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      Musician's Birthdays - Folk Music, Bluegrass and Old-Time Music, Country Blues, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarists, etc. and specific bibliographic source references for detailed information about the listed artists and groups. Not all of the listed books and magazines are completely indexed. I hope everyone finds something useful. Please send additions and/or corrections to:

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artist or group name birth date death date birthplace link to FolkLib Index entry d. death place Note 1: bibliography sources birth (maiden) name aka "also known as", pseudonyms this artist recorded under Note 2: (groups this artist was/is in) Note 2: see ... (artists that were in this group at one time or another) [reason for listing] {"Sing Out!" obituary article title} How to use the source references on these pages: for example, ~Adams, Bryan ,dg7,fo6,gl6 I feel it would serve no useful purpose to link all of the literally thousands of references to the book each one refers to, plus it would make it very difficult to edit these pages. Therefore, to make use of the above book references, append a "#" and each two letter code to the Bibliography page URL. For the above references, will link you to the bibliographical information about each book where the information for Bryan Adams can be found on the page listed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- J Birth Death Birthplace (see #G Name Source(s) mm-dd-yyyy mm-dd-yyyy for U.S. state codes) ---------------------------- ---------- ---------- ---------------------- JA - |top/bottom of page|All "J" artists/groups|Copyright Notice| ~Jabbour, Alan - -1942 Jacksonville, FL Index ~Jackie and Roy .... Index ,dj569,ox176-7,rc569,xs337 Jackie Cain and Roy Kral ~Jackson Delta .... Index|,fh492 ~Jackson, Alan 10-17-1958 Newnan, GA Index|,dv146,fl181,ft113,fu408,-- ~Jackson, Aunt Molly - -1880 9-01-1960 Clay County, KY Index d. Sacramento, CA ,aa198-9,wa109,yq55-9 Mary Magdalene Garland Stewart Jackson Stamos ~Jackson, Carl 9-18-1953 Louisville, MS Index|,by149,fq397 ~Jackson, Cliff 7-19-1902 5-24-1970 Culpeper, VA Index|,gv577,nt642 ~Jackson, Edgar - -1895 - -19?? city? Index d. city? Edgar Louis Cohen ~Jackson, John 2-25-1924 Woodville, VA Index|,fq397 ~Jackson, Mahalia 10-26-1911 1-27-1972 New Orleans, LA Index|,aa199-200 ~Jackson, Papa Charlie - -1885 - -1938 New Orleans, LA Index Charlie Carter d. Chicago, IL ~Jackson, Rudolph (Rudy) 1-14-1902 Whitehall, WI Index ~Jackson, Scott 1-01-1964 Cleburne, TX Index|,fq399 ~Jackson, Harold "Shot" 9-04-1920 1-24-1991 Wilmington, NC Index|,fu411 ~Jackson, Stan - -1927 city? Index|,qh193 ~Jackson, Tommy 3-31-1926 12-09-1979 Birmingham, AL Index|,fu413,fq39 ~Jacobs, Al T. 1-22-1903 San Francisco, CA Index|,pq246 ~Jacobs, Kate 1-11-1959 Alexandria, VA Index|,fh504,fq399 ~Jacobson, Borghild Schoberg 8-22-1932 6-16-1994 Fargo, ND Index Borghild Marie Schoberg Jacobson ~Jacquet de la Guerre, Elisabe 3-17-1665 6-27-1729 Paris, France Index|,pr37-43 d. Paris, France Elisabeth Jacquet ~Jaeger, Rick 9-11-1941 8-27-2000 San Diego, CA Index d. ? ~Jaffee, Rami 3-11-1969 Los Angeles, CA Index ~Jagger, Mick 7-26-1943 Dartford, Kent, U.K. Index Michael Philip Jagger [his music has been recorded by folk musicians] ~Jahn, Juanita 7-31-1926 6-16-2015 Milwaukee Index d. Ripon, WI Juanita Virginia Rutz ~Jahn, Ray 10-27-1917 5-18-2011 Lomira, WI Index d. Ripon, WI Raymond Robert Jahn, m. Juanita Rutz 11-02-1945 ~Jamal, Ahmad 7-02-1930 Pittsburgh, PA Index|,oi296-7,sn113-9 Frederick Russell Jones ~Jambalaya .... Index|,cx402 ~James, Bob 12-25-1939 Marshall, MO Index|,cc199-200,mx489-502,my202-207 ~James, Elmore 1-27-1918 5-24-1963 Richland, Holmes County, MS Index d. Chicago, IL ,gt128-30,8h254 ~James, Etta 1-25-1938 1-20-2012 Los Angeles, CA Index|,fn111,gt198-200 Etta James (or Jamesette) Hawkins ~James, Nehemiah "Skip" 6-09-1902 10-03-1969 Bantonia, MS Index d. Philadelphia, PA ,aa201-2,al41,ar214,as296,bb152,bc22,bk,bl85,fq400,gt78 ~James, Pinocchio - - - - city? Index ~James, Simon 3-13-1954 York, U.K. Index ~James, Tommy 4-29-1947 Dayton, OH Index|ha70 ~Janicki, Ronald M. 1-14-1947 12-16-2006 Chippewa Falls, WI Index d. Gilman, WI ~Janowitz, Gundula 8-02-1937 Berlin, Germany Index ,km12:809,kn2:880,ko246,kp252,kq165,kr106 ~Jansch, Bert 11-03-1943 10-05-2011 Glasgow, Scotland Index d. Hampstead, London, U.K. ,ao442,ar216,as297,ax28-30,bg424,bk,bn350,cx511,fh504,fq401,wa109 ~Jara, Victor - - 9-14-1975 city? Index|,cx511,fh504 ~Jarre, Maurice 9-13-1924 3-28-2009 Lyon, France Index|,mp1267-8 d. Los Angeles, CA Maurice-Alexis Jarre ~Jarreau, Al 3-12-1940 2-12-2017 Milwaukee, WI Index d. Los Angeles, CA ,bw136,ha13-16,hy608,ir450-1,iv57-60,ju240,9ah100|Periodicals ,4aa295-9 Alwyn (Alwin) Lopez Jarreau ~Jarrell, Tommy 3-01-1901 1-28-1985 Surry County, NC Index|#fq402 d. Spray, NC ,aa202,fq402,wa110 Thomas Jefferson Jarrell ~Jarrett, Dr. Jack M. 3-17-1934 Asheville, NC Index|,vs218,vt260 Jack Marius Jarrett ~Jarrett, Keith 5-08-1945 Allentown, PA Index ,cc200-201,mx283-294,my120-124,oi298-300,sn294-300,vs218,vt260 ~Jarvi, Neeme 6-07-1937 - - Tallin, Estonia ,4ab274-7 ~Jayne, Mitchell 7-05-1930 8-02-2010 Hammond, IN Index|,bg149 ~Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra .... Index|,hy613 JE - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Jefferson Airplane .... Index ,fw429-31,sk145-7,ta370-2,tb427-9,tg559-63,3e80-2,#8h262-5 ~Jefferson Starship .... Index|,3e80-2,8i274-8 ~Jefferson, Blind Lemon 7- -1895 12- -1930 Couchman, TX Jefferson, Blind Lemon or 7-11-1897 12- -1929 Jefferson, Blind Lemon or 7-16-1897 12- -1929 Index d. Chicago, IL ,aa202-3,bb152,bg281,bk,bl86,fo498,8h262 ~Jeffrey, Jim - -1957 12-12-2001 city? Index ~Jeffries, Sam Jr. - - 6-19-1966 Bedford, OH Index ~Jelly Roll Morton - (see: Morton, Jelly Roll) ~Jenkins and Sherrill .... ,wa110-1 ~Jenkins Orphanage Band .... Index|,pf145 ~Jenkins, Reverend Andrew 11-26-1885 - -1956 Jenkinsburg, GA Index|,ln453-5,wa110 d. Atlanta, GA ~Jenkins, Billy 7-05-1956 Bromley, Kent, U.K. Index|,mp1277-8 ~Jenkins, Bobo 1-07-1916 8-14-1984 Forkland, AL Index|,mp1278 d. Detroit, MI John Pickens Jenkins ~Jenkins, Ella 8-06-1924 St. Louis, MO Index|,pp363,pq249 ~Jenkins, Frank - - - - city? Index|,ln455 d. city? ~Jenkins, Freddie "Posey" 10-10-1906 - -1978 New York, NY Index|,mp1278 d. city? ~Jenkins, Gordon 5-12-1910 5-01-1984 Webster Groves, MO Index ,af607,cs849,mp1278,pn186,po252,pp363-4,pq249 Gordon Hill Jenkins ~Jenkins, Hoke 8-04-1917 - -1967 city?, NC Index ~Jenkins, Leroy 3-11-1932 2-24-2007 Chicago, IL Index d. city? ,cs849,kv631,mp1278-9,pf145,vj466 ~Jenkins, Martin - - - - city? Index|,vy152 ~Jenkins, Snuffy 10-27-1908 4-30-1990 Harris, NC Index|,wa110-1 d. city? Dewitt Jenkins ~Jenne, Natalie - -1934 - - Milwaukee, WI Index|,qd367 ~Jenni, Donald Martin 10-04-1937 Milwaukee, WI Index|,qd367,vs219,vt261 ~Jennings, Jean 9-15-1934 7-15-2005 city? Index ~Jennings, Waylon 6-15-1937 2-14-2002 Littlefield, TX Index|,dv142,-- Waylon Arnold Jennings (m. Jessi Colter 10/26/1969-2002) ~Jepsen, Jorgen Grunnet 8- -1927 8-24-1981 city?, Denmark Index d. city?, Denmark ,dj614,nx321,rc614,xs412 ~Jerabek, Danny (Dan Jr.) 4-05-1974 Oshkosh, WI Index ~Jerabek, Dave 12-06-1980 city? Index David Edgar Jerabek ~Jerabek, Michelle 4-03-1978 West Bend, WI Index Michelle Thull ~Jerling, Michael 4-17-1952 Joliet, IL Index|Periodicals ~Jerry, Roger 2-06-1948 Green Bay, WI Index ~Jerusalem, Siegfried 4-17-1940 Oberhausen, Germany Index ,km13:17,kn2:894,kp254,kq166,kr107,4aa299-303 ~Jett, Joan 9-22-1960 - - Philadelphia, PA ,4ab281-5 Joan Jett Larkin JI - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Jim & Jesse .... Index ,by152,cx491,fl186,fu422,wa111 JO - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Johansen, Gunnar 1-21-1906 5-25-1991 Copenhagen, Denmark Index d. Blue Mounds, WI ~Johansson, Lasse - -1949 Stockholm, Sweden Index ~John, Elton 3-25-1947 Pinner, Middlesex, U.K. Index|,3e82-6,8i278-83 Reginald Kenneth Dwight ~Johnnie & Jack .... Index|,fu423 ~Johns, Conrad - -1925 city? Index Conrad Johnstad ~Johnsmith - (see: John Smith) ~Johnson Mountain Boys, The .... Index ,by157,cx491,fq410,fu424,wa111 ~Johnson, Baron - - city? Index|,2c ~Johnson, Beverly 10-13-1952 - - Buffalo, NY ,4ac271-3 ~Johnson, Blind Willie - -1902 - -1947 Marlin, Texas Index|,bk ~Johnson, Courtney 12-20-1939 6-07-1996 Barren County, KY Index d. Glascow, KY ~Johnson, Dave 5-20-1981 city? Index ~Johnson, David N. 6-28-1922 8-02-1987 San Antonio, TX Index d. Tempe, AZ ,vs221,vt263,qd371 David Nathaniel Johnson ~Johnson, Earl 8-24-1886 Gwinnet County, GA Index|,fq411 ~Johnson, Edith North - -1905 2-28-1988 St. Louis, MO Index d. St. Louis, MO ,if75-6,3u75-6 aka Maybelle Allen, Hattie North ~Johnson, Eric - - city? Index|,ab91 ~Johnson, James Weldon - -1871 - -1938 Jacksonville, FL Index|,be15 ~Johnson, Jessica - -1975 Minneapolis, MN Index ~Johnson, Larry 5-15-1938 Atlanta, GA Index ~Johnson, Lil - - city? Index|,if77-83,3u77-83 ~Johnson, Lonnie 2-08-1894 6-06-1970 New Orleans, LA Johnson, Lonnie or 2-08-1889 6-06-1970 Index|,ar221,as305,bb158,bk,bl88 ~Johnson, Mary - -1900 Eden Station, MS Index|,if84-5,3u84-5 Mary Williams, m. Lonnie Johnson (1925-1932) ~Johnson, Mike (Michael) 8-08-1944 Alamosa, CO Index|,by157,fu425 ~Johnson, Nolan Vestal - -1918 5-06-2003 city? Index ~Johnson, Robert (1) 5-08-1911 8-16-1938 Hazlehurst, MS Index|,ar221,as305,bb160,bc2,be85,bg290,bk,bl91,fo516,fq414,fy245 Robert Leroy Johnson ~Johnson, Robert (2) - - city? Index|,as305 ~Johnson, Syl 7-01-1936 Holly Springs, MS Index Sylvester Thompson ~Johnson, Tommy - -1896 11-01-1956 Terry, MS Index|,bk d. Crystal Springs, MS ~Johnson, Vesta - -1922 Linn County, MO Index|,qh69-72 ~Johnson-Reagon, Bernice 10-04-1942 Albany, GA Index|,aa307-8,fq652 ~Johnston, Adrienne - - - -1975 city? Index ~Johnston, Dean - -1919 - -2007 Adair, OK Index|,qh73-7 ~Johnston, Gary - -1937 city? Index|,qh78-81 ~Johnston, George F. 5-21-1907 2-17-1983 Oshkosh, WI Index ~Johnston, Mary Ann 11-08-1931 8-24-2016 East Liverpool, OH Index d. Cumberland, WV Mary Ann Rogers ~Johnstons, The .... Index|,fq413,wa111-2 ~Jolin, Tom 10-15-1948 Shawano, WI Index ~Jones & Leva .... Index|,fq418 ~Jones, Alton - -1918 - -2002 Big Creek, MO Index|,qh82-5 ~Jones, Bessie 2-08-1902 9-04-1984 Dawson, GA Index|,wa112 d. Brunswick, GA ~Jones, Clark 12-31-1935 6-06-2015 Charlotte, NC Index d. Carrboro, NC Clark Arthur Jones ~Jones, Curtis 8-18-1906 9-11-1971 Naples, TX Index d. Munich, Germany ~Jones, Davy 12-30-1945 2-29-2012 Manchester, U.K. Index d. Stuart, FL ~Jones, Diane 10-31-1942 Mt. Holly, NJ Index ~Jones, Diane and Hubie King .... Index|,fq418 ~Jones, Eddie "Guitar Slim" 12-10-1926 2-07-1959 Greenwood, MS Index|,bc130,fo400,ga97,gh162,ii186-7 d. New York, NY ,iz279 ~Jones, Floyd 7-21-1917 12-19-1989 Marianna, AR Index d. Chicago, IL {Bluesman} ~Jones, George 9-12-1931 4-26-2013 Saratoga, TX Index|,dv67 d. Nashville, TN George Glenn Jones ~Jones, Grandpa 10-20-1913 2-19-1998 Niagara, KY Index|,dv69,fl191,fu429,ge180-1 ,hg269-70,jw43,jx49 Louis Marshall Jones ~Jones, Dame Gwyneth 11-07-1936 Pontnewynydd, Wales Index ,km13:192,kn2:913,ko250,kp256,kq167,kr107 ~Jones, Helen Carter 9-12-1927 6-02-1998 Maces Springs, VA Index|,fu141 d. Nashville, TN Helen Myrl Carter ~Jones, Loyal 1-05-1928 Marble, NC Index|,4ez ~Jones, Nic - - city? Index|,ax19-20 ~Jones, Richard M. - -1889 - -1945 New Orleans, LA Index ~Jones, Rickie Lee 11-08-1954 Chicago, IL Index ~Jones, Robert "Guitar Gabriel10-25-1925 4-02-1996 Decatur, GA Index|,gh160-1,ii184-5 d. Winston-Salem, NC Robert Lewis Jones ~Jones, Ron "Rojo" - - Milwaukee, WI Index ~Jones, Skip 4-15-1944 Los Angeles, CA Index ~Joplin, Janis 1-19-1943 10-04-1970 Port Arthur, TX Index|,-- d. Los Angeles, CA ~Joplin, Scott 11-24-1868 4-01-1917 Bowie City, TX Index d. New York, NY ~Jordan, Jr., Alex 3-03-1914 11-06-1989 Madison, WI Index Alexander John Jordan, Creator of "The House on the Rock", Spring Green, WI ~Jordan, Cathy - - Scramogue, County Roscommon, Ireland Index Catherine Jordan ~Jordan, Charley - -1890 11-15-1954 Mabelville, AR Index d. St. Louis, MO ~Jordan, Lon - -1876? - - city? Index|,qh85-8 ~Jordan, Nicky 12-07- city? Index ~Jorgenson, Bill 12-22-1930 2-05-2007 city? Index d. Green Bay, WI ~Jorgenson, John 7-06-1956 Madison, WI Index|,hg271 ~Jostyn, Mindy 6-05-1956 3-10-2005 San Jose, CA Index ~Journeymen, The .... Index|,aa206,bk ~Joy of Cooking .... Index|,ba267,dg383,fo526 ~Joynson, Vernon - -1952 city? Index|,jm,jn,jo,jp,jq JU - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Judd, Ashley 4-19-1968 Los Angeles, CA Index Ashley Tyler Ciminella ~Judd, Naomi 1-11-1946 Ashland, KY Index|,gf47 Diana Ellen Judd ~Judd, Scott 5-23- Stamford, CT Index Scott MacKenzie Judd ~Judd, Wynonna 5-30-1964 Ashland, KY Index|,dv144,fl192,fu896,ge493,gf48 ,hg272 Christine (Christina) Ciminella ~Judds, The .... Index|,fl193,fo528,ft121,fu431,gf48 ,hg272-3 ~Julian, John D. 1-27-1839 1-23-1913 St. Agnes, Cornwall, U.K. Index|,4bd,4be d. Thirsk, Yorkshire, U.K. ~Junior Wells 12-09-1934 1-15-1998 Memphis, TN Index d. Chicago, IL ,gt160-1,hb395,ij454-5,6y367-8,7s359-61,8h520-1 Amos Wells Blakemore, Jr. (aka "Amos Wells, Junior") ~Jurgens, Dick 1-09-1910 10-05-1995 Sacramento, CA Index|,ju252,jy280 d. Sacramento, CA Dick Henry Jurgens ~Junkunc, Laddie W. Jr. 7-01-1938 11-17-2011 Oak Park, IL Index d. city? ~Junkunc, Laddie W. Sr. 12-12-1907 1-03-1992 city? Index d. city? ~Jurinac, Sena 10-24-1921 Travnik, Bosnia (Yugoslavia) Index ,km13:287,kn2:933,ko252,kp258,kq168,kr110 Srebrenka Jurinac ~Justice, Kay - - McDowell County, WV Index|,fq352 ~Justman, Andy 6-19-1931 11-01-2017 Herman, WI Index d. Farmington, WI Andrae Richard Justmann

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