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          Although the questions below were originally written for new Polka band listings, they also apply to any other type of "acoustic" Folk/Bluegrass band that would like a new listing in the FolkLib Index, whether they are based in Wisconsin or not, and also whether they are still active or not. For Wisconsin based bands, those in every existing genre of music will be listed. Non-Wisconsin, non-"acoustic" Folk/Bluegrass bands will only be listed if they have appeared, or will appear, at one of the Wisconsin Music Festivals listed on the following pages.
      Wisconsin Music Festivals
      Past Wisconsin Music Festivals (2002-date)

Wisconsin Polka Bands
Wisconsin Polka Discography
Wisconsin Polka Collections Discography

          If you have a Polka band you would like added, here are a few questions. Answer as many as you can, or that apply for the band you would like added. If you have more than one band you would like added, list the information for each band in a separate E-Mail message with the band's name as the message subject. Thank you for helping increase the on-line documentation I try to provide on this Web site.

For Non-Wisconsin, non-"acoustic" Folk/Bluegrass bands:
          When did you perform at a Wisconsin Music Festival? If you never have, please write, sending the URL of your Web site, and I will decide whether or not it would be appropriate to list your band.

          For bands which are not based in Wisconsin, but were at one time:
          What years, and in what city, was your band based in Wisconsin? Continue on by answering the "Wisconsin bands" questions below.

For Wisconsin bands, and "acoustic" Folk/Bluegrass bands:
Please send your answers to the following questions to:
  1. What is/was the official band name? Does/did it have any aliases, as in, "also known as"?

  2. Where is/was the band based, city, state? If the band was never based in Wisconsin, and none of its members ever lived in Wisconsin, I will only list it if it has a current Web site I can link to, and the only other information I will list is the band member names and, if known, their birth/death information.

  3. Current band members
  4. Former band members
          Musician's Birthdays: birth date, birth place, death date, death place
    The following applies to Wisconsin bands only:

  5. Did the band ever have a Web site, or if it is no longer active, is an historical site going to be created I can link to? It is a bit beyond the scope of this Web site, but I could list some details like memorabilia and memories of the band on a new page off of the Polka Site Map page at,

    Let me know if you are not going to create a Wisconsin band Web site and want me to create a Polka band page here. Before attaching scans of memorabilia in .jpg or .gif format, send a description to see if I feel it is appropriate for installing here. As there are no audio or video files on this Web site, please do not send any. I do not have time to install and maintain a complete Web site for any Polka band, or any other musician.
              Note: I am not creating any Wisconsin non-Polka band pages at this time.

  6. What exact years was the band active?

  7. What were the names of all the band members, what instrument(s) did each one play, and what city was each one from?
          Name Index - by city
    If someone was a member only during part of the band's history, please state which years they were a member. For example, Band name (active: 1970-1985), Member name (1978-1983). Even if you have no information about those other bands, what other bands has each member been in?

  8. Was the band ever been reviewed or documented in print? If so, please send a detailed bibliography. Although I have decided not to include this chapter in my book, this info will be listed at,
          Bibliography (Periodicals)

  9. If visitors to this site want more information about the band or would like to purchase their recordings, please send whatever Contact information you would like added at the end of the band's discography entry, or, if the band has never recorded anything, to their main entry.

    Discography questions: Wisconsin Discographies

  10. Please send details about each recording they released: LP, cassette, CD, 78, 45, 8 track, VHS, DVD:
    Release date year, Title (A/B side titles if a 78 or 45), Record label, Catalog number

  11. 78/45 singles will only be listed on this Web site and not in my 2006 book. Were any of them ever re-released in LP, cassette or CD format so the albums can be listed in the book?

          "FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography
            (Recordings by Wisconsin resident musicians 1948-2005)"

    Every current or former Wisconsin resident recording artist known to me will be listed in the book. However, the recorded titles by Pop/Rock and related musical genres will not be listed in the book.

  12. If the same members did not play on every recording, who did play on each recording?

  13. If any non-members performed on a recording, i.e. session players, list them separately, including their names, instrument(s), and what city they are from.

  14. Have any of the members done any session work on anyone else's album?

  15. Has the band appeared on any Various Artists Collection albums?
    Wisconsin Polka Collections Discography
    Wisconsin Collections (by Release Date)

              Thank you.

Please send additions and/or corrections to Doug Henkle:
P.O. Box 331, Ripon, WI 54971-0331

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