"FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography" (the book)
      (Recordings by Wisconsin resident musicians 1948-2005)

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      NOT! This book will never be published. My only option was to "Self Publish" and I will never have the up front thousands of dollars it takes to do that. I will continue to update this site as long as this 75 year old is able to do so, but any work whose only result was the book has been stopped. The "Wisconsin Discography" will exist on-line at this site only.
Wisconsin Discographies

      "FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography" will contain a list of recordings released by current and former Wisconsin resident musicians starting from the LP era (1948) up until 12-31-2005, the book project's end-of-research cutoff date. The current plan is to write and publish the book in 2028. (Table of Contents - Preface)

      I started work on this book upon retirement. Since the mid-1990's, I have been seriously collecting recordings by Wisconsin Musicians in all formats and all musical genres. Before that I had picked up a number of local acoustic recordings, but somehow the collection evolved to include every other type of genre I could find.

      The idea concerning the need for such a book came from my ongoing search for previously published books on Wisconsin musicians which included detailed discographies. With the exception of a few outstanding examples in Rock and Roll, so far, I have found an almost complete lack of coverage of other detailed documentation of specific local recordings.

  1. "They Couldn't Tame Us: The Wisconsin 60's Rock Discography", by Tom W. Tourville (1992) - wanted
  2. "Lost and Found, Vol. 2 (Minnesota and Wisconsin)", by Jim Oldsberg, Mark Prellberg and Tom Halfpap (1993)
  3. "Do You Hear That Beat: Wisconsin Pop/Rock in the 50's & 60's", by Gary E. Myers (1994)
  4. "An American Rock History, Vol. 5 - The Midwest - Minnesota and Wisconsin (1960-1997), including the twin cities and Milwaukee the beer capital of the world", by Hugh MacLean and Vernon Joynson (2000)
  5. "Famous Wisconsin Musicians", by Susan Masino (2003)
  6. "The Illustrated History of Wisconsin Music (1840-1990)", by Michael G. Corenthal (1991)
  7. "Wisconsin Music: An Annotated Bibliography, by Steven L. Sundell (1994) [722 "books, articles, pamphlets, dissertations, theses, and a handful of unpublished typescripts"]

      I have not yet read all the references listed by Steve Sundell, so at the moment, the first six books above is a complete list of all the books I know about that include general Wisconsin discographies not devoted to a single musician. My book will not cover anything already excellently documented in the first five books above. Michael Corenthal's book is a fascinating narrative overview of 150 years of Wisconsin Music, but it is not intended to be a definitive discography for any Wisconsin musician. My book will not include any recordings by musicians from Wisconsin who are already well documented in print, and who are very familiar to many music lovers outside of Wisconsin (see the list on the Famous Musician's Links page).

      Except for the above musicians, you might find at least one known recording by almost anyone else in any other musical genre you can think of: Folk, Bluegrass, Singer/Songwriter, Classical (symphony orchestras, string quartets, guitarists, pianists, organists, Opera, etc.), Jazz, Polka, Country, Native American Indian, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Church choirs, grade school, high school, college and university choruses, bands and orchestras, and almost every other type of music, except Rock and Roll, and Pop musicians.

      Work on the book itself has not actually started. Two large projects must be completed first: a complete off-line Inventory list in one place of the over 3,000 recordings already listed at this site on 77 different pages, and the key entry of probably another 1,000 additional Wisconsin titles that I have not had time to list on-line yet. These projects were begun in November 2002 and will probably take several months, and maybe a year or two, but once done, the Inventory will serve as the outline of the book.

      There is a great deal of research to be done on the list of Wisconsin recordings which will be included in this book. Every artist/group possible needs to be contacted, and known collections in various public libraries and educational institutions need to be viewed. With these necessary tasks ahead, at the moment, a reasonable VERY! tentative publication date would be by the end of 2028.

      How you can help with this book: Look at the artists and groups and their recordings listed on my Wisconsin Discographies page. Please write if you know details about similar recordings, or missing information about those listed.

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