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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

The 'extra' section is taken from additional information which I have received.

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Grant, Amy|Age to Age|1982|A&M|CD 5056
        In a Little While|4:20
        I Have Decided|3:13
        I Love a Loney Day|4:03
        Don't Run Away|3:33
        Fat Baby|2:09
        Sing Your Praise to the Lord|3:12
        El Shaddai|4:05
        Raining on the Inside|4:10
        Got to Let It Go|4:00
        Arms of Love|3:10
Grant, Amy|Collection, The||Myrrh|684327
        Stay for Awhile|5:37
        Love Can Do|4:22
        Find a Way|3:27
        Everywhere I Go|4:10
        Thy Word|3:19
        Where Do You Hide Your Heart|3:58
        Sing Your Praise to the Lord|3:17
        In a Little While|4:22
        El Shaddai|4:08
        I Have Decided|3:16
        Too Late|4:24
        I'm Gonna Fly|4:23
        All I Ever Have To Be|2:38
        My Father's Eyes|4:05
        Ageless Medley|6:10
Grant, Amy|Unguarded|1985|Myrrh|7-01-680627
        Love of Another Kind|3:22
        Find A Way|3:28
        Everwhere I Go|4:12
        I Love You|4:25
        Stepping In Your Shoes|4:37
        Wise Up|3:51
        Who to Listen To|4:22
        Prodigal, The|5:10
Grant, Amy|Lead Me On||A&M|003153
        Lead Me On|5:35
        Saved by Love|4:38
        Faithless Heart|5:10
        What About the Love|5:23
        If These Walls Could Speak|5:42
        All Right|4:23
        Wait for the Healing|5:36
        Sure Enough|4:00
        If You Have To Go Away|4:01
        Say Once More|4:54
Grant, Amy|Heart In Motion|1991|A&M|5321
        Good For Me|3:59
        Baby Baby|3:57
        Every Heartbeat|3:32
        That's What Love is For|4:17
        Ask Me|3:51
        You're Not Alone|3:49
        I Will Remember You|5:00
        How Can We See That Far|4:26
        Hope Set High|2:48
Grant, Amy|Christmas Album, A|1983|A&M|5057
        Tennessee Christmas|4:33
        Hark! The Herald Angels Sing|2:53
        Preiset Dem Konig~Praise the King|1:39
        Little Town|2:47
        Christmas Hymn|2:32
        Love Has Come|4:02
        Sleigh Ride|3:35
        Christmas Song, The (Chestnuts)|3:45
        Mighty Fortress, A~Angels We Have Heard on High|5:00
Grant, Amy~Garfunkel, Art|Animals' Christmas, The||Columbia|ck40212
        Annunciation, The|2:38
        Creatures of the Field, The|2:31
        Just a Simple Little Tune|2:54
        Decree, The|3:25
        Incredible Phat|4:56
        Friendly Beasts, The|3:23
        Song of the Camels, The|2:44
        Words from an Old Spanish Carol|3:43
        Carol of the Birds|1:58
        Frog, The|5:15
        Wild Geese|3:32
Grant, Amy|House of Love|1994|A&M|31454 0230
        Lucky One|4:11
        Say You'll Be Mine|4:04
        Whatever It Takes|4:10
        House of Love|4:38
        Power, The|3:54
        Oh How the Years Go By|5:12
        Big Yellow Taxi|3:01
        Helping Hand|4:39
        Love Has a Hold On Me|3:55
        Our Love|5:08
        Children of the World|5:16
Grant, Amy|Behind the Eyes|1997|A&M|31454 0760
        Nobody Home|3:37
        I Will be Your Friend|4:00
        Like I Love You|4:31
        Takes a Little Time|4:32
        Cry a River|4:39
        Turn This World Around|3:40
        Curious Thing|4:05
        Every Road|4:31
        Leave it all Behind|3:22
        Missing You|4:28
        Feeling I Had, The|2:55
        Somewhere Down the Road|5:08
Various|Our Hymns|1989|Word|80590
        Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus|4:05|Grant, Amy

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Jim Demes  ( or

Duet with Peter Cetera on "The Next Time I Fall"
(Cetera's Solitude/Solitare|1986|WB|25474

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