The BoDeans discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

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Bo Deans|Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams|1986|Warner~Slash|25403
        She's a Runaway|3:36
        Still the Night|4:02
        Rickshaw Riding|4:55
        Strangest Kind, The|3:40
        Say You Will|4:04
        Ultimately Fine|2:18
        That's All|3:25
        Lookin' For Me Somewhere|3:02
Bo Deans|Outside Looking In|1987|Reprise~Slash|25629
        Pick Up the Pieces|3:24
        Take It Tomorrow|3:55
        Say About Love|4:12
        Don't Be Lonely|3:51
        Runaway Love|3:50
        Only Love|3:08
        What It Feels Like|2:31
        Ballad of Jenny Rae, The|3:50
        Forever Young~Wild Ones, The|3:56
        I'm In Trouble Again|4:26
Bo Deans|Home|1986|Slash|25876
        When The Love Is Good|4:02
        Beautiful Rain|4:37
        Fire in the Hole|0:22
        Good Work|2:53
        No One|4:02
        You Don't Get Much|4:46
        Hand in Hand|4:01
        Worlds Away|3:44
        Far Far Away From My Heart|4:24
        Brand New|4:06
        Red River|4:05
        I'll Be There (Voo Doo)|4:03
        Tied Down and Chained|3:37
Bo Deans|Black and White|1991|Slash|26487
        Good Things|4:35
        True Devotion|4:34
        Black, White and Bloor Red|4:41
        Any Given Day|3:51
        Forever on my Mind|4:22
        Long Hard Day|3:25
        Do I Do|4:12
        Hell of a Chance|4:41
        Bad for You|3:58
        Going Home|3:40
Bo Deans|Go Slow Down|1993|Slash|45455
        Closer to Free|3:08
        Save a Little|4:03
        In Trow~Texas Ride Song|5:19
        Go Slow Down|3:35
        Other Side, The|2:59
        Stay On|5:37
        Feed the Fire|3:39
        Cold Winter's Day|4:18
        Something's Telling Me|3:14
        She's So Fine|
Bo Deans|Blend|1996|Slash~Reprise|9 46216
        Understanding, The|4:10
        Heart of a Miracle|4:11
        Count On Me|3:48
        Can't Stop Thinking|3:20
        Hurt By Love|3:58
        Hey Pretty Girl|2:44
        All I Ever Wanted|5:04
        Do What YOu Want|3:15
        Red Roses|4:08
Various|Broadcasts, Vol 5 (KGSR radio Austin) Disc 2|1997|KGSR|
        Idaho||Bo Deans
Various|Live at the World Cafe Volume 6|1998|World Cafe|WC9706
        Closer to Free||Bo Deans
Various|On the Mountain|1994|KMTT|0194
        Good Things|4:05|Bo Deans
Various|ONXRT Vol. 2|1994|Chicago House|83333 00022
        Sylvia|3:41|Bo Deans

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