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(last updated .07-08-2010)
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          This is the procedure I use with Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 to rotate and crop round label scans. I bought PE 2.0 several years ago. Adobe has upgraded the product several times since then, but this version does exactly what I need to do, so I haven't upgraded. I do not know if more recent versions do the following procedure differently. Also, I have been told that some graphic editors can define a circular cropping area so only the label shows and not the black of the record around it, but PE 2.0 will only crop a square area.

          This procedure is necessary because I find it impossible to place a round 45 or LP on my scanner so the label's lettering always turns out perfectly horizontal. My Canon MultiPASS F60 printer/copier/scanner's editor will only rotate a competed scan in 45 degree increments. So first I scan the whole record and crop the label with about a half inch of black vinyl around it to allow for the rotation process below.

          Of course, if you do all your work on one PC, ignore the FTP download and combine the XP/WIN98 sections into one. I cannot. I am hopelessly tied to my Win98 PC forever for many reasons, most importantly because 100% of my editing is done via Telnet session to my VMS (DEC OS) login account. As it is the most powerful Text Editor in existence, I have been using EVE/TPU for all Web site page editing since 1994. Unfortunately, the VT320 Emulation, which is required for EVE/TPU full-screen editing, has never worked at all on my XP machine, at least I have never been able to figure out how to get it to work. This is what the editor looks like under XP:
          totally useless
And this is what is looks like under Win98:
          fully functional
Secondly, my scanner will not save scans to my Win98 machine so I have to do the upload/download for every scan.

XP (using Photoshop Elements 2.0)
  1. File/Open a   c:\index\graphics\45s\   (or other directory) .jpg file (newly scanned 45, LP round label, or CD)
  2. Drag lower right corner to fit screen
  3. CTRL/+ (Zoom in so lettering is large enough to fill the edit window horizontally)
  4. Image/Rotate/Custom
          Angle: (?) Right (clockwise) or Left (counter-clockwise)
          "?" is any number (.1 on up)of rotational degree increments. Repeat as many times as necessary until the lettering is perfectly horizontal.
  5. CTRL/- (Zoom out until the whole label fits in the edit window)
  6. In the Icon Menu, Click the square box with the diagonal line through it (for cropping)
  7. Outline the label in a box
  8. Image/Crop
  9. (A) File/Save for Web (FOR LABEL SCANS)
          "Zoom" 50%
          "New Size - Width" 550 - starting 7-04-2008, I changed this so every label from that point on would end up closer to the same size. As the "Crop" process above does not usually result in an exactly square box outline, the "New Size - Height" varies around 550 pixels because I leave "Constrain Proportions" checked so W/H remains in the same proportions as scanned. I did not go back and rescan previous labels, or redo the "New Size" changes with PE 2.0 .
          OBS. "New Size - Percent" 25 (old way before 7-04-2008) (this changes the scan to about 550x550 pixels)
                I have to do "New Size" because my scanner only creates Label scan files in one size, - HUGE (ca. 2200x2200 pixels!), and LP Jacket scans (ca. 7500x7500 pixels!).
  10. or (B) File/Save for Web (ALTERNATE) FOR Fold-Overs AND LP Jacket scans ONLY
          Same as "File/Save for Web (FOR LABEL SCANS)" above, except:
          "New Size - Width" 1100
  11. Click Apply
          This should now show the full .jpg and .gif label versions in the two "Save for Web" screen windows.
  12. Click OK (saves as .gif and closes the "Save for Web" window)
  13. Click X (saves the cropped .jpg label replacing the original full record scan which is no longer needed)
  14. WS/FTP upload to   /graphics/45s/   (or other directory) all newly created and cropped .gif files. The cropped and saved .jpg files are not uploaded as they are not used anywhere on my Web site.
  1. WS/FTP download to   d:\graphics\45s\   (or other directory)
          FYI: My D: partition is configured to have the exact same directory structure as my UNIX based Web site's directory structure. This way I can fully test every HTML code change before uploading.
  2. Install links to each new scanned graphic from a Discography Page
          for example, in - Various Wisconsin Labels (45's) Discography
    001 (use "View Page Source" to see the code)
  3. After creating 150x150 pixel Thumbnails with IrfanView (or other program), install table code for each new scanned graphic in - Wisconsin Labelography
    Exception: IrfanView needs to be reset temporarily to 300x300 pixel Thumbnails for Fold-Overs.

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