2nd555-6
  1050. Mock Turtles ,1st487 ,2nd556
    Modern Lovers, The (see: Richman, Jonathan)
  1051. Modest Mouse ,Erd716-7
    Moerlen's Gong, Pierre (see: Gong)
  1052. Mogwai ,Erd718-9
  1053. Molly Hatchet ,1st487-8 ,2nd556-7
  1054. Monkees, The ,1st488-8 ,2nd557-8 ,Erd719-22
    Monks of Doom (see: Camper Van Beethoven)
  1055. Monochrome Set ,2nd558-9
    Montage (see: Left Banke)
  1056. Montrose ,1st489 ,2nd559
  1057. Moody Blues ,1st489-91 ,2nd559-61 ,Erd722-4
    Moon, Keith (see: Who, The)
    Moorcock, Michael (see: Hawkwind)
  1058. Moore, Gary ,1st491-3 ,2nd561-2
  1059. Moose ,2nd562-3
  1060. Morissette, Alanis ,Erd724-5
    Morrison, Jim (see: The Doors)
  1061. Morrison, Van ,1st493-4 ,2nd563-5 ,Erd725-31
  1062. Morrissey ,1st494-5 ,2nd565-7 ,Erd732-4
  1063. Motels ,1st495 ,2nd567-8
    Mother Love Bone (see: Pearl Jam)
  1064. Mother's Finest ,2nd568
    Mothers of Invention (see: Zappa, Frank)
  1065. Motley Crue ,1st495-6 ,2nd568-9 ,Erd734-6
  1066. Motorhead ,1st496-7 ,2nd569-71 ,Erd736-9
  1067. Motors ,1st497 ,2nd571
  1068. Mott the Hoople ,1st497-8 ,2nd571-2 ,Erd739-41
    Mould, Bob (see: Husker Du)
  1069. Mountain ,1st498-9 ,2nd572-3
  1070. Move, The ,1st499 ,2nd573-5 ,Erd741-3
    Moving Sidewalks (see: ZZ Top)
  1071. Moyet, Alison ,1st500-1 ,2nd575
  1072. Mr. Big ,1st501 ,2nd575
    Mr. Bungle (see: Faith No More)
    M.S.G. (see: Schenker Group, Michael)
  1073. Mudhoney ,1st501-2 ,2nd575-6 ,Erd743-8
  1074. Mudvayne ,Erd744-5
    Muggs (see: Cypress Hill)
  1075. Mungo Jerry ,1st502-3 ,2nd576-7
    Murderdolls (see: Slipknot)
    Murphy, Peter (see: Bauhaus)
    Murray, Pauline & Invisible Girls (see: Penetration)
  1076. Muse ,Erd745-6
  1077. Music, The ,Erd746
  1078. My Bloody Valentine ,1st503 ,2nd577 ,Erd746-7
  1079. My Chemical Romance ,Erd747-8
  1080. Myles, Alannah ,1st503 ,2nd577
  1081. Mystery Jets ,Erd748
    Nailbomb (see: Sepultura)
  1082. Napalm Death ,1st505 ,2nd578
  1083. Nas ,Erd749-50
    Nash, Graham (see: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young))
    Navarro, Dave (see: Jane's Addiction)
  1084. Nazareth ,1st505-6 ,2nd578-9
    Nazz, The (see: Rundgren, Todd)
  1085. N'Dour, Youssou ,2nd580
    Nearly God (see: Tricky)
  1086. Ned's Atomic Dustbin ,1st506 ,2nd580
  1087. Neil, Fred ,5th683 ,6th734-5 ,7th1066-7
  1088. Neil, Vince ,2nd580
  1089. Nelson, Bill ,1st506-8 ,2nd580-2
  1090. N.E.R.D. ,Erd750-1
  1091. Neville Brothers ,1st508-9 ,2nd582-4
    New Church (see: Korner, Alexis)
  1092. New Fast Automatic Daffodils ,2nd584
  1093. New Found Glory ,Erd751
    Newman, Colin (see: Wire)
  1094. Newman, Randy ,1st509-10 ,2nd584-5
  1095. New Model Army ,1st510-1 ,2nd585
  1096. New Order ,1st511-2 ,2nd585-7 ,Erd751-4
    New Power Generation (see: Prince)
  1097. New Riders of the Purple Sage ,1st512 ,2nd587
  1098. New York Dolls ,1st512-3 ,2nd587-8 ,Erd754-6
  1099. Nice ,1st513-4 ,2nd588
  1100. Nickelback ,Erd756-7
    Nicks, Stevie (see: Fleetwood Mac)
  1101. Nico ,1st514 ,2nd588-9 ,Erd757-8
    Nightmares in Wax (see: Dead or Alive)
  1102. Night Ranger (Nightranger) ,1st514-5 ,2nd589-90
  1103. Nilsson ,1st515-6 ,2nd590-1 ,Erd758-60
  1104. Nine Inch Nails ,1st516 ,2nd591 ,Erd760-1
  1105. 999 ,2nd591
    Nips, The / Nipple Erectors (see: Pogues)
  1106. Nirvana (UK) ,1st516-7 ,2nd591-2
  1107. Nirvana (US) ,1st517 ,2nd592-4 ,Erd761-4
  1108. No Doubt ,Erd764-6
  1109. Northside ,1st517 ,2nd594
  1110. Notorious B.I.G., The ,Erd766-7
    Notting Hillbillies, The (see: Dire Straits)
    Nova Mob (see: Husker Du)
  1111. Nugent, Ted ,1st517-8 ,2nd594-5
  1112. Numan, Gary ,1st518-20 ,2nd595-8 ,Erd767-70
    Nutty Boys (see: Madness)
  1113. N.W.A. (Niggaz With Attitude) ,2nd598 ,Erd770-2
  1114. Nyman, Michael ,2nd598-9
  1115. Nyro, Laura ,1st520 ,2nd599 ,3rd598 ,4th587-8 ,5th706-7 ,6th759-60 ,7th1104-5
    Oakey, Phil & Giorgio Moroder (see: Human League)
  1116. Oasis ,2nd600 ,Erd773-6
    Oblivion Express (see: Auger, Brian)
    Ocasek, Ric (see: Cars)
  1117. Ocean Colour Scene ,Erd776-8
  1118. Ochs, Phil ,1st423 ,2nd6002 ,3rd599/601 ,4th591-2 ,5th710-1763-4 ,7th1111-2
  1119. O'Connor, Hazel ,1st523-4 ,2nd602
  1120. O'Connor, Sinead ,1st524 ,2nd602-3
  1121. Offspring, The ,2nd603 ,Erd778-9
  1122. Oldfield, Mike ,1st524-5 ,2nd603-4 ,Erd779-82
  1123. Oldham, Will ,6th768 ,Erd782-4
    Ol' Dirty Bastard (see: Wu-Tang Clan)
    OMD (see: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark)
  1124. One Dove ,2nd604
    One, The (see: Only Ones)
  1125. Only Ones ,1st525-6 ,2nd604-5
    Open Road (see: Donovan)
    Operation Ivy (see: Rancid)
  1126. Orange Juice (see: Collins, Edwyn) ,1st526-7 ,2nd605-6
  1127. Orb, The ,1st527 ,2nd606 ,Erd784-6
  1128. Orbison, Roy ,1st527-9 ,2nd606-10 ,Erd786-9
  1129. Orbit, William ,6th773-6
  1130. Orbital ,2nd610 ,6th774-5 ,Erd789-91
  1131. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark ,1st529-30 ,2nd610-1
  1132. Ordinary Boys, The ,Erd791-2
    Organisation (see: Kraftwerk)
    Orr, Benjamin (see: Cars)
  1133. Orson ,Erd792
  1134. Orton, Beth ,Erd792-3
  1135. Osbourne, Ozzy ,1st530-1 ,2nd611-2 ,Erd793-5
    Oskar, Lee (see: War)
    Other Two (see: New Order)
  1136. Outkast ,Erd795-7
    O'Williams, Wendy (see: Plasmatics)
  1137. Ozark Mountain Daredevils ,1st531
  1138. Ozric Tentacles ,2nd612
    Pack (see: Spear of Destiny)
    Page, Jimmy / Page & Plant (see: Led Zeppelin)
    Paice, Ashton & Lord (see: Deep Purple)
    Paintbox (see: Easybeats)
    Palace Music (see: Oldham, Will)
  1139. Pale Saints ,1st533 ,2nd613
  1140. Palmer, Robert ,1st533-4 ,2nd613-4 ,Erd798-800
  1141. Panic! at the Disco ,Erd800-1
  1142. Pantera ,2nd614-5 ,Erd801-2
    Papa M (see: Slint)
  1143. Papa Roach ,Erd802-3
    Paramounts (see: Procol Harum)
  1144. Parker, Graham ,1st534-5 ,2nd615-6
  1145. Parks, Van Dyke ,1st535 ,2nd616
  1146. Parliament / Funkadelic / George Clinton (see: Clinton, George) ,1st535-7
  1147. Parsons Project, Alan ,1st537-8 ,2nd616-7
  1148. Parsons, Gram ,1st538 ,2nd617 ,Erd803-5
    Partridge, Andy (see: XTC)
    Passengers (see: U2)
  1149. Pastels ,1st538-9 ,2nd617-8
  1150. Pavement ,2nd618 ,Erd805-7
  1151. Pavlov's Dog ,1st539 ,2nd618
  1152. Pearl Jam ,1st539 ,2nd618-9 ,Erd807-10
    Pedal Point (see: Focus)
    Pelican City (see: Gnarls Barkley)
  1153. Penetration ,1st540 ,2nd619
  1154. Penguin Cafe Orchestra ,2nd619-20
  1155. Pentangle ,1st540-2 ,2nd620-2 ,3rd620-2 ,4th615-7 ,5th733-5 ,6th790-2 ,7th1153-6
  1156. Pere Ubu ,1st542-3 ,2nd622-3 ,Erd810-3
    Perfect Circle, A (see: Tool)
  1157. Perkins, Carl ,1st543-4 ,2nd623-4
    Perry, Mark (see: Alternative TV)
    Perry, Steve (see: Journey)
    Peters, Mike (see: Alarm)
  1158. Pet Shop Boys ,1st544-5 ,2nd624-5 ,Erd813-5
  1159. Petty, Tom ,1st545-6 ,2nd625-6 ,Erd816-8
    P-Funk All Stars (see: Clinton, George)
  1160. Phair, Liz ,2nd626
    Phanton, Rocker & Slick (see: Stray Cats)
    Phillips, John (see: Mamas & The Papas)
  1161. Photos ,1st546
  1162. Pickett, Wilson ,1st546-8 ,2nd626-8 ,Erd818-21
    Pierce, Jeffrey Lee (see: Gun Club)
    Pierre Etoile (see: Galaxie 500)
  1163. Pigbag ,1st548 ,2nd628
    PIL (see: Public Image Ltd.)
    Pinder, Michael (see: Moody Blues)
  1164. Pink Fairies ,1st548-9 ,2nd628-9
  1165. Pink Floyd ,1st549-50 ,2nd629-31 ,Erd821-5
    Piper (see: Squire, Billy)
    Pirates (see: Kidd, Johnny)
  1166. Pixies ,1st550-1 ,2nd631 ,Erd825-9
    Pizzaman (see: Cook, Norman)
  1167. PJ Harvey ,1st551
  1168. Placebo ,Erd829-30
    Plainsong (see: Matthews, Ian)
    Plant, Robert (see: Led Zeppelin)
  1169. Plasmatics ,1st551 ,2nd631-2
    Plastic Ono Band (see: Lennon, John)
    P.M. (aka PM) (see: Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
  1170. PM Dawn ,1st551-2 ,2nd632
  1171. Poco ,1st552-3 ,2nd632-3
  1172. P.O.D. (Payable On Death) ,Erd830-1
    Poet & The Roots (see: Johnson, Linton Kwesi)
  1173. Pogues, The ,1st553-4 ,2nd633-5 ,Erd831-5
    Poindexter, Buster (see: New York Dolls)
  1174. Poison ,1st554 ,2nd635
  1175. Police ,1st554-5 ,2nd635-7 ,Erd835-7
  1176. Polyphonic Spree, The ,Erd837-8
  1177. Pop, Iggy ,1st555-6 ,2nd637-9 ,Erd838-41
  1178. Pop Group ,1st556-7 ,2nd639
  1179. Pop Will Eat Itself ,1st557 ,2nd639-40
    Porno for Pyros (see: Jane's Addiction)
  1180. Portishead ,2nd640 ,Erd841-2
    Portraits (see: Fixx)
    Postal Service, The (see: Death Cab for Cutie)
    Power Station (see: Duran Duran)
  1181. Prefab Sprout ,1st558 ,2nd640-1
  1182. Presley, Elvis ,1st558-63 ,2nd641-6 ,Erd842-51
    Presley, Reg (see: Troggs)
  1183. Preston, Billy ,1st564-5 ,2nd646-8
  1184. Pretenders ,1st565 ,2nd648 ,Erd851-3
  1185. Pretty Things ,1st565-6 ,2nd648-50 ,Erd853-6
  1186. Primal Scream ,1st566-7 ,2nd650 ,Erd856-8
  1187. Primitives ,1st567 ,2nd650-1
  1188. Primus ,2nd651
  1189. Prince ,1st567-9 ,2nd651-2 ,Erd858-64
  1190. Prine, John ,5th775-6 ,6th834-5 ,7th1218-9
    Prior, Maddy (see: Steeleye Span)
    Probot (see: Foo Fighters)
  1191. Proclaimers ,1st569 ,2nd653
  1192. Procol Harum ,1st569-70 ,2nd653-4 ,Erd864-6
  1193. Prodigy, The ,2nd654-5 ,Erd866-8
    Professionals (see: Sex Pistols)
  1194. Prong ,2nd655
  1195. Propaganda ,1st570-1 ,2nd655
    Prophet, Chuck (see: Green on Red)
  1196. Psychedelic Furs ,1st571 ,2nd655-6
  1197. Public Enemy ,1st571-2 ,2nd656-8 ,Erd868-70
  1198. Public Image Ltd. ,1st572 ,2nd658 ,Erd870-2
  1199. Puddle of Mudd ,Erd872
  1200. Puff Daddy ,Erd872-3
  1201. Pulp ,2nd658-9 ,Erd874-6
    Pursey, Jimmy (see: Sham 69)
    Pyramid (see: Matthews, Ian)
    Q-Tips (see: Young, Paul)
  1202. Quarterflash ,1st575 ,2nd660
  1203. Quatro, Suzi ,1st575 ,2nd660-1
  1204. Queen ,1st575-8 ,2nd661-4 ,Erd876-83
  1205. Queens of the Stone Age ,Erd883-5
  1206. Queensryche ,1st578 ,2nd664-4
  1207. ? & The Mysterians ,2nd665
  1208. Quicksilver Messenger Service ,1st578-9 ,2nd665-6
  1209. Quiet Riot ,1st579 ,2nd666
    Quiet Sun (see: Roxy Music)
  1210. Quireboys ,1st579 ,2nd666
    Raconteurs (see: White Stripes)
  1211. Radiohead ,1st581 ,2nd667 ,Erd886-9
    Radio Heart (see: Numan, Gary)
    Radio Stars (see: John's Children)
    Raekwon (see: Wu-Tang Clan)
  1212. Rafferty, Gerry ,1st581-2 ,2nd667-8 ,Erd889-90
  1213. Rage Against the Machine ,1st582 ,2nd668 ,Erd891-2
    Raiders (see: Revere, Paul)
  1214. Railway Children ,1st582 ,2nd668
    Rainbow (see: Deep Purple) ,Erd892-4
  1215. Raincoats ,2nd668-9
  1216. Rain Parade ,1st582 ,2nd669
    Rain Tree Crow (see: Japan)
  1217. Redpath, Jean - 3:66-8
  1218. Raitt, Bonnie ,1st582-3 ,2nd669-70 ,Erd894-6
    Raj Quartet (see: Monochrome Set)
  1219. Rakes, The ,Erd896-7
  1220. Rammstein ,Erd897-9
  1221. Ramones ,1st583-4 ,2nd670-2 ,Erd898-901
    Ranaldo, Lee (see: Sonic Youth)
  1222. Rancid ,Erd901-2
    Rapeman (see: Big Black)
    Raphaels (see: Big Country)
  1223. Rapture, The ,Erd902-
  1224. Rascals ,1st584-5 ,2nd672-3
  1225. Rasmus, The ,Erd902-3
  1226. Ratt ,1st585 ,2nd673 ,Gmdi276
    Raven, Paul (see: Glitter, Gary)
    Ray Men (see: Wray, Link)
  1227. Razorlight ,Erd903-4
  1228. Rea, Chris ,1st585-7 ,2nd673-4
    Reader, Eddi (see: Fairground Attraction)
    Rebellion (see: Bennett, Cliff)
    Rebels (see: Eddy, Duane)
    Rebennack, Mac (see: Dr. John)
  1229. Redding, Otis ,1st587-8 ,2nd675-6 ,Erd906-8
  1230. Red Hot Chili Peppers ,1st588 ,2nd676-7 ,Erd904-6
    Red Noise (see: Nelson, Bill)
  1231. Redskins ,1st588-9 ,2nd677
  1232. Reed Network, Dan ,1st589 ,2nd677
  1233. Reed, Lou ,1st589-90 ,2nd677-8 ,Erd908-11
    Reegs (see: Chameleons)
    Reeves, Martha (see: Martha & The Vandellas)
  1234. Reid, Terry ,2nd679
    Rejects (see: Cockney Rejects)
    Relaxed Muscle (see: Pulp)
  1235. R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) ,1st590-1 ,2nd679-80 ,Erd911-6
  1236. Renaissance ,1st591-2 ,2nd680-1
    Renbourn, John (see: Pentangle)
  1237. REO Speedwagon ,1st592-3 ,2nd68-2
  1238. Replacements, The ,1st593 ,2nd682 ,Erd916-7
    Reprazent (see: Size, Roni)
  1239. Residents ,2nd682-3
    Rev, Martin (see: Suicide)
    Revenge (see: New Order)
  1240. Revere, Paul & The Raiders ,1st593-4 ,2nd683-4
    Revillos (see: Rezillos)
    Revolting Cocks (see: Ministry)
  1241. Rezillos ,1st594-5 ,2nd684-5
    Rhys, Gruff (see: Super Furry Animals)
    Rhythm Devils (see: Grateful Dead)
  1242. Rice, Damien ,Erd9178
  1243. Richard, Cliff ,1st595-9
    Richards, Keith (see: The Rolling Stones)
  1244. Richie, Lionel ,1st599
    Richardson, Jape (see: Big Bopper)
  1245. Rich Kids ,1st599 ,2nd685
  1246. Richman, Jonathan ,1st599-60 ,2nd685-6 ,Erd918-20
  1247. Ride ,1st600 ,2nd686
    Riff Raff (see: Bragg, Billy)
  1248. Righteous Brothers ,1st600-2
    Rigor Motis (see: Who, The)
    Rimbaud, Penny (see: Crass)
  1249. Riperton, Minnie ,1st602
  1250. Ritchie, Brian (see: Violent Femmes) ,3rd772-3 ,4th892 --
  1251. Roachford ,2nd686-7
  1252. Robertson, Robbie (see: Band, The) ,2nd687 ,3rd690 ,4th693-4
    Robinson, Chris (see: Black Crowes)
    Robinson, Rich (see: Black Crowes)
  1253. Robinson, Smokey ,1st602-3 ,2nd687-8
  1254. Robinson, Tom ,1st603-4 ,2nd688-9
    Rocket from the Tombs (see: Pere Ubu)
    Rockets (see: Crazy Horse)
    Rockpile (see: Edmunds, Dave)
    Rodgers, Nile (see: Chic)
  1255. Rodgers, Paul ,1st604 ,2nd689
    Rodriguez-Lopez, Omar A. (see: At the Drive-In)
  1256. Rolling Stones ,1st604-7 ,2nd689-94 ,Erd920-8
  1257. Rollins, Henry ,1st607-8 ,2nd694
  1258. Ronettes ,1st608-9 ,2nd694
  1259. Ronsin, Mick ,1st609 ,2nd695
  1260. Ronstadt, Linda ,1st609-10 ,2nd696-7
    Roosters (see: Impressions)
  1261. Rose, Tim ,2nd697
  1262. Ross, Diana ,1st610-3 (see also The Supremes
    Rossi, Francis & Bernard Frost (see: Status Quo)
    Rossington-Collins Band (see: Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  1263. Roth, David Lee ,1st613 ,2nd697-8
    Rowland, Kevin (see: Dexy's Midnight Runners)
  1264. Roxy Music ,1st613-5 ,2nd698-700 ,Erd928-32
  1265. Royksopp ,Erd932-3
    RTZ (see: Boston)
    Rubicon (see: Fields of the Nephilim)
  1266. Rufus ,1st615-6 ,2nd700-1
  1267. Runaways ,1st616-7 ,2nd701-2
  1268. Rundgren, Todd ,1st617-8 ,2nd702-3 ,Erd935-8
  1269. Run DMC (aka Run-D.M.C.) ,1st618-9 ,2nd703-4 ,Erd933-5
  1270. Runrig ,1st619 ,2nd704-5 ,3rd707-8 ,4th711-2 -- (Great Folk Index")
    Runt (see: Rundgren, Todd)
  1271. Rush ,1st619-20 ,2nd705 ,Erd938-40
  1272. Russell, Leon ,1st620-1 ,2nd705-7
    Rutherford, Mike (see: Genesis)
  1273. Ruts ,1st621-2 ,2nd707
  1274. Ryder, Mitch ,1st622 ,2nd707-8
    Rza (see: Wu-Tang Clan)
  1275. Sabres of Paradise ,2nd709
  1276. Sade ,1st625
    Sage, Greg (see: Wipers)
    Sahb Without Alex (see: Harvey, Alex)
  1277. Sainte-Marie, Buffy ,1st625-6 ,2nd709-10 ,3rd712-3 ,4th716-7 ,5th840-1 ,6th901-2 --
  1278. Saint Etienne ,1st626 ,2nd710-1
  1279. Saints ,1st626-7 ,2nd711
    Sakamoto, Ryuichi (see: Yellow Magic Orchestra)
  1280. Saliva ,Erd941
    Salty Peppers (see: Earth, Wind & Fire)
    Sambora, Richie (see: Bon Jovi)
    Sample, Joe (see: Crusaders)
  1281. Samson ,1st627 ,2nd712
    Sanders, Ed (see: Fugs)
  1282. Santana ,1st627-9 ,2nd712-4 ,Erd941-5
    Satan's Rats (see: Photos)
  1283. Satriani, Joe ,1st629 ,2nd714
  1284. Savoy Brown ,1st629-30 ,2nd714-5
  1285. Saw Doctors ,2nd715-6
    Sawyer, Ray (see: Dr. Hook)
  1286. Saxon ,1st630-1 ,2nd716
    Saxon, Sky (see: Seeds)
  1287. Scaggs, Boz ,1st631-2 ,2nd716-7 ,3rd719-20 -- ,5th847-8 ,6th909-10 --
  1288. Schenker Group, Michael ,1st632 ,2nd717-8
    Schmidt, Irwin (see: Can)
    Schneider, Fred (see: B-52's)
    Schon, Neil & Joe Hammer (see: Journey)
  1289. Scissor Sisters ,Erd945
  1290. Scorpions ,1st632-3 ,2nd718-9
    Scott, Andy (see: Sweet)
    Scott, Mike (see: Waterboys)
  1291. Scott-Heron, Gil ,1st633-4 ,2nd719 ,Erd945-7
    Scratch Acid (see: Jesus Lizard)
  1292. Screaming Blue Messiahs ,1st634 ,2nd719-20
  1293. Screaming Trees ,2nd720 ,Erd947-9
  1294. Scritti Politti ,1st634-5 ,2nd720-1 ,Erd949-50
    Sea Horses (see: Stone Roses)
  1295. Seal ,1st635 ,2nd721
  1296. Seals & Crofts ,1st635
  1297. Searchers ,1st635-6 ,2nd721-2
    Seastones (see: Grateful Dead)
  1298. Sebadoh ,2nd722-3
  1299. Secret Affair ,1st636-7 ,2nd723
    Sector 27 (see: Robinson, Tom)
  1300. Seeds ,1st637 ,2nd723-4
  1301. Seether ,Erd951
  1302. Segar, Bob ,1st638-9 ,2nd724-5 ,Erd951-3
  1303. Selecter ,1st639 ,2nd725
    Senate (see: Spear of Destiny)
    Sensational Alex Harvey Band (see: Harvey, Alex)
  1304. Senseless Things ,1st639 ,2nd725-6
  1305. Senser ,2nd726
    Sentridoh (see: Sebadoh)
  1306. Sepultura ,1st639-40 ,2nd726 ,Erd953-5
    Sergeant, Will (see: Echo and The Bunnymen)
    Setzer, Brian (see: Stray Cats)
    17 (see: Alarm)
  1307. Sex Pistols ,1st640-1 ,2nd726-9 ,Erd9559
  1308. Shadows, The ,1st641-3 ,2nd729-31 ,Erd959-62
  1309. Shadows of Knight ,1st644 ,2nd731-2
  1310. Shakespear's Sister ,1st644 ,2nd732
  1311. Shamen ,1st644-5 ,2nd732-3
  1312. Sham 69 ,1st645-6 ,2nd733-4
    Shanghai (see: Bennett, Cliff)
  1313. Shannon, Del ,1st646-7 ,2nd734-5
  1314. Sharkey, Feargal (see: Undertones, The) ,1st647
    Sharpe & Numan (see: Numan, Gary)
    Shaw, Tommy (see: Styx)
  1315. Shed Seven ,2nd735
  1316. Sheep on Drugs ,2nd735-6
    Shelley, Pete (see: Buzzcocks)
    Shields, Kevin (see: My Bloody Valentine)
  1317. Shirelles ,1st647-8
  1318. Shocked, Michelle ,1st648-9 ,2nd736 ,3rd738 ,4th741 ,5th874 ,6th934-5 --
    Shorrock, Glenn (see: Little River Band)
    Sid Presley Experience (see: Godfathers)
    Sierra (see: Flying Burrito Brothers)
  1319. Sigue Sigue Sputnik ,1st649 ,2nd736
  1320. Sigur Ros ,Erd962-3
  1321. Silencers ,2nd736-7
  1322. Silverfish ,2nd737
    Simmonds, Patrick (see: Doobie Brothers)
    Simmons, Gene (see: Kiss)
  1323. Simon, Carly ,1st649-50 ,2nd737-8
  1324. Simon & Garfunkel ,1st650-3 ,2nd738-41 ,3rd740-3 ,4th743-6 ,5th877-80 ,6th937-940 ,7th1361-6 ,Erd963-9
  1325. Simon, Paul (see: Simon & Garfunkel) ,3rd742 ,4th745-6 ,5th879-80 ,6th939-40 ,7th1364-6
  1326. Simple Minds ,1st653-4 ,2nd741-2 ,Erd970-2
  1327. Simply Red ,1st654 ,2nd742-3
    Sinclair's Caravan of Dreams, Richard (see: Caravan)
  1328. Siouxsie & The Banshees ,1st654-5 ,2nd743-5 ,Erd972-5
    Siren (see: Coyne, Kevin)
  1329. Sisters of Mercy, The ,1st656 ,2nd745 ,Erd975-6
  1330. Size, Roni ,6th949-50
  1331. Skid Row ,1st656 ,2nd746
  1332. Skids ,1st656-7 ,2nd746
  1333. Skin ,2nd747
  1334. Sky ,1st657-8
  1335. Slade ,1st658-9 ,2nd747-8 ,Erd977-9
    Slash's Snakepuit (see: Guns N' Roses)
  1336. Slaughter ,1st659-60 ,2nd748-9
  1337. Slayer ,1st660 ,2nd749-50
  1338. Sledge, Percy ,1st660-1
  1339. Sleeper ,2nd750
    Slick, Grace (see: Jefferson Airplane)
  1340. Slim Harpo ,2nd750
  1341. Slint ,Erd979-81
  1342. Slipknot ,Erd981-2
  1343. Slits ,1st661 ,2nd750-1 ,Erd982-4
  1344. Slowdive ,2nd751
  1345. Sly & Robbie ,1st661-2 ,2nd751-2
  1346. Sly & The Family Stone ,1st662-3 ,2nd752-3 ,Erd984-7
  1347. Small Faces ,1st663-4 ,2nd753-4 ,Erd987-90
  1348. S*M*A*S*H ,2nd754-5
  1349. Smashing Pumpkins ,1st664 ,2nd755 ,Erd991-33
  1350. Smith, Elliott ,Erd993-5
  1351. Smith, Patti ,1st664-5 ,2nd755 ,Erd994-6
    Smith, T.V. (see: Adverts)
  1352. Smithereens ,1st665 ,2nd755-6
  1353. Smiths, The ,1st665-6 ,2nd756-7 ,Erd996-9
    Smith's Explorers, T.V. (see: Adverts)
    Snape (see: Korner, Alexis)
  1354. Snoop Dogg ,Erd999-1001
  1355. Snoop Doggy Dogg ,2nd757
  1356. Snow Patrol ,Erd1001-2
    Society (see: Danse Society)
  1357. Soft Boys ,1st666-7 ,2nd757-8
  1358. Soft Cell (see: Almond, Marc) ,1st667-8 ,2nd758-9
  1359. Soft Machine ,1st668-9 ,2nd759-60
    Somerville, Jimmy (see: Communards)
  1360. Son Volt ,Erd1002-3
    Sonic Boom (see: Spacemen 3)
  1361. Sonic Youth ,1st669-70 ,2nd760-1 ,Erd1003-6
    Sonny & Cher (see: Cher)
  1362. Soul Asylum ,1st670 ,2nd761
  1363. Soundgarden ,1st670-1 ,2nd7612 ,Erd1006-7
  1364. Soup Dragons ,1st671 ,2nd762
    Southern Death Cult (see: Cult)
  1365. Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes ,1st671-2
    Space (see: KLF)
  1366. Spacemen 3 ,1st672-3 ,2nd763 ,Erd1007-9
  1367. Spandau Ballet ,1st673 ,2nd763-4
  1368. Sparks ,1st673-4 ,2nd764-5 ,Erd1009-12
    Sparrow (see: Steppenwolf)
    Sparta (see: At the Drive-In)
  1369. Spear of Destiny ,1st674-5 ,2nd765-6
  1370. Specials ,1st675-6 ,2nd766-7 ,Erd1012-5
    Spector, Ronnie (see: Ronettes)
    Spectres (see: Status Quo)
    Spectrum (see: Spacemen 3)
    Spence, Alexander (see: Moby Grape)
    Spice (see: Uriah Heep)
  1371. Spice Girls ,6th980-1
    Spiders, The (see: Cooper, Alice)
  1372. Spin Doctors ,1st676 ,2nd767
  1373. Spirit ,1st676-7 ,2nd767-8 ,Erd1015-7
    Spiritualized (see: Spacemen 3) ,Erd1017-8
  1374. Split Enz (see: Crowded House) ,1st677-8 ,2nd768-9
  1375. Spooky Tooth ,1st678-9 ,2nd769-70
  1376. Springfield, Rick ,1st679-80
  1377. Springsteen, Bruce ,1st680-1 ,2nd770-2 ,Erd1018-23
  1378. Squeeze ,1st681-2 ,2nd772-3 ,Erd1023-6
  1379. Squire, Billy ,1st682 ,2nd773-4
    Squire, Chris (see: Yes)
    Squire, John (see: Stone Roses)
  1380. Squirrel Bait ,5th924-5
  1381. Squirrel Nut Zippers ,5th925-6
  1382. Staind ,Erd1026
  1383. Standells ,2nd774
  1384. Stands, The ,Erd1027
    Stanley, Paul (see: Kiss)
    Stanshall, Vivian (see: Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band) (see: Bonzo Dog Band)
  1385. Staple Singers ,1st682-3
  1386. Starr, Ringo ,1st683-4 ,2nd774-5 ,Erd1027-9
  1387. Starsailor ,Erd1029-30
    Starship (see: Jefferson Airplane / Starship)
    State of Play (see: Curve)
  1388. Static-X ,Erd1030
  1389. Status Quo ,1st684-6 ,2nd775-7 ,Erd1030-5
    Stealer's Wheel (see: Rafferty, Gerry)
  1390. Steeleye Span ,1st686-7 ,2nd777-9 ,3rd780-1 ,4th787-9 ,5th930-1 ,6th994-5 ,7th1446-8
  1391. Steel Pulse ,1st687-8 ,2nd779
  1392. Steely Dan ,1st688-9 ,2nd779-80 ,Erd1035-9
    Stefani, Gwen (see: No Doubt)
  1393. Steinman, Jim ,1st689 ,2nd780-1
  1394. Stephenson, Martin & The Daintees ,1st689-90 ,2nd781
  1395. Steppenwolf ,1st690-1 ,2nd781-2
  1396. Stereolab ,2nd782-3 ,Erd1039-41
  1397. Stereo MC's ,1st691 ,2nd783
  1398. Stereophonics ,Erd1041-3
    St. Etienne (see: Saint Etienne)
  1399. Stevens, Cat ,1st691-2 ,2nd783-4 ,Erd1043-5
  1400. Stewart, Al ,1st692-3 ,2nd784-5
    Stewart, Dave (see: Eurythmics)
    Stewart, Eric (see: 10cc)
  1401. Stewart, Rod ,1st693-5 ,2nd785-8 ,Erd1045-50
  1402. Stiff Little Fingers ,1st695 ,2nd788-9
  1403. Stigers, Curtis ,1st695-6
    Stills, Stephen / Manassas (see: Crosby, Stills & Nash))
  1404. Stiltskin ,2nd789
  1405. Sting (see also: Police) ,1st696 ,2nd789-90 ,Erd1051-3
  1406. Stone, Joss ,Erd1053-4
    Stone Poneys (see: Ronstadt, Linda)
  1407. Stone Roses ,1st696-7 ,2nd790-1 ,Erd1054-7
    Stone Sly (see: Sly & The Family Stone)
    Stone Sour (see: Slipknot)
  1408. Stone Temple Pilots ,1st697 ,2nd791 ,Erd1057-8
  1409. Stone the Crows ,1st697 ,2nd791
    Stooges (see: Pop, Iggy)
    Stories (see: Left Banke)
    Storm (see: Journey)
    Stormtroopers of Death (see: Anthrax)
    Strange Cruise (see: Visage)
  1410. Strangelove ,2nd791-3
  1411. Stranglers, The ,1st697-9 ,2nd793-4 ,Erd1058-61
  1412. Strawberry Alarm Clock ,2nd794
  1413. Strawbs ,1st699-700 ,2nd794-5
  1414. Stray Cats ,1st700 ,2nd795-6
    Street Band (see: Young, Paul)
  1415. Streets, The ,Erd1061-3
    Streetwalkers (see: Family)
    Stride, Pete & John Plain (see: Lurkers)
  1416. Strokes, The ,Erd1063-5
    Strummer, Joe (see: Clash)
  1417. Stump ,1st700-1 ,2nd796
  1418. Style Council (see: Weller, Paul) ,1st701-2
    Styrene, Poly (see: X-Ray Spex)
  1419. Styx ,1st702 ,2nd796-7
    Sub Sub (see: Doves)
  1420. Subways, The ,Erd1065
    Sudden, Kikki (see: Swell Maps)
  1421. Suede ,1st702-3 ,2nd797-9 ,Erd1065-7
    Sugar (see: Husker Du) ,2nd799
  1422. Sugarcubes, The (see: Bjork) ,1st703 ,2nd799-800
    Suggs (see: Madness)
  1423. Suicidal Tendencies ,1st703-4 ,2nd800
  1424. Suicide ,1st704 ,2nd800-1 ,Erd1067-8
  1425. Sum 41 ,Erd1068-9
    Summers, Andy (see: Police)
  1426. Sundays ,1st704-5 ,2nd801-
  1427. Super Furry Animals ,Erd1069-71
  1428. Supergrass ,Erd1071-2
  1429. Supertramp ,1st705 ,2nd801-2 ,Erd1072-4
  1430. Supremes, The ,1st705-7 ,2nd802-4
    Surkamp, David (see: Pavlov's Dog)
  1431. Survivor ,1st707-8 ,2nd804-5
  1432. Sweet ,1st708-9 ,2nd805-6 ,Erd1074-6
    Sweet Exorcist (see: Cabaret Voltaire)
  1433. Swell Maps ,1st709-10 ,2nd806-7
  1434. Swervedriver ,2nd807-8
    Swindells, Steve (see: Hawkwind)
  1435. Swing Out Sister ,1st710-1
    Sylvian, David (see: Japan)
  1436. System of a Down ,Erd1076
    System 7 (see: Hillage, Steve)
    Tackhead (see: Clail, Gary)
  1437. Taking Back Sunday ,Erd1077
  1438. Talking Heads ,1st713-4 ,2nd809-11 ,Erd1077-81
    Talk Show (see: Stone Temple Pilots)
  1439. Talk Talk ,1st714-5 ,2nd811-2
  1440. Tangerine Dream ,1st715-6 ,2nd812-3 ,Erd1081-5
  1441. Taproot ,Erd1085
    Taste (see: Gallagher, Rory)
  1442. Taylor, James ,1st716-7 ,2nd813-4 ,Erd1085-8
    Taylor, John (see: Duran Duran)
    Taylor, Roger (see: Queen)
    Team Sleep (see: Deftones)
  1443. Teardrop Explodes, The (see: Cope, Julian) ,1st717
    Tears, The (see: Suede)
  1444. Tears for Fears ,1st717-8 ,2nd815 ,Erd1088-9
  1445. Teenage Fanclub (Teenage Fan Club) ,1st718 ,2nd815-6 ,Erd1090-1
    Teenage Filmstars (see: Television Personalities)
    Teenage Jesus (see: Lydia Lunch)
    Teenagers (see: Lymon, Frankie)
  1446. Television ,1st718-9 ,2nd816 ,Erd1092-4
  1447. Television Personalities ,1st719-20 ,2nd816-8
    Tempest (see: Colosseum)
    Temple of the Dog (see: Soundgarden)
  1448. Temptations ,1st720-2 ,2nd81820 ,Erd1094-8
  1449. 10cc (aka 10 CC) ,1st722-4 ,2nd820-2
  1450. Ten Pole Tudor ,1st724 ,2nd822
  1451. 10,000 Maniacs ,1st714-5 ,2nd822-3
  1452. Ten Years After ,1st725-6 ,2nd823-4
    Terraplane (see: Thunder)
  1453. Terrorvision ,2nd824
  1454. Tesla ,1st726 ,2nd824
  1455. Testament ,1st726 ,2nd824-5
  1456. Texas ,1st726-7 ,2nd825
  1457. That Petrol Emotion (see: Undertones, The) ,1st727 ,2nd825
    Theatre of Hate (see: Spear of Destiny)
  1458. Them ,1st728-9 ,2nd826 ,Erd1100-1
  1459. Then Jerico ,1st729 ,2nd826-7
  1460. Therapy? ,1st729 ,2nd827
  1461. These Animal Men ,2nd827
  1462. The The ,1st727-8 ,2nd827-8 ,Erd1098-1100
  1463. They Might Be Giants ,1st729-30 ,2nd828
  1464. Thin Lizzy ,1st730-1 ,2nd828-30 ,Erd1101-4
  1465. Thirteen Senses ,Erd1104-5
  1466. 13th Floor Elevators ,1st731-2 ,2nd830-1
  1467. .38 Special ,1st732-3 ,2nd831
    31st February (see: Allman Brothers Band)
  1468. This Mortal Coil ,2nd831-2
    Thomas, David (see: Pere Ubu)
    Thomas, Ray (see: Moody Blues)
  1469. Thompson, Richard ,1st733 ,2nd832-3 ,3rd832-3 ,4th844-6 ,5th988-9 ,6th1057-8 ,7th1540-3 ,Erd1105-7
  1470. Thompson Twins ,1st733-4 ,2nd833-4
    Thorn, Tracy (see: Everything But The Girl)
  1471. Thorogood, George & The Destroyers ,1st734-5 ,2nd834
  1472. Thousand Year Stare ,2nd834
    3 (see: Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
  1473. Three Dog Night ,1st735-6
  1474. 3 Doors Down ,Erd1107-8
  1475. Thrice ,Erd1108
  1476. Thrills, The ,Erd1108-9
  1477. Throbbing Gristle ,1st736 ,2nd835
  1478. Throwing Muses ,1st7346 ,2nd835-6
  1479. Thunder ,1st737 ,2nd836
    Thunders, Johnny (see: Heartbreakers)
    Thunderthumbs & Toten Senham (see: Level 42)
  1480. Thursday ,Erd1109-10
    Tiger Lily (see: Ultravox)
  1481. Tikaram, Tanita ,1st737 ,2nd836-7 ,3rd836 ,4th849-50 ,5th993-4 --
    Tilbrook,, Glenn (see: Squeeze)
    Til Tuesday (see: Mann, Aimee)
    Timelords (see: KLF)
    Times (see: Television Personalities)
    Tin Machine (see: Bowie, David)
  1482. Tindersticks ,2nd837 ,Erd1110-2
  1483. Toad the Wet Sprocket ,2nd837
    Toe Fat (see: Bennett, Cliff)
    Tom & Jerry (see: Simon & Garfunkel)
  1484. Tomorrow ,2nd837-8
    Tom Tom Club (see: Talking Heads)
    To My Surprise (see: Slipknot)
    Tones on Tail (see: Love and Rockets)
  1485. Tool ,Erd1112-3
  1486. Tornados ,1st738
  1487. Tortoise ,Erd1113-4
  1488. Toto ,1st738-9 ,2nd838-9
    Touch (see: D'Arby, Terence Trent)
    Tourists (see: Eurythmics)
    Townsend, Peter (see: Who, The)
  1489. Toyah ,1st739 ,2nd839
  1490. T'Pau ,1st740 ,2nd839-40
  1491. Traffic ,1st740-1 ,2nd840 ,Erd1114-6
    Traffic Jam Status Quo)
  1492. Train ,Erd1116
  1493. Trans-Global Underground ,2nd841
  1494. Transvision Vamp ,1st741 ,2nd841-2
  1495. Traveling Wilburys, The ,1st741-2 ,2nd842
  1496. Travis ,Erd1117-8
    T.Rex (see: Bolan, Marc)
  1497. Tricky ,Erd1118-9
  1498. Triffids ,1st742 ,2nd842-3
  1499. Triumph ,1st742-3 ,2nd843
  1500. Troggs ,1st743-4 ,2nd843-4
  1501. Trower, Robin ,1st744 ,2nd844-5
  1502. Tubes ,1st744-5 ,2nd845-6
    Tubeway Army (see: Numan, Gary)
  1503. Tunsall, KT (Kate) ,Erd1119-20
  1504. Turin Brakes ,Erd1120-21
    Turner, Nik (Inner City Unit) (see: Hawkwind)
  1505. Turner, Ike & Tina Turner ,1st745-8 ,2nd846-9 ,Erd1121-6
  1506. Turtles ,1st748-9 ,2nd849-50
    Twink (see: Pink Fairies)
  1507. Twisted Sister ,1st749 ,2nd850
    Two Men, A Drum Machine & a Trumpet (see: Fine Young Cannibals)
  1508. 2Pac ,Erd1126-8
  1509. Tygers of Pan Tang ,1st749-50 ,2nd850-1
    Tyrannosaurus Rex Bolan, Marc)
  1510. Tzuke, Judie ,1st750 ,2nd851
  1511. UB 40 (aka UB40) ,1st753-4 ,2nd852-3 ,Erd1129-31
  1512. UFO ,1st754 ,2nd853-4
    Ugly Casanova (see: Modest Mouse)
  1513. Ugly Kid Joe ,1st754-5 ,2nd854
  1514. UK Subs ,1st755 ,2nd854-5
  1515. Ultimate Spinach ,2nd855
  1516. Ultramarine ,2nd855-6
  1517. Ultravox ,1st755-7 ,2nd856-7 ,Erd1132-4
  1518. Uncle Tupelo ,Erd1134-5
  1519. Undertones, The ,1st757 ,2nd857-8 ,Erd1135-8
  1520. Underworld ,2nd858 ,Erd1138-40
  1521. U.N.K.L.E. ,Erd1140
  1522. Urban Dance Squad ,2nd858
    Ure, Midge (see: Ultravox)
  1523. Urge Overkill ,2nd858-9
  1524. Uriah Heep ,1st757-8 ,2nd859-60
  1525. Used, The ,Erd1140-1
    Utopia (see: Rundgren, Todd)
  1526. U2 ,1st758-9 ,2nd860-2 ,Erd1141-5
  1527. Vai, Steve ,1st761 ,2nd863
  1528. Valens, Richie ,1st761 ,2nd863
    Valentinos, The (see: Womack, Bobby)
    Valli, Frankie (see: Four Seasons)
  1529. Van Der Graaf Generator ,1st761-2 ,2nd863-5 ,3rd863-5 ,Wee503-4 ,4th880-2 ,5th1025-7 ,6th1096-8 ,7th1600-2 ,Erd1146-8
  1530. Vangelis ,1st762-3 ,2nd865-6 ,3rd865-6 ,Wee505-6 ,4th882-3 ,5th1027-9 ,6th1098-1100 ,7th1602-5
  1531. Van Halen ,1st763-4 ,2nd866 ,Erd1148-50
  1532. Vanilla Fudge ,1st764 ,2nd866-7
    Van Leer, Thijs (see: Focus)
  1533. Van Zandt, Townes ,5th1031-2 ,6th1102-3 ,7th1608-10
  1534. Vaselines ,2nd867
  1535. Vaughan, Stevie Ray ,1st764-5 ,2nd867-8
    Vega, Alan (see: Suicide)
  1536. Vega, Suzanne ,1st765 ,2nd868 ,Erd1150-2
    Vegas (see: Eurythmics) (see: Hall, Terry)
    Velvet Revolver (see: Guns N' Roses)
  1537. Velvet Underground ,1st765-6 ,2nd868-70 ,Erd1152-4
  1538. Ventures, The ,1st766-8
    Verlaine, Tom (see: Television)
  1539. Veruca Salt ,2nd870
  1540. Verve, The ,2nd870-1 ,Erd1154-6
    Victor (see: Rush)
  1541. Vincent, Gene ,1st768-9 ,2nd871-2 ,Erd1156-8
    Vinegar Joe (see: Brooks, Elkie)
  1542. Vines, The ,Erd1158-9
  1543. Violent Femmes ,2nd872-3 ,3rd772-3 ,4th892 --
    Violet Indiana (see: Cocteau Twins)
    V.I.P.'s (see: Spooky Tooth)
  1544. Virgin Prunes ,2nd873
  1545. Visage ,1st769-70 ,2nd873-4
  1546. Vixen ,1st770 ,2nd874
  1547. Voice of the Beehive ,1st770 ,2nd874-5
    Volman, Mark & Howard Kaylan (see: Turtles)
  1548. Wah! ,1st772 ,2nd876
    Wailers (see: Marley, Bob)
  1549. Wainwright III, Loudon ,1st772-3 ,2nd876-7 ,3rd875-6 ,4th893 ,5th1038 ,6th1110-1 ,7th1621-2
  1550. Wainwright, Rufus ,Erd1160
    Waite, John (see: Babys)
  1551. Waits, Tom ,1st773-4 ,2nd877-9 ,Erd1160-3
  1552. Wakeman, Rick ,1st774-5 ,2nd879-80 ,Erd1164-7
  1553. Walker, Junior & the All-Stars ,1st775-6
  1554. Walker, Scott & the Walker Brothers ,1st776-7 ,2nd880-2 ,Erd1167-70
  1555. Wall of Voodoo ,1st777-8 ,2nd882
  1556. Walsh, Joe ,1st778 ,2nd882-3
    Walsh, Steve (see: Kansas)
    Wanderers (see: Sham 69)
  1557. Wang Chung ,1st778-9 ,2nd883
  1558. War ,1st779-80883
    Wareham, Dean (see: Galaxie 500)
  1559. Warrant ,1st780 ,2nd884-5
  1560. Was (Not Was) ,1st780-1 ,2nd885
  1561. W.A.S.P. ,1st781 ,2nd-6885
  1562. Waterboys, The ,1st781-2 ,2nd886-7 ,Erd1170-2
  1563. Waters, Muddy ,1st782-3 ,2nd887-9 ,Erd1172-5
  1564. Waters, Roger ,1st783-4 ,2nd889-90 ,Erd1175-6
    Watson, Jeff (see: Nightranger)
    Watt, Ben (see: Everything But The Girl)
    Watts, Charlie (see: Rolling Stones)
    Wax (see: Gold, Andrew)
    Waybill, Fee (see: Tubes)
  1565. Weather Prophets ,1st784 ,2nd890
  1566. Weather Report ,1st784-6 ,2nd890-2
    Webb's Chicken Shack, Stan (see: Chicken Shack)
  1567. Wedding Present, The ,1st786 ,2nd892-3 ,Erd1176-9
  1568. Weezer ,Erd1179
    Weiland, Scott (see: Stone Temple Pilots)
    Weir, Bob (see: Grateful Dead)
    Weller, Paul (see: Style Council) ,2nd893 ,Erd1179-84
  1569. West, Kanye ,Erd1184-6
    West, Leslie (see: Mountain)
    Westerberg, Paul (see: Replacements)
  1570. Wet Wet Wet ,1st786-7 ,2nd894
  1571. We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It ,1st787 ,2nd894
    Wham (see: Michael, George)
    White, Alan (see: Yes)
    White, Maurice (see: Earth, Wind & Fire)
  1572. White Lion ,1st787-8 ,2nd894-5
  1573. Whitesnake ,1st788-9 ,2nd895-6 ,Erd1190-3
  1574. White Stripes ,Erd1186-9
  1575. White Zombie ,2nd896 ,Erd1189-90
    Whitford / St. Holmes (see: Aerosmith)
  1576. Who, The ,1st789-91 ,2nd896-99 ,7th523-6 ,Erd1193-99
  1577. Wilco ,Erd1199-1201
    Wild & Wondering (see: Pop Will Eat Itself)
    Wildbunch (see: Electric Six)
  1578. Wildhearts ,2nd899
    Wildlife (see: FM)
  1579. Williams, Hank ,2nd899-901
  1580. Williams, Lucinda ,5th1067 ,6th1142 ,7th16667-8
    Williams, Pharrell (see: N.E.R.D.)
  1581. Williams, Robbie ,Erd1201-3
    Williamson, Robin (see: Incredible String Band)
  1582. Williamson, Sonny Boy ,1st791-2 ,2nd901-2
    Willson-Piper, Marty (see: Church)
    Wilson, Ann (see: Heart)
    Wilson, Brian (see: Beach Boys)
    Wilson, Carl (see: Beach Boys)
    Wilson, Danny (see: Danny Wilson)
    Wilson, Dennis (see: Beach Boys)
    Wilson, Hank (see: Russell, Leon)
  1583. Wilson, Jackie ,1st792-4 ,2nd902-4
    Win (see: Fire Engines)
  1584. Winger ,1st794 ,2nd904
    Wings (see: McCartney, Paul)
  1585. Winter, Edgar ,1st794-5 ,2nd904-5
  1586. Winter, Johnny ,1st795-6 ,2nd905-6
  1587. Winwood, Steve ,1st796 ,2nd906-7 ,Erd1203-5
  1588. Wipers ,2nd907
  1589. Wire ,1st796-8 ,2nd907-8 ,Erd1205-7
  1590. Wishbone Ash ,1st798 ,2nd908-9
    Witness (see: Hipsway)
    Wizzard (see: Move)
  1591. Wobble, Jah ,2nd909-
    Wolf, Peter (see: Geils Band, J.)
  1592. Wolfsbane ,1st799 ,2nd910
  1593. Womack, Bobby ,1st799-800 ,2nd910-2 ,Erd1207-10
  1594. Wonder, Stevie ,1st800-2 ,2nd912-5 ,Erd1210-5
  1595. Wonder Stuff ,1st802 ,2nd915
    Wood, Ron (see: Rolling Stones)
    Wood, Roy (see: Move)
  1596. Woodentops ,1st802-3 ,2nd916
  1597. World Party ,1st803 ,2nd916
  1598. Wray, Link ,1st803-4 ,2nd916-7
  1599. Wreckless Eric ,1st804 ,2nd917-8
    Wright, Gary (see: Spooky Tooth)
    Wright, Richard (see: Pink Floyd)
  1600. Wu-Tang Clan ,Erd1215-9
  1601. Wyatt, Robert ,1st805 ,2nd918-9 ,Erd1219-22
    Wylie, Pete (see: Wah!)
    Wyman, Bill (see: Rolling Stones)
    Wynn, Steve (see: Dream Syndicate)
  1602. X ,1st807 ,2nd920
    Xon (see: Cabaret Voltaire)
  1603. X-Ray Spex ,1st807 ,2nd920-1
  1604. XTC ,1st807-8 ,2nd921-2 ,Erd1223-6
  1605. Y & T (Yesterday & Today) ,1st810 ,2nd923
    Y Kant Tori Read (see: Amos, Tori)
  1606. Yardbirds, The ,1st810-1 ,2nd923-4 ,3rd921-2 ,4th934-5 ,5th1092-3 ,6th1169-70 ,7th1707-8 ,Erd1227-8
  1607. Yazoo ,1st811 ,2nd924
  1608. Yeah Yeah Yeahs ,Erd1228-9
    Years (see: Chameleons)
  1609. Yello ,1st811-2 ,2nd925
  1610. Yellow Magic Orchestra ,1st812-3 ,2nd925-6
  1611. Yes ,1st813-5 ,2nd926-8 ,Erd1229-32
    YMO (see: Yellow Magic Orchestra)
  1612. Young, Neil ,1st815-6 ,2nd928-31 ,3rd925-8 ,4th938-41 ,5th1097-1100 ,6th1173-6 ,7th1713-7 ,Erd1232-8
  1613. Young, Paul ,1st816-7 ,2nd931-2
    Young Rascals (see: Rascals)
    Zander, Robin (see: Cheap Trick)
  1614. Zappa, Frank ,1st819-21 ,2nd933-6 ,Erd1239-45
    Zawinul, Joe (see: Weather Report)
    Z Combo, Rick (see: Derringer, Rick)
  1615. Zero 7 ,Erd1245-6
  1616. Zevon, Warren ,1st821-2 ,2nd936
    Zodiac Motel (see: Birdland)
  1617. Zombies ,1st822 ,2nd936-7 ,Erd1246-7
    Zoo (see: Fleetwood Mac)
  1618. Zutons, The ,Erd1247-8
    Zwan (see: Smashing Pumpkins)
  1619. ZZ Top ,1st822-3 ,2nd937-9 ,Erd1248-50

      Band names starting with a number have duplicate entries here. All such band names are listed above alphabetically and in the books as if they were spelled out, e.g. for "8" see "Eight".