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      Musician's Birthdays - Folk Music, Bluegrass and Old-Time Music, Country Blues, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarists, etc. and specific bibliographic source references for detailed information about the listed artists and groups. Not all of the listed books and magazines are completely indexed. I hope everyone finds something useful. Please send additions and/or corrections to:

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artist or group name birth date death date birthplace link to FolkLib Index entry d. death place Note 1: bibliography sources birth (maiden) name aka "also known as", pseudonyms this artist recorded under Note 2: (groups this artist was/is in) Note 2: see ... (artists that were in this group at one time or another) [reason for listing] {"Sing Out!" obituary article title} How to use the source references on these pages: for example, ~Adams, Bryan ,dg7,fo6,gl6 I feel it would serve no useful purpose to link all of the literally thousands of references to the book each one refers to, plus it would make it very difficult to edit these pages. Therefore, to make use of the above book references, append a "#" and each two letter code to the Bibliography page URL. For the above references, will link you to the bibliographical information about each book where the information for Bryan Adams can be found on the page listed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- G Birth Death Birthplace (see #G Name Source(s) mm-dd-yyyy mm-dd-yyyy for U.S. state codes) ---------------------------- ---------- ---------- ---------------------- GA - |top/bottom of page|All "G" artists/groups|Copyright Notice| ~Gaal, Charles J. 5-14-1893 New York, NY Index|,pp246,pq174 ~Gaar, Gillian G. - -1959 city? Index|,cd,4eu ~Gabbard, Harley 12-31-1935 12-29-2003 West Harrison, IN Index ~Gabler, Milton 5-20-1911 7-20-2001 Harlem, NY Index d. Manhattan, NY ,mp933,nx215,po171,pp246,pq174,xs1 ~Gabriel, Charles H. Sr. 8-18-1856 9-14-1932 Wilton, IA Index|,pn125,po171-2,pp247,pq174 d. Hollywood, CA Charles Hutchinson Gabriel ~Gabriel, Charles H. Jr. 3-02-1892 11-13-1934 San Francisco, CA Index|,pp247,pq174 d. Los Angeles, CA ~Gabriel, Ethel 11-16-1921 city? Index|,la186 ~Gabriel, Percy 7-11-1915 New Orleans, LA Index ~Gabriel, Peter 5-13-1950 London, U.K. Index|,iy209-11,ff710-26,mp933-4 ~Gaburo, Kenneth Louis 7-05-1926 Sommerville, NJ Index|,pp247,pq174,vi216 ~Gadd, Pam 2-05-1960 city? Index|,hx87-8,jw41,jx47 ~Gadd, Steve - -1945 Rochester, NY Index ,mp934,mx444-455,my182-186,nf221-2 Steven K. Gadd ~Gaddy, Bob 2-02-1924 7-24-1997 Vivian, WV Index|,ii173 d. Bronx, NY ~Gafa, Al 4-09-1941 Brooklyn, NY Index|,cc140 Alexander Gafa ~Gaffney, Chris 10-03-1950 4-17-2008 Vienna, Austria Index|,ge167 d. Newport Beach, CA ~Gage, Chris #2 12-12-1927 12-27-1964 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Index d. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada ,pf104 ~Gagliardi, George Anthony 6-01-1947 Paris, TX Index|,pq174 ~Gahr, David 9-18-1922 5-25-2008 Milwaukee, WI Index d. Brooklyn, NY ~Gaillard, Bulee "Slim" 1-04-1916 2-26-1991 Detroit, MI Index|,la186,pp247,pq174,nf222 d. London, U.K. ,la186,mp934-5,nf222,pp247,pq174 ~Gailmor, Jon - -1940? city?, PA Index|,fq301 ~Gaines, Adrian Donna 12-31-1948 Boston, MA Index|,pq174 aka Donna Summer ~Gaines, Charlie (Charles) 8-08-1900 Philadelphia, PA Index ~Gaines, Earl 8-19-1935 Decatur, AL Index|,hb135,ip144-5 ~Gaines, Grady 5-14-1934 Houston, TX Gaines, Grady Waskom, TX #gh,#ii Index|,gh151,hb135-6,ii174,ip145-6 ~Gaines, Lloyd - - - -1996 city? Index ~Gaines, Mary - - city? Index m. Chris Wagoner ~Gaines, "Otho" Lee 4-26-1914 Houston, MS Index|,pp247,pq174 ~Gaines, Roy 8-12-1937 Wascom, TX Index|,ip146,mp935 ~Gaines, Samuel Richards 4-23-1869 10-09-1945 Saginaw, MI Index|,pn125,po172,pp247,pq174 d. Boston, MA ~Gainsbourg, Serge 4-02-1928 3-02-1991 Paris, France Index|,la186-7,mp935 Lucien Ginsburg ~Gaither, Bill 4-21-1910? - -1970? Belmont, KY Index|,gh152,ii175,mp935 ~Gaither, Gloria Lee 3-04-1942 Battle Creek, MI Index|,pq174 ~Gaither, William James 3-28-1936 Alexandria, IN Index|,pq174 ~Galax String Band, The .... city? Index|,aa92,8j92 ~Galaxy Trio, The .... city? Index|,la187 ~Galbraith, Art - -1909 - -1993 city? Index|,qh36-42 ~Galbraith, Barry 12-18-1919 1-13-1983 Pittsburgh, PA Index|,cb121,cc140 d. Bennington, VT Joseph Barry Galbraith ~Galbraith, Charlie 8-13-1920 city? Index|,nf222 Charles Alfred Galbraith ~Galbraith, Gordon 7-20-1930 Philadelphia, PA Index|,pq175 ~Galbraith, Gus - -1930 city?, U.K. Index ~Galbraith, Victoria Garrett 8-06-1948 Chicago, IL Index|,pq175 ~Galdston, Philip Edward 9-28-1950 New York, NY Index|,pq175 ~Gale, Eric 9-20-1938 5-24=1994 New York, NY Index|,mp936,nf222 ~Gale, Terry 7-25-1942 6-22-2011 Milwaukee, WI Index|,ha158-160 d. Las Vegas, NV Terry Galecki ~Gales, Larry 3-25-1936 New York, NY Index|,cb121,cc140 Lawrence Bernard Gales ~Gallagher, Edward A. 11-07-1928 Philadelphia, PA Index|,pp248,pq175 ~Gallagher, James Richard 6-21-1943 Chicago, IL Index|,pq175 ~Gallagher, Kevin R. - - Saddle Brook, NJ Index ~Gallagher, Rory 3-02-1949 6-14-1995 Ballyshannon, Ireland Index ,gh152,hb136,ii175-6,ip146-7,mp937 ~Galla-Rini, Anthony 1-18-1904 Manchester, CT Index|,pq175 ~Gallatin, Amy - - Muscle Shoals, AL Index|,jw41,jx47 ~Gallegos, Charles B. 4-22- Alamoso, CO Index|,pp248,pq175 ~Gallegos, Dora Marie 5-31- Las Vegas, NV Index|,pp248 ~Gallico, Grace "Lane" Thorpe 7-06-1921 Fairfield, CT Index|,pp248,pq175 ~Gallier, Gary 1-23-1949 Tulsa, OK Index ~Gallier, Les 3-29-1951 Tulsa, OK Index ~Gallier, Les & Gary .... city? Index|,fq302 ~Galloway, Jim 7-28-1936 Kilwinning, Scotland Index|,mp937,nf223,pf104,su123 ~Gallup, Annie - - city?, MI Index|,fq302 ~Galper, Hal 4-18-1938 Salem, MA Index|,cc140,mp937,nf223 Harold Galper ~Galway, James 12-08-1939 Belfast, Ireland Index|,la187-8,mp938 ~Gambaccini, Paul 4-02-1949 Bronx, NY Index|,eg Paul Matthew Gambaccini ~Gambale, Frank 12-22-1958 Canberra, Australia Index|,nf223 ~Gambetta, Beppe 2-25-1955 Genoa, Italy Index|,fq303,jw41,jx47 ~Gamble, Roger - -1943 3-20-1985 city? Index|,bg307 ~Gammond, Peter 9-30-1925 Winnington, Northwich, Cheshire, U.K. Index|,eh ~Ganelin Trio .... city? Index|,mp939,nf223-4 ~Gang of Four .... Index|,mp939-40,ta276-7,tb315-6,tg428-30 ~Ganley, Allan 3-11-1931 Tolworth, Surrey, U.K. Index|,cb121,mp940 ~Gannon, Oliver 3-23-1943 Dublin, Ireland Index|,pf104 ~Gano, Gordon 6-07-1963 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Gant, Cecil 4-06-1913 2-04-1951 Nashville, TN Index|,gh153,hb136-7,ii176,ip147,mp940 ~Gap Band, The .... city? Index|,fn83-5,mp940 ~Garay, Attila 11-26-1931 Oroshaza, Hungary Index|,pf104 ~Garbarek, Jan 3-04-1947 Mysen, Norway Index|,cc140,iz254,mp940-1,nf224-6 ~Garber, Jan 11-05-1897 10-05-1977 Morristown, PA Garber, Jan 11-05-1894 10-05-1977 Indianapolis, IN d. Shreveport, LA Index,jy492 ,mp941 ~Garbutt, Vin - - city? Index|,ax20-1,mp941-2 ~Garcia, Jerry 8-01-1942 8-09-1995 San Francisco, CA Index d. San Francisco, CA ,bw106,fy223,iy211-12,jw41,jx47,mp942 Jerome John Garcia ~Garcia, Russ 4-12-1916 Oakland, CA Index|,cb121 Russell Garcia ~Gardner, Frank - - city? Index|,qh185 ~Gardner, John 3-02-1917 Manchester, U.K. Index John Linton Gardner ~Gardony, Laszlo - - city?, Hungary Index|,iz255 ~Gare, Lou 6-16-1939 Rugby, Warwickshire, U.K. Index|,cc140/149,nf226 ~Garfunkel, Art 11-05-1941 New York, NY Index|Articles/Reviews|Sources ,mp942 Arthur Ira Garfunkel ~Garland, Ed "Montudi" 1-09-1885 1-22-1980 New Orleans, LA Index ,cc149,dh222,mp942-3,nf226,nv119 (also "Montudie") Edward B. Garland ~Garland, Hank 11-11-1930 12-27-2004 Cowpens, SC Index|,ge167,iz255-6 Walter Louis Garland ~Garland, Joe 8-15-1903 4-21-1977 Norfolk, VA Index d. Teaneck, NJ ,cc149,dh222-3,mp943,nf226,nv119,pf104,pq177 Joseph Copeland Garland ~Garland, Judy 6-10-1922 6-22-1969 Grand Rapids, MN Index|,la188-90,mp943-4 d. London, U.K. Frances Ethel Gumm ~Garland, Red 5-13-1923 4-23-1984 Dallas, TX Index d. Dallas, TX ,cb121,cc149,dh223,nf226-7,iz256,mp944,oi211-2,pf104,sn144-50 William M. Garland ~Garland, Terry 6-03-1953 Johnson City, TN Index|,gh153-4,ii176-7 ~Garland, Tim 10-19-1966 Ilford, Essex, U.K. Index|,nf227 ~Garlow, Clarence 2-27-1911 7-24-1986 Index|,gh154,ii176,mp944-5 d. Beaumont, TX ~Garner, Erroll 6-15-1921 1-02-1977 Pittsburgh, PA Index|,cb121-2,cc149 d. Los Angeles, CA ,iz256-7,la189,nf227-,mp945,ns143-52,pf104-5 Erroll Louis Garner ~Garner, Larry 7-08-1952 New Orleans, LA Index|,hb137,ip147-8 ~Garner, Linton 3-25-1915 Greensboro, NC Index|,pf105 ~Garnett, Carlos 12-01-1938 Red Tank, Panama Index|,iz257 ~Garrett, Kenny 10-09-1960 Detroit, MI Index|,iz257-8,nf228 ~Garrick, Michael 5-30-1933 Enfield, Middlesex, U.K. Index|,mp946,nf228,pf105 ~Garris, Mike - - - - city? ,jw41,jx47 ~Garrison, Jimmy 3-03-1934 4-07-1976 Miami, FL Index|,cb122,mp946-7,nf228 James Emory Garrison ~Gary, John 11-29-1932 1-04-1998 Watertown, NY Index|,la191-2,pp251,pq177 d. Dallas, TX ~Gaskin, Leonard 8-25-1920 1-24-2009 Brooklyn, NY Index|,mp947,nf229,pf105 ~Gaskin, Vic 11-23-1934 Bronx, NY Index|,cb122 Roderick Victor Gaskin ~Gaslini, Giorgio 10-22-1929 Milan, Italy Index|,cb122,mp947,nf229 ~Gaster, Adrian - - city? Index|,so ~Gaster, Marvin 12-21-1934 Sanford, NC Index|,fq303,ge167-8 ~Gates, David 12-11-1940 Tulsa, OK Index|,ge168,mp947 ~Gateway Singers, The .... city? Index|,aa142-3,iy214,sk99-100 ~Gateway Trio, The .... city? Index|,aa142-3,iy214,mp948,sk100 ~Gatlin, Larry 5-02-1948 Seminole, TX Index|,bn257-9,ge168-9,mp948-9 ~Gatlin, Rudy 8-20-1952 Olney, TX Index|,ge168-9 ~Gatlin, Steve 4-04-1951 Olney, TX Index|,ge168-9 ~Gattis, Keith 5-26-1970 Austin, TX Index|,ge169 ~Gatton, Danny 9-04-1945 10-04-1994 Washington, DC Index|,iz258 d. Newburg, MD ~Gaudet, Boogie 8-21-1928 9-25-2004 Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada Index|,pf105 d. Montreal, Quebec, Canada ~Gaudio, Bob 11-17-1942 Bronx, NY Index ~Gaudreau, Jimmy 7-03-1946 city? Index|,jw41,jx47 ~Gaudry, Michel 9-23-1928 Normandie, France Index|,cb122 ~Gaughan, Dick 5-17-1948 Leith, Scotland Index ,ax53,cx872,fq304,iy214-16,mp949,su31-3,wa75,vy106 Richard Peter Gaughan ~Gauntlett, H.J. 7-09-1805 2-21-1876 Wellington, Shropshire, U.K. Index d. London, U.K. Henry John Gauntlett ~Gautier, Madeleine - -1905 - - city? Index|,xz d. city? ~Gavin, Frankie - -1956 Corrandulla County Galway, Ireland Index|,fq304 ~Gayden, Mac - - Nashville, TN Index ~Gay, Al 2-25-1928 London, U.K. Index|,mp949,nf229-30 ~Gaye, Marvin 4-02-1939 4-01-1984 Washington, DC Index|,fn85-6,la192-3,mp950-1 d. Los Angeles, CA Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr. ~Gayle, Charles 2-28-1939 Buffalo, NY Index|,nf230 ~Gayle, Crystal 1-09-1951 Paintsville, KY Index|,bn259-61,ge169-170,mp952-3 Brenda Gail Webb ~Gaylord, Christine M. - -1949? 8-06-2009 city? Index ~Gayten, Paul 1-29-1920 3-26-1991 Kentwood, LA Index|,gh154-5,ii178,mp953 GE - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Gedda, Nicolai 7-11-1925 Stockholm, Sweden Index ,km9:622,kn2:369,ko188,kp188,kq137,kr85 Nicolai Harry Gustav Gedda (Nikolaj Ustinov in Russian) or Harry Gustav Ustinov ~Geddes, Dan 4-24-1958 city? Index ~Geddins, Bob 2-06-1913 2-16-1991 Highbank, TX Index|,gh155,ii178-9,mp954 ~Gee, Johnnie 9-29-1959 Milwaukee, WI Index John H. Gee ~Geffen, David 2-21-1943 - - city? ,mp954,4aa223-7 ~Geller, Herb 11-02-1928 Los Angeles, CA Index|,cb122,mp955,nf230 Herbert Geller ~Gencer, Leyla 10-10-1928 Istanbul, Turkey Index ,km9:645,kn2:373,ko188,kp188,kq138 Ayshe Ceyrekgil ~Genesis .... Index|,mp957,3e64-7 ~Gentle People, The .... city? Index|,la193 ~Geils Blues Band, J. .... city? Index|,hb137-9,ip148-50 ~Gentry, Bobbie 7-27-1944 Chickasaw County, MS Index ,bm83,bn261-2,bu142,bv102,bw109,fl136,fo374,fu316,ge170,mp958-9 Roberta Lee Streeter ~Gentry, Teddy 1-22-1952 Fort Payne, AL Index ~George-Warren, Holly - - Raleigh, NC Index|,dg,fo,wp,6k ~George, Bob (aka B. George) 11-24-1949 Youngstown, OH Index ~George, Don 8-27-1909 New York, NY Index|,pn129,po176-7,pp255,pq180 ~George, Don R. 3-25-1903 3-22-1978 San Francisco, CA Index|,pn129,po177,pp255,pq180 ~George, Dona Lyn - - city? Index|,pq180 ~George, Earl Robert 5-01-1924 Milwaukee, WI Index|,pp255-256,pq180 ~George, Frank - -1928 Bluefield, WV Index|,fq306 ~George, Thomas F. - -1947 Philadelphia, PA Index m. 1970 Barbara Harbach ~Georgia Satellites, The .... Index ,fw325,io299-300,ta284,tb324,th221,ti121-2 ~Georgia Sea Island Singers .... Index|,aa143-4,bk aka Sea Island Singers ~Georgia Yellow Hammers .... ,wa75-6 ~Geremia, Paul 4-21-1944 Providence, RI Index ,aa144,cx507,fq306,gh155,ii179,iy216-18,sk101 ~Gerhard, Edward - - Abington, PA Index ~Gerhardt, Paulus - -1607 6-07-1676 Wittenberg, Germany Index d. Luebben, Germany ~Gerke, Wellman E. 12-25-1907 San Angelo, TX Index|,pq181 ~Gerlach, Fred 8-26-1925 12-31-2009 Detroit, MI Index d. San Diego, CA ~Gerlovich, Karen Jean 5-28-1944 10-30-2007 city?, MN Index d. Las Vegas, NV Karen Jean Jensen ~Germinaro, Richard 9-28-1945 Pittsburgh, PA Index|,pq181 ~Germino, Mark Raymond 8-12-1950 Durham, NC Index|,fq307,ge170-171,pq181 ~Gerrard, Alice 7-08-1934 Seattle, WA Index|,fq354-5,wa76 ~Gershenson, Joseph 1-12-1904 Kishinev, Russia Index|,pq181 ~Gershwin, Arthur 3-14-1900 New York, NY Index|,pp256,pq181 Arthur Francis Gershvin ~Gershwin, George 9-26-1898 7-11-1937 New York, NY Index d. Beverly Hills CA ,la193-5,mp961-2,pp256-257,pq181 Jacob Gershvin ~Gershwin, Ira 12-06-1896 8-17-1983 New York, NY Index d. Beverly Hills, CA ,la193-5,mp962,pp257-258,pq18 Israel Gershvin ~Gertz, Bruce - -1952 city? Index|,iz258-9 ~Gertz, Irving 5-19-1915 Providence, RI Index|,pq181 ~Geschke, David 8-14-1959 Racine, WI Index ~Gesensway, Louis 2-19-1906 3-13-1976 city?, Latvia Index|,pp258,pq181-182 d. Philadelphia, PA ~Getz, Stan 2-02-1927 6-06-1991 Philadelphia, PA Index|,cb122-3,la195-7,nf230-1,pf106 d. Los Angeles, CA Stanley Gayetzsky ~Geyer, Dennis 9-18-1943 Milwaukee, WI Index GH - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Ghanaba 5-04-1923 12-22-2008 Greater Accra, Ghana Index|,nf230 Warren Gamaliel Kpakpo Akwei (aka Kofi Ghanaba, Guy Warren of Ghana) ~Ghiaurov, Nicolai (Nikolay) 9-13-1929 6-02-2004 Velingrad, Bulgaria Index d. Modena, Italy ,km9:811,kn2:400,ko192,kp192,kq139,kr86 Nikolai Gjaurov ~Ghiglia, Oscar 8-13-1938 Livorno, Italy Index|,ll39-43 ~Ghillies, The .... city? Index GI - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Gibb, Andy 3-05-1958 3-10-1988 Manchester, U.K. Index d. Oxford, U.K. Andrew Roy Gibb ~Gibb, Barry 9-01-1946 Douglas, Isle of Man Index Barry Alan Crompton Gibb ~Gibb, Maurice 12-22-1949 1-12-2003 Douglas, Isle of Man Index d. Miami Beach, FL Maurice Ernest Gibb ~Gibb, Robin 12-22-2012 5-20-2012 Douglas, Isle of Man Index d. London, U.K. Robin Hugh Gibb ~Gibbens, John Jeffrey - -1955 Harvey, IL Index ~Gibbs, C. Armstrong 8-10-1889 5-12-1960 Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex, U.K. Index Cecil Armstrong Gibbs ~Gibbs, Mike 9-25-1937 Harare, Zimbabwe ,nf,pf Gibbs, Mike Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia (Wikipedia) Index|,nf232-3,pf106 Michael Clement Irving Gibbs [per Wikipedia, Salisbury was renamed to Harare in 1982, i.e. Harare did not exist in 1937 when Gibbs was born] ~Gibbs, Terri 6-15-1954 Augusta, GA Index|,bn262-3,ge171 ~Gibbs, Terry 10-13-1924 Brooklyn, NY Index|,cb123-4,nf233,pf106 Julius Gubenko ~Gibson Brothers, The .... city? Index|,fq307,hx23-4,jw41-2,jx47-8 ~Gibson and Camp .... city? Index|,bk ~Gibson/Miller Band, The .... city? Index|,ge172 ~Gibson, Andy 11-06-1913 2-10-1961 Zanesville, OH Index|,pf106 d. Cincinnati, OH ~Gibson, Bob 11-16-1931 9-27-1996 New York, NY Index d. Portland, OR ,aa145,au91,bk,bn263-4,cx507,fq309,iy218-19,sk101-2,wa76 ~Gibson, Charlene - - Milwaukee, WI Index ~Gibson, Cleo (Cleoseahus) - - city? Index|,if59-60,3u59-60 ~Gibson, Clifford 4-17-1901 12-21-1962 Louisville, KY Index|,gh156,hb138,140,ii180,ip150 d. St. Louis, MO ~Gibson, Don 4-03-1932 Shelby, NC Index|,bn264-5,ge171 ~Gibson, Eric 10-23-1970 city? Index ~Gibson, Gerald D. - -1938 city? Index|,pu ~Gibson, Harry 6-27-1915 5-03-1991 New York, NY Index|,nf233-4 Harry Raab (changed name in 1939) ~Gibson, Lacy 5-01-1936 Salisbury, NC Index|,hb140,ip150 ~Gibson, Leigh 10-11-1971 city? Index ~Gifford, Kathie Lee 8-16-1953 Paris, France Index|,la197,4ac208-13 ~Gigli, Beniamino 3-20-1890 11-30-1957 Recanati, Italy Index d. Rome, Italy ,km9:847,kn2:411,ko193,kp193,kq140,kr86 ~Giglio, Louie 6-30-1958 city? Index ~Gil, Gilberto 6-26-1942 Salvador, Bahia, Brazil Index|,nf234 Gilberto Passos Gil Moreira ~Gilbeau, Floyd 9-26-1937 Sunset, LA Index Floyd August Guilbeau ~Gilbert, Dollie - -1898 - -1985 city?, AR Index Dollie Morrison ~Gilbert, Ollie - -1892 - -1980 Hickory Grove, AR Index Ollie Woody Gilbert ~Gilbert, Oscar - -1885 - -1960 western Stone County, AR Index ~Gilbert, Ronnie 9-07-1926 6-06-2015 New York, NY Index|,bk,fq309 d. Mill Valley, CA Ruth Alice Gilbert ~Gilbert, Vance - - Philadelphia, PA Index|,fq310 ~Gilbert, W.S. 11-18-1836 5-29-1911 London, U.K. Index Sir William Schwenck Gilbert ~Gilberto, Astrud 3-30-1940 Bahia, Brazil Index|,cb124,la198-9,nf234 ~Gilberto, Joao 6-10-1931 Bahia, Brazil Index|,cb124,la198,200,nf234 ~Gilbertson, "Smokey" George - -1925 Madison, WI Index Won 1948 Wisconsin Centennial Fiddlers Contest ~Gilderdale, Miles - - Kingston, Jamaica Index ~Gilkyson, Eliza - -1950 Hollywood, CA Index|,cx507 ~Gilkyson, Terry 6-17-1916 10-15-1999 Phoenixville, PA Index|,sk102-3,sp8 d. Austin, TX Hamilton H. Gilkyson, III ~Gill, Andy 1-01-1956 Manchester, U.K. Index Andrew James Dalrymple Gill ~Gill, Geula - - city?, Palestine Index ~Gill, Vince 4-12-1957 Norman, OK Index ,ct38,cv113,dv137,eq126,fl139,ft94,fu321,gf36,ge172,hg200-1,jw42,jx48 ,sa280-1 Vincent Grant Gill, m. Amy Grant, 3-10-2000 in Nashville, TN ~Gillespie, Dizzy 10-21-1917 1-06-1993 Cheraw, SC Index|,gv419 d. Engelwood, NJ ,cb124-5,iz261-2,la200-1,mx26-34,my11-14,nf234-7,nu62-77,pf107-10,or150-165 ,os37-44,4ab202-6 John Birks Gillespie ~Gillette, Lee 10-30-1912 8-20-1981 Indianapolis, IN Index|,hg201-2,pp262,pq184 d. Los Angeles, CA Leland James Gillette ~Gillette, Steve 11-23-1942 Pensacola, FL Index|,sl245-6,gw book by Steve Gillette ~Gillette, Steve & Cindy Mangsen .... Index|,cx446,fq311-2,gj175 ~Gilley, Mickey 3-09-1936 Natchez, LA Index ,bn265-7,ge173/175,gj175-6,hg202,sa281-3 ~Gilliams, The .... ,jx48 ~Gillis Brothers, The .... ,jw42,jx48 ~Gillis, John 12-06-1966 city? Index ~Gillis, Larry 9-24-1962 city? Index ~Gillman, Jane - - city? Index|,cx507 ~Gillum, Bill "Jazz" 9-11-1904 3-29-1966 Indianola, MS Index|,gh156-7,hb140-1,ii180-1,ip150-1 d. Chicago, IL William McKinley Gillum ~Gilmore, Jimmie Dale 5-06-1945 Amarillo, TX Index ,fl142,fo377,fq312,ft96,ge175-6,hg202-3,sa283-4,wa76-7 ~Gilmore, John 9-28-1931 8-19-1995 Summit, MS Index|,cb125,nf237 d. Philadelphia, PA ~Gilmour Bros. .... Index|Articles/ReviewsSources ~Gilson, Jef 8-25-1926 Guebwiller, France Index|,cb125 Jean-Francois Quievreux ~Giltrap, Gordon 4-06-1948 Brenchley, Kent, U.K. Index ~Gimble, Johnny 5-30-1926 5-09-2015 Tyler, TX Index d. Marble Falls, TX ,bk,bn268-9,fl142,fu324,hg203,sa284-5,wa77 John Paul Gimble ~Gingersnaps .... Index|,ha337 ~Girard, Adele 6-15-1913 9-07-1993 Holyoke, MA Index|,nf237,pq325 d. Denver, CO m. 1937 Joe Marsala ~Girls of the Golden West, The .... city? Index|,fu325,sa285 ~Gismonti, Egberto 12-05-1947 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Index|,nf237-8 ~Gitler, Ira 12-18-1928 Brooklyn, NY Index ~Giuffre, Jimmy 4-26-1921 Dallas, TX Index|,cb125-6,nf238,pf110 James Peter Giuffre GL - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Gladstone, Neal - - city? Index|,cx507 ~Glanville-Hicks, Peggy 12-29-1912 6-25-1990 Melbourne, Australia Index| ~Glaser, Matt - - city? Index|,aq156 ~Glass, Daniel 5-16-1966 city? Index ~Glass, Philip 1-31-1937 Baltimore, MD Index|,pq186 ~Glazer, David - - city? Index|,ir343-7 ~Glazer, Frank - - city? Index|,ir343-7 ~Glazer, Joe 6-19-1918 9-19-2006 New York, NY Index|,sk103-5 d. Silver Spring, MD ,0003,bk,yq123-5|Periodicals ~Glazer, Tom 9-02-1914 2-21-2003 Philadelphia, PA Index|,bk,pp265,wa77-8 d. Rochester, NY Thomas Zachariah Glazer ~Glazunov, Alexander 8-10-1865 3-21-1936 Saint Petersburg, Russia Index Alexander Konstantinovich Glazunov ~Gleason, Jackie 2-26-1916 6-24-1987 city? Index|,la201-2,nf238-9,pp265,pq186 d. New York, NY ~Glenn, Evans Tyree 11-23-1912 5-18-1974 Corsica, TX Index|,cb126,nf239 ~Glenn, Lloyd 11-21-1909 5-23-1985 San Antonio, TX Index|,gh157,ii181 d. Los Angeles, CA ~Glickman, Sylvia 11-08-1932 1-16-2006 New York, NY Index Sylvia Foodim Glickman ~Glinka, Mikhail 6-01-1804 2-15-1857 Novospasskoye, Russia 5-20-1804 2-03-1857 Old Style dates Index Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka ~Globe Unity Orchestra .... Index|,nf239 ~Glosson, Lonnie 2-14-1908 3-02-2001 Judsonia, AR Index d. city? ,hg204-5 ~Glossop, Peter 7-06-1928 Sheffield, U.K. Index ,kn2:452,ko197,kp198,kq143 ~Glover, Henry 5-21-1921 4-07-1991 Hot Springs, AR ,hg205 ~Glover, Tony "Little Sun" 10-07-1939 Minneapolis, MN Index|,as234,az150,az209,ba200,bk Dave Glover GO - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Go-Go's, The .... Index|,ta28-9,tb329-30 ~Gobbi, Tito 10-24-1913 3-05-1984 Bassano del Grappa, Italy Index ,km10:66,kn2:468,ko199,kp201,kq145,kr90 ~Gobel, George 5-20-1919 2-24-1991 Chicago, IL ,hg205 ~Gober, Capt. Hershel 12-21-1936 Monticello, AR Index ~Goble, Pete - - - - city? ,jw42,jx48 ~Godchaux, Donna Jean 8-22-1947 San Francisco, CA Index ~Godchaux, Keith 7-19-1948 7-23-1980 San Francisco, CA Index d. Marin County, CA ~Godding, Brian 8-19-1945 city?, Wales Index|,nf239 ~Godrich, John - -1927? - -2000? city? Index d. city? ~Godwin, Jimmy - - 2-24-2000 city? Index ~Goforth, Cecil - -1936 city? Index|,qh186 ~Goforth, Gene - -1921 - -2002 city? Index|,qh43-8 ~Gogolick, Karen - -1950 Cleveland, OH Index ~Goins Brothers .... Index ,by122,fu327,ge176,jw42,jx48,wa78 ~Goins, Melvin 12-30-1933 Bramwell, WV Index Melvin Glen Goins ~Goins, Ray 1-03-1936 Bramwell, WV Index Raymond Elwood Goins ~Golay, Matthew 6-21-1974 2-05-2005 Oshkosh, WI Index Matthew Paul Golay ~Gold, Andrew 8-02-1951 6-03-2011 Burbank, CA Index|,cj210,fo383 Andrew Maurice Gold ~Gold, Harry 2-26-1907 11-13-2005 Dublin, Ireland Index|,nf239-40 ~Gold, Julie 2-03-1956 Philadelphia, PA Index|,aa219-21 ~Goldberg, Barry 12-25-1942 Chicago, IL Index|,hb141,ip151,8h205-6 ~Goldberg, Eve - - Boston, MA Index ~Goldberg, Richie 10-22-1928 New Orleans, LA Index|,cb126 ~Goldberg, Stu - -1954 city?, MA Index|,nf240 ~Golden Ring, The .... Index|,aa146-7 ~Golden Smog .... Index|,ge176 ~Golden, Terry 12-04-1917 Boston, MA Index ~Golding, Wes & Sure Fire .... ,jw42,jx48-9 ~Goldings, Larry - -1968 Boston, MA Index|,iz262-3 ~Goldkette, Jean 3-18-1899 Valenciennes, France Index|,cb126,nf240 ~Goldsboro, Bobby 1-18-1941 Marianna, FL Index|,bn269-70,hg205 ~Goldstain, Gennady 1-25-1938 Moscow, USSR Index|,cb126 ~Goldstain, Adam (DJ AM) 3-30-1973 8-28-2009 Philadelphia, PA Index|,3o98 d. New York, NY Adam Michael Goldstein ~Goldstein, Kenneth S. 3-17-1927 11-11-1995 Brooklyn, NY Index|,aa147-8,wa78,8j147-8 ~Golson, Benny 1-25-1929 Philadelphia, PA Index|,cb126,iz263-4,nf241 ~Gomez, Eddie 10-04-1944 ,nf Santurce, Puerto Rico Gomez, Eddie 11-04-1944 ,pf,rc San Juan, Puerto Rico Index|,cb126-7,nf241,pf110,rc437 Edgar Gomez ~Gonda, Janos 1-11-1932 Budapest, Hungary Index|,pf111 ~Gonella, Nat 3-07-1908 London, U.K. Index|,pf111 ~Goni, Antigoni 3-08-1969 Athens, Greece Index ~Gonsalves, Paul 7-12-1920 5-14-1974 Boston, MA Index|,cb127,iz264,nf242 d. London, U.K. ,pf111 (d. 5-15-1974) ~Gonzaga, Luiz 12-13-1912 8-02-1989 Exu, Brazil Index|,yq153-7 d. Recife, Brazil Luiz Gonzaga do Nascimento, Sr. ~Gonzalez, Babs 10-27-1919 1-23-1980 Newark, NJ Index|,pf111 d. Newark, NJ ~Gonzalez, Jerry 6-05-1949 Bronx, NY Index|,iz264-5,nf243 ~Good Ol' Persons .... Index ,by124,fq315,ge177-178,jw42-3,jx49,wa79 ~Good, Dolly 12-11-1915 11-12-1967 Mt. Carmel, IL Index Dorothy Lavern Goad ~Good, Millie 4-11-1913 5-03-1993 Mt. Carmel, IL Index Mildred Fern Goad ~Goode, Coleridge 11-29-1914 Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I. Index|,cb127 ~Gooding, Cynthia 8-12-1924 Rochester, MN Index ,bk,bn270-1,cx507,la202-5,sk105 ~Goodman, Benny 5-30-1909 6-13-1986 city? Index d. New York, NY ,cb127,iz265-8,pn138,po189,pp274,pq192,la202-5,nf243-5,or94-111,pf111-4 Benjamin David Goodman ~Goodman, Steve 7-25-1948 9-20-1984 Chicago, IL Index ,aa148-9,am194,ao214,ar172,as238,au97,az151,ba201,bg222,bk,bn271-2,bu146 ,cx507,fo385,fq315,fu332,fy226,ge178,iy221-3,pq192,wa79,sk106-7 ~Goodner, Lillian (Lilian) - -1896 - -1994 Montgomery, AL Index d. city?, AL ,if61-2,3u61-2 Lillian Paige ~Goodwin, Bill 1-08-1942 Los Angeles, CA Index|,cb127 William R. Goodwin ~Goodwin, Ron 2-17-1925 Plymouth, U.K. Index|,la205-6 ~Goosby, Fannie 7-30-1901 1- -1995 city?, GA Index d. city? Index ~Gordon, Dave #1 - -1952? 9-04-1986 city? Index {Songwriter} ~Gordon, David Marvin 5-19-1908 Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada Index|,pq193 ~Gordon, Dexter 2-27-1923 4-25-1990 Los Angeles, CA Index|,cb127-8,iz268-70,la206,nf247-8 d. Philadelphia, PA ,pf114-5,os89-97 ~Gordon, Frank 9-27-1938 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Gordon, Gary 9-01-1953 city? Index ~Gordon, Joe 5-15-1928 11-04-1963 Boston, MA Index|,cb128,nf246,su103 Joseph Henry Gordon ~Gordon, Max - - city? Index|,mx237-248,my100-104 ~Gordon, Mike "Mr Jelly Belly"12-31-1922 - - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Index ~Gordon, Mike 6-03-1965 Sudbury, MA Index Michael Eliot Gordon ~Gordon, Robert - -1947 Bethesda, MD Index|,ge178-179 ~Gordon, Sax 11-12-1965 Detroit, MI Index|,ip152 Douglas Beadle ~Gordon, Roberta 5-08-1952 city? Index ~Gordon, Rosco - -1934 Memphis, TN Index|,gh158,ii181-2,ip151-2 ~Gordons, The .... Index|,hx24-5,jw43,jx49 ~Gordy, Emory Jr. 12-25-1944 Atlanta, GA ,hg205-6 ~Gore, Lesley 5-02-1946 2-16-2016 New York, NY Index|,la206-7 ~Gorecki, Henryk 12-06-1933 - - Czernica, Poland ,4ac221-5 ~Gorelick, Kenneth "Kenny G" 6-05-1956 Seattle, WA Index|,iz254 Kenneth Bruce Gorelick ~Gorka, John 7-27-1958 Edison, NJ Index|,cx507,ej31,fq316,iy223-6 ~Gorman, Paul - - Madison, WI Index ~Gorman, Skip 5-18-1949 Providence, RI Index|,fq316,ge179-180,sm60 ~Gorme, Eydie 8-16-1931 New York, NY Index|,pq194 Edith Gormezano, m. 12-29-1957 Steve Lawrence ~Gorr, Rita 2-18-1926 Zelzate, Belgium Index ,km10:165,kn2:490,ko202,kp205,kq146 Marguerite Geirnaert ~Gorrell, Stuart - -1901 - -1963 city? Index ~Gosdin, Vern 8-05-1934 Woodland, AL Index|,fq318,ge180,bn272-4,hg206-7 ~Gosser, Wilbur - -1933 7-19-2010 Mountain View, AR Index|,qj8 Wilbert R. Gosser ~Gossett, Lou, Jr. 5-27-1936 Brooklyn,, NY Index Louis Cameron Gossett Jr. ~Gosz, Romy 8-02-1910 8-29-1966 city? Index Roman Gosz ~Gottlieb, Louis 10-10-1923 7-11-1996 Los Angeles, CA Index|,aa228 ~Gottschalk, Louis Moreau 5-08-1829 12-18-1869 New Orleans, LA Index ~Gotzmer, Kathleen 4-06-1957 Sharon, PA Index ~Gould, Danny 4-28-1921 11-04-2010 Brooklyn, NY Index d. Tarzana, CA ,pp279,pq195 ~Gould, Edward E. 12-09-1911 New York, NY Index ,pp279,pq195 ~Gould, Elizabeth Davies 3-08-1904 - -1995 Toledo, OH Index d. city? ,pp279,pq195 ~Gould, Glenn 9-25-1932 10-04-1982 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Index|,kv489-90 d. Toronto, Ontario, Canada Glenn Herbert Gould ~Gould, Ian 7-13-1971 Belfast, N. Ireland Index ~Gould, Jack 5-20-1917 - - New York, NY Index d. city? ,pp279,pq195 ~Gould, Julian 1-21-1915 2-01-1977 New York, NY Index|,pp279 d. city? Julius Goldberg ~Gould, Morton 12-10-1913 2-21-1996 Richmond Hill, NY Index d. Orlando, FL ,kv490-1,la207-8,pn140-1,po193,pp279-80,pq195 ~Goulet, Robert 11-26-1933 Lawrence, MA Index|,la208 ~Gounod, Charles 6-17-1818 10-17-1893? Paris, France Gounod, Charles 6-17-1818 10-18-1893? Index ~Gourley, Jimmy 6-09-1926 St. Louis, MO Index|,cb128 James Pasco Gourley, Jr. ~Gourse, Leslie 1-01-1939 12-23-2004 Fall River, MA Index|,oe d. New York, NY Roberta Leslie Gourse ~Goykovich, Dusko 10-14-1931 Jajce, Yugoslavia Index|,cb126,nf247 ~Gozzo, Conrad Joseph 2-06-1922 10-08-1964 New Britain, CT Index|,cb128 d. Los Angeles, CA GR - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Graafsma, Debbye - -1957 city? Index ~Graas, John 10-14-1924 4-13-1962 Dubuque, IA Index|,cb128|,cb128 d. Van Nuys, CA ~Graetz, Susan - - - -1985 city? Index ~Graettinger, Bob 10-31-1923 3-12-1957 city?, Ontario, Canada Index|,pf115 d. Los Angeles, CA ~Graf-Martinez, Gerhard - -1952 Schorndorf, Baden-Württemberg Index ~Graff, Gary - -1960 Pittsburgh, PA Index|,ge ~Graffin, Greg 11-06-1964 Madison, WI Index|,iv87 Gregory Walter Graffin ~Graham, Bill 9-18-1918 Kansas, City, MO Index|,pf115 ~Graham, Davey 11-22-1940 12-15-2008 Leicester, U.K. Index ,am196,ar173,as239,bk,fq318,hl219-223,wa79-80,su33-4 ~Graham, Larry 8-14-1946 Beaumont, TX Index|,fn86-8 ~Grainger, Kara - - city?, Australia Index ~Gralak, Don 8-19-1952 1-24-2004 Milwaukee, WI Index Donald R. Gralak ~Grammer, Billy 8-28-1925 Bento, IL ,hg207-8 ~Grammer, Tracy 4-08-1968 Homestead, FL Index|,sl210 Teresa Marie Grammer ~Granados, Enrique 7-27-1867 3-24-1916 Lleida, Spain Index d. English Channel (ship torpedoed) Enrique Granados y Campina ~Granata, Rocco 8-16-1938 Figline Vegliaturo, Calabria, Italy Index ~Granelli, Jerry 12-30-1940 city? Index|,cb128 Gerald John Granelli ~Grant Street .... ,jw43 [see: Laurie Lewis & Grant Street] ~Grant, Amy 11-25-1960 Augusta, GA Index|,fo390,fu336,pq197 Amy Lee Grant, m. Vince Gill, 3-10-2000 in Nashville, TN [recorded with Art Garfunkel] ~Grant, Bill 5-09- Hugo, OK Index Billy Joe Grant ~Grant, Bill & Delia Bell .... Index ,by126,fq51,fu337,jw43,jx49,wa80 ~Grant, Earl 1-20-1931 6-10-1970 Idabel, OK Index|,iz270 ~Grant, Marshall 5-05-1928 8-07-2011 Bryson City, NC Index d. Jonesboro, AR ~Grant, Richard - - city? Index Richard Grant Obermiller ~Grant, Sue 8-11-1932 10-29-2010 Oshkosh, WI Index Susan Evans ~Grant, Tom 8-28-1950 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Granz, Norman 8-06-1918 11-22-2001 city? Index|,cb128 d. Geneva, Switzerland ~Grappelli, Stephane 1-26-1908 12-01-1997 Paris, France Index|,ao229,aq156,bn275-6 d. Paris, France ,cb128,145,iz270-2,nf247-8,pf115-6 ~Grass Cats, The .... ,jx49 ~Grass is Greener, The .... ,jw43-4,jx50 ~Grasshoppers, The .... ,jx49-50 ~Grateful Dead, The .... Index ,ff259-79,fq319,ge181-182,3e68-9 ~Graves, Anna Hunt - -1969 city? Index|,1u ~Graves, Josh 9-27-1928 9-30-2006 Tellico Plains, TN Index d. Nashville, TN ,aa150-1,by126,cx490,fq35,fu338,hg209-10,jw44,jx50,wa80-1 Burkett "Buck" Howard Graves (Burkett K.? Graves #wa) ~Graves, Milford 8-20-1941 Jamaica, NY Index|,cb145,nf249,pf116 ~Graves, Blind Roosevelt 12-09-1909 12-30-1962 Meridian, MS Index|,gh158-9,hb141|,ii182,ip152-3 d. Summerland, MS ~Graves, Tim & Cherokee .... ,jw44,jx50 ~Gray, Claude 1-25-1932 Henderson, TX Index|,bn276,hg210 ~Gray, Dobie 7-26-1940 Simonton, TX Index Lawrence Darrow Brown ~Gray, Henry 1-19-1925 Kenner, LA Index|,gh159,ii183 ~Gray, Johnny 6-02-1924 Vinita, OK Index|,cb145 John W. Gray ~Gray, Mark 10-24-1952 Vicksburg, MS ,hg205 ~Gray, Michael H. - -1946 city? Index|,pu,pw ~Gray, Otto 3-02-1884 11-08-1967 city?, SD ,hg210 ~Gray, Spike (Glen) 6-07-1906 8-23-1963 Roanoke, IL Index|,cb145|,cb145 d. Plymouth, MA Glen Gray Knoblaugh ~Gray, Tom 2-01-1941 city? Index ~Gray, Wardell 2-13-1921 5-26-1955 Oklahoma Cuty, OK Index|,pf116 d. Las Vegas, NV ~Grayson & Whitter .... Index|,wm67-72 ~Grayson, G.B. 11-11-1888 8-16-1930 Ashe County, NC Index d. Abingdon, VA Gilliam Banmon Grayson ~Great Plains .... Index|,ge182 ~Great Speckled Bird, The .... Index|,fq387 ~Greco, Buddy 8-14-1926 Philadelphia, PA Index|,la208-10,pq198 Armando Greco ~Greco, Jose 12-23-1918 12-31-2000 Montorio nei Frentani, Italy Index d. Lancaster, PA ~Greco, Juliette 2-07-1927 - - city? ,4aa239-43 ~Green Fields of America, The .... Index|,cx872 ~Green Grass Cloggers .... Index|,cx507 ~Green, Al 4-13-1946 city? Index|,fn88-9 Albert Greene ~Green, Archie 6-29-1917 3-22-2009 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Index d. San Francisco, CA ~Green, Benny 12-09-1927 6-22-1998 Leeds, Yorkshire, U.K. Index|,cb145,iz272-3,nf250 Bernard Green ~Green, Bunky 4-23-1935 Milwaukee, WI Index|,pf116 Vernice Green, Jr. ~Green, "Ranger Doug" 3-20-1946 Great Lakes, IL Index|,by128 Douglas B. Green ~Green, Faye - -? 7-25-2007 city? Index ~Green, Freddie 3-31-1911 3-01-1987 Charleston, SC Index|,cb145,nf250-1,pf116 d. Frederick William Green ~Green, George 1-28-1952 8-28-2011 city? Index d. Albuquerque, NM George Michael Green ~Green, Grant 6-06-1935 1-31-1979 St. Louis, MO Index|,cb145-6,iz273,nf251 d. New York, NY ,pf117 (b. 6-06-1931) ~Green, Lil 12-22-1919 4-14-1954 city?, MS Index|,gh159-60,ii183-4 d. Chicago, IL Lillian Green ~Green, Peter 10-29-1946 Bethnal Green, London, U.K. Index Peter Alan Greenbaum ~Green, Urbie 8-08-1926 Mobile, AL Index|,cb146,nf251 Urban Clifford Green ~Green, William Ernest 2-28-1925 Kansas City, KS Index|,cb146 ~Greenberg, Chuck - -1950 5-29-1995 city? Index ~Greenbriar Boys .... Index ,aa151-2,az155,ba206,bk,bm90,by129,fq321,fu342,ge1882-183,iy226,jw44,jx50 ,sk107-8,wa81 ~Greene, Bruce 1-10-1951 city?, NJ Index|,fq322 ~Greene, Burton 6-14-1937 Chicago, IL Index|,pf117 ~Greene, Jack 1-07-1930 Maryville, TN Index|,ge183,bn276-8 ~Greene, Joe - -1938 High Point, NC ,aa153,by21/130 ~Greene, Maurice 8-12-1696 12-01-1755 London, U.K. Index ~Greene, Richard S. 11-09-1942 Los Angeles, CA ,fu,hx,lz Greene, Richard S. 11-09-1942 Hollywood, CA ,fq,ge Index ,aq156,av684,bg317,bk,bn278-9,by130,fq323,fu344,ge183-4,hx60-1,iy226-7 ,jw44,jx50-1,lz606,wa81-2 ~Greene, Smokey - - - - city? ,jw44-5,jx51 ~Greene, Ted 9-26-1946 7-23-2005 Encino, CA Index|,qk260-73 ~Greener Grass, The .... ,by130 ~Greenfield, Edward 7-03-1928 7-01-2015 Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, U.K. Index|,6s d. Spitalfields, London, U.K. Edward Harry Greenfield ~Greenhill, Manny 3-11-1916 4-14-1996 New York, NY Index|,wa82 Manuel A. Greenhill d. Los Angeles, CA ~Greenspoon, Jimmy 2-07-1948 3-11-2015 Beverly Hills, CA Index d. North Potomac, MD James Boyd Greenspoon ~Greenstein, Robin - - city? Index|,cx508 ~Greenway, Greg 12-13-1952 Richmond, VA Index|,fq323 ~Greenway, John - -1919 - -1991 city? Index|,bi104,bju112 ~Greenwich, Sonny 1-01-1936 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Index|,pf117 ~Greenwood, Lee 10-27-1942 South Gate, CA Index|,ge184 Marvin Lee Greenwood ~Greenwood, L.B. - -1932 Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Canada Index Lillian Bethel Greenwood ~Greenwoods, The .... ,by130 ~Greer, C.W. - - - - city? ,by130 ~Greer, Jim 9-03-1942 West Liberty, OH Index|,by130 ~Greer, Jim & the Mac-O-Chee Valley Folks .... Index|,fu346 ~Greer, Sonny 12-13-1895 3-23-1982 Long Branch, NJ Index|,cb146,nf251-2,ns55-62 d. New York, NY ,pf117 (b. 12-13-1902) William Alexander Greer ~Gregg, Maxine - - city? Index|,os99-109 ~Gregg, Ricky Lynn 8-22-1961 Henderson, TX Index|,ge184 ~Gregor 2-28-1898 - -1971 Istanbul, Turkey Index|,pf117 d. Malente, Germany Krikor Kelekian ~Gregor, Christian 1-01-1723 11-06-1801 Niemcza, Poland Index ~Gregory, Clinton 3-01-1964 Martinsville, VA Index|,ge184-5 ~Gregson, Clive 1-04-1955 Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester, U.K. Index|,fq324,iy227-8 ~Gregson, Clive & Christine Collister .... Index|,fq324 ~Greif, Matthew - - city? Index ~Greindl, Josef 12-23-1912 4-16-1993 Munich, Germany Index d. Vienna, Austria ,km10:378,kn2:534,ko208,kp211,kq148 ~Grey Owl - -1888 4-13-1938 Hermosillo, Mexico Index Archibald (Archie) Stansfield Belaney [a conservationist, not a musician] ~Grey, Adie - - Los Angeles, CA Index|,fq325 ~Grey, Al 6-06-1925 3-24-2000 Aldie, VA Index|,cb146,iz274,nf252,pf117 Albert Thornton Grey ~Grey, Sara - - Boston, MA Index|,fq325 ~Gribi, Gerri 2-09- city? Index ~Grieg, Edvard 6-15-1843 9-04-1907 Bergen, Norway Index|,su140 Edvard Hagerup Grieg ~Grier, David 9-23-1961 Washington, DC Index ,by131,cx490,fq326,ge185-7,jw45,jx51 ~Grier, Lamar 4-15-1938 city? Index ~Grierson, Al - -1948 11-03-2000 city?, Canada Index Alan David Grierson ~Griffin, Bob 12-04-1959 Waukesha, WI Index ~Griffin, Buddy - -1923 city? Index ~Griffin, Johnny 4-24-1928 7-25-2008 Chicago, IL Index|,cb146,cc158,iz275,mx195-208,my80-85 ,pf118 John Arnold Griffin III ~Griffin, "Big" Mike - -1957 city?, OK Index|,iz274-5 ~Griffin, Patty 3-16-1964 Old Town, ME Index|,fq326,iy228-30 ~Griffith, Grace 10-3-1956 Washington, DC Index|,fq328 ~Griffith, Nanci 7-06-1953 Seguin, TX Index ,ct41-3,cv123,fl153,fo397,fq328,ft101,fu348,ge186-7,gf39,iy230-3,wa82 m. Eric Taylor (1976-1982) ~Griffith, Rob 12- - city? Index ~Griffiths, D.W. - - - - city? ,by131 ~Griffiths, D.W. & The Rank Strangers .... ,by131 ~Grillo, Jerry - - Hibbing, MN Index Jared D. Grillo ~Grimaldi, John 5-25-1955 city? Index ~Grimes, Henry Alonzo 11-03-1935 Philadelphia, PA Index|,cb146,nf253 ~Grimes, Lloyd "Tiny" 7-07-1916 3-04-1989 Newport News, VA Index|,gh160,ii184,nf253-4,pq203 d. New York, NY ,pf118 ~Grimm, Tim - - Columbus, IN Index ~Grisman, David 3-23-1945 Hackensack, NJ Index ,ao229,aq144,as244,ba207,bk,bn279-80,by131,cx490,fl153,fu350,ge187-8,iy233-5 ,jw45,jx51,wa83 ~Grisman, David & Andy SAtatman .... ,by131 ~Grist, Reri 2-29-1932 New York, NY Index ,km10:430,kn2:550,ko209,kp212,kq249 ~Gritz .... ,by131 ~Groce, Larry - - - - city? ,by131 ~Groce, Larry & The Currence Brothers ,by131 ~Groeschl, Syl - -1926? 7-04-2003 city? Index d. Sheboygan, WI ~Grofe, Ferde 3-27-1892 4-03-1972 New York, NY Index|,pp293,pq202,vi249-50 d. Santa Monica, CA Ferdinand Rudolph von Grofe ~Groller, Walt 2-12-1931 Allentown, PA Index ~Groovegrass Boyz, The .... ,jw45,jx51-2 ~Groove Collective .... Index|,iz275-6 ~Gross, Derek 8-18-1968 7-13-1996 city? Index ~Grossman Brothers, The .... ,by131 ~Grossman, Albert 5-21-1926 1-25-1986 Chicago, IL ,wa83-4 d. London, U.K. ~Grossman, Stefan 4-16-1945 New York, NY Index ,aa153-4,ab69,am200,ao442,aq132,ar177,as244,ax128,bg230,bk,cx508,fo398 ,fq332,iz276,sk108-10,wa84 ~Grossman, Steve 1-18-1951 Brooklyn, NY Index|,iz276-7,nf254 ~Grossman, Wendy - - city? Index ~Groundspeed .... ,by132 ~Grove, Sir George 8-13-1820 5-28-1900 Clapham, London, U.K. Index d. Sydenham, London, U.K. ~Grove, George (musician) 10-09-1947 Hickory, NC Index|,bg307 ~Grove, Dick 12-18-1927 12-26-1998 Lakeville, IN Index|,cb146,pq203 d. Laughlin, NV Richard Dean Grove ~Groves, K.C. - - - - city? ,jx52 ~Growing Grass .... ,by132 ~Grunt, Blind Boy .... Index|,bk aka Bob Dylan ~Gruntz, George 6-24-1932 Basel, Switzerland Index|,cb146-7,nf255 ~Grusin, Dave 6-26-1934 Denver, CO Index|,cb147,cc159,la210-1,mx478-488,my197-201,nf255 ~Gryce, Gigi 11-28-1927 3-17-1983 Pensacola, FL Index|,iz277,nf256,pf118 d. Pensacola, FL Basheer Quism GU - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Guaraldi, Vince 7-17-1928 2-06-1976 San Francisco, CA Index|,bw116,cb147,iz277-8,la211-2 d. Menlo Park, CA Vincent Anthony Guaraldi ~Guard, Dave 11-19-1934 3-22-1991 Honolulu, HI Index|,bg307 d. Rollinsford, NH Donald David Guard ~Guard, Dave & The Whiskeyhill Singers .... Index|,sk110-1 ~Guarnieri, Johnny 3-23-1917 1-07-1985 New York, NY Index|,cb147,nf256,pf118,pq204 d. Livingston, NJ John Albert Guarnieri ~Guden (Gueden), Hilde 9-15-1917 Vienna, Austria Index ,kn2:563,ko211,kp213,kq149 Hulda Geiringer ~Guelfi, Giangiacomo 12-21-1924 Rome, Italy Index ,km10:,kn2:563,ko211,kq149 ~Guenther, Tom 9-27-1951 Oshkosh, WI Index ~Guerin, Roger 1-09-1926 2-06-2010 Saarbrucken, Saar, France Index|,cb147 d. ~Guest, Roy with Jack Fallen & The Tennessee Three .... ,by132 ~Guffey Hollow .... ,by132 ~Guilbeau, Phil 1-16-1926 Lafayette, LA Index|,cb147 Phillip Guilbeau ~Guillory, Kristi 12-26-1978 Lafayette, LA Index|,fq333 ~Guitar, Bonnie 3-25-1923 Seattle, WA Index|,bn280-1 Bonnie Buckingham ~Gulda, Friedrich 5-16-1930 1-27-2000 Vienna, Austria Index|,cb147-8,pf118 ~Gulley, Richard - - - - city? ,by132 ~Gullickson, Andrea - - Walhalla, ND Index m. Michael J. Zimmerman ~Gullin, Lars 5-04-1928 5-17-1976 Visbey, Sweden Index|,pf118-9 d. Vissefjarda, Sweden ~Gully Jumpers .... ,wa86 ~Gum Branch Heartbreakers, The .... ,by132 ~Gumina, Tommy 5-20-1931 Milwaukee, WI Index|,cb148 Thomas Joseph Gumina ~Gunn, Marc 3-17-1972 city?, Germany Index Marc Andrew Gunn ~Gunning, Sarah Ogan 6-28-1910 11-14-1983 Knox County, KY Index|,aa155-6 d. Knoxville, TN Sarah Elizabeth Garland ~Gunther, Paul 1-18-1915 Kansas City, KS Index|,pf119 ~Guralnick, Peter 12-15-1943 Boston, MA Index|,ce ~Gurney, Ivor 8-28-1890 12-26-1937 Gloucester, U.K. Index Ivor Bertie Gurney ~Gurwitch, Arnold "Andy" - -1925 5-02-2013 city? Index|,xz d. New Rochelle, NY ~Gustafson, Steven 4-10-1957 Madrid, Spain Index ~Gustafson-Zook, Les 5-21-1957 Mt. Pleasant, PA Index|,fq333 ~Gustin, David 12-14-1945 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Guthrie, Arlo 7-10-1947 Coney Island, NY Index ,aa156-8,am202,ao233,aq139,ar179,as247,az157,ba209,bk,bn281-3,bu153,bv109 ,bw117,cx508,fo402,fq334,fy229,iy235-7,ge188-9,pq205,sk114-6,wa86-7 ~Guthrie, Jack 11-13-1915 1-15-1948 Olive, OK Index|,cv124,fq336,ge189 [Woody's cousin] ~Guthrie, Woody 7-14-1912 10-03-1967 Okemah, OK Index d. New York, NY ,aa158-62,am202,aq15,au103,ax112,az158,ba210,bk,bm90,bn283-5,bu153,by132 ,cx508,fl156,fo402,fq336,fu354,fy229,ge189-90,iy237-41,sk111-4,wa87-8 Woodrow Wilson Guthrie ~Gutter, Karl August 7-22-1823 9-21-1900 city? Index d. city? ~Guy, Athol 1-05-1940 Melbourne, Australia Index|,aa348 ~Guy, George "Buddy" 7-30-1936 Lettsworth, LA Index|,al30,am202,ar179,as247,az434,ba211,bb117,bc138,be113,bk ,bl60,fo403,fq337,fy230,gh163,ii187-8,iy241,iz279-80,mk59-65 ~Guy, Phil 4-28-1940 Lettsworth, LA Index|,gh164,ii189 GW - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Gwaltney, Tommy 2-28-1921 2-11-2003 Norfolk, VA Index|,cb148,nf258 d. Virginia Beach, VA ~Gwerz .... Index|,cx872

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