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      What do European vacations, gourmet magazines, appliance, electronics, shoe, jewelry and clothing stores, gambling casinos, security systems, attorney malpractice, free movies, computer design, on-line dating, medical supplies, college degrees, Colombian coffee, Memphis businesses, greeting cards, art galleries, and movie star photos have in common? They are all companies which have wasted their time requesting links on this site. If your "Link Request" is to a site that has absolutely nothing to do with music, your request will be reported as SPAM, and not answered. Also, because there are thousands of you out there, if your CD Duplication Service is not based at a specific street address in a specific Wisconsin city, you will NOT get a link.

Disclaimer: I am just a music fan trying since 11-25-1995 to document the Folk Music and Wisconsin music scene. I have no connection to any musician or group or any music related business. If you need to contact a musician, etc., connect to their official Web site for which I may or may not have a link under their name. I cannot forward any E-Mail to any musician or music company, and I cannot give out anybody's E-Mail address to anyone else. Also, I have nothing of any kind to give away, trade or sell at this site, no audio or video files, and I most definitely never break copyright law by copying any recording of any kind for anyone else without specific written permission of every musician involved. I certainly do not create mix tapes to give away to anybody so they can deliberately avoid paying musicians for the original recordings.

      If you are requesting a link for a recording artist or other musician, can you answer all of the following questions with an emphatic YES!?
    1) Do you or the artist have software on your computers that downloads track titles when a CD is mounted in the CD-ROM drive?
    2) If so, has anyone used this software to upload to CDDB the track titles of every CD the artist has released?   (How do I do that?)
      If your answer is "No" to any of the above, please explain WHY NOT!? in your request for a link.

    4) Because a significant amount of space on this Folk Music site is devoted to documenting Wisconsin Music and Wisconsin Musicians in all genres of music, have you ever lived in Wisconsin? If so, where? If you have appeared on any non-Pop/Rock recording released on or before 12-31-2005, you will be cross-reference listed in the Name Index - by city section of my 2006 book, "FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography".

      If you have any additions and/or corrections to this site, please send them to: (see spam note).
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      If I don't respond in a reasonable length of time, it might be because the   "Spam Protection" feature tags over a hundred messages to me every day from known or suspected spammers, and your message might have been tagged by mistake. Tagged messages are discarded and never reach my mailbox. I can look at the list of tagged "discards" and override their spam determination. However, the list only includes "From" and "Subject", so if the sender is unfamiliar to me, or if the subject is not specifically related to any subject covered at this domain, or if the subject is blank, I will accept their spam expertise and the tagged "discards" will never be read.

      When you write, please note the following guidelines:

  1. Do not "attach" anything. If there is a picture you want me to see, install it on the web and send me just the URL link to it.
  2. English only - I cannot read any other language.
  3. Text format only - HTML formatted messages are unreadable.
  4. If you want me to add a link to a Folk or Wisconsin recording artist's home page, be sure to include the Webmaster's name, i.e. the one who maintains the site's HTML code, unless the site is maintained by a musical organization or firm. If you don't include a name, the link will be labeled, "Author ?" (Webmaster unknown).
  5. Because every link exchange request (dozens of them) has come from a site that has no musical content whatsoever, all future messages with the following subjects will be ignored.

Every page at   was deleted on 12-17-2000!!   See the ExecPC to / Conversion Page for more information.

      All dates at this site are in either mm-dd-yy or mm-dd-yyyy format.

      Spam Note: Due to the ever expanding spam problem, effective 11-25-2004, the ninth anniversary of this Web site, almost every instance of my clickable E-Mail address at this domain (except this page and a few others) now links to this page. Clicking on the E-Mail addresses on this page will activate the HTML "Mailto" function for my address and start up your mail program so you can send me a message. I am sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you, but spam forced me to take this action. That, and the fact that more and more people are sending me unreadable HTML formatted messages, as well as attached musician pictures and concert posters I can't view.

      The " Spam Protection" is pretty reliable, in my opinion. Mis-tagged messages are a rarity. For example, in the month prior to 11-25-2004, out of several thousand messages tagged as spam, only 4 were mis-tagged. Future messages from those addresses will never be tagged again. If you think your message was mis-tagged, send it again with an obviously FolkLib Index related subject. Best would be to include the word "FolkLib", without the quotes, and capitalized as shown.

      How to submit your new CD to the CDDB/Gracenote database:  Find Gracenote (CDDB) Enabled Software:
    I have been very happy using CATraxx for years.
    Check the box for your computer's operating system, and click on "SEARCH". Is your CD-ROM music playing software listed? If so, it is CDDB compatible. Check the menu at the top for something like, "Submit to CDDB (or Gracenote)". Enter all the new artist, album title, track title and other information about the CD currently in your CD-ROM drive. Please make sure all of the CD's data is complete, and everything is spelled correctly. Then just click "Submit", and wait patiently (it may be weeks) for them to install it in their database. Note: only the text information you enter about the CD is submitted, and not, I repeat, NOT!! the music on it. Unfortunately, I know of no way to submit scans of CD liner note covers that are NOT in their database.

      How you can assist the FolkLib Index financially.

Please send additions and/or corrections to Doug Henkle:
P.O. Box 331, Ripon, WI 54971-0331

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