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Spelling Consistency

          I have tried to be very consistent in the format of all addresses that include city, state, province or country. Using the official USPS 2-letter U.S. state codes, searching every alphabetical page for " CO " or " NH " (in double quotes as shown) will find every entry for each particular state. Every Canadian Province and non-U.S. country is completely spelled out, with no abbreviations or USPS codes, like NB or ON. To save futile searches, here are the only non-U.S. ones which have at least one entry here.

  1. Provinces: Alberta, British Colombia, Ontario, Quebec
  2. Countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany (& West Germany), Hungary, India, Ireland (& Northern Ireland), Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K., Wales

          For consistency of searching, the following country designations as listed in books have been modified:

(Co.) (Company / County [Ireland]) so they won't show up in searches for " CO " (Colorado)
(Fl.) (Floor) so it won't show up in searches for " FL " (Florida)
(Ct.) (Court) so it won't show up in searches for " CT " (Connecticut)

(American) (USA)
(Australian) (Australia)
(Belgian) (Belgium)
(British) (U.K.)
(Canadian) (Canada)
(Dutch) (Netherlands)
(England) (U.K.)
(English) (U.K.)
(French) (France)
(German) (Germany)
(Holland) (Netherlands)
(Indian) (India)
(Irish) (Ireland)
(South African) (South Africa)
(Spanish) (Spain)
(Swedish) (Sweden)
(Swiss) (Switzerland)

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