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      Musician's Birthdays - Folk Music, Bluegrass and Old-Time Music, Country Blues, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarists, etc. and specific bibliographic source references for detailed information about the listed artists and groups. Not all of the listed books and magazines are completely indexed. I hope everyone finds something useful. Please send additions and/or corrections to:

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artist or group name birth date death date birthplace link to FolkLib Index entry d. death place Note 1: bibliography sources birth (maiden) name aka "also known as", pseudonyms this artist recorded under Note 2: (groups this artist was/is in) Note 2: see ... (artists that were in this group at one time or another) [reason for listing] {"Sing Out!" obituary article title} How to use the source references on these pages: for example, ~Adams, Bryan ,dg7,fo6,gl6 I feel it would serve no useful purpose to link all of the literally thousands of references to the book each one refers to, plus it would make it very difficult to edit these pages. Therefore, to make use of the above book references, append a "#" and each two letter code to the Bibliography page URL. For the above references, will link you to the bibliographical information about each book where the information for Bryan Adams can be found on the page listed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Birth Death Birthplace (see #G Name Source(s) mm-dd-yyyy mm-dd-yyyy for U.S. state codes) ---------------------------- ---------- ---------- ---------------------- AA - |top/bottom of page|All "A" artists/groups|Copyright Notice| ~A Certain Ratio .... ,mo32-3 ~A.B. Skhy .... ,mo30 ~A-Bones .... ,mo29 ~Aaberg, Philip - - city? Index ,ab3,ai2-5,hm1 ~Aaholm, Philip Eugene 4-03-1937 Sheboygan, WI Index|,sp1 ~Aaliyah 1-16-1979 8-25-2001 Brooklyn, NY Index d. (plane crash) Marsh Harbour, Abaco Islands, The Bahamas ,td1-2,te4-5,3m6,3n122-3 Aaliyah Dana Haughton ~Aaron, Chris - -1970? 10-15-2014 city? Index d. Madison ~Aaronson, Irving A. 2-07-1895 5-10-1963 New York, NY Index d. Hollywood, CA ,jy503,mo25,pa1-2,uu477 ~Aaronson's Commanders, Irving .... Index|,jy503,pa1-2 ~Aaronsrod .... ,mo25 AB - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Abarbanell. Lina 2-03-1880 1-06-1963 Berlin, Germany Index d. New York, NY ,uu477-8 ~Abate, Greg 5-31-1947 Fall River, MA Index|,gv1,iz3 ~Abattoir .... ,mo25-6 ~ABBA .... Index|,mo26 ~Abbey, Leon 5-07-1900 9-15-1975 Minneapolis, MN Index d. Chicago, IL ,nv1,pm1 ~Abbott, Charlie 1-11-1903 - - Chicago, IL Index|,pn1,po1,pp1,pq1 ~Abbott, O.J. - -1872 3-03-1962 England Index|,aa1,av675,bk ~ABC .... ,mo26 ~AB/CD .... ,mo27 ~Abdul-Malik, Ahmed 1-30-1927 New York, NY ,mo28 Sam Gill ~Abdul, Paula 6-19-1962 Los Angeles, CA ,mo27 ~Abdullah, Ahmed 5-10-1946 New York, NY ,mo27 ~Abeels, The .... Index|,jw7,jx7 ~Abeni, Queen Salawa 10-01-1965 Epe, Nigeria ,mo28 ~Aber, Margery V. 2-15-1914 Racine, WI Index|,sp2 ~Abercrombie, John 12-16-1944 Port Chester, NY Index|,cc46-7,gv2-3,iz3-4,mo28 ,wd1 John L. Abercrombie ~Abiodun, Dale 3-30-1948 Bendel, Nigeria ,mo28-9 ~Abler, Keith 10-14-1951 Plymouth, WI Index|ASCAP Keith Donald Abler ~Abrahams, Brian 6-26-1947 Cape Town, South Africa ,mo29 ~Abrahams, Doris - - New York, NY Index|,aa1-2,mo29,sl190,vy5 ~Abrahams, Leo 10-16-1977 London, U.K. ,sl2 ~Abrahams, Mick 4-07-1943 Luton, Bedfordshire, U.K. ,mo28 ~Abrams, Maurie 3-18-1883 4-13-1931 city?, Russia Index|,pn1,po1,pp1,pq1 d. New York, NY Maurice Abrahams ~Abrams, Ray 1-23-1920 New York, NY Index ~Abrams, Richard 9-19-1930 Chicago, IL Index|,cc47,gv3-4,iz4-5,mo29-30,pf1 ,wd1-2 Muhal Richard Abrams ~Abrams, Rick - - 12-14-1997 Miami, FL Index ~Abramson, Herb - -1920 - - New York, NY ,mo30 ~Abshire, Nathan 6-23-1913 5-13-1981 Gueydan, LA Index d. Basile, LA ,aa2,af4,as2,bf275,bk,cx399,fq1,fu1,gj1,hg3,wa1 ~Abyssinians, The .... ,mo30 AC - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~AC/DC .... Index,0007,fw3-4,io3-5,mo31-2,ta3-4 ,tb3-4,tc3-4,td4-6,te8-10,tf1-2,tg1-4,th4-6,ti3-5 ~Acama - - city?, Austria Index|,hm1 ~Accept .... ,mo31 ~Accident Clearinghouse .... Index|,gx1,it1 ~Accrington, Stanley 8-07-1951 Wyken, Coventry, Warwickshire, U.K. Index|,mo31,sl2-3,vy5 Mike Bray ~Accuser .... ,mo31 ~Ace .... ,mo32 ~Ace, Johnny 6-29-1929 12-25-1954 Memphis, TN Index d. Houston, TX ,dg5,cx22,dh96,fh12,fm12,fn1,fo4,ga1,gh2,gl5,hb1,mo32 John Marshall Alexander, Jr. ~Aces .... ,mo33 ~Acetone .... Index|,gx1,it1 ~Achron, Isidor 11-24-1892 5-12-1948 Warsaw, Poland Index|,pn1,po1,pp1,pq1 d. New York, NY ~Achron, Joseph 5-01-1886 4-29-1943 Lozdzeye, Lithuania Index|,pn1-2,po1-2,pp1-2 d. Hollywood, CA ~Acid .... ,mo33 ~Acid Reign .... ,mo33 ~Ackah, Jewel 2- -1945 - - Nzima, Ghana ,mo33-4 ~Ackerman, William 11-16-1949 West Germany Index|Articles/Reviews|Sources ~Ackles, David 2-20-1937 3-02-1999 Rock Island, IL Index|,mo34,8h1-2 d. Tujunga, CA ~Ackley, Rev. Alfred H. 1-21-1887 7-03-1960 Spring Hills, PA Index|,pn2,po2,pp2,pq2 d. Whittier, CA Alfred Henry Ackley ~Acklin, Barbara 2-28-1943 11-27-1998 Oakland, CA Index|,mo34 d. Omaha, NE Barbara Jean Acklin ~Ackroyd, Gayle - - Ontario Index ~Acoustic Alchemy .... ,mo34 ~Acoustic Endeavors .... Index|,jw7,jx7 ~Acousticats .... Index|,fq2,jw7,jx7 ~Acrophet .... ,mo34-5 ~Act .... ,mo35 ~Action .... ,mo35 ~Action Pact .... ,mo35 ~Acuff, Roy 9-15-1903 11-23-1992 Maynardville, TN Index d. Nashville,TN ,aa3,af5,az4,bk,bm1-4,dg6,cx428,dv39,fl3-4,fm609,fo4,fq2,fu2-3,fy157,fz1-2 ,ge1,gj1,hg4-5,jw7,jx7,km1:127,lz602,mo35-7,nd103-6,uu478 Roy Claxton Acuff ~Acuff, Roy Jr. 7-25-1943 Nashville, TN Index|,fu3,mo37 Roy Neal Acuff AD - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~A.D. .... ,mo38 ~Ad Libs .... ,mo38 ~Adair, Tina 6-28-1979 city? Index|,hx45,jw7-8,jx7 ~Adair, Tom 6-15-1913 5-24-1988 Newton, KS Index|,uu479 d. Honolulu, HI Thomas Montgomery Adair ~Adam and The Ants .... ,mo38 ~Adam Bomb .... ,mo38 ~Adam, Theo 8-01-1926 Dresden, Germany Index ,km1:134,kn1:16,ko2,kp2,kq12 Theodor Adam ~Adamo 11-01-1943 Cosimo, Italy ,mo38-9 Salvadorea Adamo ~Adams, Alberta 7-26-1923 Indianapolis, IN Index ~Adams, Anne Everingham 5-06-1919 New York, NY Index ~Adams, Arthur 12-25-1940 Medon, TN Index ~Adams, Bryan 11-05-1959 Kingston, Ontario, Canada Index|,dg7,fo6,gl6,mo39 Bryan Guy Adams ~Adams, Chris 9-14-1951 Sharon, CT Index ~Adams, Cliff 8-21-1923 10-22-2001 Southwark, London, U.K. ,mo39 ~Adams, Darko - -1932 1-01-1995 Ghana Index ~Adams, Derroll S. 11-25-1925 2-06-2000 Portland, OR Index d. Antwerpen, Belgium ,aa3,au29,bk,fu4-5,mo39-40,vy5 Derroll Lewis Thompson ~Adams, Ed 10-01-1939 city? Index ~Adams, Faye - -1932 city? Index|,iz5-6 ~Adams, George 4-29-1940 11-14-1992 Covington, GA Index|,gv4-5,mo40,iz6 d. New York, NY George Rufus Adams ~Adams, Glen 11-27-1945 12-17-2010 Jones Town, Kingston, Jamaica ,mo39 ~Adams, J.T. #1 7-17-1926 9- -1993 Sulphur Springs, TX Index|,fu5 James Taylor Adams ~Adams, J.T. #2 2-17-1911 Morganfield, KY Index|,mo40-1 John Tyler Adams ~Adams, John 2-15-1947 Worcester, MA Index|,ab4,uk9-14 John Coolidge Adams ~Adams, Johnny 1-05-1932 9-14-1998 New Orleans, LA Index d. Baton Rouge, LA ,iz6-7,mo40,so6 Lathan John Adams ~Adams, Kay 4-09-1941 Knox City, TX Index|,hg6,nd169 Princetta Kay Adams ~Adams, Lester 6-20-1918 2- -1995 city? Index ~Adams, Marie 10-19-1925 Linden, TX ,mo41 Ollie Marie Givens ~Adams, Oleta 5-04-1953 Seattle, WA ,mo41 Oleta Angela Adams ~Adams, Paul - - city?, IL Index|,hm3 ~Adams, Pepper 10-08-1930 9-10-1986 Highland Park, MI Index|,cb50,cc47,dh97,gv5-6,iz7 d. New York, NY ,mo41,mx209-220,my86-91,pf1-2,wd3 Park Adams III ~Adams, Raymond Thomas 12-04-1979 city? Index|,lz602 ~Adams, Stanley 8-14-1907 1-27-1994 Manhattan, NY Index|,uu479 d. ~Adams, Tom (bluegrass) 11-17-1958 Gettysburg, PA Index|,jw8,jx7-8,lz602 Raymond Thomas Adams Jr. ~Adams, Tom (polka) 6-30-1965 Stevens Point, WI Index ~Adams, Woodrow 4-09-1917 8-09-1988 Tchula, MS Index|,mo41 Woodrow Wilson Adams ~Adamson, Barry - - - - city? ,mo41 ~Adamson, Harold 12-10-1906 8-17-1980 Greenville, NJ Index|,mo41-2,uu479-81 ~Adcock, C.C. - -1969 city? Index|,iz7-8 ~Adcock, Eddie 6-21-1938 Scottsville, VA Index ,aa4,bk,by104,cx484,fh617,fm713,fu5-6,gj2,hx144-5,jw8,jx8,lz602 Edward Windsor Adcock ~Adcock, Eddie and Martha .... Index|,hx144 ~Adcock, Martha 10-29-1949 city?, SC Index|,lz602 Martha Hearon ~Adderley, Cannonball 9-15-1928 8-08-1975 Tampa, FL Index|,cb50-1,cc47-8,dh97,gv6-9 d. Gary, IN ,iz8-9,mo42,oi19-20,pf2,wd3 Julian Edwin Adderley ~Adderley, Nat 11-25-1931 Tampa, FL Index ,cb51,dh97,gv9-11,iz9,mo42,oi21-22,pf2 Nathaniel Adderley ~Addington Family, The .... Index|,aa5 ~Addinsell, Richard 1-13-1904 11-14-1977 Oxford, U.K. ,mo42-3 d. London, U.K. Richard Styewart Addinsell ~Addiss, Steve 4-02-1935 New York, NY Index ~Addison, Bernard S. 4-15-1905 12-18-1990 Annapolis, MD Index d. Washington, DC ,mo43,nv1-2,pm1-2,uu481-2 ~Addison, John 3-16-1920 12-07-1998 Chobham, Surrey, U.K. ,mo43 d. Bennington, VT John Mervyn Addison ~Addrisi Brothers .... ,mo43-4 ~Addy, Obo 1-15-1936 9-13-2012 Accra, Ghana Index|,ab4 d. ? ~Ade, King Sunny 9-01-1946 Ondo, Nigeria Index|,bo81,dg7,fo8,km1:152,4ac5-9 Oshogbo?, Nigeria Sunday Adeniyi ~Adedapo, Adekola 3-05-1948 city? Index ~Adegbalola, Gaye 3-21-1944 Fredericksburg, VA Index Gaye Todd ~Adem 11-20-1977 Roehampton, London, U.K. ,sl3 Adem Ilhan ~Adkins, Floyd Powhatan 6-21-1927 6-24-2000 Charles City County, VA Index d. Richmond, VA ,lz602 ~Adkins, Hasil 4-29-1937 Madison (Boone County), WV Index ,gx1,it2,nd263 ~Adkins, Paul 9-09-1952 city? Index ,by11,jw8,jx8,lz602 ~Adkins, Paul & the Borderline Band .... Index|,by11,cx485,fh618 ~Adkins, Trace 1-13-1962 Springhill, LA Index ,hg6 ~Admiral Fallow .... ,sl3 AE - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Aengus .... Index - (see also: Skylark) ~Aeoliah - -1950 city?, Germany Index|,ab4,hm3-4 Jonathan Fairchild ~Aeoliah and Divino .... Index|,hm4 ~Aeolus - - city? Index|,ab5 Robert Aeolus Myers ~Aerosmith .... Index ,fw7-9,io7-9,ta7-8,tb7-9,tc9-10,td10-2,te17-9,tf4-6,tg9-13,th11-3,ti7-10,8i3-5 AF - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Affif, Ron 12-30-1965 Pittsburgh, PA Index|,gv11,iz9-10 ~After Five .... city? Index|,jw8,jx8 AG - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Agee, Ray 4-10-1930 Dixons Mill, AL Index ~Ager, Milton 10-06-1893 7-05-1978 Chicago, IL Index|,mo50-1,uu482-3 ~Ages Past .... Index|,jw8 ~Aglukark, Susan - - Churchill, Manitoba, Canada Index ~Agner, Jennifer 10-20-1965 city? Index ~Agnew, Charlie - -1901 10-25-1978 city? Index d. Waukegan, IL ,pa3,uu483 ~Agni - - city? Index|,hm4-5 Joseph Ferraro ~Agresta, Katie - - city? Index|,hm5 ~Aguilar, Annette A. - -1957 San Francisco, CA Index|,cd386-8,4eu314-6 AH - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Ahlert, Fred E. 9-19-1892 10-20-1953 New York, NY Index|,pn4,po5-6,pp7,pq4-5 d. New York, NY ,mo51,uu483 ~Ahnfelt, Oskar 5-21-1813 10-22-1882 Gullarp, Skane, Sweden Index d. Karlshamn, Blekinge, Sweden ~Ahola, "Hooley" Sylvester 5-24-1902 2-13-1995 Gloucester, MA Index d. Gloucester, MA ,dj8,nv2,ov10-1,pm2,rc8 ~Ahura .... Index|,hm5-6 AI - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Aiken, Caroline 8-08-1955 city?, GA Index|,fq3 ~Aiken, Gus 7-26-1902 4-01-1973 Charleston, SC Index d. New York, NY ,nv2,pm2 Augustus Aiken ~Air Ensemble .... Index|,hm6 AJ - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Ajad, Swami Anand - - city?, Italy Index|,hm6 AK - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Akeman, David - (see: Stringbean) ~Akers, Doris 5-21-1923 7-26-1995 Brookfield, MO Index Doris Mae Akers ~Akins, Rhett 10-13-1969 Valdosta, GA Index|,hg7 ~Akipa, Bryan - - - - city? Index|,lo263 ~Akiyoshi, Toshiko 12-12-1929 Liaoyang, Manchuria Index|,oi25-26,pf3,sn249-256,wd3-4 ~Akkerman, Jan 12-24-1946 Amsterdam, Netherlands Index ~Akst, Harry 8-15-1894 3-31-1963 New York, NY Index|,uu483-4 d. Hollywood, CA AL - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Alabama .... Index ,bw21,cx430,dv131,fh540,fl5-6,fm610,fo12,ft19,fu6-7,fz2,ge2,gf2,gj3,hg7-8 ,mo55-6,nd428-30 ~Alabama Boys, The .... Index|,fu7-8 ~Alamo, Tony - - city? Index|,uu484-5 ~Alan, Buddy 5-23-1948 Mesa, AZ Index|,bm4-5,fu8 Alvis Alan Owens, son of Buck Owens ~Alarik, Scott 1-05-1951 Minneapolis, MN Index|,fq3 ~Alarm, The .... Index|,ta9-10,tb11-2,fw11-2,tf7-8,io9-10,tc12-3,td15-6,te25-6 ~Albam, Manny 6-24-1922 10-02-2001 * Samana, Dominican Republic Index|,mo56-7,uu485 d. Croton, NY * actually he was born at sea emigrating from Russia to Samana ~Albeniz, Isaac 5-29-1860 5-18-1809 Camprodon, Genoa, Spain Index|,km1:290 d. Cambo-les-Bains, Spain Manuel Francisco Albeniz ~Albert, Christine 9-12-1955 city?, NY Index|,gx2,it2 ~Albert, Don 8-05-1908 3-04-1980 New Orleans, LA Index d. San Antonio, TX ,nv2-3,pf3,pm2-3,uu485 Albert Anité Dominique ~Albert, Eddie 4-22-1906 5-26-2005 Rock Island, IL ~Albert, Eddie 4-22-1908 (#uu) Index|,uu485-6 d. Pacific Palisades, CA Edward Albert Heimberger ~Albertine, Charles - -1929 5-18-1986 Passaic, NJ Index|,uu486-7 d. Los Angeles, CA ~Albin, Steve - -19?? city? Index ~Albion Band, The .... Index|,af15,ax37,cx867,fq385,vy6 ~Alcorn, Alvin Elmore 9-07-1912 7-17-2003 New Orleans, LA Index ,nv3,pm3 ~Alda, Robert 2-26-1914 5-03-1986 New York, NY Index|,uu487 d. Los Angeles, CA Alphonso Giuseppe Giovanni Roberto D'Abruzzo ~Aldean, Jason 2-28-1977 Macon, GA Index Jason Aldine Williams ~Alden, Grant - - city? Index|,is ~Alden, Howard 10-17-1958 Newport Beach, CA Index|,le1 ~Alderman, Tony 9-10-1900 River Hill, VA Index ~Aldridge, Darin 4-27-1977 city? ~Alessi's Ark 6-30-1990 Hammersmith, London, U.K. ,sl3-4 Alessi Laurent-Marke ~Alexander [real name unknown] - - Chicago, IL Index|,hm6-7 ~Alexander, Alger "Texas" 9-02-1900 - -1955 Leona, TX Index ,af16,,an29,bk,ce26,gh5,hb3 ~Alexander, C.F. 4- -1818 10-12-1895 Dublin, Ireland Index d. Londonderry, U.K. Cecil Frances Humphreys ~Alexander, Charles David - - city? Index ~Alexander, Charlie 5-29-1890 2-04-1970 Cincinnati, OH Index ,dj12,nv3,pm3,rc12 Charles Alexander ~Alexander, Margie 10-11-1948 Carrollton, GA Index ~Alexander, S. Elizabeth - -1962 Chester, SC Index ~Alexander, Van 5-02-1915 New York, NY ,jy459,mo61,pa4,uu487-8 Al Friedman ~Alfred, Jerry 9- -1955 Mayo, Yukon Territory, Canada Index ~Alger, Pat 9-23-1947 LaGrange, GA Index ,cx499,fh484,fm735,fq4,fz3,ge3,hg8-9,wa2 Patrick J. Alger ~Ali, Bardu 9-23-1906 10-29-1981 New Orleans, LA Index d. Inglewood, CA ,nv3,pm3 ~Alien Rebels, The .... Index|,gx2,it3 ~Alien Fashion Show .... ,le2 ~Alix, May 8-31-1902 11-01-1983 Chicago, IL Index ,dj13,nv3-4,pm3-4,rc13 Liza Mae Alix ~Alkalay, Ed - -1966 Mountainside, NJ Index|,sl190 ~All About Eve .... ,sl4-5 ~All Girl Boys .... Index|,fq4 ~Allcock, Martin (Maartin) 1-05-1957 Middleton, Lancashier, U.K. ,sl5-6 ~Allen Brothers, The .... Index|,fz8,hg10,jw9,jx9,nd8,wa3-4 ~Allen, Austin 2-07-1901 1-05-1959 Sewanee, TN Index d. city? Austin Ambrose Allen ~Allen, Barclay 9-27-1918 12-07-1966 city? Index d. Del Mar, CA ~Allen, Bob - -1913 4-24-1989 Cincinnati, OH Index|,jy487,mo63-4,uu488 d. city? ~Allen, Carl 4-25-1961 Milwaukee, WI Index,iv99,hy20 ~Allen, Charlie 9-25-1908 11-19-1972 Jackson, MS Index d. Chicago, IL dj14,nv4,pm4,rc14 ~Allen, Daniel - -1946 city? Index|,pv ~Allen, Deborah 9-30-1953 Memphis, TN Index|,fl6,fz3-4,hg9 Deborah Lynn Thurmond ~Allen, Ed 12-15-1897 1-28-1974 Nashville, TN Index d. New York, NY ,dh99,dj14,dp76,nv4,nx8,ov14-5,pm4,qv12,rc14,wl99 Edward Clifton Allen ~Allen, Eddie - - Milwaukee, WI Index|Trumpet Kings,p.15 ~Allen, Ernestine "Annisteen" 11-11-1920 Champaign, IL Index ~Allan, Gary 12-05-1967 Montebello, CA Index ~Allan, Laura - - city? Index|,ab5,hm7 ~Allen, Henry "Red" 1-07-1908 4-17-1967 Algiers, LA ,le2-3 d. New York, NY Henry James Allen, Jr. ~Allen, Harley 1-23-1956 3-30-2011 Dayton, OH Index ~Allen, Jackie - -1960 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Allen, Jules 4-01-1883 Waxahachie, TX Index|,hg9,mo64-5,wa2 Jules Verne Allen ~Allen, Leamon "Lee" 6-19-1946 KY Index|,aa6,bk ~Allen, Lee 6-01-1906 2-24-1981 Sewanee, TN Index d. city? Lee William Allen ~Allen, Malviena 5-16-1956 Chicago, IL Index ~Allen, Marcus - - city? Index|,ab5 ~Allen, Matt 10-22-1979 city? Index ~Allen, Nancy 7-11-1954 Mineola, NY Index ~Allen, Neal - - 2-18-1974 city? Index|,lz602 ~Allen, Red 2-12-1930 4-03-1993 Perry County, KY Index d. Dayton, OH or Pigeon Roost, KY ,bk,by12,fm714,fq5,fu10,fz4,ge4,gj6,hg9-10,lz602,wa2-3 Harley Allen (Bluegrass) ~Allen, Red 1-07-1906 4-17-1967 Algiers, LA Index d. New York, NY ,mo64,oi27-29,pf3-4,uu19 Henry James Allen (Jazz) ~Allen, Rex 12-31-1921 12-17-1999 Willcox, AZ Index ,bm5-6,fl6-7,fu11,fz4-5,hg10,mo65-6,nd49-50,uu490 Rex Elvie Allen ~Allen, Rex Jr. 8-23-1947 Chicago, IL Index|,fl7,fu11-12,fz5-6,mo66 Rex Elvie Allen Jr. ~Allen, Rosalie 6-27-1924 9-23-2003 Old Forge, PA Index|.bm6,fl7-8,fu12-13,fz6,hg10,mo66 Julie Marlene Bedra ~Allen, Steve 12-26-1921 10-30-2000 New York, NY Index|,uu490-1 d. Encino, CA Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen ~Allen, Terry 5-07-1943 Wichita, KS Index ,fq5,fz6,ge5,gj7,gx3,it3,mo66,nd461-2,wa3 Terrence Lain Allen ~Allen, Thomas B. 1-23-1928 11-08-2004 Nashville, TN Index [Illustrated 17 Flatt and Scruggs LP covers] ~Allen, Walter C. 11-02-192? 12-23-1974 New York, NY Index d. Point Pleasant, NJ ,dj16,rc16,xr39 Walter Carl Allen ~Allen, Wendell 1-17-1937 12-22-1999 city? Index ~Alley, Fred - - 5- -2001 city? Index ~Alley, Shelly Lee 7-06-1894 6-01-1964 Alleyton, TX Index d. Colorado County, TX ,fu13,hg10-1 ~Allin, Norman 11-19-1884 10-27-1973 Ashton-under-Lyne, U.K. Index ,km1:405,kn1:94,ko8 ~Allinder, Jenny 4-20-1959 Gallipolis, OH Index|,fq6 ~Allison, Amy 6-24-1958 Brooklyn, NY Index|,gx3,it4 ~Allison, Bernard 11-26-1965 Chicago, IL Index|,ja18 ~Allison, Joe 10-03-1924 8-02-2002 McKinney, TX Index|,fu13-14,hg11 Joe Marion Allison ~Allison, Luther 8-17-1939 8-12-1997 Mayflower, AR Index d. Madison, WI or Widener, AR ,bk,cx347,fh403,fm473,fo15,fq6,ga3,gh7 ,hb4,iv139(b. Widener, AR),iy1,ja11 ,mo68 ~Allison, Mose 11-11-1927 Tippo, MS Index ,cc51,fq7,fo15,gh8,hb4,mx159-170,pf4 Mose John Allison, Jr. ~Allman Brothers Band, The .... Index|,mo69-70,nd410,8i5-7 ~Allman, Duane 11-20-1946 10-29-1971 Nashville, TN Index|,mo68-9,6i300,6l8-9 d. Macon, GA Howard Duane Allman ~Allman, Gregg 12-08-1947 5-27-2017 Nashville, TN Index|,mo69,6l8 d. Richmond Hill, GA Gregory Lenoir Allman ~Allred, Matthew 4-07-1971 9-10-2006 city? Index ~Allred, Rick 5-08-1960 city? Index|,lz602 ~Almanac Singers .... Index|,aa6,bk,iy1,mo70,vy6 ~Almario, Justo - - city? Index|,ab5-6 ~Almblade, Robert 10-11-1955 city? Index ~Almeida, Laurindo 9-02-1917 7-26-1995 Sao Paulo, Brazil Index d. Sherman Oaks, CA ,af21,bu13,bw23,cx904,fh668,km1:411 Laurindo Jose de Araujo Almeida Nobrega Neto ~Almond, Johnnie - - city?, U.K. Index|,hm7 ~Alomar, Carlos - - city? Index|,ab6-7 ~Alpert, Herb 3-31-1935 Los Angeles, CA Index|,mo71 ~Alsing, Lars - - - - city?, Denmark Index|,hm7 ~Alsop, Peter - -1946 city?, CT Index|,by13,fq8 ~Alston, Jamie 10-18-1907 Orange City, NC Index ~Altan .... Index|,cx867,fq9,iy1,vy6,wa4 ~Altena, Maarten 1-22-1943 Amsterdam, Netherlands Index|,pf4 Maarten van Regteren Altena ~Altenburgh, John 4-10-1960 Wausau, WI Index|,hy31 ~Althea - - city? Index Kathryn Magayne-Roshak ~Altreuter, Richard "Scratch" - -1930? 8-29-2005 city? Index ~Alva, Luigi 4-10-1927 Lima, Peru Index ,km1:430,kn1:99,ko9,kp11,kq20,kr16 Luis Ernesto Alva Talledo ~Alvad, Christian - - city?, Denmark Index|,hm7-8 ~Alvarez, Javier 5-08-1956 Mexico City, Mexico Index|,km1:431 ~Alvarez, Lesser Gonzalez - - Baltimore, MD ,sl190 ~Alvin, Dave 11-11-1955 Los Angeles, CA Index|,fq12,hb9,iy4 ~Alvis, Hayes 5-01-1907 12-29-1972 Chicago, IL Index|,pf4 d. New York, NY AM - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Amakudari .... Index|,ab7 ~Amalia, Anna, Princess Pruss 11-09-1723 3-30-1787 Berlin, Germany Index|,pr47-50 ~Amalia, Anna, Duchess Saxe-W 10-24-1739 4-10-1807 Wolfenbuttel, Germany Index|,pr51-55 d. Weimar, Germany ~Amao, Lasisi - - city?, Nigeria Index ~Amazing Blondel .... Index ,fo19,fq12,fu14,fy160,sk334-5,vy6-7 ~Amazing Catsfield Streamers .... ,vy314 ~Amazing Mr. Smith 4-01-1948 Croydon, Surrey, U.K. Index|,vy7 ~Amazing Rhythm Aces .... Index|,fl8,fq13,fu14,fz8 ~Ambhoj and Devakant .... Index|,ab8,hm8 ~Ambrose of Milan - - 339 4-04- 397 Trier, Germany Index d. Milan, Italy ~Ambrose, Bert 9-15-1896 6-11-1971 London, U.K. Index|,jy503,pa4 d. Leeds, U.K. Benjamin Baruch Ambrose ~Amedee, Steve 5-05-1955 Metairie, LA Index ~Ameling, Elly 2-08-1933 Rotterdam, Netherlands Index ,km1:462,kq21 Elisabeth Sara Ameling ~America .... Index|,bw23,fo20,fq14,fy160,8i7-9 ~American Cafe Orchestra .... Index|,fq14 ~American Tea Co. .... Index|,ha361 ~Ames, Nancy - -1937 Washington, DC Index|,sk3-4 Nancy Hamilton Alfaro ~Amidons, The .... Index|,fq15 ~Ammons, Albert C. 9-23-1907 12-02-1949 Chicago, IL Index|,le2-4,oi30-31 d. Chicago, IL ~Ammons, Gene "Jug" 4-14-1925 8-06-1974 Chicago, IL Index|,oi32-33 d. Chicago, IL Eugene Ammons ~Amos, Bob 10-24-1957 city? Index ~Amos, Tori 8-22-1963 Newton, NC Index Myra Ellen Amos ~Amps for Christ .... ,sl190-1 ~Amram, David 11-17-1930 Philadelphia, PA Index|,pf4-5 ~Amstell, Billy 8-20-1911 12-19-2005 city?, U.K. Index|,pf5 ~Amy & Leslie .... Index|,cx500,fh484 AN - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Anagnostis, Randy - - city? Index|,hm8 ~Anakwad (Frank Montano) 3-25-1941 Red Cliff Chippewa Reservation, WI Index|,lo263 ~Ancient Beatbox .... Index|,sl20,vy314 ~Ancient Future .... Index|,cx537,hm9 ~Andersen, Eric 2-14-1943 Pittsburgh, PA Index ,bk,aa8,af27,am16,ar8,as13,az9,ba11,bg12,bn11,bu15,cx500,dg14,fh485,fm735 ,fq15,fo24,fy160,iy7,sk4-6,vy7/9,wa4,8h3-4 ~Andersen, Cadillac Joe - -1951 7-29-2009 Madison Index ~Anderson & Meis .... Index|,hm10 ~Anderson, Alistair 3-18-1948 Wallisend, U.K. Index ,aa9,af28,ax25-6,bk,cx867,fh1076,vy8-9 ~Anderson, Bill 11-01-1937 Columbia, SC Index .bm6-8,fl8-9,fu15-16,fz8-9,nd292-3 James William Anderson III ~Anderson, Bob - -1916 - -1971 city? Index d. city? Thomas Robert Anderson ~Anderson, Brint 4-12-1954 Natchez, MS Index ~Anderson, Cat 9-12-1916 4-29-1981 Greenville, SC Index|,pf5 d. Norwalk, CA William Alonzo Anderson ~Anderson, David "Tu Sweet" - - Chicago, IL Index ~Anderson, Fred 3-22-1929 6-24-2010 Monroe, LA Index|,pf5 ~Anderson, Greg 1-29- city? Index ~Anderson, Hershel 7-29-1925 Co-operative, KY Index ~Anderson, Ian 8-10-1947 Edinburgh, Scotland Index|,su152 ~Anderson, Ian A. 7-26-1947 Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, U.K. Index|,sk335-7,vy9/11 ~Anderson, Ivie 7-10-1905 12-28-1949 Gilroy, CA Index|,wd4 d. Los Angeles, CA ~Anderson, Jamie - - Tucson, AZ Index ~Anderson, Jimmy 11-21-1934 Natchez, MS Index ~Anderson, John David 12-13-1954 Orlando, FL Index ,fl9-10,fu16-7,fz9-10,nd462-4 ~Anderson, John R. 3-24-1935 8-07-1999 Berkeley County, WV Index d. Berkeley Springs, WV John Richard Anderson ~Anderson, Jon 10-25-1944 Accrington, Lancashire, U.K. Index|,hm9-10,8i10 John Roy Anderson ~Anderson, Kurt - - city? Index|,aa9 ~Anderson, Liz 3-13-1930 Roseau, MN Index|.bm8-9,fu17-18,fz10 ~Anderson, Lynn #2 9-26-1947 7-30-2015 Grand Forks, ND Index d. Nashville, TN .bm9-10,fl10-11,fu18-19,fz10-11 Lynn Rene Anderson ~Anderson, Marian 2-27-1897 4-08-1993 Philadelphia, PA Index d. Portland, OR ,km1:615,kn1:123,ko11,kp13,kq22,kr17 ~Anderson, Muriel 6-17- city? Index ~Anderson, Pink 2-12-1900 10-12-1974 Laurens, SC Index d. Spartanburg, SC ,aa10,an33,as14,bb6,bf90,bk,bl3,fq16,ga6,gh11,hb10,sk6,vy11 Pinkney Anderson ~Anderson, Ruth 3-21-1928 Kalispell, MT Index|,kv28,no4,vs10,vt11-2 Evelyn Ruth Anderson ~Anderson, E. Ruth 6-23-1907 11-24-1989 city?, RI Index d. Boston, MA Elsie Ruth Anderson ~Anderson, Scott 8-20- city? Index ~Anderson, Tom - -1910 9-20-1991 Shetland Is., Scotland Index|,sb43 {Shetland Fiddler} ~Anderson, Virgil 6-10-1902 5-30-1997 Palace, KY Index ~Anderson, Willard 8-19-1927 Bell Farm, KY Index ~Anderson, Willie "Little" 5-21-1920 West Memphis, AR Index ~Andraska, Eric 3-17-1979 city? Index ~Andre, Fabian 1-08-1910 3-30-1960 La Crosse, WI Index|,pn8,po11,pp16,pq12 d. Mexico City, Mexico ~Andresen, Bob 11-02-1937 3-10-1995 city? Index ~Andresen, Ivar 7-27-1896 11-24-1940 Christiania (now Oslo), Norway Index d. Stockholm, Sweden ,km1:630,kn1:129,ko12 Ivar Frithiof Andresen ~Andress, Tuck 10-28-1952 Tulsa, OK Index|,fm1048 ~Andrews Sisters, The .... ,le4-5 ~Andrews, Andy 5-22-1959 Birmingham, AL Index|,fu19 ~Andrews, Harvey 5-07-1943 Stechford, U.K. Index|,sk337-8,vy10-1 ~Andrews, Julie 10-01-1935 Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, U.K. Index Julia Elizabeth Wells ~Andrews, Molly 8-08-1956 Bluefield, WV Index Cynthia Molly Gibson ~Andrews, William w/Liam Walsh .... Index|,cx867 ~Angarola, Anisa - - city? Index ~Angelou, Maya 4-04-1928 5-28-2014 St. Louis, MO Index|,4ac25-9 d. Winston-Salem, NC Marguerite Annie Johnson ~Anger, Darol - - Seattle, WA Index|,ab9,ai9,aq156,by14,cx537,fh1204,hm12 ~Anglin Brothers .... Index|,fu19-20,gj12 ~Anglin, Jack 5-13-1916 3-07-1963 Franklin, TN Index|.bm10 d. Camden, TN ~Anglin, Jim 3-23-1913 1-21-1987 Franklin, TN Index James London Anglin ~Anglin, Mike 12-15-1969 city? Index ~Anglin, Red 4-20-1910 - -1975 Franklin, TN Index Van Buren Anglin ~Animal Collective .... ,sl191-2 ~Anthony, Charles 7-15-1929 New Orleans, LA Index ,kn1:146,kq23 Calogero Antonio Caruso ~Anthony, Chubby 12-30-1935 2-05-1980 Lincolnton, NC Index|,fu20 ~Anthony, Ray 1-20-1922 Bentleyville, PA ,jy466,le5-6,pa5-8 Raymond Antonini ~Any Old Time String Band .... Index|,fq16 AP - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Apelian, Teni - - Philadelphia, PA Index ~Apothecary Hymns .... ,sl192 ~Appel, Scott 8-03-1954 3-11-2003 Brooklyn, NY Index|,fq17,sl192 ~Apple, Fiona 9-13-1977 New York, NY Index Fiona Apple Maggart AR - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~A. Robic and the Exertions .... Index|,fq98 Ar Bras, Dan - (see: ArBras, Dan) Ar Braz, Dan - (see: ArBras, Dan) ~Ar Log .... Index|,cx868,vy12 ~Arata, Tony 10-10-1957 Savannah, GA Index|,fu20-1 ~Arbenz, Jon - -1942 Los Angeles, CA Index ~Arbo, Rani - - New York, NY Index ~Arborea .... ,sl192-3 ~ArBras, Dan 1-15-1949 Quimper, Brittany, France Index|,ab10,cx867,fh1076,fm735,vy11-2 Daniel Le Bras ~Arcady .... Index|,cx868,fq18 ~Arden, Jann 3-27-1962 Calgary, Alberta, Canada Index|,fq18 Jann Arden Richards ~Ardoin Family, The .... Index|,wa5 ~Ardoin, Alphonse "Bois Sec" 11-16-1927 Duralde, LA Index|,fq19 ~Ardoin, Amedee (Amedie) - -1896 11-04-1941 L'Anse Rougeau, LA Index d. Pineville, LA ,aa13,cx399,fq19,fu21,gj12 ~Ardoin, Chris & Double Clutchin' .... Index|,fq21 ~Ardoin & Fontenot .... Index|,cx399 ~Area Code 615 .... Index|,fu21-2,fz11-2,mo100 ~Argent .... ,mo100,8i18-9 ~Argent, Rod 6-14-1945 St. Albans Hertfordshire, U.K. Index ,ao660-1,mo100 Rodney Terence Argent ~Argo, Arthur - -1935 4-17-1981 city? Index|,aa13 ~Arizona Smoke Revue .... Index|,vy314 ~Arkenstone, David 7-01-1952 Chicago, IL Index|,hm14-5 ~Arkenstone, David, Kostia and David Lanz .... |,hm15-6 ~Arkenstone, David and David Lanz .... |,hm16 ~Arkenstone, David and Andrew White .... |,hm16 ~Arkie the Arkansas Woodchoppe 9-21-1915,wa6-23-1981 near Knob Noster, MO ~Arkie the Arkansas Woodchoppe 3-02-1907,hg6-23-1981 near Knob Noster, MO Index d. ? ,hg15,wa5 Luther William Ossenbrik ~Arkin, Alan 3-26-1934 Brooklyn, NY Index|,aa14,au31 Alan Wolf Arkin ~Arlen, Harold 2-15-1905 4-23-1986 Buffalo, NY Index|,le6 Hyman Arluck ~Armatrading, Joan 12-09-1950 St. Kitts, Leeward Islands, West Indies Index|,af37,bv22,bw26,cj17,cn8,cx29,dg19,fh20,fm22,fo31,fq22,fy162 ,gl26,iy8,km2:9,8i19-20 ~Armstrong Twins, The (Lloyd & Floyd) .... |,wa6 ~Armstrong, Caren - - Dallas, TX Index ~Armstrong, Don - - city? Index|,aa15 ~Armstrong, Frankie 1-13-1941 Workington, Cumbria, U.K. Index ,aa15-6,ax23-4,cx868,fq22,km2:29,sk338-9,vy12-3,wa5-6 ~Armstrong, George 5-25-1927 city? Index ~Armstrong, George & Gerry .... Index|,aa16 ~Armstrong, Gerry 10-28-1929 8-29-1999 Detroit, MI Index ~Armstrong, Howard 3-04-1909 7-30-2003 Dayton, TN Index d. Boston, MA William Howard Taft Armstrong ~Armstrong, Lil Hardin - (see: Lil Hardin) ~Armstrong, Louis 8-04-1901 7-06-1971 New Orleans, LA Armstrong, Louis 7-04-1900? (#oi) Armstrong, Louis d. Corona, NY (#oi) Index d. New York, NY ,jy465-6,km2:30,le6-9,oi34-37,or18-32,pa8-13,pf5-13,pn10,po14,pp20-1,pq15 ,wd5-6 Louis Daniel Armstrong (Daniel Louis Armstrong? #oi) ~Armstrong, Rodney - -1951 New Orleans, LA Index Rodney Glynn Armstrong ~Armstrong, Tommy 8-15-1848 8-30-1920 Wood Street, Shotley Bridge, County Durham, U.K. Index d. Thomas Armstrong ~Armsworthy, Jay - - city? Index|,hx34 ~Arnalds, Olof - -1980 city?, Iceland ,sl6 ~Arnett, Al 2-08-1929 Colquitt, GA Index ~Arnheim, Gus - - - - city? ,jy495,pa146 ~Arnold, Billy Boy 9-16-1935 Chicago, IL Index|,cx347,ga8,gh14,hb11 ~Arnold, Eddy 5-15-1918 5-08-2008 Henderson, TN Index .bm10-12,bw27,dg23,dv41,cx430,fl11,ft23,fu23,ge13,gj13,nd293-4 Richard Edward Arnold ~Arnold, James "Kokomo" 2-15-1901 11-08-1968 Lovejoy's Station, GA Index d. Chicago, IL ,cx348,fm474,ga8,gh14,hb12 ~Arnold, Jimmy 6-11-1952 12-26-1992 Fries, VA Index|,by16,fu25,wm13-4 James Edward Arnold ~Arreola, Brian 9-03-1975 city? Index ~Arriale, Lynne 5-29-1957 Milwaukee, WI Index|,gv42,hy46,iv167,Periodicals ~Arrington, Manuel 4-24-1944 Collins, MS Index ~Arrowwood .... ,sl193 ~Arroyo, Martina 2-02-1937 New York, NY Index ,km2:79,kn1:218,ko20,kp22,kq27 ~Art Ensemble of Chicago .... Index|,pf14,wd6-7 ~Arthur, Emry - -1900 - -1966 city?, KY ,wa6 ~Arthur, Zinn - - - - city? ,jy487 ~Artis, Bob 7-26-1946 city? Index ~Artisan .... Index|,fq24 ~Artymiw, Lydia - - Philadelphia, PA Index ~Artzner, Greg 7-16-1952 Canton, OH Index AS - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Asch, Moses (Moe) 12-02-1905 10-19-1986 Warsaw, Poland Index|,aa16,wa7,yq190-7 d. New York, NY ~Ash, Paul - - - - city? ,jy503,pa17 ~Asha - -1952 London, U.K. ,hm16-7 Denis Quinn ~Ashbrook, Karen 4-28-1959 Columbus, OH Index|,fq25 ~Ashby, Dorothy 8-06-1930 4-13-1986 Detroit, MI Index d. Santa Monica, CA Dorothy Jeanne Thompson ~Ashby, Harold 3-21-1925 6-13-2003 Kansas City, MO ">Index|,pf14 d. New York, NY ~Ashby, Irving C. 12-29-1920 4-22-1987 Somerville, MA Index|,pf14 d. Perris, CA ~Ashby, John - - city? Index|,aa17 ~Asher, James - - city?, U.K. |,hm17 ~Asher, Peter 6-22-1944 London, U.K. Index ~Ashley, Clarence "Tom" 9-29-1895 6-02-1967 Bristol, TN Index d. Winston-Salem, NC ,bk,aa17,av676,ax99,bm12,fl12,fu27,fq25,sk6-7,wa7-8,wm14-9,yq71-4 Clarence Earl McCurry ~Ashley, Steve 3-09-1946 London, U.K. Index|,vy13 ~Ashworth, Ernie 12-15-1928 3-02-2009 Huntsville, AL Index|.bm12-3,fu29 Ernest Bert Ashworth ~Askew Sisters, The .... ,sl6 ~Asleep at the Wheel .... Index ,dg26,fl13,fo34,fq26,ft25,fu29,fy163,ge13,gf7,gj16,le9,nd74-5 ~Asmussen, Svend 2-28-1916 Copenhagen, Denmark Index|,pf14 ~Aspen, Kristan - -1948 - - city?, ME Index ~Assad, Badi - -1966 Sao Joao da Boa Vista, Sao Paulo, Brazil Index ~Assad, Sergio and Odair .... Index|,1a4-8 ~Astaire, Fred 5-10-1899 6-22-1987 Omaha, NE ,le10 d. Los Angeles, CA Franz Austerlitz ~Astor, Bob - - - - city? ,pa17 AT - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Atcher, Bob 5-11-1914 10-31-1993 Hardin County, KY Index|.bm13,fu31,wa8 d. ? James Robert Owen Atcvher ~Atkins, Bobby 5-22-1933 High Shoals, NC Index|,hx35 ~Atkins, Chet 6-20-1924 6-30-2001 Lutrell, TN Index d. Nashville, TN ,af49,ah6,am22,ar14,as23,az13,ba17,bg19,bk,bm13-5,bn22-4 ,bu21,bv24,bw28,ct119,cv16,cx431,df171,dg26,dv43,fh542,fi1 ,fl14,fm615,fo36,fq27,ft27,fu32-4,fy163,ge14,gf7,gj17 ,hg20-1,mo123,nd294-6,3m20-1,8h13-4 Chester Burton Atkins ~Atkins, Rodney 3-28-1969 Knoxville, TN Rodney Allan Atkins ~Atkinson, Hal 5-07-1945 Laurel, MS Index ~Atkinson, Michael - - city?, Australia |hm17-8 ~Atkinson, Sandy 10-13-1952 near Clemson, SC Index ~Atomic Fireballs, The .... ,le10-1 ~Attila the Stockbroker .... ,sl6-7 ~Atwater-Donnelly .... Index|,fq27 ~Atwater, Aubrey 9-22-1963 city?, RI Index ~Atwater, Lee 2-27-1951 Atlanta, GA Index ~Atwell, Bruce 7-10-1958 Philadelphia, PA Index Bruce William Atwell AU - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Au Go Go Singers .... Index|,cn8,vy13 ~Auckerman, Milo - - city? Index|,iv167 ~Audain, Courtney - - Trinidad, West Indies Index ~Audelay, John - - - -1426 city?, U.K. Index d. city? ~Augenstern .... Index|,hm18 ~Augundsson, Targjei - -1801? 11-21-1872 Sauherad, County Telemark, Norway Index|,yq25-7 d. Rauland, Norway ~August, Lynn 8-07-1948 Lafayette, LA Index|,fq29,gh15 Joseph Leonard August ~Augustine, Chris 4-25-1941 New York, NY Index ~Augustyniak, Jerome 9-02-1958 Lackawana, NY Index ~Auld, Georgie - - - - city? ,jy475,pa18 ~Auldridge, Mike 12-30-1938 12-29-2012 Washington, DC Index d. Silver Spring, MD ,aa19,bk,by17,cx485,fh618,fm714,fu34,gj18,vy15 Michael Dennis Auldridge ~Aungler, Cliff 4-09-1941 Croydon Surrey, U.K. Index|,vy14-5 ~Aura, William - - city? Index|,ai18,hm18-9 ~Austen, Seth 3-07-1956 Brooklyn, NY Index|Articles/Reviews|Sources ~Austin Lounge Lizards .... Index|,by18,cx485,fh618,fq29,ge15,gj18,hx17,iy10 ~Austin, Bill Joe 11-15-1911 Smithfield, NC Index|,pf14 ~Austin, Bobby 5-05-1933 - - Wenatchee, WA ,nd169-70 ~Austin, Claire 11-21-1918 Yakima, WA Index ~Austin, Dave - - city? Index|,3w ~Austin, Harold 8-03-1944 Sharon, PA Index ~Austin, Jeff - - Arlington Heights, IL Index ~Austin, Judy 7-31- Athens, GA Index|,fq31 ~Austin, Lonnie 3-29-1905 4-03-1997 Spray, NC Index ~Austin, Lovie 9-19-1887 7-10-1972 Chattanooga, TN Index|,wd7 d. Chicago, IL Cora Calhoun ~Austin, Sil 9-17-1929 Dunnellon, FL Index ~Austin, Tim 6-18-1961 city? Index ~Autry, Gene 9-29-1907 10-02-1998 Tioga Springs, TX Index ,bk,bm15-7,cx431,dv35,fl19,fu37,ge16,gf8,gj19,nd50-3 Orvon Gene Autry AV - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Avalon .... ,vy314 [Scottish folk/rock group] ~Avalon .... ,mo132 [Dutch heavy metal] ~Avalon, Frankie 9-18-1940 Philadelphia, PA ,mo132,8h15-6 Francis Thomas Avallone ~Avery, Joseph "Kid" 10-03-1892 12-09-1955 Waggaman, LA Index ~Awankana - - city?, Chile |,hm19-20 Antonio Smith ~Awonohopay, Richard L. 8-09-1946 Keshena, WI Index aka Waubano AX - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Axelrod, David 4-17-1931 2-05-2017 Los Angeles, CA Index d. Burbank, CA ~Axen, Bent 8-12-1925 Copenhagen, Denmark Index|,pf14 ~Axton, Hoyt 5-25-1938 10-26-1999 Duncan, OK Index ,aa20,af53,am25,ar18,as27,az16,ba20,bg21,bk,bn26,bu23,cv18,cx432,dg27 ,fh544,fl20,fm616,fo39,fq32,ft28,fu38,fy165,ge16,gj22,iy11,sp8,sk7,vy15-6 ,wa8 ~Axton, Mae Boren 9-14-1914 4-09-1997 Bardwell, TX Index d. Nashville, TN ,fl20 AY - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Aykroyd, Dan 7-01-1952 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Index|,4aa31-6 Daniel Edward Aykroyd ~Ayler, Albert 7-13-1936 11-25-1970 Cleveland, OH Index d. New York, NY ,oi38-39,pf14-5,8h16 ~Ayres, Mitchell 12-24-1910 Milwaukee, WI Index|,iv167,ASCAP ,jy485,pa18-20 AZ - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Aztec Two-Step .... Index|,sk7-8,vy16

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