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Wisconsin Non-Musical Bibliography   Wisconsin Alumni Directory Bibliography

      This page lists Music Reference Books which contain information about musicians from States other than Wisconsin and those from specific countries. . This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of every similar music book ever published. It is just a list of every book I own "{A}" or have personally referenced in local Wisconsin libraries. This bibliography page lists books by Author within State or Country. A book may appear more than once if it contains information about more than one state. A state's name in the title is only linked if the book covers more than one state. A few known City Music Biography/Discography Books are listed after the general ones for each state. Other than the books I own, marked by "{A}", or those I have seen and described, I don't know how much discography information the other books contain.
      Except for the "Wisconsin Music: An Annotated Bibliography" by Steven L. Sundell, I have found no music related bibliography book for any other state.

      New pages split off from my original Bibliography page

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  1. #hj Stepaniak, Michael, Joanne Stepaniak (compiled and ed.)   {A} - cover scan
          "Bluegrass Music Festivals: 1996 Guide for U.S. and Canada"
          Oak Park, IL, Shoreline Publishing Co.,
          1995, 111 p., ISBN: 1-57067-016-1, ISBN-13: 978-1-57067-016-9, LC: 2003-17350, UPC: ?, ISSN: 1084-7375


  2. #7b - Orovio, Helio   {A} - cover scans
          "Cuban Music from A to Z"
          Durham, NC: Duke University Press
          2004, 236 p., ISBN: 0-8223-3212-4, ISBN-13: 978-0-8223-3212-1, LC: 2003-17350, UPC: ?
  3. #oy 2000, Yanow. "Third Ear: Afro-Cuban Jazz"   {A}

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