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          This is a list of the current and past Boards of Directors of the Wisconsin Polka Hall of Fame, which was founded on 12-03-1995. The 2003-4 Board list is from their old Web site, and all the former Boards are as listed on the plaques mounted at the Chandelier Ballroom, 150 Jefferson Ave., Hartford, WI 53027, as of 03-19-2005.

          Names with links have an entry at this site. If they appear on any recordings, all their titles known to me (except 78's and 45's) will be listed on this site.

Boards of Directors

  2007-8 2006-7 2005-6 2004-5
President Rick Gundrum Rick Gundrum ? ?
Vice President Missy Thull   ? ?
Secretary Ernie Broeniman Missy Thull ? ?
Treasurer Sandy Johnson Sandy Johnson ? ?
Trustee Louis Bashell Louis Bashell ? ?
Trustee Jerry Carey Jim Ebner ? ?
Trustee Jim Ebner Mark Hildebrand ? ?
Trustee Mark "Kaiser" Hildebrand Dan Jerabek, Jr. ? ?
Trustee Tuba Dan Jerabek Donald Roskopf ? ?
Trustee Donald "Red" Roskopf Bob Smole ? ?
Trustee Mike Schneider Ralph Thull ? ?
Trustee Aaron Schuelke Bob Ullenberg ? ?

  2003-4 2001-2 1999 1998 1996
President Bryan O'Donnell Carlo "Spike" Micale Carlo "Spike" Micale Spike Micale Greg Drust
Vice-President Rick Gundrum Bryan O'Donnell Gene Schweiger Gene Schweiger John Pinter
Secretary Jim Ebner Jim Boren Jim Boren Jim Boren  
Treasurer Ron Vandenboom Jim Boren Ralph Williams Ralph Williams Ralph Williams
Trustee Louis Bashell Louis Bashell Louis Bashell Greg Drust Ted Ignasiak
Trustee Maureen Hornung Rick Gundrum Rick Gundrum Jerry Halkowski Don Koepke
Trustee Ted Ignasiak John W. Gostanski Mark Hildebrand Ted Ignasiak Carlo "Spike" Micale
Trustee Carlo Micale Mark Hildebrand Ted Ignasiak Joey Klass Gene Schweiger
Trustee Richard T. Talatzko Ted Ignasiak Joey Klass Noyes Lane Bob Ullenberg
Trustee Ralph Thull Robert Ullenberg Bryan O'Donnell Bruce Meier Joe Wojkiewicz
Trustee Robert Ullenberg   Robert Ullenberg Joe Wojkiewicz  

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