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          These are Folk Harp, Celtic Harp and/or orchestral Pedal Harp Resource links which I started listing in 1995, and which, as of 4-25-2007, I no longer have time to maintain. Some of these links may no longer work, and I do not have time to update them. If some other site has current links to all of the sites below which they maintain regularly, I will be happy to link to that site. There will be no further updates on this page to any off-site link shown in Bold Type, unless you are the owner of one of the sites listed, and you would like the link deleted. The only link at this site to this page, is from the Harp players page.

          Occasionally all links are checked to see if the sites still exist. If they don't, they will be deleted. If a page has moved and I was not notified by the Webmaster, the link will be deleted.

      Note: to avoid confusion with the stringed harp, the Blues harmonica is never referred to as a "harp" anywhere at the site.
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