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      Member - The Waymores 200?- "Sister Waymore"
      Former member - Northern Hospitality 198?-198?
      Chaska, MN / La Crosse / Nashville, TN


    As far as I know, except for Dan Sebranek, no session player on any Sally Barris recording has ever lived in Wisconsin.
  1. .1991 - A Little Romance (CS: no #) {A}
          Cedar Valley Productions, city?
          with Wayne Beezley, Emil McAndrew, Betsy Neil, Rick Sampson, Dan Sebranek
  2. .1998 - Live at Eclectic Sound Studios (CD: no #) {A}
          Self Released
          with John Gardner, Byron House, Steven Sheehan
  3. .1999 - Reluctant Daughter (CD: 12331-2) {A}
          Wrensong Entertainment, 1229 17th Ave. S., Nashville, TN 37212-2801
          with Steve Brewster, Pat Buchanan, Sam Bush, Rick Jackson, Victor Krauss, Tim Lauer, Kenny Malone, Lisa Martin McKenzie, Dave Rawlings, Michael Rhodes, David Schnaufer, Steven Sheehan, Paco Shepp, Gillian Welch, Jeff Wilson, Andrea Zonn, Paul Zonn
  4. .2004 - Little Voice (CD: no #) {A} - CD Baby
          Roll Tape & Sing Records, city?
          with Jessi Alexander, Sam Bacco, Richard Bell, John Gardner, Mark Jordan, Colin Linden, Kami Lyle, John Mock, Bryan Owings, Russ Paul, Alison Prestwood, Jon Randall, Steven Sheehan, Bryan Sutton, Andrea Zonn
  5. .2007 - Restless Soul (CD: no #) {A} - CD Baby
          Wrensong Entertainment, Nashville, TN
          with Jessi Alexander, Chris Brown, Stuart Duncan, John Gardner, Byron House, Michael Kelsh, Celeste Krenz, Jon Randall, Bryan Sutton, Jeff Taylor, Chas Williams, Andrea Zonn
  6. .2012 - Wilder Girl (CD: no #) {A} - CD Baby

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