Holly Near discography, by Bill Pringle

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This discography consists of all known album CDs by this artist which are available within the United States.

This file was created by extracting entries from a CD database that I maintain.

If you know of any other CDs available from this artist, please E-Mail the information to me at   wrp103@psu.edu

Near, Holly|Singer in the Storm||Chameleon|D2-74832
        Sing to Me the Dream|3:43
        Sun Won't Stop|3:00
        Singer in the Storm|3:30
        Ella's Song~We Who Believe|3:25
        Harriet Tubman~Lifeline|2:30
        Te Doy Una Cancion|2:25
        Don't You Worry|3:11
        Great Peace March, The|3:55
        Icicle Blue|3:35
        Si Buscabas|3:17
        Singing For Our Lives|2:30
        They Dance Alone~Cueca Sola|5:13
        Todavia Cantamos|2:42
Near, Holly|Imagine My Surprist|1978|Redwood|RRCD 401
        Imagine My Surprise!|3:32
        Put Away|4:44
        Lady At the Piano|3:49
        Fight Back|2:41
        Mountain Song~Kentucky Woman|3:57
        You Bet|3:14
        Rock Me In Your Arms|3:18
        Hay Una Mujer Desparecida|3:49
        Something About the Women|6:16
        Golden Thread|5:15
        Simply Love|2:35
Near, Holly|Journeys||Redwood|RRCD 405
        Winner Takes All|3:24
        Room For Me|3:24
        You've Got Me Flying|3:16
        Water Come Down|3:59
        GI Movement|3:06
        Once or Twice|3:47
        Started Out Fine|2:19
        Imagine My Surprise|3:32
        Something About the Women|3:35
        It Could Have Been Me|3:21
        Wrap the Sun|5:25
Near, Holly|Fire in the Rain||Redwood|RCD 402
        Fire in the Rain|4:10
        Once or Twice|3:47
        Working Woman|2:54
        No Loss of Pride|3:14
        Sit With Me|4:39
        I Got Trouble|2:44
        Foolish Notion|3:48
        Ain't No Where You Can Run|2:21
        Wrap the Sun Around You|5:25
        Golden Thread|5:15
Near, Holly~Gilbert, Ronnie|Lifeline||Redwood|rrcd404
        Harriet Tubman|3:10
        Si Me Quieres Escribir|2:04
        Beloved Comrade|0:52
        Two Good Arms|4:57
        Gracias A La Vida|3:52
        Pastures of Plenty|2:40
        Stormy Weather/A Medley of Love Songs|5:41
        Goodnight Irene|2:50
        No More Genocide|3:19
        Perfect Night|2:20
        Activity Room, The|3:53
        Hay Una Mujer|4:43
        Singing For Our Lives|3:40
Near, Holly|Don't Hold Back||Redwood|rrcd413
        How Bold|4:07
        Promise (How Can Anyone Know), The|4:36
        Don't Hold Back|3:22
        How Was I to Know|3:51
        Bird Gonna Fly|3:50
        In the Face of Love|4:40
        Boney Jaw Baby|3:40
        All I Can Give is Goodbye|3:24
        Plain and Simple Love|3:48
Near, Holly|Musical Highlights from Fire in the Rain|1994|Redwood Records|RR 9303
        Water Come Down|2:47
        You've Got Me Flying|1:54
        Icicle Blue|2:41
        I Can't Give You Anything But Love|1:20
        No More Genocide|2:27
        Simply Love|2:40
        Great Peace March|3:22
        Coming Home|2:20
        Find Me|2:14
        Fire in the Rain|4:12
        If I Loved You|1:50
        Si Buscabas|2:08
        Sit With Me|3:05
        Change of Heart|3:58
Near, Holly~Bucchino, John|With a Song in My Heart - Timeless Gems from My Parents' Generation|1997|Calico Tracks Music|CTM-CD-9701
        Love is Here to Stay|3:13
        Best is Yet to Come, The|3:03
        Just in Time|2:32
        Isn't This a Lovely Day|4:17
        Nearness of You, The~My Romance|4:20
        I'm Beginning to See the Light|2:27
        Where or When|2:16
        When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful|2:19
        What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?|4:02
        Very Thought of You, The|2:28
        You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To~Easy to Love|1:49
        I've Got the World on a String|3:34
        Old Devil Moon|2:38
        With a Song in My Heart|2:35
        When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful (Reprise)|
Near, Holly~Guthrie, Arlo~Seeger, Pete~Gilbert, Ronnie|Harp||Redwood|rrcd409
        Oh Mary Don't You Weep|3:05
        Somos el Barco~We Are the Best|5:22
        City of New Orleans|4:24
        Fine Time|3:49
        All Over the World|2:27
        Small Business Blues|1:23
        What's Going On~Foolish Notion|3:23
        Jacob's Ladder|2:55
        Good for the World|4:12
        Singing With You|2:42
        Pallet on the Floor|3:14
Sears, Pete~Farina, Mimi~Garcia, Jerry~Grisman, David~Near, Holly|Watchfire||Redwood|RRCD 8806
        Stream, The|4:24
        Save Something for the Children|3:51
        Lands End|1:09
        Nothing Personal|3:25
        One More Innocent|4:16
        Let the Dove Fly Free|6:43
        Blood from the Rose|2:19
Various|Rainbow Sign|1992|Rounder|8025
        Oh, Mary Don't You Weep|2:54|Near, Holly~Guthrie, Arlo~Gilbert, Ronnie~Seeger, Pete
Various|Folk Live from Mountain Stage|1997|Blue Plate|BPM 310
        Sun Won't Stop|3:19|Near, Holly
Various|Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival '88 Live||Alcazar|alc105
        Step It Out Nancy|3:35|Near, Holly
Various|Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival, Vol. 2||Alcazar|113
        Once or Twice|3:49|Near, Holly
Various|Where Have All the Flowers Gone - The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol. 1|1998|Appleseed|1024
        Quiet Early Morning|4:48|Near, Holly
Various|Peace is the World Smiling|1989|Music for Little People|MLP D2104
        Voices||Near, Holly

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